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WHAT'S NEW 2009?

Please note that there may be dead links here, mainly due to later restructuring of this site.

The original Kenwood TS-700. A couple more catalogues.

Alinco's latest HF rig, the DX-SR8E / DX-SR8T (Europe/USA) (TNX to IW6BFE, IW2CXJ & IW0HOF). Nietzsche NB-30, NB-30R, NB-50R, NB-100R and NDB-30. Today I also welcome SM0ETT to the "Operator gallery.

Yaesu's new HF/6 m base rig: FTdx-5000MP (TNX to VE3ES). Ten-Tec Hercules II (420) (TNX to SM0NJM). Updated the specs for Uniden Bearcat BC-860XLT (TNX to KD8HCI). The K.W. Electronics logo (TNX to GM4DOF). Watson W-25AM (TNX to SA0ARB). Yaesu FT-220, SuperStar 2400, Added "100 days in the jungle" to the Silver screen trivia area.

Team Tecom 435. Telex Roadking 56, Tonna 220623, 220624, 220635, 220636, 220650, 220655, 220725 and 220745, AEA DSP-232, Kenwood TH-79A(D), AOR AR-900, TTi TCB-550, ITM CB-30, President Madison (V.2), Uniden Madison (V.3) and Madison (V.4). Silver Star WE-910A, Uniden 2830, Maplin Ranger. CTE Speedy. Added CB terms and slang. Today I also welcome SM0NJM to the "Operator gallery".

The new mobile VHF/UHF rig with APRS from Yaesu: FTM-350 (TNX to SM4MI). Wouxun KG-UVD1P. Raytheon RT-196/PRC-6 (AN/PRC-6).

The new DC-to-daylight base station from Icom: IC-9100 (TNX to DG9BDI and IW1CAB). A new HF QRP rig from China: HB-1A MKII. Two new upgraded Bearcats from Uniden: BCD-996XT and BCT-15X. Corona HP-150VDX, Comtech FM1200RTIM, President Jackson II ASC, Midland G7 X-tra Talk, Zodiac Freetalk Mini, Kenwood TK-3201. Today I also welcome SA0BGD to the "Operator gallery".

New gear from Yaesu: FT-250R, FT-270, FT-1900R, FT-2900R and FT-7900R (TNX to VE3ES). Dak Mark III (TNX to KG4ZPN). Advance Receiver research TR10GA and TR24GA. ID Elektronik 6 cm ATV TX , 9 cm ATV TX, 13 cm ATV TX and 23 cm ATV TX, Comtech FM1394RTIM and FM1394TSIM, Updated specs and pix for Standard C-5900D and Azden PCS-3000. . Better pix of Uniden Bearcat UBC-9000XLT.

A new 220 MHz rig from Jetstream, the JT-220M (TNX to NA6DF). Robyn SF-008, P-20 and P-20 Digital, Intek KT-500EE and Stoner Pro 80-10.

Hallicrafters H2M-1000 (TNX to VE3ES). A new handie scanner from Intek, the AR-109. Hammarlund SP-600-J "Northern Radio 159". Aitron Wrist radio with LED clock. Kantronics KAM Plus and KAM XL. Better pix of Commander 530. Today I also welcome F6HCM to the "Operator gallery".

Satan Electronics Brimstone-144 (TNX to SM0V), Icom's new D-Star rigs: ID-80 and ID-880D (TNX to IW0HOF and HB9TLX). Alinco's new triband HT, the DJ-G7 (TNX to IW0HOF). Josty Kit JK105, TTI TSC-3000R, Connex CX-33TLM3, Ranger RCI-TLM1, Icom IC-21 and IC-ML1, Hy-Gain Proscan-20, Commander 318, Armco TS-20, Boco 2023, Janel 144PB, Phihong PP-1206G, A picture of NGC 15SB (TNX to ZL1OZ). Better pix of Icom IC-R7000, Heathkit HW-29A, HW-30 and Commander 168.

Ranger AR-3300, Kenwood TH-21BT, TH-31AT, TH-31BT, TH-41BT, TM-2530A, TM-2550A, TM-2570A, TM-3530A, TS-711A, TS-811A, TR-2600A and TR-3600A, Icom IC-3200A, Ten-Tec RX-325, Robyn Pro-20 Mark II, SBE Sentinel VI, Scan-Scope 7500. Better pix of Kenwood TR-50, TS-440S, TS-670, TS-130S, TH-21AT, and R-5000, Icom IC-R1 and Ten-Tec Corsair II (561). Today we passed 3700 radios in the database, yiiihaaaw!!

A picture of Ten-Tec 1220 (TNX to IT9KBY). Midland 13-500, 13-505, 13-509, 13-510 and 13-513. Hy-Gain 3806. Standard C-6500 and Horizon/2. A picture of Century 21. KDK FM-50 10SX RII. Crescomm 600. Wilson WE800, 1402SM, 1405SM, 2202SM and 4502SM. Ten-Tec Century 21/Digital. Alinco DJ-200T and DJ-500T. Ranger AR-3500. AEA DX Handy Ten and DX Handy Six. A better picture of Yaesu FT-225RD.

Alinco's latest VHF HT's: DJ-175E and DJ-175T. Mirage B-1016, Kraco 82 and 220, Commtel COM215, Yaesu MH-42 and MH-48, Commander Micro Compu 170, Astatic 636L, Turner 454X, Densei EC-2019, Kenwood MC-57 and MC-58, Cuna 3-bander, A picture of Concorde 2000.