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WHAT'S NEW 2020?

This has been a crappy year, not only personally for me and my family, but also globally with the Covid-19 pandemic.
It has obviously put my work with RigPix pretty much on the backburner. Let's hope for a better year in 2021.

Here are the last updates for 2020.

Yaesu's latest HF/6 m transceiver with hybrid SDR: the FTdx-10.

Astatic 636L-C (DX-1 Chrome Edition).
Bull Dawg 30-30.
CCE SSB-5000/60 and SSB-8000.
Cherokee AH-20, CBS-2100 and Nightrider 100.
Cobra 29 GTL, 29 LTD Classic "Dale Earnhardt edition", 63 GTL, 66 GTL and 148F GTL.
Colonel 1000.
Commander Mini-12.
Danita 86 FM and 340 AM/FM (New version).
Fairmate HP-100E.
Gamond AFS-485B and AFS-645.
Geosonic FD-80.
Handic 55 and 724.
Hy-Gain 2680X.
Icom AH-705, MBA-705, MBF-705, BP-307, HM-219 and IC-2340 (Japanese domestic market).
Jaws Mark 2 and Mark 2A.
Kraco CB (KCB-2310), CB (KCB-2310B) and KCB-1401.
Kris XL-45.
Lafayette HA-250 (40-0106WX), HA-260 (40-0108WX), DC-2 (99-3133L), DC-3 (99-3134L), DC-5 (99-3087L), DC-6 (99-3150L) and HB-860 AM/FM.
Midland/Alan PK 87ECO C296, PK 120/28 C299, PK 120/48 C275, PK 120/98 C352, PK 200/48 C337 and PK 240/88 C297.
Mongoose 450.
Motorola CM-550 System 500.
NDI PC-200.
Pearce-Simpson Gladding 25, Super Jaguar 18, Super Lynx 18, Super Cheetah and Tiger Mark 2.
Power PT-23.
President Washington (Version 1) and Washington (Version 2).
Royce 607.
SBE Super Console (SBE-14CB).
Sound Air 161 (MM-161).
Superscope Aircommand CB-140, CB-340 and CBB-1040.
Svera/Svensk Radio SR 13-906A.
Xiegu CE-19, G90-H1, GSOC, G1M "G-Core" and G90 "G-Core".
Yaesu SP-30.

Better pictures of Cobra 18 Plus, Maycom EM-27, Zodiac Hider 40, Robyn SF-008, Maximal 925, and 926, Lafayette HB-650 and HB-950.

This time I've spent most of the time re-writing the HTML-code in the CB area for 4.01 compliance.
I've also added a few new items in the CB specification tables.
And finally, moved all Xiegu transceivers to their own new area.

We have now passed 6300 radios in the database, woohoo!

Time to do some work in the "CB / Freeband / Export" area.

Audicom 23.
Cobra 29 Plus and 135 XLR.
Colt 720 DX "Black Shadow".
Connex CX-4300 HP and Saturn CX-33 SSB.
Intek FM-680.
JIL Citizen SSB-M6.
Kris XL-50.
Marko CB-747 (Belgium) and CB-747 (120 ch).
Midland 1001 LWX, 1001z, 5001z and 9001z.
Pace 8092.
Pearce-Simpson Tiger 23C, Tiger 40 and Tiger 40A.
Poly-Comm PC-23c.
President AR-44 and Jack.
Royce 609.
Sound Air SS-8450.
Teaberry Ranger "T", Stalker 101 and Stalker 360.
Uniden PC-68XL and PC-68LTX.

Better pictures of Midland/Alan 58E,

Sadly, there's been another unwanted delay. This time due to death in the family. As you can imagine, things
have been very tough lately, and answering e-mails and working with RigPix has fallen hard to the bottom of
my to-do list. However, I have finally managed to put together the following updates:

Icom's latest D-Star HT with image TX/RX: ID-52A / ID-52E (TNX to LU5ELR/DD8GR).

