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WHAT'S NEW 2011?

Please note that there may be dead links here, mainly due to later restructuring of this site.

Yaesu VX-8DE and VX-8GE, Kenwood SP-31, Yaesu FTS-6, Zodiac Trio and Talk2Me, Ranger RCI-2970N2, Cocker 43 and 80, Lafayette 8790DX, Hyundai F50TW, Ondico VC-901, Team MiCo-446, TeCom DB-H, Kyokuto-Denshi FM50-10L, Intek KT-355EE. And finally, better pictures of Kenwood TM-741E, Standard C-58 and Yaesu FT-727R. Today we passed 4000 radios in the database!!

A new 2 m HT from Kenwood, TH-K20AT. Alinco ELH-265D, Icom SP-3, SP-10, SP-22 and SP-33, Yaesu FM-747, LL-5, SP-5 and SP-6, Standard MP-716, Hewlett-Packard ESA-L1500A, Magnum Raptor and finally, Standard C-88.

Icom HM-75A, SP-13, EX-243, UX-97, UX-98, UT-34, UT-36, IC-275A, IC-375A and IC-475A, Motorola DynaTAC 8000X and Velleman DVM13MFC2.

A new QRP rig from Ten-Tec, Model 539 (TXN to OZ1CJX). A new 5 KW monster PA from Kojinsha, the KL-1, Barrett 2050, Baofeng UV-3R and UV-3R Mark II, Standard C-5500, Kenwood TM-741A and TM-742A. And finally, Icom MB-19.

A new chinese dual band handie: KYD IP-VU1A. Alinco's new 222/900 MHz dual band HT: DJ-G29T. A new high-end receiver/scanner from Boger, the BO-3500. Yaesu VXA-210, Yaesu SU-1.

Pictures of Robot 70 & 80 system, 400, 400C, 450C, 1200C, Microcraft Videoscan-1000, Wraase SC-1 and SC-2 (TNX to KD6CJI). DPD Productions Mil Mobile, Mil VHF, MilTenna LP and MilTenna Omni. Tasco Telereader TSC-70, Superscan 2001, A&A Engineering Viewport VGA, Daiwa PS-80M, Motorola DTR-2450, Kantronics KPC-2, AOR AR-5000A, TV-5000, TV-5000A and TVA-1.

Added much needed pictures of Tokyo Hy-power HL-350VDX (TNX to YY5ERP). SHF Design (WiMo) 1340, 1367, 2328, 2344 and 2367. Icom IC-RM3, Teltronic DT-410 and MDT-400. Mosley Pro-57-B, Pro-57-B40, Pro-67-B, Pro-67-C-3, Pro-95, Pro-96 and Pro-96-S. More pictures of Icom IC-R7000. Listed a lot of options in the "Accessories & options" area.

Kenwood's latest mobile 2 m rig: TM-281A (TNX to VE3ES). Vårgårda 11EL2, Dressler ARA-100HDX, ARA-2000LL and ARA-2000HDX, AOR SA-7000, Baojie BJ-271.

Lankar DW-1200 (TNX to Paul in Australia). Icom's new UHF handie with DV/GPS, the ID-31E. A new spectacular CB base from Ranger: RHF-618. Mega Com 23, Updated specs and pix for Icom IC-1200 and IC-1201, Two transceivers for the SRD860 band: Alinco DJ-S800 and Midland Alan 860.

A brand new SDR transceiver from Elecraft: KX3 (TNX to SM0LBR). Iftrontech Yellow Jacket Pro and Nano Stinger Pro,

Yaesu's latest HF/6 m linear amp, the VL-2000 (TNX to SM4MI). Dragon SS-201, Azden AZ-21, PCS-2200, PCS-2800Z, PCS-7500, PCS-7500H, Standard C-4800, PCS Electronics AM Max II DSP. And finally, a better pix of Uniden UBC-860XLT.

A much needed update for Alinco DJ-180 (TNX to KF4ESH). Falcon Telecom 2M-HK, 64-HK, 70CM-HK and 23CM150, Radartron Inc. Radar Sentry, Alinco DR-03T, AOR SR-2200, a better pix of Alinco DR-605E.

A small BT-headset styled UHF RX, Team RX-EP-U, SpyTec Inc. VS-125, Conifer 25T-2127 and II T2127, Commander Hi-Power 1200, Anytone AT-5189, Asahi AW-2000, Diamond D-130J, a better pix of Maruhama RT-618,

Ampére APB-82A, Colonel 832, Stabo Magnum Multi, XM3001E, XM3003, XM3003E, XM3044, XM3082, XM3200 II and XM5003. Major M-788, A pix of Dressler ARA-900,

Icom's latest HF/6 m-rig, the IC-7410 (TNX to VE3ES, DG9BDI and Bill G.). Magnum 1012 (TNX to VE3ES). AnyTone AT-588 and Maas DX-5000.