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Recommended CTCSS/PL

Last modified 2022-12-12
Here in Sweden, setting up a repeater is OK for any licensed ham without special permit (including on 6 m, a general ham band
in Sweden since 2009-01-29) as this activity is completely deregulated by the authorities. It is however advisable to coordinate
frequencies with SSA (Sveriges Sändare Amatörer), our national association. Sadly, this is not a requirement.

For access, a common method was to transmit a 1750 Hz tone burst to "fire up" the repeater. The duration of this tone depended
on repeater design, but usually 0.2-2 seconds did the trick. Once the repeater had opened, no more tone was needed until it had
closed. According to IARU recommendations, all repeaters should be using CTCSS/PL tone by the end of 2014. There are still a
couple of repeaters with nothing but a carrier required for startup, but this is simply poor and lazy design.

I will NOT list repeaters utilizing simplex frequencies as main input/output.

This list also contains neighbouring repeaters that are possible to reach from Stockholm under good operating conditions.

Click the links for more info. For a nice repeater and beacon map over the Scandinavian countries, -->click here!<--

Recommended CTCSS/PL-tones for repeaters in all swedish districts can be found at the bottom of this page.


10 meter

DesignationCallOutputInputMax BWQTHAccessEchoLinkIRLPNotes
RH1-29.62029.52010 KHz----
RH2-29.63029.53010 KHz----
RH3-29.64029.54010 KHz----
RH4-29.65029.55010 KHz----
RH5-29.66029.56010 KHz----
RH6-29.67029.57010 KHz-----
RH7-29.68029.58010 KHz----
RH8-29.69029.59010 KHz----

6 meter

DesignationCallOutputInputMax BWQTHAccessEchoLinkIRLPNotes
RF81SK0MM/R51.81051.21016 KHzStockholm/IngaröCarrier--Planned?
RF83-51.83051.230- KHz-----
RF85SK5LW/R51.85051.25016 KHzEskilstuna/ÄrlaCTCSS/PL 82.5 Hz--QRV?
RF87-51.87051.270- KHz-----
RF89-51.89051.290- KHz-----
RF91-51.91051.310- KHz-----
RF93-51.93051.330- KHz----
RF95-51.95051.350- KHz----
RF97-51.97051.370- KHz----
RF99-51.99051.390- KHz?---

2 meter

Old / new
CallOutputInputMax BWQTHAccessEchoLinkIRLPNotes
--- / RV46SK5LW/R145.575144.97510 KHzEskilstunaCTCSS/PL 82.5 Hz--Ärla water tower. QRT?
R0 / RV48SL0ZS/R145.600145.00010 KHzStockholm/VästbergaCTCSS/PL 123.0 Hz--Linked with RU12 / RU392
R0x / RV49SK5LW/R145.6125145.012510 KHzEskilstunaCTCSS/PL 82.5 Hz or DTMF 0--Hällby water tower
R1x / RV51SK5UM/R145.6375145.037510 KHzFlenCTCSS/PL 82.5 Hz--NFM and DMR
R2 / RV52SK0RDZ145.650145.05016 KHzBrottby1750 Hz or CTCSS/PL 77.0 Hz--
R2x / RV53SM0MMO/R145.6625145.062510 KHzTullingeCTCSS/PL 77.0 Hz--
R3 / RV54SK0PQ/R145.675145.07516 KHzStockholm NWCTCSS/PL 77.0 Hz--
R3x / RV55SK0QO/R145.6875145.087516 KHzHaningeCTCSS/PL 77.0 Hz--Linked with RU6 / RU380
R3x / RV55SK0EN/R145.6875145.087516 KHzÄlmsta/Väddö1750 Hz--Linked with RU12 / RU392
R4 / RV56SK0MG/R145.700145.10010 KHzSödertäljeCTCSS/PL 77.0 Hz--Fusion link to "Sweden Link"
R4x / RV57SK0BJ/R145.7125145.112510 KHzNynäshamnCTCSS/PL 77.0 Hz--
R5 / RV58SK0NN/R145.725145.12516 KHzStockholmCTCSS/PL 77.0 Hz--
R5x / RV59SK0EN145.7375145.137510 KHzÄlmstaCTCSS/PL 77.0 Hz--NFM & DMR
R5x / RV59SM0DJW/R145.7375145.137510 KHzToröCTCSS/PL 123.0 Hz--
R6 / RV60SK5DB/R145.750145.15010 KHzUppsala/Vedyxa1750 Hz or CTCSS/PL 82.5 Hz--
R6x / RV61SM0OFV/R145.7625145.162510 KHzSolnaCTCSS/PL 123.0 Hz688385-Relaunched 2007-06-18. New callsign 2008-04-25
R7 / RV62SK0MM/R145.775145.175? KHzStockholm/IngaröCTCSS/PL 77.0 Hz394667-
R7 / RV62SK5RHQ145.775145.17516 KHzVästerås1750 Hz or CTCSS/PL 82.5 Hz--
R7x / RV63SK0CT/R145.7875145.187516 KHzStockholm NE1750 Hz or CTCSS/PL 77.0 Hz--

