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WHAT'S NEW 2002?

Please note that there may be dead links here, mainly due to later restructuring of this site.

Swiss CB MKIII (TNX to HB9ZIH). NFT 2002 (TNX to PD0HGZ). Eddystone 850/2, 990R and 990S (TNX to VK3ZLW). A picture on Zodiac Winner (TNX to Eric P.). User manual for Kenwood TM-251A/E and TM-451A/E. Schematics for Icom IC-735. AOR AR-950 with manual.

Standard SR-C806G (TNX to PE1SCH). Yaesu FC-707 and YD-148 (TNX to ON7BV). A better pix on Yaesu FT-726R (TNX to SM0XOD). Rohde & Schwarz EU-89, PYE PTC-145, the military R-1132A and T-195/GRC-19 (TNX to Stefan O.). Yaesu FC-301, FV-301, YO-301 and Landliner 301 (TNX to AA3M).

Navico AMR-1000S with pix/some spec's. JRC NRD-71 with pix/some spec's (TNX to PY2AUC). Added Swan FM 1210A and Heathkit HW-18-1, both with pix/some spec's plus better pix on Hammarlund HQ-140X and Clegg 22'er FM (TNX to KW0D). A better pix on Icom IC-240 (TNX to Ivar R.). Palomar SSB-2900 with pix/spec's (TNX to SM0MDG). Clarion JC-10 with pix/spec's plus BBC Veriphon 900-40 Comet, 900/1-40 Comet, 900/1-80 Comet, Stabo PRS/CB, Uniden JTI NPR-900, JTI NPR-900 CH and JTI PC-1010, all with some spec's only (TNX to HB9ZIH). Gonset Communicator 6 meter and G-50, both with some spec's only. Daiwa MT-20 and Kenwood TM-2550E, both with pix/spec's (TNX to ON7BV).

Philips D-2935 with pix/some spec's. Minix 50 T/2 and MR-12S, both with pix/spec's (TNX to DF3IQ). Opened up a new area with beacons in Stockholm.

SM0WQT and SM0JZT in the "Operator gallery". Minix MR-73B with pix/spec's (TNX to DF3IQ).

User manual for Icom IC-202 (TNX to F4AWY). SM0XXU in the "Operator gallery". Yaesu YC-500J with pix/spec's. Kenpro KR-500 with pix/spec's and user manual.

Minix MTR-25S (TNX to DF3IQ). User manual for Icom IC-Delta 1 A/E. Opened up the Rotators area and added Yaesu G-400 and G-400RC, both with pix/spec's and user manual.

Casio TM100 with pix/some spec's. Minix MTR-25 and MR-101, both with pix/spec's (TNX to DF3IQ). Kenwood MC-90 with pix/some spec's (TNX to SM0XOD). Magnum DeltaForce with pix/spec's (TNX to SM0XVG). Zodiac Freetalk, Proline 100A, Proline 400A, P-2400C and PA-5500C, all with pix/spec's (TNX to Liza T.). Better pix on Heathkit HW-7, SB-301, Yaesu FL-101, FR-101S (TNX to Frits W.). A color pix on Rohde & Schwarz ESM-180 (TNX to Max G.).

Icom IC-20 with pix/some spec's. RM Italy V-ULA50 with pix/spec's. User manuals for Yaesu FT-90R and VX-7R. 5 Icom manuals (TNX to SM0XPJ). Better pix on Icom IC-Delta 1E.

The brand new Alinco DR-620E and DR-620T with pix/spec's. 8 Vårgårda, 10 Cue Dee, 4 Nagoya and 19 Hy-Gain antennas. User manual for Icom IC-735 and Tokyo Hy-Power HT-100 series.

The brand new Icom IC-R5 with pix/spec's (TNX to SM4CJK). Hy-Gain Explorer 14, Moonraker SQBM-1000 and 9 more Comet antennas. Kenwood MC-60 with pix only (TNX to SM0XOD).

