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WHAT'S NEW 2006?

Please note that there may be dead links here, mainly due to later restructuring of this site.

Zodiac Gemini, P-3106 and P-3206 (TNX to HB9LEU). User manual for Icom IC-575A/E (TNX to Peyton E.). User manual for ADI AT-600 (TNX to VE6KJM). User manuals for Icom IC-T22A/E and IC-T42A/E, Kenwood TH-27A/E and TH-47A/E and Yaesu VX6R (TNX to AD5YY). A better pix of Kenwood TS-450S (TNX to SM6HCO). Uniden's new handie scanner USC-230 (TNX to SA0ACD). Updated the Silent key list (TNX to SM5BTX for the VRK SK-list). Added Sangean DRM-40. Moved all Elecraft transceivers, Harvey-Wells transmitters, SRT, Sangean, WinRadio and Handic receivers/scanners to their own new areas.

Melehan Valiant. Microset PR-2B, PR-145A, PR-430A, PRH-145A and PRH-430A. SSB Electronic DBA-270, LNA-3000, LNA-5000, MHP-145, SP-6, SP-13, SP-23, SP-2000 and SP-7000. Icom SM-25. Added the propagation indicators on the main page.

Ten-Tec's new HF/6 m transceiver, the Omni VII (TNX to IW0HOF). AEL 2230 (TNX to SM0OGX). Kenwood TH-27A. LDG Electronics AT-100 Pro, AT-1000 and Z-100. Ten-Tec Centurion (422B), and Titan III (417A). Ameritron AL-80A, AL-80B, AL-1200 and ALS-500M. Eto/Alpha 77D. Added the movie "Virus" to the Silver screen trivia" area. Today I also welcome HA7JQK to the "Operator gallery".

Pix of Daiwa LA-2035 and LA-2060 (TNX to SM0NJM). SuperStar 2200, Zodiac Tokyo. Today I also welcome SM0WID to the "Operator gallery".

Sommerkamp TS-288A/24CH (TNX to HB9LEU). Cobra 139XL-A (TNX to Daniel Kapinga). Two new HF/VHF/UHF scanners for Europe from Uniden: UBC-3500XLT and UBC-785XLT. Lafayette HA-350. Aerial OY AV1431, AV1910, AV1912, AV1914 and AV1914-8. Allgon 4113. Today I also welcome SA0AQN and SA0ARA to the "Operator gallery".

Icom's new super receiver, the IC-R9500 (TNX to IW1CAB). Icom's new HF/VHF super transceiver, X3 and Tokyo Hy-Power's new HF/VHF transceiver HT-200 (TNX to HA5RXZ). AOR's new super receiver: AR-Alpha. NASA HF4E and HF4E-S. Realistic HTX-100. Colt 220 and 510. Ham International Puma and Viking. Midland 13-886. President Benjamin and Richard. Doro WT89. Corrected some minor errors in the Hammarlund area. Today I also welcome PY4UE to the "Operator gallery".

Hilberling PT-8000B and PT-8000C (TNX to HA5RXZ). Midland 7001 and Zodiac P-2706FM (TNX to HB9LEU). FDK Multi-3000 (TNX to PD1BJS). Comcord 523 (TNX to Anders L.). Magnum's latest CB base: S-3200B. Alan EL-843, RC-30 and RC-1000. Marc NR-82F, Philips P-1002. ProPower PS1310. Some pix of Handic 2802. Better pix of SuperStar 2000.

Ham International Jumbo and Jumbo 2. Alan 21, 38, 54E, 87, 88S and 318. CRT Hercule B-2950F. Colt 1200DX. Formac 240. Galaxy DX-2517, DX-2527 and DX-2547. Midland/Alan 18, 48, 68S, 78, 80, 80A, 95 Plus, 98 and 711. Handic 405. Zodiac P-1603. Super Star G.Neptune. Updated the specs for Midland/Alan 555 and 560. User manual with schematics for Hy-Gain V AFS (2705AFS). User manual for Maldol HMC-4. Today we passed 3300 radios in the database!

A better pix of Yaesu FT-2000 (TNX to SM4MI). Sommerkamp TS-277DX (TNX to IW0HOF). Commander HA-23, Pony CB-46A and Svera 212 (TNX to Anders L.). Icom's new VHF/UHF HT with digital option: IC-E91. Ranger RCI-2950DX, RCI-2970DX, RCI-2980WX, RCI-2985DX and RCI-2995DX. Midland/Alan 48 Plus, 48 Plus Multi and 78 Plus Multi. President Franklin and Hy-Gain 2790. Today I also welcome LU3JKV to the "Operator gallery".

Icom's new D-Star capable receivers/scannners with diversity: IC-R2500 and IC-PCR2500. Hy-Gain CLR 2, Penetrator Super CLR and Silver Rod Power Plus. HMP DX-27 5/8 "Fulingen", GPA-27 1/2 and GPA-27 5/8. Avanti AV-101 Astro-plane.

Kraco/Saga 1980-81 and 1982 catalogs and manuals for Kraco 2555 & 2555FM (TNX to SM0WID for the loan). User manual for Yaesu FC-707 (TNX to OZ1IKY). Icom IC-30, IC-35, IC-60, IC-302, IC-320, IC-351, IC-370, IC-370A, IC-502A, IC-731, IC-750A, IC-R71. Kraco 2445FM, 2455FM and 2555FM. Added "Up close & personal" to the Silver screen trivia area. Today I also welcome SM0YUF to the "Operator gallery".

Service manual for Icom 3210A/E (TNX to Rob Frohne). Updated the specs for kenwood TM-201A (TNX to LA9GJ). Standard CPB-510D and CPB-710. Lannabo Log periodic 14-30. Icom IC-212, IC-2300, IC-250, IC-270, IC-371, IC-26, IC-28, IC-37 and IC-2600. Today I also added "Lethal weapon 2" to the Silver screen trivia area.

The new Yaesu FT-1802E (TNX to SM4MI). Lafayette HA-700 (TNX to Christer Ehnbom). Heathkit SB-1400 and the new Icom ID-91 (TNX to IW0HOF). A much better pix of Kenwood TS-830S (Tnx to HA5RXZ). Eco 91. Opened up the Silent key, Sweden area, in swedish language only. Today I also welcome SM0KCR to the "Operator gallery".

Tono BM-1000T (TNX to SM5UVE). Lafayette Telsat 2000 AM/FM (TNX to SM6YVA). Zodiac P-6002 CH (TNX to HB9LEU). Updated the specs for Motorola MX1000 ( TNX to SM0YBV). Zodiac M-3000 and Seacom 80, Svera DS-3300 and Alinco ALD-24E. Much better pix of Regency Touch M100, Touch M400 and Kenwood TS-140S

Alinco's new UHF HT's, DJ-S45E / DJ-S45T (ham) and DJ-S45CQL/CQS (PMR446/LPD dualbander). Updated the info for SM5XJX. Diamond D-150 and Comet DS-150S.