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Last modified 2011-10-03

Teltronic MDT-400

Type:Professional land mobile transceiver
Frequency range
depending on version:
350-370 MHz
380-400 MHz
410-430 MHz
450-470 MHz
806-870 MHz
Mode:Digital TETRA (TMO & DMO)
RF Power output:0.3-10 W (Auto-adjust)
Receiver system:N/A
Sensitivity:Static: -112 dBm
Dynamic: -103 dBm
Image rejection:N/A
Voltage:10.8-15.6 VDC
Current drain:RX: Max ? A
TX: Max 5 A
Impedance:50 ohms
Dimensions (W*H*D):163*61*195 mm
Weight:1.4 Kg
Security services:Authentication (terminal and mutual)
Air interface encryption security class:
- Class 1: Clear
- Class 2: SCK
- Class 3: DCK
Algorithms: TEA1, TEA2 and TEA3
OTAR (Over The Air Rekeying)
Enable/disable (temporary and permanent)
End-to-end encryption
Voice services:Individual half-duplex calls with direct / hook signalling
Individual duplex calls
Group call
Broadcast call
Phone calls (PSTN / PABX). DTMF transmission
Emergency call
Multiple scan lists
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