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LPD Japan (Mini set)
2.4 GHz SRD
43 MHz Italy
49 MHz USA

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FreeNet is used in Germany. Max 500 mW and built-in, non-removable antenna.
FRS is for use in the US and Canada.
LPD is for european use, sadly in the middle of our 70 cm ham band!
LPD Japan the Japanese call it "Mini set"
MURS is for use in the US
PMR446 is for european use.
PRS/UHF CB is for Malaysia (14 ch), Australia & New Zealand (40 ch).
SRBR/KDR is for use in Sweden.
SRD860 for Europe (Not all countries though). Maximum 5 mW ERP and built-in, non-removable antenna
2.4 GHz SRD for use almost worldwide.
WLAN. Various "radios" utilizing Wireless LAN connections as transport.
43 MHz Italy. Max 4 W.
49 MHz USA is an american part 15 band.
Unspecified. Various gear for use in unknown areas.

Common for these services is that they are all license free for general use by the public.
Modulation is mostly narrow FM (NFM) 5 KHz deviation for all bands except PMR446, where 2.5 KHz is used.
There is also Digital Voice on PMR446 and 2.4 GHz SRD.
Check out the frequencies in question.


PixModelMax P/OQuicknote

Bidatong BD-FreeNet500 mW

Maas PT-4200500 mW

Team 2208500 mW


PixModelMax P/OQuicknote
Alinco DJ-S46340 mW

Audiovox FR-100-2500 mW

Audiovox FR-130500 mW

Audiovox FR-140500 mW

Audiovox FR-214500 mW

Audiovox FR-314500 mW

Audiovox FR-1-GPS500 mW

Bell 99140500 mW

Bell 99141500 mW
Cherokee FR-460500 mW

Cherokee FR-465500 mW

Cherokee FR-465+500 mW

Cherokee FR-465+W500 mW

Cherokee FR-465+VW500 mW

Cherokee FR-467500 mW

Cobra FRS-100C500 mW

Cobra FRS-200500 mW

Cobra FRS-250500 mW

Cobra FRS-300500 mW

Cobra FRS-300W500 mW

Coleman CR-400500 mW

Coleman CR-401500 mW

Coleman CR-402500 mW
Columbia FRS-22WH500 mW

Columbia Walk 'n talk30 mW
Conair Expedition FRS-250SLV500 mW
Drake Minitalk 99500 mW

