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WHAT'S NEW 2007?

Please note that there may be dead links here, mainly due to later restructuring of this site.

Wouxun KG-689Plus UHF. Uniden Pro-620, Galaxy Saturn, SR VLU Superscanner, Regency MX-3000, MX-4000, MX-4200, MX-5000 and MX-5500, Voyage VR-9000, SuperStar SS-39, SS-158EDX, Ranger SS-3900EGHP and RCI-63FFC2.

Icom's new D-Star HT: IC-92AD (TNX to OM1EI). Frontier Electric 500D and LA-2. Intek Multicom-485, Multicom-3230, Tornado 34S, Concorde 1000 (older) and 1000 (newer),

Alinco's new 220 MHz HT DJ-V27 and 6 m mobile DR-06T. West Mountain Radio Rigrunner 4005, Rigrunner 4008, Rigrunner 4010S, Rigrunner 4012, Rigrunner 8012. MFJ MFJ-1118. 13 cm RX, 23 cm RX, 13 cm TX and 23 cm TX. AEA PK-232 and PK-232MBX. Monacor PS-134. ST Communication KF-430. Svera DS-2200VLH. Dressler D-200, D-200C and D-200S.

Yaesu's latest HF/6m rig: FT-950 (TNX to DK3HV, IW1CAB, IW0HOF and VE3ES). Icom's latest HF/6m rig: IC-7200 (TNX to IW0HOF, IW1CAB, IW2CXJ and OH3FP).

AOR Alpha B, Alinco DJ-X30E (Europe), DJ-X30T (US), DR-135E MKIII and DR-435E MKIII. Misumi WCS-99X, Optoelectronics Video Sweeper. The Soviet military R-311. Updated Hallicrafters S-20R with interesting pictures.

Kenwood's first VHF/UHF D-Star rigs: TMW-706 and TMW-706S, Lo/Hi power versions (TNX to IW0HOF). Bando Radio Technic-12K (TNX to 6K2BCK). Maldol's new VHF and UHF HT's: TMH-21 and TMH-41. Kenwood TM-G707A. Maldol EX-110, EX-110B and SHG-2100. Better pix of DLS 400. Today we passed 3500 radios in the database!!!

Colonel 5000. Radiosystem AB RS-211, RS-214, RS-216, RS-217 and RS-218. Tempo Syncom S-1. NDI HC-1400. Pace Communicator I, Communicator II and Communicator MX. Cushcraft A144-11, A147-11, A147-22, A430-11, A430-20T, AR-6, ARX-2, ARX-220, ARX-450, ATB-34, ATV-3, ATV-4 and ATV-5. Wilson System One, System Two, System Three and WV-1, HAL DS-2000 KSR, DS-3000 KSR Version 2, DS-3000 KSR Version 3, DS-3100 ASR, ST-5000 and ST-6000. Palomar Engineers VLF converter. Telrex Monarch TB5EM/4KWP. Better pix of Ten-Tec Omni-D and Kenwood TS-120S. Moved all RF measuring gear to their own new area and added Bird 43, 4431 and DSI 3550. Added a dBm/Power/VRMS/VPP equivalent table. Today I also welcome SM7FBJ to the "Operator gallery".

Updated the specs for Panasonic RE-1800 (TNX to Hal & SM0IFP). Uniden Grant (TNX to Gary in Alabama). Stag 357 (TNX to MI3LVZ). Moved all DLS radios to their own new area and added the DLS 40 plus a bunch of DLS manuals. Bia PM-720 and Scanner 735. Maximal 926. Expanded the Coax data table with more frequency columns and a couple more cables.

Icom's latest HF/& m rig: IC-7700 (TNX to IW2CXJ). Yaesu's new VHF/UHF HT: VX-3R (TNX to OZ1CJX & IW0HOF). Kenwood's new VHF HT: TH-255A. Alinco DR-235T MKIII. Mascot 9320.

Elecraft's new HF/6m transceiver: K3/10 and K3/100, 10 and 100 W version (TNX to OZ1CJX and 5Z4ES). Dentron MLA-2500S (TNX to VE4XR). SPE Expert 1K-FA (TNX to LA2MV). A picture of Icom IC-1271E (TNX to F1DAI). Swan 260 Cygnet. Standard's new FTM-10 series.