Kraco 500 with pix/some spec's (TNX to Ludvig R.). Teltow 210, 215, 215B and 215C, all with pix/spec's (TNX to DF3IQ). Ofuna OF-648 with pix/spec's (TNX to SP5XEA). Updated the spec's for Hallicrafters SX-111 and S-120 (TNX to "RangerTaz1"). Added a better pix on Kenwood QR-666 (TNX to Frits W.). Updated the spec's for Kenwood TS-180S (TNX to SV1BSX). Updated the spec's for Azden PCS-3000 (TNX to VE3IYB).

Added Storno CQM 5332 with pix/some spec's plus added a pix for SRA CN504 and a better pix for SRA CN502 (TNX to SM7VGQ). Added the service manual for Icom IC-706MKIIG. Updated the spec's for Kenwood TR-7400A (TNX to Jeffrey A.). Added a better pix on Mizuho SB-2X and Yaesu FT-221R (TNX to G7TOK). Added SM3YBZ and N9VV to the "Operator gallery". Updated the spec's on Yaesu FT-480R (TNX to ZZ2LEW). Updated the spec's for Ameco TX-62 (TNX to K2WH). Added Icom SM-6, SM-8, SM-20 and Kenwood MC-50, all with pix only (TNX to SM0XOD). Added Mizuho KX-QRP, KX-1 and KX-2 antenna tuners, plus Tokyo Hy-Power HX-240 transverter, all with pix/spec's, and also a pix for NCG 10/160M (TNX to KU4QD). Added Hammarlund SP-110LX with pix/spec's (TNX to SM0AOM). Added Hallicrafters SX-101 with some spec's only plus Icom IC-255A with pix/spec's (TNX to EA7OC). Today we passed 2300 radios in the database!!!

Added 41 more Diamond antennas. Updated the spec's and added a pix for Yaesu FRDX-400 (TNX to EI7GM). Added PU4CEP to the "Operator gallery". Added Sommerkamp TS-147DX (TNX to SQ5EBM). Updated the spec's for Yaesu FT-757GX (TNX to SM6HCO). Added Swan FM-2XA with pix/spec's (TNX to Terje I.). Added the military Yaesu VX-1200 with pix/spec's (TNX to SM0WTN). Added Yaesu FL-2025, FL-6020 and FL-7025 amplifiers, all with spec's only (TNX to SM7VVG). Added pix and more spec's for E.F.Johnson Messenger I (TNX to SM4XSO). Added a better pix on Icom IC-71 (TNX to KU4QD). And finally, I added the service manual for Kenwood TR-2300.

Updated the Repeaters, Stockholm area. Added PY5RCB to the "Operator gallery". Added a pix and updated the specs for DLS 80 (TNX to SM6WZH). Added Drake UV-3 with pix/specs (TNX to SM0JZT). And finally, I added the Brazilian Delta 120 and 500, both with pix/specs, plus Delta DBR 500 and DBR 500 II with specs only (TNX to PY5RCB).

Added Maldol HVU-8 with pix/specs. Added the following Hallicrafters transceivers: SR-160, SR-400 "Cyclone", SR-400A "Cyclone III", SR-500 "Tornado", SR-540 and SR-2000 "Hurricane", all with pix/some specs. Added SM5UVE and SM6WZH to the "Operator gallery".

Added SM5UBH to the Operator gallery. Alse added Icom's brand new IC-703 with pix/preliminary spec's. Added a better pix on Icom IC-2720 (TNX to SM0XOD).

Opened up the new NCG area and added 7/21/50, 10/160M, 15M and 15SB with some pix/some spec's plus updated the spec's for National RJX-715 and RJX-751 (TNX to KU4QD). Updated the spec's for Icom IC-375D and added Kenwood TM-842 and Sommerkamp FT-277, both with pix/some spec's (TNX to KH7L/JJ0JIH)

Added Yaesu FT-203R and FT-709R, both with pix/some spec's plus a pix for FT-703R and a better pix/more spec's for FT-708R and FT-530 (TNX to SM5BQT).

Added GAP Challenger DX, Eagle DX, Titan DX, Voyager DX, Maco SY33 and SY36, all with pix/some spec's plus Yaesu FT-703R with some spec's only.