Nevada MS-1000 (TNX to VK3RX).
Sky King 303 (TNX to SM4WWO).
Pictures of Yaesu FTH-2006 (TNX to SA6NFI)

Automatic Radio BCB-1130.
BNOS Electronics linear amplifiers, too many to list here (actually 31 of them).
CDE Mark I (Cornell-Dubilier Electronics).
Cobra CA-61 "Dynamike Plus", 6, 18 Plus, 25 LTD WX Classic, 29, 29 XLR, 138 XLR, 140 GTL, 146 GTL and GTL-150.
Colt 390 DX "Black Shadow" and 390 SDX "Black Shadow".
Codan Sentry-H 6110-MP.
Colonel Gold Star.
Comet CSR-12S.
Commander CB-70 and SSB 119.137.
CRT One and One N.
Digitor D-2510.
Ham International Concorde.
Handic 920 Pro-Line.
Harris Falcon III AN/PRC-117G.
Icom IC-F110, CP-18, RC-24 and SP-4 (IC-SP4).
Kris XL-23.
Lafayette 2400FM, 2400FM HP, HB-625A, HB-840 AM/FM, LMS-45, LMS-200 and LMS-230.
Magnum 1 (One), 257HP and OmegaForce S45HP.
Maximal 927.
Micronta 22-121.
Midland 2001 (77-002 UK), 3001 (77-003), 3001 (77-003 UK), 5001, 6001 (79-006) and 6001 (120 ch).
Midland/Alan Quarantotto, Sessantotto, 27 and 48 Plus Multi B.
Mitsubishi Orphes MR-5.
Palomar SSB-500 and SSB-500 MkII.
President Grant II Premium, Harrison II, James and McKinley (TXPR600).
Ranger RCI-2950CD (DX CD) and RCI-2970N4.
Robyn 216.
Shakespeare GBS-240, GBS-1500, GBS-2000, GBS-2500 and GBS-5000.
Sharman MP-520 P1, MP-520 P2 and MP-520 P3.
Sirio SY 50-3 and SY 50-5.
SSB Electronic TLA 432-50.
Teaberry Stalker III, Stalker IX DX and "T" Bear.
Tono MR-1300E.
Topward power supplies (TPS-2000, 4000 and 6000 series).
Tristar 727.
Tritron TS-1003 MkII.
Uniden PC-78LTX.
Yaesu FTC-2025 and FTC-2040.

Better pictures of Commander 450, Icom IC-211E and ID-1, Kenwood TM-D710GE, Kraco 2555FM and Yupiteru MVT-7000.

This time we passed 6200 radios in the database!

It's been a while since my last update, but serious illness in my family has taken its toll on my spare time, leaving me
no choice but to almost completely halt my work with RigPix. Incoming emails have also been left unanswered during
this period. However, I'll now try to do some updates again and also go through my mailbox. So please be patient :-)

With that said, here we go again!

New "Fusion" mobiles from Yaesu: FTM-300DE (Europe) / FTM-300DR (USA)

Baofeng UV-5R Pro.
Bearcat BC-950XLT.
Belcom Liner 2 DX and Liner 10.
Beltek W3470.
Commander 134-B and 122-170.
Concorde Mark II Pro 20.
Danita Junior and Junior FM.
Emperor MX-5424 "Caesar".
Handic ML and 924 S.
Hira HH-857.
Icom IC-2GA, IC-2GE, IC-22U, IC-23, IC-24G, BC-30, BC-35, IC-RM1, IC-RM2 and UT-40.
Johnson Messenger 351 and Viking 352D.
Kraco Pro-40 Mark III and Super DeLuxe (KCB-4030).
Lafayette DC-24 AM/FM and HA-650 (99-2570WX).
Mach 2000.
Midland 79A-892.
PacComm Tiny-2.
President Himalaya and Himalaya WB.
Robyn Porta-scan 2000 and Pro-100.
Samlex SEC 1235M.
Scancom CB-60.
Scooper Jupiter.
Siglent SPD3303C and SPD3303X.
Silver 15AF-29B "Space Master".
Sommerkamp TS-732P.
Sony ICF-6800.
Svera/Svensk Radio Pro-16 and AM-FM001.
Telex CB-73 "Double header" and CB-88.
Tristar 747 (Mk1) and 747 (Mk2).
Universe 3900.
UPO Trooper M-5.
Zodiac U-3.

Better pictures of Belcom Liner 2, Daiwa LA-2080H, Icom IC-4E, Johnson Viking 352, Kenwood TH-D74E, Robyn Porta-Scan 2000B, Rystl CB-4082 and Yaesu FT-209RH.