Drake FRS-110500 mW

ENC 5040DX500 mW

Fanon Courier Commander? mW

Fanon Courier KF-310? mW
Freetalker WFT-007300 mW

General Electric Sedonia500 mW

GPX FRS-100500 mW

GPX FRS-200500 mW
Icom IC-4008A500 mW

Jenson JCS-600S300 mW

Kenwood Freetalk AL? mW

Kenwood Freetalk LH500 mW
Kenwood UBZ-LH14500 mW

Maxon FRS-100500 mW

Maxon FRS-114500 mW
Maxon FRS-214500 mW

Maxon Topaz? mW

Magnum 5040DX500 mW
Memorex MK 1980500 mW

Midland 75-501500 mW

Midland 75-503500 mW

Midland 75-505500 mW

Midland 75-507500 mW

Midland 75-510XLB500 mW

Midland 75-515500 mW
Motorola Talkabout Basic500 mW

Motorola Talkabout+500 mW

Motorola Talkabout 101500 mW

Motorola Talkabout 200500 mW

Motorola Talkabout 250500 mW

Motorola Talkabout 270500 mW

Motorola Talkabout 280500 mW

Motorola Talkabout 289500 mW

Motorola FR-50500 mW

Motorola FR-60500 mW

Motorola T-5720500 mW

Motorola T-6000500 mW

Oregon Scientific? mW

Panasonic KX-TR320BSF500 mW

Panasonic KX-TR325S500 mW

RadioSchack 21-1803100 mW

RadioSchack 21-1804100 mW

RadioSchack 21-1811500 mW

RadioSchack 21-1813500 mW

RadioSchack 21-1820100 mW

RadioSchack 21-1821200 mW

RadioSchack 21-1825300 mW

RadioSchack 21-1840? mW

RadioSchack 21-1845? mW

RadioSchack 21-1850? mW

Ranger 1008500 mW

Ranger 1010500 mW

Ranger 1020500 mW

Ranger 1040500 mW

Samsung Vortec VF2000500 mW

Sharper Image FR-463500 mW
Sony ICB-U655500 mW

Standard Amateur500 mW

Standard SportTalk500 mW

Tekk ProSport500 mW

Tekk ProSport+500 mW

Uniden FRS-1400500 mW

Unwired IFR-809500 mW

Unwired UFR-305500 mW

Unwired UFR-505500 mW

Unwired UFR-808500 mW

Unwired UFR-850? mW

Whistler MC-100? mW

Whistler MC-300500 mW

Vertex VXF-10500 mW

Vtech Vtalk? mW


PixModelMax P/OQuicknote
Alinco DJ-S41C10 mW
Alinco DJ-S45CQL/CQS10 mW/500 mWLPD/PMR446 dual band

Albrecht Froggy10 mW1 channel out of 32 selectable

Albrecht Sporty10 mW

Commtel Com 43310 mW4 channels only

Conrad Pocket Com Easy10 mW

Conrad Pocket Com Pro10 mW

DNT SportTek10 mW
Icom IC-4008E10 mW
Lafayette DC-40510 mW

Maycom MH-43010 mW
Midland/Alan 40110 mW
Midland/Alan 43410 mW
Midland/Alan 50310 mW
Midland/Alan 50710 mW
Midland/Alan 51610 mW
President Liberty10 mW
President Micro 430S10 mW
President Micro 43110 mW
President Mini 430S10 mW
President XP-30010 mW
Sporty Family10 mW

Stabo Eurocom E-1010 mW
Stabo XP-30010 mW

Stabo XP-40010 mW

Stabo XP-50010 mW
Team Tecom 43510 mW

LPD Japan "Mini set"

PixModelMax P/OQuicknote
Kenwood UBZ-LH2010 mW


PixModelMax P/OQuicknote


PixModelMax P/OQuicknote
Alan 4210.5 W

Alan 4410.5 W
Alan 4430.5 W

Alan 4460.5 W
Alan 4560.5 W
Albrecht TecTalk0.5 W
Alinco DJ-4460.5 W
Alinco DJ-FX4460.5 W
Alinco DJ-SR10.5 W
Alinco DJ-S45CQL/CQS500 mW/10 mWPMR446/LPD dual band
Binatone MR-2000.5 W

Cobra MT-250.5 W
Cobra MT-1100.5 W
Cobra MT-2200.5 W
Cobra MT-3050.5 W
Cobra MT-7250.5 W
Cobra MT-9000.5 W
Cobra PMR-1000.5 WOnly 2 channels
Cobra PMR-2500.5 W
Cobra PMR-3000.5 W

Commtel Com-Pro 4460.5 W

DNT TC-10.5 W
Doro WT810.5 W
Doro WT890.5 WWristwatch style
Exibel FX-2500.5 WAlso 88-108 MHz RX
FreeQuency PMR200W0.3 WWristwatch style
Goodmans GPMR-1140.5 W
Goodmans GPMR-1160.5 W
Hyundai F50TW0.5 W
Icom IC-446S0.5 W
Icom IC-4088SR0.5 W
Icom IC-F22SR0.5 W
Icom IC-F29SR20.5 W16 channels
Intek DRS-50700.5 WBase station
ITT Freetalker0.5 WWristwatch style
ITT Planet0.5 W
ITT Willy0.5 W
ITT XR-007 Xploror Twin0.5 WWristwatch style
Kenwood TK-31010.5 W
Kenwood TK-32010.5 W
Kenwood UBZ-LJ80.5 W
Lafayette DC-4480.5 W
Maxon RS-4460.5 W
Maycom MH-4460.5 W
Midland GB10.5 WThe first mobile PMR446!
Midland G70.5 W/10 mWPMR/LPD dual bander
Midland G8E BT0.5 WBluetooth
Midland M48-S0.5 W
Motorola T-55220.5 W
Motorola TA-2000.5 W
Motorola TA-2880.5 W
Motorola XTN4460.5 W
Multicom Pro0.5 W
Ondico VC-9010.5 W
Ondico VC-9140.5 W
President Freecom 3000.5 W
President Freecom 5000.5 W
Sommerkamp HLD-3040.5 W