Added AOR AR-One and Yaesu FT-8900R, both with pix/spec's plus Dressler ARA-30 and ARA-40. Also added Commander 168 with pix/some spec's plus better pix for SR-312 (TNX to Danne S.).

Added AOR AR-8600 MKII with pix/spec's. Added user manuals for TR-2200GX, Realistic HTX-202 and Bearcat DX-1000. Added the user manual for Icom IC-T8A/E (TNX to SM0NEZ) and the user manuals for Bearcat/Uniden UBC-780XLT and UBC-9000XLT (TNX to Danne S.).

Today's items: Icom IC-E90 and IC-T90 with pix/spec's. Kenwood TR-2200GX and TR-2200GII with pix/spec's. Tokai 2015A with pix/some spec's (TNX to Eric P.). Added "Blast from the past" to the Silver screen trivia area and SM0OGX to the "Operator gallery". Tekade FSE 38/58 with pix/spec's (TNX to SM0WTN). SSB Electronics LT-23S with pix/spec's. User manual for Icom IC-W2A/E. Added KDK FM-4033 with pix/spec's, KDK FM-6033 with spec's only, plus pictures for Mizuho MX-10Z (TNX to KU4QD). Kenwood VFO-820 with pipx only, plus a better picture on Kenwood TS-820 (TNX to Frits W.). Updated the spec's for Icom IC-756 Pro II (TNX to DJ0TR). And finally, I opened up the new RF gadgets area and added the Cybiko Xtreme with pix/spec's.

Added SM0OOJ to the "Operator gallery".

Today's items: JRC JSB-20 and Comco 733, both with pix/some spec's. Barker & Williamson 6100 and Morrow MB-6, both with pix/some spec's (TNX to SM5BQT). I also added SM0TSC to the "Operator gallery".

Added the following items: AP 2000 MTD mobile phone with pix/some spec's. Ten-Tec PM-3 with front/back pix & some spec's. User manual for Kenwood TR-751A/E and TR-851A/E. I also added SM0XPJ to the Operator gallery.

Added Icom IC-2720H with pix/spec's (TNX to VE7NGR). Added the very strange Gauer Informant 44 with front/back pix and spec's. Added Yaesu FT-201 with pix/some spec's (TNX to G8FXM). Updated Swan 500C with better front/back pix (TNX to SM5BQT).

Updated the picture on Yaesu VX-7R (TNX to W4KSR). Added Kenwood TM-V708 with pix/some spec's (TNX to DG8JZ). Updated the spec's for Realistic Pro-46 (TNX to Michael W.) Updated the spec's for Yaesu FT-470 (TNX to SM6HCO). Added a pix for Kenwood TM-401A (TNX to "Administrator"). Added Ameco AC-1 with pix/some spec's (TNX to J Tyburczy). Added better pix for Heathkit HR-1680, HW-101, SB-102, SB-104A (TNX to Frits W.). Added Eddystone 670 and 680/2, no pix/spec's , Eico 722, Heathkit TX-1 "Apache", HR-10 and DX-100, all with pix only, plus added better pictures for Atlas 215X, Heathkit RX-1 "Mohawk" and DX-60 (TNX to SM5BQT). And finally, I added SM0WLL to the Operator gallery.

Added Radioprijemnik RP-1B, Magneti Marelli, Marconi Mercury and a BC-312-M, all with pix only (TNX to 9A4NA). Added the rare Central Electronics 100-R with pix/some spec's, plus the 200-V no pix/spec's yet. Also added an old crystal set, Hjärter ess plus RF Communications RF-301A both with pix/some spec's (TNX to SM0PNL). Added Regency MX-1600 and MX-7000, both with pix/some spec's. And finally, I added Atlas 400-X with pix/spec's (TNX to J.B).
Today we passed 2200 radios in the database!

Today I added the following items: The very cool Standard C-55D with pix/spec's (TNX to DL5OBW). Hallicrafters S-20, S-38E and S-41W plus better pix for S-38, S-38B, S-52, S-53A, SX-101A and SX-110 (TNX to SM5BQT).

Added SM0WTQ to the Operator gallery. Opened up the Mobile phone gear (analog) area and added 43 items.

