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WHAT'S NEW 2021?

I have several priority one duties eating up my spare time, so, updates are currently few and far between.
This is what I've whipped together this time.

A new superscanner for the civil and military air bands from AOR, the AR-7400.
A new compact mobile VHF/UHF rig from QYT: KT-WP12.
Ranger's latest 10/11/12 m rig, the RCI-X9.

Cobra 29 NW LTD Classic, 46 XLR, 47 XLR, 50 XLR and 55 XLR.
Colt 890 and 1000 "Black Shadow SSB".
Dick Smith Bumblebee, Hornet SSB, Hornet II SSB, Scorpion SSB and Wasp.
Eagle 2000.
Electrophone CB-550.
Expo Bushranger.
Ferris SSB-5000.
Finetone TC-10.
General Electric 3-5826A.
HanRongDa HRD-737.
Hy-Gain VIII (3108) and 2740.
Icom HM-107B.
Karinna KSB-18.
Kenwood TM-702D.
Lafayette EAM-0017, Hurricane, Typhoon and Typhoon II.
Major M-524.
Marko Excalibur MK-II and Excalibur MK-III.
Midland 2001 (77-002) and 6001 (Late, 79-012).
Mocoma 59S.
Pearce-Simpson Super Cheetah MkII, Super Lion MkII, Super Panther, Super Panther 18 and Super Panther DX.
President HR-2600 and Lincoln II+.
Ranger RCI-69 Base.
Realistic TRC-448 (21-1561) and TRC-469 (21-1527).
Saga 300.
Scanmaster Mobile 25-2000.
Scientex SR-01.
SCS DR-7400 (P4dragon) and DR-7800 (P4dragon).
Teaberry Big "T".
Whistler TRX-1E and TRX-2E.
Yaesu FBA-39.
Yupiteru MVT-3000, MVT-4000 and VT-150.
Zodiac BM-01 and MLS-01.

Moved all QYT transceivers to their own new area.

Thank you to all of you who recently have contributed with pictures and info.
This will be added to RigPix with the next update.

I've mostly worked in the CB area this time. Here we go...

Cobra 148 GTL-DX "Fake".
Commander CD-3000 AR.
Galaxy Pluto.
General Electric A3-5825B "GE B model" and 3-5875A "SSB Superbase".
Hy-Gain 10 (2710) and 437.
Kraco KCB-2340 "SSB De Luxe".
Pace CB-150.
Pearce-Simpson Bengal SSB, Super Bengal, Super Bengal MkII and Super Bengal MkIII.
Poppy FS-802.
President Andrew J. (1012001), Andrew J. AM/FM and Vincent.
Roadstar RM-150, RM-220-A, RM-270-A, RM-550 and RM-550 MkII.
Shira WT106-449.
Sommerkamp TS-146DX, TS-2702 and TS-2703 Deluxe.
Thunderpole T-800.
Yaesu CT-178, FH-2, M-100, SSM-75G, SCU-LAN10, SP-101, VCT-101.
Zodiac Osaka and Sapporo.

A picture of SBE Land Command (LCBS-4).

Today we passed 6400 radios in the database!

Yaesu's new desktop microphone: M-70.

Pictures of AEA DX Handy Six / MX-6S (TNX to KC5CNT).

ARF 2001.
Commander CB-23 and 1237.
General Electric 3-5975A.
Icom EX-242, UT-115, UT-118, IC-HM8, HM-34, UI-7, UI-9, IC-47A, IC-48A, IC-1200A, IC-1201A and IC-2600D.
Johnson Messenger III, Messenger 110, Messenger 123 and Messenger 123A.
Larry International 3.
Midland/Alan 87.
Nordland 01-500-A AM/FM and 01-1400 AM/FM.
President Teddy ASC.
Sirio Tornado 50-60.
Svera 324 AM/FM DW.
Teaberry (American Radio Corporation) Stalker IV and Stalker VIII.
Yaesu FT-625R, FT-625RD, FTdx-101MP and YE-7A.

Better pictures of Icom IC-320.

All pages in the Icom area are now HTML 4.01 compliant. Pheew! Next up is the Kenwood area.

We're still plagued by illness and related problems in the family, which consumes much of my free time.
I have however managed to add the following equipment:

Trio TR-7010 (Thanks to F4EAW).

Alan/CTE MT Plus, MT Plus D and New MT Plus.
American Electronics Inc. 95-328.
Antennas-Amplifiers PA144-12-7BGP.
Cobra 150 GTL DX.
Colt 870.
Cromemco Z-1.
Icom IC-P2A, IC-P2AT, IC-P3AT, IC-P4AT, IC-T7A, IC-T70A, UT-94, UT-122, IC-HM7, HM-118TN and HM-240.
K-PO HVT-400B.
Midland 13-904A.
QYT KT-780 Plus (VHF) and KT-780 Plus (UHF).
Scooper Skysearch 520.
SuperStar 401 and T747.
Yaesu FT-736MX and YC-221.

Started migrating all microphones and speaker-mikes from "Accessories & options" to their own new area.
I am currently converting all HTML-documents in the Icom area for HTML 4.01 compliance, which will take a while to complete.