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WHAT'S NEW 2004?

Please note that there may be dead links here, mainly due to later restructuring of this site.

Removed Yaesu FT-101TT as it proved to be a hoax from the U.S. according to several sources. Heathkit DX-40 and QF-1 (TNX to N0UF). Ken Product KP-202 (TNX to SM7DLH). A better pix of E.F.Johnson Ranger (TNX to K8EAB). Alinco DJ-X3S and DM-330MVE. Kenwood TS-480SAT & TS-B2000. A rear pix of Icom IC-756 Pro III. User manual for Icom IC-7800.

Sommerkamp FR-100B with manual and FL-100B (TNX to DF3IQ). Yaesu FT-101TT (TNX to SM4XIU). Icom IC-V82 and IC-U82 (TNX to IW2CXJ). Icom ID-1, ID-800D, IC-U1, IC-V1 and Azden AZ-61.

Specs and schematic for Heathkit DX-100 (TNX to PY1NV). Sony ICF-SW07, ICF-7800W and ICF-SW40, Heathkit GR-88 and a user manual for AOR AR-3000A (TNX to Frits W.). Icom IC-V200T and IC-F31GS (TNX to Claes Högberg). Midland 2001T (TNX to Mark Blaikie). Azden PCS-7801HN and AZ-11 (TNX to KB4CVN). Better pix of National HRO-500. A new DRM-capable receiver box from Coding Technologies: Digital World Traveller.

Archer Space Patrol, ChannelMaster CB-40, GemTronics GTX-2300, Panasonic CB-40, SBE Land-Command & Siltronix 1011C (TNX to Corrado). Regency ACT-R92AP & Hy-Gain 10 (TNX to SM7XVF). Better pix of Shinwa SC-525YB (TNX to Björn Robertsson). Sommerkamp FT-307 (TNX to CT2GQV). Schematic for Sommerkamp FT-220 (TNX to Mauro Podesta). Heathkit GR-81, Sony CRF-5100, CRF-160, CRF-330K and TFM-1600W (TNX to Frits W.). Motorola Staccato, Hammarlund SP-220-X and SP-220-SX, Icom SM-10, and finally, Hallicrafters WR-4000.

Hy-Gain V (8795) (TNX to Mark Blaikie). Updated the spec's on Icom IC-728 (TNX to Tommie K.). Realistic Navaho Pro Niner, TRC-55, TRC-422A, TRC-432, TRC-451, TRC-454 & TRC-455, Pace CB-76, CB-113, 1000B and Sidetalk 1000M, Sears 23, Roadtalker 40 Base, Roadtalker 40 SSB, Tram D-300, Titan II, Teaberry Stalker Two, T-Command, T-Dispatch, Regency CR-123B, CR-230, CR-142, CR-185, Robyn T-123B, Royce 612 and T-28 (TNX to Corrado). Better pix of Lowe HF-225 (TNX to PA0JTA). User manuals for Icom IC-2A/E, IC-255E and IC-451A/E. Today we passed 3000 radios in the database!!!

SR 13-905A and 13-905B (TNX to Gert Clausen). Kris 300M and Yaesu FTdx-400 (TNX to SM7YIC). Johnson 252 and Messenger 4230, Kraco CB DeLuxe, SSB DeLuxe and Super DeLuxe, Midland 13-877, 13-882C, 13-885, 13-888 and 79-892 (TNX to Corrado). Yaesu FTH-2006. Uniden/Bearcat BCT-8, BC-246T, BC-296D and BC-796D.

Dentron Jr. Monitor (TNX to Andre). User manual for Kenwood RZ-1 (TNX to EB1DVN). Better pix of Kraco 500 (TNX to Tony Rodin). An inside pix of Ten-Tec Argonaut V (TNX to Peter Gant). Better pix of Belcom LS-20XE and Tokyo Hy-Power HT-120 (TNX to G7TOK). A pix of JTI NPR-900 (TNX to HB9LEU). Drake R7A, Lowe HF-235 and a better pix of Sony ICF-SC1 PC (TNX to Frits W.) Cobra 85, 98, 135, 138, 139, CAM 88 and CAM 89, Courier Centurion, Conqueror II, Craig L 201 and 4201 (TNX to Corrado). A brochure on Yaesu FT-8900R (TNX to OM7ASP). A better pix of Yaesu FR-50B (TNX to DF3IQ). Updated the specs on Yaesu FT-2400 (TNX to W3GJD). Shinwa SC-525YB.