Added Icom's new 2 m/70 cm mobile, the IC-2725E with pix/spec's. Opened a new area: Antennas, and added 27 items. Added a better pix for Hallicrafters S-36A (TNX to SM5BQT).

Todays work: 2G 70B (Götting & Griem) with pix/spec's (TNX to DF3IQ). Yaesu FT-1000MP Mark V Field with pix/some spec's (TNX to DG8JZ). Yaesu FTV-1000 with pix/some spec's. A pix for Yaesu Quadra VL-1000. Hallicrafters S-38D with pix/some spec's plus better pics for S-38B, S-38C, S-40A and SX-43 (TNX to SM5BQT). Rockwell/Collins 718U-5M with pix/spec's (TNX to AC5XP).

Added Midland 13-881, Hallicrafters S-1 and the military 1/2W Br m/42, all with pix/some spec's. Also added Ericsson C-605 with pix only.

Added Icom IC-M402, IC-A5, IC-A23, IC-M2A and PS-125 with pix/spec's.

Added Icom IC-V8000 with pix/spec's (TNX to DG8JZ).

Added Zodiac PA5099, PA5499, Supertalk 446 , Me2You and FR-100, all with pix/some spec's (TNX to Liza T.).

Added Yaesu's newest VHF/UHF HT, VX-7 with pix/spec's (TNX to Mark C.). Added VU2KOC to the Operator gallery. Corrected the spec's for JRC JST-245 (TNX to OK1HRO). Added the Eico logo (TNX to Tony O.). Added Daiwa PS-30XMII, BCC 40 F-50 MK2 and Kenwood VB-2200GX, all with pix/spec's.

Added the following: a better pix on DLS 160 (TNX to Andreas P.). Allied A-2517 with pix/some spec's (TNX to PA0JTA who is also added to the Operator gallery). A pix on Icom IC-S41E (TNX to Bert). The DL6SW 2m Funksprechgerät with pix/spec's, schematic and parts list (TNX to DF3IQ). Realistic HTX-202 with pix/spec's (TNX to SM0UAX).

Added NEC CQ-110 with pix/some spec's (TNX to DL6LIM). Added Hy-Gain 3750 with pix/some spec's (TNX to PA0JTA). Added SM0PXV to the Operator gallery. Also added the movie "Frequency" to the Silver screen trivia area.

Added Ten-Tec Orion with pix and some preliminary spec's (TNX to EI2IV). Added Zodiac P-5024, Roberts RCB-40, both with pix/some spec's (TNX to Eric P.).

Added Handic 2040, Zodiac Contact 24 and MB-5012, all with pix/spec's plus pix for Digi 24 and Lafayette HB-750, (TNX to Eric P.).

Added Alinco ALR-21X with pix/some spec's (TNX to ON7BV). PeWe SSB-1 with pix/spec's (TNX to Eric P.). Heathkit CR-1 with pix only plus added pix for DX-60 and HW-19 (TNX to SM5BQT). Added a pix and updated the spec's for Drake L-75 (TNX to W4DOA). Updated the spec's for Icom IC-281H and IC-481H (TNX to KC8SHP).

Added Zodiac Proline 100 B and Proline 400 B, both with pix/spec's (TNX to Liza T.). Added Zodiac Profi 6 with pix/spec's. Opened up the Star area and added SR-100, SR-200, SR-600, SR-700A, ST-200, ST-333 and ST-700, all with pix/some spec's.

Today the following items were added: Icom IC-4GE with pix/some spec's (TNX to Iain G.). Mizuho DC-701 and Belcom Kappa-15, both with pix/some spec's (TNX to KU4QD). Volna K and the Swedish military CT-450, both with pix/some spec's (TNX to SM3UKE). NHK BigEar Type 2 with pix/some spec's (TNX to KC0AVU). Murphy DS-602 with pix/some spec's (TNX to Ian B.). SGC SG-2020 ADSP with pix/spec's (TNX to SM5BQT). Heathkit SB-401 with pix/some spec's (TNX to Frits W.) Semcoset Semcoport with pix/spec's (TNX to DF3IQ). Sommerkamp FC-102 with pix/some spec's (TNX to CT2GQV). Kraco 4001 with pix only (TNX to Eric P.). Updated the pictures on Kraco 2530 and 2555 (TNX to SM2VHD). Updated the spec's for Kenwood TS-660 (TNX to W0AKR).

