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Last modified 2009-03-13

Hammarlund SP-600-J "Northern Radio 159"

Type:HF/VHF receiver
Frequency range:0.54-54 MHz in six bands
Receiver system:Single conversion superheterodyne (Below 7.4 MHz)
IF: 455 KHz
Dual conversion superheterodyne (Above 7.4 MHz)
1st IF: 3.955 MHz
2nd IF: 455 KHz
Sensitivity:2.3 uV (S/N ratio 10:1)
Image rejection:Better than 50 dB
Voltage:Mains, 95-260 VAC
Power consumption:
Impedance:100 ohms balanced or single wire
Dimensions (W*H*D):545*315*432 mm (21.46*12.4*17"), with cabinet
Weight:? Kg
Manufactured:USA, 196x-196x (Discontinued)
Other:An unusual version where the diversity functions were
implemented by Northern Radio Company Inc. NY
Related documents:User manual (5.4 MB)
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