Herton TR-1007PR (TNX to SM0XPJ). Icom ICB-1050 (TNX to SM4RNA). User manual for Azden PCS-5000 (TNX to Paul Gregory). A picture of Azden PCS-4300 (TNX to AA0QC). Etón E5. Magnum S-6 & MiniMag, Alan 9001 and Hy-Gain Hy-Range VII (3077). Opened up the Homebrew area, with only two contributions to start with (more is needed!!). Today I also welcome PY4MAB to the "Operator gallery".

A better pix of Yaesu FT-450 (TNX to SM4MI & 5Z4ES). Hallicrafters S-4, S-7, S-9, S-10, S-14, S-16, S-17, S-18, S-19, S-19R, S-21, S-22 and S-29.

Kenwood's latest VHF/UHF mobiles; TM-D710A, TM-V71A and TM-V71E (TNX to Big Dutch)

Radio Ocean RO-1355 Mk3. The SSA Key. Better pix of Zodiac M-5006LM. Opened up the new Radar detectors area and added Beltronics Target Euro 590R, STi Driver and RX-65 Pro, Cobra 9200, Commander 7000, Electrolert Fuzzbuster 2000, Escort Passport 8500 X50, Maxon RD-1, Rocky Mountain Radar RMR-C450, Uniden Bandit 95 and GPSRD, Valentine One, Whistler 948 Euro and SRT-35R.

Yaesu's new HF/6 m rig: the FT-450 (TNX to IW0HOF)

Kraco KCB-4004 (TNX to MI3LVZ). Saiko SC-8000 (TNX to IW0HOF). Updated the specs for SBE Cortez (TNX to SA7ACD). Yaesu's brand spanking new VHF/UHF mobile rig, the FTM-10R.

JRC's new HF receiver, NRD-630 (TNX to IW1CAB). Ten-Tec Omni VI (TNX to Peter Szymczyk). Whistler 900. Bencher BY-1, BY-2, BY-3, BY-4, Hex paddle, Mercury paddle, RJ-1, RJ-2, ST-1, ST-2, ST-3 and ST-4, Daiwa DK-210, Katsumi MK-1024, Hi-Mound BK-100, BK-200, MK-705 and MK-706, Monarch KY-102, Skillman Bug, Vibroplex Blue Racer and Blue Racer 2000 Standard. Schurr Profi II. Ten-Tec Omni VI Plus. Today I also welcome SA0ARB and SM5VEAto the "Operator gallery".

President Pulser 800 and Sharp CB-2460 (TNX to Martin M.). Icom's new mobile VHF/UHF transceivers: IC-2820H and IC-E2820 (TNX to IW1CAB). Bando Technic-1A, Technic-3DP, Technic-3SP, Technic-4D, Technic-4S, Technic-5D, Technic-5S, Technic-7, Technic-12V & Technic-22 (TNX to LZ3NY). Alinco's new handie scanner: DJ-X8. Icom's new VHF HT: IC-V85. Grundig Satellit 205, 208, 210, 300, 600, 1000, 1400 SL, 2000, 2100, 2400 SL, 3000, 3400 and 4000 Recorder. Lafa SX-5000. Yaesu G-250. User manuals for GAP Challenger DX and Titan DX. Alinco's new monoband HT's: DJ-S12, DJ-S42, DJ-S17E, DJ-S47E, DJ-V17E, DJ-V47E, DJ-V17T and DJ-V47T. Added "Blĺ mĺndag (Blue monday) to the Silver screen trivia" area. Today we passed 3400 radios in the database!!

RadioShack HTX-10, HTX-242 and Realistic HTX-404 (TNX to NS3M). A better pix of Hallicrafters HT-37 (TNX to VE7/SM5UVE). Cobra MR-F55 EU. Etón E1 and E1 XM. Grundig Satellit 400, Satellit 500, Satellit 650, Satellit 700 & the Satellit 900 prototype. Alinco DJ-X20 and DJ-296T. AOR AR-2515. Uniden Bearcat BCT-15. Sharp FV-610. Conrad Pocket Com 40. Marconi CR100/2. Excalibur Samurai. Zodiac M-8000. Panasonic DR-28, DR-29 and RF-2900. Sportys JD-100. Motorola GP-68 and MC900. Ten-Tec Argonaut II (535). OM Power OM-2500HF. Svera VLH/FM. Added "Dukes of Hazzard" and "Nightwaves" to the Silver screen trivia" area. Moved all CW gear, Marconi and Grundig radios to their own new area.