Today I added the following items: Ten-Tec CAP 100 with some spec's only (TNX to K0DEZ). Kenwood TH-25AT with pix/spec's (TNX to Iain G.). Kenwood AT-250 and PS-430, both with pix/spec's (TNX to SM0XOD). Gonset GSB-6 with some spec's only. Yaesu FRDX-400 with some spec's only, plus FRDX-500 and FLDX-400 with pix/some spec's. Mizuho MX-7S, MX-18S, MX-24S, MX-15, FX-7, FX-21, P-7DX and P-21DX, all with pix/spec's, plus MX-10Z with spec's only (TNX to KU4QD). Renamed the Linear amplifiers area to Power amplifiers, just to allow cheaper class C amplifiers too. Corrected the spec's for Icom IC-730 (TNX to DL5UP).

Added Trio JR-599 Custom Special and TX-599 Custom Special, both with pix/spec's. Added Heathkit SB-303 with pix/some spec's (TNX to Frits W.). Added Hallicrafters S-39 with pix/some spec's (TNX to SM5BQT). Added SRT SR-25 with pix/some spec's, plus Collins/Rockwell 451S-1 and 851S-1 with pix only (TNX to SM0PXV). Corrected the spec's for Icom IC-730 (TNX to DL5UP).

Added Yaesu FT-2F with a poor pix and some spec's. Added PE7JVB and SM0XVH to the Operator gallery.

Added another Semcoset, the Semco-Terzo Digital with pix/spec's (TNX to DF3IQ). Added Kenwood R-599D and T-599D, both with pix/some spec's (TNX to SM5BQT). Added Mizuho MK-610, DC-7X, FX-6, SB-2X, MX-606D, MX-2F and MX-6S, all with pix/spec's (TNX to KU4QD). Today we passed 2100 radios in the database!!!

Updated the spec's for Yaesu FT-620B (TNX to Chuck). Added a much better pix of SM5DL. Opened up the new Semcoset area and added "Semco" and Semco-Terzo, both with pix/spec's (TNX to DF3IQ). Finally, I added the user manuals for Icom IC-275A/E/H and IC-475A/E/H.

Added SM6VTZ and DF3IQ to the "Operator gallery". Added Sommerkamp IC-2F with pix/spec's (TNX to DF3IQ).

Moved all Mizuho radios to their own new area. Added Mizuho MX-2, MX-6 and MX-6Z, all with pix/spec's plus more pix for some of the already listed Mizuhos (TNX to KU4QD).

Updated the spec's for Drake TR-22 (TNX to KA7CGG). Corrected an error in the AOR AR-1500 spec's (TNX to Geoff O.). Added Commander 317 with pix/spec's (TNX to OZ1DEK). Added Emperor Shogun, Midland 100M and NPR 934, all with pix/some spec's (TNX to Ian B.). Added Tokyo Hy-Power HT-106 and Amp Supply TR-110, both with pix/some spec's, Amp Supply TR-180 with some spec's only and the whole Kantronics KT-series with some spec's and most of them with pix (TNX to KU4QD).

Added Cubic Astro 103 with pix/spec's (TNX to Hartmut H.). Added Sommmerkamp FT-220 with pix/spec's (TNX to PA3DNQ). Added Realistic TRC-57 with pix/some spec's (TNX to Ivar R.). Updated the spec's for Kenwood TR-2400 (TNX to KB3HFP). Opened up the Lafayette area and added HE-10, HA-55A, HA-63, HA-63A and HA-230, all with pix/some spec's. Added SBE SB-33 and SB-34, both with pix/some spec's. Added Benmar Navigator 555A with pix/some spec's. Added Heathkit GR-64 with pix/some spec's. Also added Hallicrafters SX-96 with pix/some spec's. Added a pix for Viking Valiant, Zodiac Taurus and Svera 105 (TNX to SM3VAC). Finally, I added Icom IC-V68 with pix/spec's (TNX to Andosan H.M.).

