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WHAT'S NEW 2008?

Please note that there may be dead links here, mainly due to later restructuring of this site.

Added the Radio related abbreviations page. Motorola MT2100, Procom BCL 1-KA, Commander 1229, Daiwa PS-600, Steed BN-DM81720C, Diamond GSV-1200, Handic 220/12-2, Zodiac BE-3A, RM Italy SPS1050, Maas SPS-9250, Monacor PS-126N, Seif PS-123PR, Zodiac BE-1.5A, Standard C-111, C-158A, C-228A, C-288A and C-468S, Yaesu YR-901, Handic 2310S. Tristar Compu-20, Universe 816A, Kraco NX-505, A better pix of Handic 235. User manual for Handic 1600.

Added the Alphabetically page. Svebry SEAB-55, SEAB-56, SEAB-57 & SEAB-60. Tokyo Hy-Power HL-110V. Better pix of Bearcat BC-220FB, Commander 7000, Parabolic ATV TX, Comtech FM1200TSIMG, Tomei TM-102N, Hy-Gain II, Kenwood TR-2300, DLS 160 and Icom IC-2E. A homebrew 23cm ATV RX/TX/PA combo assembled by SA0AWS/SA0P. A much better pix of Yaesu FT-102 (TNX to NC4L). Today I also welcome SA0AZS to the "Operator gallery".

Uniden Bearcat UBC-30XLT, UBC-144XLT, UBC-145XL, UBC-175XL and UBC-244CLT. Ranger RCI-2980, RCI-2990 and RCI-2990DX. Stoner Pro-40. Datong DF and DF2. Magnetic AB TU-8064. This time I also welcome SM0ITG to the "Operator gallery".

Sommerkamp TS-600G (TNX to DL3GAZ). Microwave Modules MTV-435. Misumi MST-AB003M, MST-AB010M, MST-AB020M, MST-AB050M, MST-AB100M, MST-AB200M and MST-AB400M. Moved all Commander scanners to their own new area and added model 155, 316 and 2320. Hy-Gain III ( Older), III (80 ch AM/FM), 2706 and Hy-Range V. Marko CB-88.

INAC Deco-1000, Bendix DU-1 and a homebrew CW key (TNX to EA4FJD). A new handie scanner from AOR, the AR-Mini (TNX to OK1PJV).

Icom's latest HF/6 m rig, the IC-7600 (TNX to DG9BDI). Opened up the new GRE/GRECOM area and added PSR-100, PSR-216, PSR-244, PSR-255, PSR-275, PSR-282, PSR-295, PSR-300, PSR-500, PSR-400, PSR-600, PSR-200, PSR-214, PSR-220 and PSR-225. ADI AR-147E.

Standard C-6000 and C-6000S, Surveyor 10P, Robyn 3-bander, Hy-Gain X-20, Mini T, Regency R-1070 and R-2060, Added "The Ring 2" and "Die hard 4.0" to the Silver screen trivia area. Updated the Other useful info area with more coax connector assembly guides. I also updated some minor details in various areas.

Icom's latest hand scanner, IC-RX7 (TNX to VE3ES).

Yaesu's new HT with packet/APRS and bluetooth: VX-8R (TNX to IW0HOF, VE3ES, 5Z4ES and OZ1CJX). Nippondenso 4300. CTE CT-1800. A better pix of NDI HC-1400.

Uniden's new GPS-enabled Bearcat scanner for Europe, UBC-800XLT. A bunch of Kuhne S-band power amplifiers. Cobra 200 GTL DX, Albrecht AE-66M. Mark Prelude OA-7689. Tamashi R-182 PLL. Commander Police Monitor. Saturn SRT-450. Svera SR-208. Better pix of FDK Multi-750XX and Yaesu FP-4 (TNX to G1KDU). Funke Mikrohet (TNX to DF3IQ). Today we passed 3600 radios in the database!!

Westland 707, Super Galaxy, Sommerkamp TS-155MDX, (TNX to HB9LEU). CRT RCI-2950F, Sound Air MM-081, Kraco Pro-16, Handic 0082. Misumi WCS-99XIIM and WCS-99XIIS. Ajoka AJ-801T and AJ-803T. Lawmate SC-0825. Luda GP-707 and GP-708. Fongyao PVRW-24C. Tomei TM-102N. Invent-Tech BC-001. Today I also welcome SA0AYF and SA0AZF to the "Operator gallery".

A better pix of Yaesu FL-7000 (TNX to HA5RXZ). Yaesu MD-200A8X. Astatic Road Devil. Maas NP-9912 and Manson EP-925. Handic 2805. Sangean ATS-202, ATS-303, ATS-404, ATS-606A, ATS-800, ATS-800A, ATS-801, ATS-802, ATS-803 and ATS-808A. Better pictures of ICS AMT-2, Ham International UK 120FM and President Lincoln. Updated the pix on SM0YCD.

Icom's new D-Star HT for Europe: IC-E92D. Kenwood TM-D710E. A range of Hotline antennas. ICS AMT-2, C.Crane Twin Coil Ferrite AM antenna.

The new Grundig Satellit 750 plus Yachtboy 10, Yachtboy 50, Yachtboy 80 and Yachtboy 2000. Colonel 816, an old crystal radio: Baltic, Marconi CR100/8, Philips AE3905, Rama Compu-20 and Compu-40. Robyn Portascan 2000B and finally, Senfor 161.

Zodiac Seacom 90, Electro-Mechanical Mfg.Co. VX 101 Jr. RadioShack DX-375. Icom IC-PS15. A whole range of Saphir VHF/UHF vertical base antennas. Added a handy Time zone area plus a useful Components and datasheets area. Today I also welcome SA0AWS and SA0AWX to the "Operator gallery".