Stabo Freecom 500 FM0.5 WAlso 88-108 MHz RX

Stabo Outdoor0.5 WAlso 88-108 MHz RX
Team MiCo-4460.5 W
Telcom TE-100.5 W
Telcom TE-1500.5 W
Telcom TE-1570.5 W
Telcom TE-2000.5 WAlso 88-108 MHz RX
Topcom Protalker PT-10780.5 W
Topcom RC-64150.5 W
Topcom TCP-12000.5 W
Topcom TCP-40000.5 W
Topcom TwinTalker 10000.5 W
Topcom TwinTalker 11000.5 W
Topcom TwinTalker 13020.5 W
Topcom TwinTalker 14000.5 W
Topcom TwinTalker 30000.5 W
Topcom TwinTalker 33000.5 W
Topcom TwinTalker 50000.5 W
Topcom TwinTalker 60000.5 W
Topcom TwinTalker 91000.5 W
Topcom TwinTalker 9500 Airsoft edition0.5 W
Vertex VXF-200.5 W
Xtreme XT-10000.5 WBase station
Yaesu VX-100.5 W
Yaesu VX-2460.5 W
Zodiac Freetalk Mini0.5 W
Zodiac Me2You0.5 W
Zodiac SuperTalk 4460.5 W
Zodiac Talk2Me0.5 W
Zodiac Trio0.5 W3 channels


PixModelMax P/OQuicknote
GME TX-6101 W
GME TX-6302 W
GME TX-32005 W
GME TX-34005 W
GME TX-4000R5 W
GME TX-42005 W
GME TX-44005 WAlso 465-485 MHz RX
GME TX-60005 W
GME TX-62005 WAlso 403-520 MHz RX


PixModelMax P/OQuicknote
Icom IC-F4SR1 W
Kenwood TK-3611 W
Zodiac Freetalk1 W


PixModelMax P/OQuicknote
Alinco DJ-S8005 mW
Midland Alan 8605/25 mW

2.4 GHz SRD

PixModelMax P/OQuicknote

Icom IC-F4029 SDR? mWDigital/FHSS

Motorola DTR-2430100 mWDigital/FHSS
Motorola DTR-2450100 mWDigital/FHSS


PixModelMax P/OQuicknote
Icom IP-100H100 mW

43 MHz Italy

PixModelMax P/OQuicknote
Alan HM-434 W
Dragon MX-4304 W
Intek K-434 W
Intek SY-3434 W
Intek SY-5430M4 W

49 MHz USA

PixModelMax P/OQuicknote
Archer Micro Space Patrol (60-4002)~10 mW
Archer Space Patrol (60-4001)~10 mW
Archer Space Patrol (60-4003)~10 mWRX: AM-BC
Archer Space Patrol (60-4010)~100 mWRX: AM-BC and CB
Maxon 49-B5~10 mW
Maxon 49-EA~10 mW
Maxon 49-FX~10 mW
Maxon 49-HD~10 mW
Maxon 49-H5~10 mW
Maxon 49-HX~10 mW
Maxon 49-SX~10 mW
Maxon PC-50~10 mW
Radio Shack TRC-512 (21-412)~10 mW
Realistic TRC-502 (21-403)~10 mW
Realistic TRC-503 (21-402)~10 mW
Shira WT106-449~10 mW


PixModelMax P/OQuicknote
Alan RC-100010 mW
Dragon SY-543025 WUkraine market