Added PYE MX-290 with pix/some spec's. Added a better color pix on Swan 500C (TNX to KA4LPH). Added a pix on Trio TR-2E (TNX to DF3IQ). Added Midland 13-853 with pix/some spec's (TNX to KS4HY). Updated the spec's for Albrecht AE-65H (TNX to Henk). Finally, I added DNT Calypso with pix/some spec's (TNX to Robin R.).

Added Hy-Gain IV with pix/some spec's (TNX to Eric P.). Corrected some errors with the Yaesu PMR446 radios (TNX to Daniel P.). Updated the spec's for Icom IC-505 (TNX to SM0XOD). Added a better color pix and updated the spec's for Kenwood TS-870S (TNX to SM6HCO). Added Kenwood TS-570S with pix/spec's (TNX to IZ0EEG). Added Alinco DJ-500E with pix/some spec's (TNX to Iain G.). Updated some spec's for Collins 75A-4 (TNX to F8IC). Added a color pix for Clegg 99'er and added Ameco TX-62 with pix/some spec's. (TNX to KA8FJA/AE).

Added Icom 746 Pro with pix/spec's. Added a better color pix for Yaesu FT-840 (TNX to Bud B.). Added Sony Air-7, ICF-Pro 70 and ICF-Pro 80, all with pix/spec's (TNX to VK2DKY). Also added Sony ICF-SC1 with pix/some spec's. I also added SoundAir PM-001 with pix/some spec's. And finally, I added Bosch KF166-12, PYE Europa, Motorola Maxar and MC80, all with pix/some spec's (TNX to ON7BV).

Todays radios: Zodiac BC-523FM, Tokai PW-5024h-n and CB-Master N5010, all with pix/some spec's (TNX to OZ1DEK). SR 312 with pix/some spec's.

Corrected some minor errors in various areas. Added the following items: Yaesu FT-201S with pix/spec's. A better pix for Atlas 210X. Morrow MBR-5 and MB-560, both with pix/spec's (TNX to KD4E). Zodiac Winner with some spec's only (TNX to Jan B.). Sommerkamp TS-280DX with pix/some spec's (TNX to G0LGJ). User manuals for Yaesu VX-1R, Kenwood TH-28 A/E and TH-48 A/E (TNX to Sony). Big Ear 500 with pix only (TNX to PA3HHP). One more pix for Standard C-800 (TNX to Klaus S.). I also Updated the spec's for Kenwood TL-933 (TNX to Morten M.).

Added CT2GQV to the Operator gallery.

Renamed "Packet, SSTV and other data" to "Text and imaging gear". Added Kantronics KAM 98, KPC-3 Plus and KPC-9612 Plus, all with pix/spec's and user manuals.

Added RA6BX to the Operator gallery. Added Collins HF-2050, Eddystone 880/2, Harris RF-590A, Racal RA-1792 and RA-1218, SRT CR-90, CR-91, CR-302A, CR-304A, CR-304R and CR-305, all with pix/spec's (TNX to SM0AOM).

Added SM0UMS, ON1MHO, EA8BRR and VU2OB to the "Operator gallery". Added rear view pix for Hy-Gain V-AFS, Eagle II, Sommerkamp TS-789DX and Icom IC-R100. Also added the user manual and specialized communications manual for Kenwood TM-D700A/E.

Added manuals for DJ-X3 and Icom IC-215E. Added rear view pix for Sound Air MM-101 and SBE Sentinel I.

Added Collins 95S-1A and HF-8054A, both with pix/spec's (TNX to SM0AOM). Added Icom IC-M710 with pix/spec's. Added a better color pix for Icom IC-251E. Added rear view pix for Yaesu FT-101ZD and FRG-7, SR 4-bander and SBE Opti-Scan.

Added DenTron 160-10L with pix/some spec's plus pix for Dentron DTR-2000L and MLA-2500. Added better color pix for Yaesu FT-901DM and Atlas 350XL.

Added DenTron Clipperton-L, GLA-1000 and GLA-1000B, all with pix/some spec's, plus DTR-2000L and MLA-2500 with some spec's only.