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AMPS 800

The reason why I added this area is partly for the historic value, but
mainly because some of the listed items may be converted for ham use.
This is also a low priority area. Items will be added at a slow pace.

AMPS 800, 1983-201x (USA and other countries)
824.000-849.000, +45 MHz duplex
Fully automatic system
PixModelTypeMax P/OQuicknote

Ericsson AH72Pocket? W

Ericsson AH97Pocket? W

Ericsson AH210Pocket? W

Ericsson AH220Pocket? W

Ericsson AH230Pocket? W

Ericsson AH237Pocket? W

Ericsson AH238Pocket? W

Ericsson AH300Pocket? W

Ericsson AH310Pocket? W

Ericsson AH320Pocket? W

Ericsson AH600Pocket? W

Ericsson AH618Pocket? W

Ericsson AH620Pocket? W

Ericsson AH628Pocket? W

Ericsson AH630Pocket? W

Ericsson AH738Pocket? W

Ericsson AH778Pocket? W
Motorola DynaTAC 8000XPortable? W

Motorola Mango Pro (S4983B)Pocket? W

ARP, 1971-2000. (Finland)
147.900-149.975, +5 MHz duplex
PixModelTypeMax P/OQuicknote

Salora SRP25Mobile12 W

ATF2/ATF3, 19xx-199x. (The Netherlands)
463.000-467.500, -10 MHz duplex.
Fully automatic system
PixModelTypeMax P/OQuicknote

Ericsson Carvox 4000Portable? W
Radiosystem RS9044System base50 W

Comvik, 1981-199x. (Sweden)
461.050-462.350 MHz, -10 MHz duplex
Fully automatic system
PixModelTypeMax P/OQuicknote
Comvik Companion (MT9300)Mobile15 W
Comvik ConquerorPocket? W
Comvik Cosmopolite (MT9300, portable version)Portable15 W
Handic CMTMobile? W
Radiosystem RS9045System base50 W

MTA (MTL), 1956-196x. (Sweden)
160 MHz
Automatic dialup
PixModelTypeMax P/OQuicknote

--? W

MTB, 1965-19xx. (Sweden)
76.00-77.50 MHz, +5 MHz duplex
Automatic dialup
PixModelTypeMax P/OQuicknote

--? W

MTD, 1971-1987. (Sweden)
463.000-467.500, -10 MHz duplex.
Manual service via operator
PixModelTypeMax P/OQuicknote
AP 2000Mobile? W
Mitsubishi FM35Mobile? W

SRA CN-505/MTDMobile? W

SRA 600DMobile? W

Storno CQM662Mobile? W

NMT450 (MTC), 1981-2007. (Sweden)
463.000-467.500, -10 MHz duplex.
Scandinavia's first fully automatic system with roaming
PixModelTypeMax P/OQuicknote
Ericsson Hotline 450 CombiPortable15 W

Ericsson PT280Mobile? W
Ericsson PT460Mobile? W

Ericsson PT480Mobile? W
Ericsson PT680Portable? W

Mitsubishi 450Portable? W
Mitsubishi 450 FT028System base50 W
Mitsubishi 450-G3 FT041System base50 W
Motorola MCR 4500Portable? W
Motorola MCR 4500 XLPortable? W
NEC 450-11APortable? W

Panasonic NMT450Portable15 W
Philips/AP 4111Portable15 W
Radiosystem RS9044System base50 W
Siemens MT 407Portable15 W
Spectronic TS-400Pocket? W

Storno 450 NMTMobile? W

Stornomatic 900EMobile? W

Stornomatic 6000 NMTMobile? W

NMT900, 1986-2000. (Sweden)
935.000-944.000, -45 MHz duplex.
Fully automatic system
PixModelTypeMax P/OQuicknote

Alcatel Comfort 900Mobile? W

Cetelco CTC900 MTRPortable? W
Ericsson Hotline 900 CombiPortable6 W
Ericsson Hotline 900 PocketPocket1 W

Mitsubishi PartnerPortable? W
Mitsubishi PocketPocket1 W
Mitsubishi 900 ExecutivePocket1 W
Mitsubishi 900 FM40Portable1 W
Mobira CitymanPocket1 W

Motorola MCR 9000Portable? W
NEC 900Portable6 W
NEC Micro 900Pocket? W
Panasonic NMT900Pocket6 W
Panasonic Pocket PacPocket1 W
Philips/AP 4112Portable6 W
Philips/AP 6112Pocket1 W

Radiosystem RS901System base? W
Siemens NT 901Portable6 W
Siemens NT 910Pocket1 W
Siemens PocketPocket1 W

Storno Personal 650Portable? W
Storno 940 NMTPortable6 W
Storno 6000 NMTMobile? W
Technophone PC107/1Pocket1 W
Technophone PC107/3Pocket1 W