Specs and a pix of Hammarlund HQ-205 (TNX to Zach Taylor). The new Uniden Bearcat UBC-3300XLT (TNX to SM0SMC). User manual for Uniden UBC-3300XLT (TNX to Danne Sandström). Alan CT-79 (TNX to OM7ASP). Pix of Handic 2803 (TNX to Claes Högberg). Tokai PW-5056 (TNX to Teo Pelho). The new Yaesu FTDX-9000 Contest and FTDX-9000MP (TNX to SM4MI). Magnum M-1, S-3 and S-9. Added a rear pix and updated the specs on Handic 009 (TNX to Lars Engström). Vertex Standard VM-3500E. Today I also added SM0AYA and SM4RAN to the "Operator gallery".

Updated the specs on Raytheon Ray-DF (TNX to Michael Hoxie). Handic 64 (TNX to Fenrus). RadioShack HTX-212 (TNX to SM0LYT). ITT Freetalker, Planet, Willy and XR-007 Xploror Twin (TNX to Fabrice Dallard). Topcom TCP-1200, TCP-4000, TwinTalker 1000, TwinTalker 1100, TwinTalker 1400, TwinTalker 3000, TwinTalker 3300, TwinTalker 5000 and TwinTalker 6000.

Icom's new HF/VHF transceiver, IC-756 Pro III (TNX to HB9TLX). Three different callbook services on the main page. Lafayette Guardian 5000, PF-30, HE-80 and HA-155. New pics of DLS 200C. Moved all power supplies to their own new area and added H&H SN 5000, Mascot 682/5, 682/12, 682/24, 696, 710, 719, 7410, 7416, 8352, 8421/12, 8421/24, Powerbox 3000, 3000A and 3000B. Better pix of Ten-Tec Century 21 and Eico 720.

Comet GP-21, Icom SP-5, SP-7, SP-20, SP-21 and SP-23, Daiwa SS-330W and SS-505.

Alinco's new HF transceiver: DX-801 (TNX to SM5VFE). Service manual for Kenwood R-5000 (TNX to Frits W.).

Yaesu's new VHF/UHF HT: FT-60R and the new ATU: FC-40. Updated the specs for Yaesu FT DX-9000D + added a news leaflet. I also updated the specs for Alinco DR-1200 (TNX to SM5LBR).

A pix of Yaesu FT DX9000D (TNX to "DX" from Russia).

Galaxy V Mark II (TNX to SM3DXC). Lowe SRX-30, SRX-30D and Century 21 (TNX to Jo Janssens). Telcom TE-157, SR Hi-Low Superscanner and a pix of the newer version of DLS 80 (TNX to SM7VGQ). Icom IC-3SAT (TNX to KD3V). Santech DJ-180 and DJ-480 (TNX to SQ5EBM). Updated the specs for Icom IC-2410E and IC-2410H.

Better pix of Yaesu FT-780R (TNX to CT2GQV). Samlex 3000 and Euro CB Pro-550 (TNX to Jean Piat). Swan SS-200A (TNX to Rick). User manual (in swedish) for SRA C500/AUT series (TNX to Henrik N.). Updated the specs for Yaesu FLDX-500 and FRDX-500 (TNX to OZ1GAI). A better pix of JRC JST-125 (TNX to LA4IFA). A pix of Yaesu FT-301 (TNX to G7CSY). Schematics of Icom IC-AG1 and IC-AG1200. And finally, I welcome SQ5RPT and SQ5RQZ to the "Operator gallery".

User manual for Icom IC-R75. Updated the spec's for NEC CQ-110 (TNX to DC8CV). A pix of Clegg Thor 6 (TNX to K2WH). Hallicrafters SX-24. Manuals for Yupiteru MVT-5000, Icom IC-R1, IC-R2, IC-R3, IC-R5, IC-R10, IC-R70, IC-R72, IC-R7000 and Yaesu VR-5000 (TNX to Frits W.).

Service manual for Sony ICF-SW7600GR (TNX to PY5IG). User manual for Yaesu FT-897 (TNX to OH3QN). Yaesu FT-411MKII with user manual (TNX to ZZ4LSA). A better pix of Kingspoint CB-700 (TNX to Gert Clausen). User manuals for Maycom AR-108 and FR-100 (TNX to Frits W.). Commtel COM205.