70 centimeter

Old / new
CallOutputInputMax BWQTHAccessEchoLinkIRLPNotes
RU0 / RU368SK0BJ/R434.600432.60010 KHzHuddingeCTCSS/PL 123.0 Hz--
RU1 / RU370SK0CT/R434.625432.62516 KHzKista Science TowerCTCSS/PL 77.0 Hz390539-
RU2 / RU372SK0BJ/R434.650432.65016 KHzNynäshamnCTCSS/PL 123.0 Hz--
RU3 / RU374SK0RYG434.675432.67510 KHzUpplands VäsbyCTCSS/PL 77.0 Hz--
RU3x / RU375SK0MG/R434.6875432.687510 KHzGålöCTCSS/PL 77.0 Hz--NFM & DMR
RU4 / RU376SK0MT/R434.700432.70010 KHzTäbyCTCSS/PL 77.0 Hz--
RU5 / RU378SM0YIX/R434.725432.72516 KHzStockholm southCTCSS/PL 77.0 Hz--
RU5x / RU379SK0RMT434.7375432.737516 KHzTäbyCTCSS/PL 77.0 Hz--NFM & DV (Yaesu System Fusion, DMR och D-Star)
RU6 / RU380SK0QO/R434.750432.75016 KHzHaningeCTCSS/PL 77.0 Hz--Linked with R3x / RV55
RU6 / RU380SK5DB/R434.750432.75016 KHzUppsala1750 Hz or CTCSS/PL 82.5 Hz--
RU6x / RU381SK0RYG434.7625432.762510 KHzUpplands VäsbyCTCSS/PL 123.0 Hz--NFM & DMR
RU7 / RU382SK0NN/R434.775432.77510 KHzHaningeCTCSS/PL 77.0 Hz--Linked with RU11/RU390
RU7 / RU382SK5RHQ434.775432.77516 KHzVästeråsCTCSS/PL 82.5 Hz--
RU7x / RU383SK0DL434.7875432.787510 KHzMörköCTCSS/PL 77.0 Hz--NFM & DV (Yaesu System Fusion)
RU8 / RU384SA0AZT/R434.800432.80016 KHzVallentuna/Kvarnberget1750 Hz or CTCSS/PL 77.0 Hz377608-
RU8x / RU385SA0AZT/R434.8125432.812510 KHzNorrtäljeCTCSS/PL 77.0 Hz--NFM & DMR
RU9 / RU386SM0DWC/R434.825432.82516 KHzSödertälje1750 Hz or CTCSS/PL 77.0 Hz--
RU10 / RU388SK0ZA/R434.850432.85016 KHzStockholm NWCTCSS/PL 123.0 Hz--New callsign 2014-10-12
RU10 / RU388SK5LW/R434.850432.85016 KHzEskilstunaCTCSS/PL 82.5 Hz

Hällby water tower
RU10x / RU389SK0YZ/R434.8625432.862516 KHzVallentunaCTCSS/PL 77.0 Hz--
RU11x / RU391SK0RPF434.8875432.887510 KHzSigtunaCTCSS/PL 123.0 Hz--NFM & DMR
RU11x / RU391SA5BTT/R434.8875432.887510 KHzTrosaCTCSS/PL 82.5 Hz--
RU12 / RU392SL0ZS/R434.900432.90016 KHzVästbergaCTCSS/PL 123.0 Hz--Linked with R0 / RV48
RU12 / RU392SK0EN/R434.900432.90016 KHzÄlmsta/Väddö1750 Hz--Linked with R3x / RV55
RU15 / RU398SK0MM/R434.975432.97516 KHzVärmdöCTCSS/PL 77.0 Hz--NFM & DMR
RU15 / RU398SK5VM/R434.975432.97516 KHzEskilstuna cityCTCSS/PL 82.5 Hz--Short hangtime

23 centimeter

DesignationCallOutputInputMax BWQTHAccessEchoLinkIRLPNotes
RM1SK0CT/R1297.0251291.02516 KHzKistaCarrier--


2 meter D-Star

For more information, go to dstarusers.org (in english) or http://www.d-star.se (in swedish)

DesignationCallOutputInputMax BWQTHNetworkNotes
--145.-144.-6 KHz-

70 centimeter D-Star

For more information, goto dstarusers.org (in english) or http://www.d-star.se (in swedish)

DesignationCallOutputInputMax BWQTHNetworkNotes
RU364SK0PT434.550432.5506 KHzKungsängen

2 meter DMR/MotoTRBO

For more information, goto www.dmr-marc.net (in english) or www.swedmr.se (in swedish)
To apply for a DMR-ID, go to: http://register.ham-digital.net

