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WHAT'S NEW 2010?

Please note that there may be dead links here, mainly due to later restructuring of this site.

Rockwell-Collins HF-281 (TNX to SA7ATK). Belcom LA-102 (TNX to ZS6IL). Dressler VV200 VOX-GaAs, Silva S10 DSC, Icom ML-12, Cobra MR-F80B, Yaesu FTC-4625, Necom Elite, Velleman PS1303, PS1306, PS1306C, PS1310, PS1320, PS1330 and PS2403, Motorola MTP200, MTP300, MTP700 and MTP750.

Juma TRX2 and TRX2A (TNX to IW0HOF). A picture of Lafayette PF-30 (TNX to WA2MO). Nems-Clarke SPR 1301A (TNX to SM4XSO). Heathkit HW-12 (TNX to SM5ACU). AEA VSB-70, MFJ 8704, 8708 and 8709, Fritzel MFB-13 and MFB-23, Cushcraft AV-3, AV-4 and AV-5, Daiwa DR-7500, Fukner FU-200 "Sky King" and FU-400, YouKits TJ6A, Elecraft P3, Heathkit HW-12A and Kenwood TS-700GII. Today we passed 3900 radios in the database, Yiihaaaw!

Wouxun's latest VHF/UHF rig, the KG-UV920R (TNX to IW0HOF). Wood & Douglas ATV-1, Fortop TVT-432 and TVT-435.

Ten-Tec's latest HF rig, the Eagle (TNX to IW0HOF). Emotator 103LBX, 502CXX, 1102MXX and 1103MXX. Better pix of Yaesu FT-7B.

Colt 320 FM Black Shadow and Petrusse Pacific 2002 RE (TNX to HB9LEU). Colt 320 DX Black Shadow, Alan 100E, Yaesu FT-101Z, Hy-Gain Halo 2 m and SJ2S4, Tokyo Hy-Power HL-20U, Vibratrol RFL-301, RFL-401, RFL-501, RFL-701, RFL-801, RFL-901, RFL-1101, RFL-1201, RFL-1301 and RFL-1401. Daiwa DA-500 and Eddystone EC958.

Icom IC-T70E, Polmar DB-32 and Suicom UV-King (TNX to IW0HOF). Yaesu FTV-250, HS Publications D-100, D-100 De-Luxe and D-500 DXTV tuners/converters. Conrad RDS Manager. Today I also welcome SM0WED to the "Operator gallery".

A new handie scanner from Standard, the VR-160. Wouxuns latest dual band HT, the KG-UV2D. Kenwood TS-2000LE. AOR AR-STV, Nagoya NL-2000, MAG-70EL-W, MAG-73EL-W, MAG-73EL-WH, MAG-75EL-2W, MAG-77EL-WH, MAG-79EL-3W, NL-R2, NL-R3, NL-30V, NL-66L, NL-77B, NL-77BH, NL-77BL, NL-77H, NL-77L, NL-77S, NL-88L, NL-88S, NL-144SP, NL-550, NL-602, NL-650, NL-770R, NL-770RB, NL-770S, NL-780 and NR-7700. Comet SBB-0, SBB-1, SBB-2, SBB-5, SBB-7 and 24KG.

Amp Supply LK550-NT (TNX to SA0AWS/SA0P). New receivers from AOR, the AR-2300 and AR-5001D. Diamond SRH-815, Yaesu FTV-107R.

A new scanner concept from Uniden, the HomePatrol-1, CRT Superstar 3900 Chrome, Kenwood TV-502.

Microwave Modules MMT-50/144 (TNX to OE3KLU). A new handie scanner from Alinco, the DJ-X11E / DJ-X11T (Europe / USA). Tono BM-22, Diamond NR-790, Drake TR-44, Yaesu FT-4600H and FT-8100, Trio TR-1100, Kenwood TH-K2AT, Danita 3000, 3000 Multi and 3000 UK.

New rigs from Kenwood: TS-590S and TH-D72, Heathkit SW-717, VF-7401, SB-100, Better pix of Heathkit HW-104, Fashion Style of America Antenna Rotator, Tono 2M-130W, Added Aliens vs Predator - Requiem to the Silver Screen Trivia area.

A new virtual ADS-B radar receiver, Planegadget Radar. Heathkit MR-1010, HW-2M, HW-4M, HW-2P, HW-4P, HWS-2, HWS-2-XL, HWS-4, HWS-4-XL, HWS-24-HT, HW-24 and HW-24-H. Trio TR-1200, Reftec 934 and BS-934, Harvest RH-771, Team TS-6M and MX-8 Mark 1, Moonraker Radar Skysearcher, Radar-Rama and Radar-100. User manual for Kenwood TS-180S. Updated the Swedish "Silent keys" area (TNX to SM1NI, SM5KQS & SA0AWA)

New virtual radar systems, the Airnav Radarbox Pro and Radarbox 3D. Nagoya S-40B, SR Masterscanner 1414A and Masterscanner 1414B, Dragon SS-497, K.W. Electronics Q-Multiplier, Lafayette Micro P50. Better pix of K.W. Electronics 2000A and Heathkit HW-7 (TNX to SM0ETT for lending me these objects). Today I also welcome SA0BKW to the "Operator gallery".

Yet another handie scanner from Icom, the IC-R6 (TNX to SM0TSC). A new virtual radar system: The Aurora Eurotech SSRx. UHF Units 1296/144 3W transverter. Huracan HR-07-HP, CTE Microscan. I also updated the Swedish Silent keys area.

Adat ADT-200A and DZKit Sienna (TNX to IW0HOF). Kinetic Avionic SBS-1 MkII, SBS-1e and SBS-1er, AirNav RadarBox, Etón G6 Aviator "Buzz Aldrin Edition", G3 Globe Traveler and G8 Traveler II, WinRadio WR-G313e, Moonraker FA-5000, Minor and Minor Plus, Microtelecom Perseus, Palstar R30A and R30CC. Today we passed 3800 radios in the database. Yihaaw!