New VHF/UHF handies from Alinco: DJ-520J, DJ-530J and DJ-C7 plus a handy scanner: DJ-X01. Added Yaesu FT-101EE and updated the specs for Yaesu FT-101E (TNX to SM4XIU). Refcom FC-60PR, (TNX to Frits W.). Alinco DJ-193J, DJ-493J, DR-120H, DR-420H, DR-M10H, DR-M40H, DR-M50H and DR-620D.
Today we passed 2900 radios in the database!

User and service manuals for Kenwood R-1000 and service manual for R-2000 (TNX to Frits W.). Globe Electronics "Scout" 65A, Gonset G-43, Hallicrafters FPM-200, FPM-300 and FPM-300 MKII (TNX to W0TUP). Also added Dressler ARA-500 and ARA-900, Yaesu FV-101Z and user manual for Yaesu FT-101ZD.

Better pix of Kenwood TS-700G. Service manual for Kenwood R-600 (TNX to Frits W.). Kenwood 2002 amateur radio catalogue. Kenwood TM-461A. User manuals for Trio 9R-59DS, TR-7200G, TM-261A and TM-461A.

Yaesu's new monster HF transceiver, the FT DX-9000D (TNX to Corrado). User manuals for Kenwood R-2000 and R-5000 (TNX to Frits W.). A better pix of Yaesu FT-8800R (TNX to SQ5EBM). Fintec FC-24 (TNX to Macce Grönlund). Pix of Eddystone 850/2, 990R and 990S (TNX to VK3ZLW).

Intraco TIIC-I (TNX to ZZ4LSA). Tokyo Hy-Power HL-130U (TNX to G0UWK). Lafayette HA-520, BCR-101, HE-25 Voyager, HE-30 and HE-40.

Icom's newest 2m mobile rig with digital option: IC-2200H (TNX to SM4CJK). Alinco ELH-710 (TNX to G4AWZ). A pix of Araki YA-1.2 12GP.

A new wristwatch PMR transceiver, FreeQuency PMR200W. Two wristwatch FRS-transceivers: Columbia FRS-22WH and Freetalker WFT-007. Handic 3605. Added the user manual part 2 for Ra190 (TNX to SM3BFH). Eudgert Linha Ouro C (TNX to Hildebrando de Oliveira).

Emperor TS-5010, Storno CQM5332S, Ham International Jumbo 3, Mark Multiband, Lafayette LMS-40 (TNX to SM5YIS). Handic 1978 catalogue (TNX to Gert Clausen). Yaesu FR-50B and FL-50B (TNX to LX1QF). Yaesu FT-100 (older), FR-50, FL-50 and FT-50.

The worlds first consumer grade DRM-capable receiver, Mayah DRM-2010. Added Zodiac Team 31 and Team 155. Updated the specs for Sommerkamp FTdx 505 (TNX to SM0OGX). Updated the specs for Autophon SE55 (TNX to Alain Buls).

Updated the specs for Icom IC-7800 (TNX to SM5CBW). Added Icom's new super wideband hand scanner: IC-R20.

Sony CRF-150 and a better pix of Kenwood R-820 (TNX to Frits W.). A better pix of Handic 1600 MKIII (TNX to Danne Sandström). A much better pix of Handic 0016 (TNX to Gert Clausen). TP Radio TP3000. Daiwa PS-50XM. Better pix of Danita 340.

Harris RF-2305, Watkins Johnson 521A-1 and 906A-6 (TNX to TA7A). Ericsson M-RK II and M-RK IIs (TNX to SM3WEO). Motorola GP-300, GP-320, GP-340, GP-344, GP-388 and XTN-446. Lafayette Seavox 100.

Racal TRA-922. User manuals for Sony ICF-SW7600 and Yupiteru MVT-7300 (TNX to Andreas). Icom IC-W21AT (TNX to Mark Bell South). The military BC-312-N. Better and more pix of SBE Trinidad. Pix of the RA190 receiver and transmitter (TNX to SM3WEO). User manual for Handic 0016 (TNX to Danne Sandström). Albrecht AE-201S and AE-497S (TNX to DF7NEU). And finally, Sommerkamp FR-50B.

Nordmende Globetrotter 808 (TNX to SM0NEZ). Sunair GSR-920 (TNX to TA7A). A better pix of Trio TR-9300 (TNX to IW2CXJ). Funke RX-57 and RX-60 (TNX to DF3IQ). Added SM0XPJ to the CCIR-table.

Zodiac PA-1004E, PA-2012 and PA-4006, Uniden Bearcat UBC-100XL and SRA PN74.