DesignationCallOutputInputMax BWQTHNetworkNotes
RV46SK0UX145.575144.9756 KHzKistaBrandmeisterCC0
R1 / RV50SM0WIU-4145.625145.0256 KHzBotkyrkaBrandmeisterCC0
R1x / RV51SK5UM/R145.6375145.03756 KHzFlenBrandmeisterDMR (CC5) & NFM (82.5 Hz)
R5x / RV59SK0EN145.7375145.13756 KHzÄlmstaBrandmeisterDMR (CC0) & NFM (77.0 Hz)

70 centimeter DMR/MotoTRBO

For more information, goto www.dmr-marc.net (in english) or www.swedmr.se (in swedish)
To apply for a DMR-ID, go to: http://register.ham-digital.net

DesignationCallOutputInputMax BWQTHNetworkNotes
RU361SK0RMQ434.5125432.51256 KHzTyresöMotoTRBO / DMR-MARC Network(CC12)
RU362SA5BCG/R434.525432.5256 KHzKnivstaHam-DMR (Hytera)/ BrandmeisterDMR (CC5) & NFM (82.5 Hz)
RU365SK0QO434.5625432.56256 KHzHaninge/BrandbergenMotoTRBO / Brandmeister(CC0)
RU367SG5DV434.5875432.58756 KHzUppsalaHam-DMR (Hytera)DMR (CC5) & NFM (82.5 Hz)
RU0x / RU369SM0WIU/R434.6125432.61256 KHzSorundaHam-DMR (Hytera) / Brandmeister(CC0)
RU3x / RU375SK0MG/R434.6875432.68756 KHzStockholm/VårbergHam-DMR (Hytera) / BrandmeisterDMR (CC1) & NFM (77.0 Hz)
RU6x / RU381SK0RYG434.7625432.76256 KHzStockholm/Upplands VäsbyHam-DMR (Hytera) / BrandmeisterDMR (CC0) & NFM (123.0 Hz)
RU8x / RU385SA0AZT/R434.8125432.81256 KHzNorrtäljeBrandmeisterDMR (CC0) & NFM (77.0 Hz)
RU9x / RU387SM0WIU/R434.8375432.83756 KHzDalaröBrandmeister(CC0)
RU11 / RU390SM0WIU/R434.875432.8756 KHzBotkyrkaMotoTRBO / Brandmeister(CC0)
RU11x / RU391SK0RPF434.8875432.88756 KHzSigtunaHam-DMR (Hytera) / BrandmeisterDMR (CC0) & NFM (123.0 Hz)
RU12x / RU393SK0RYG434.9125432.91256 KHzArlandaHam-DMR (Hytera)(CC0)
RU13 / RU394SK0NN/R434.925432.9256 KHzJohanneshovBrandmeisterDMR (CC0)
RU13x / RU395SK0YZ/R434.9375432.93756 KHzBrottbyHam-DMR (Hytera)DMR (CC0)
RU14 / RU396SK0RYG/R434.950432.9506 KHzKistaHam-DMR (Hytera)(CC0)
RU14x / RU397SK0RYG/R434.9625432.96256 KHzStockholm cityHam-DMR (Hytera)(CC0)
RU15 / RU398SK0MM/R434.975432.9756 KHzVärmdöHam-DMR (Hytera) / BrandmeisterDMR (CC1) & NFM (77.0 Hz)
RU15x / RU399SK0SX434.9875432.98756 KHzStockholm/KistaHam-DMR (Hytera) / Brandmeister(CC0)

2 meter Yaesu System Fusion

DesignationCallOutputInputMax BWQTHNotes
--145.144.10 KHz

70 centimeter Yaesu System Fusion

DesignationCallOutputInputMax BWQTHNotes
RU363SK0NN434.5375432.537510 KHzTyresö
RU366SK0QO/R434.575432.57510 KHzStockholm/Bagarmossen
RU5x / RU379SK0MT/R434.7375432.737510 KHzTäbyDV & NFM (CTCSS/PL 77.0 Hz)
RU7x / RU383SK0DL434.7875432.787510 KHzMörköDV & NFM


ATV (Amateur TeleVision)

DesignationCall OutputInputPolERPQTHAccessNotes
---SK5BN/R1282.0001252.000V Omni80 WKolmården/NorrköpingDTMF (video sync planned)117 masl. No testcard (planned). Not really Stockholm area, but fairly close

Recommended CTCSS/PL-tones for all districts

DistrictPrimary Secondary 1Secondary 2Secondary 3
SM077.0 Hz123.0 Hz67.0 Hz100.0 Hz
SM1218.1 Hz233.6 Hz

SM2107.2 Hz146.2 Hz162.2 Hz186.2 Hz
SM3127.3 Hz141.3 Hz250.3 Hz
SM474.4 Hz85.4 Hz151.4 Hz
SM582.5 Hz91.5 Hz103.5 Hz203.5 Hz
SM6114.8 Hz118.8 Hz94.8 Hz131.8 Hz
SM779.7 Hz156.7 Hz210.7 Hz225.7 Hz