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WHAT'S NEW 2003?

Please note that there may be dead links here, mainly due to later restructuring of this site.

User manual for Yaesu FT-530 (TNX to Mark Blaikie). Commander TX-25 (TNX to Roland Obst). Motorola GM-300, GM-350, Handic 2801, 2802 and 2803, TP Radio TP6000 Micro, Zodiac Slimline 71, Slimline 73, Slimline 171, Slimline 173, Slimline 471 and Slimline 473,

A pix of Yaesu FT-416 (TNX to George Crawford). A pix of G.E.C MRM-8 (TNX to SM5HBL). Updated the spec's for the military RA-121 (TNX to Patrik Nordqvist). A pix and manual for Handic 0012. User manuals for DLS 70, Sony ICF-7600D and Icom IC-M5.

Handic 008 (TNX to Lars Engström). DLS Direct II, Kraco 88, Traffic 7270, Plessey PR-1553, Sonar FR-102X and FR-105, SR 16, Sait MR-14501 and Debeg 7204. Better pix of SRT CR-91.

Harvey Wells T-90 Bandmaster (TNX to VU2TXZ ). Motorola GM-950 N2, GM-950 N3, GM-950 N4, GM-340, GM-360 and GM-380. Today we passed 2800 radios in the database!!

Kenwood's new TH-K2E (TNX to Corrado). Kenwood's new TH-K2ET & TH-K4E. Sommerkamp FT-77 and TS-788DXCC. A better pix of Kenwood R-1000.

Elecraft's new KX1. Icom's new IC-F7000 (TNX to SM4CJK). Yaesu FT-301SD. User manual for Yaesu FT-301 series (TNX to K5EXE). Schematics for Yaesu FT-2400. A much better picture of Braun SE-600dig (TNX to DF3IQ).

Zetagi B-153, B-300P, BV-131 and BV-2001 MK4. RM Italy KLV-1000 and KLV-1000/P. User manual for Heathkit SB-200. Updated the spec's for Yaesu FT-897. Today I also welcome the first Austrian ham to the gallery: OE1SOW.

The new Kenwood TM-271A (TNX to PY5RCB). Motorola GM-900.

SSB Electronics PA-2310. Commander 134-O and 328. Today I welcome the first ham from Monaco to the Operator gallery: 3A2MF. A better pix and the user manual for Hallicrafters SX-117 (TNX to 3A2MF). Updated the spec's for Regency ACT-T16K (TNX to Jesse Jones). Tech info and schematics for Navico AMR-1000S plus the schematics for Icom IC-W2A/E (TNX to GD7ESR). Yaesu FT-80C, FT-180A, FT-400, FT-600, FTC-1525A, FTH-1001, RTL-2007 & VX-1210.

New DAB receivers from Sangean: DDR3, DPR1 and DPR2. User manual for Zodiac Consul (TNX to Janne Tonnvik). Palomar SSB-5500 VFO and President Adams VFO (TNX to HB9LEU). Updated the picture of AOR AR-3000 (TNX to Werner Rueber). Corrected some specs for Icom IC-207H (TNX to PD3JCW).

Alinco's new DR-135E MKII, DR-135T MKII, DJ-593E MKII and DJ-596E MKII (TNX to Anders Janis). Kenwood TH-K7 (TNX to OZ1DEK). User manual for Yaesu VX-2R. The Heathkit autumn 1978 catalogue (TNX to ON7BV). Updated the specs for KDK FM-2030 and Alinco DR-430 (TNX to KD7TCU). Updated the ISS info + new picture and info on SM0WQT. A pix of Icom IC-211 (TNX to SM6USS). A pix of Kenwood TR-751A (TNX to Dominik). A pix of Standard C-5800E (TNX to DL1BBR). Corrected en error in the specs for Kenwood TS-130V (TNX to EC2AFJ). Today I also welcome Tom, MW0CXW to the "Operator gallery".

Yaesu's new VHF/UHF dualbander, FT-7800H plus the older FT-7800 (TNX to Anders Janis). Updated the spec's for Icom IC-37A (TNX to KK6PA). Sommerkamp 1983, Lafayette 1969 and Heathkit 1963 catalogues (TNX to LA3UU). User manual and service bulletins for Kenwood TS-820S (TNX to SM5UTT). Hallicrafters 1946 catalogue. User manuals for Kenwood TS-430S, TH-D7A/E, TH-22A/AT/E, TH-42A/AT/E, TH-79A/E and Yaesu FRG-7.

Updated the specs for Icom IC-2330A (TNX to K4WGD). User manuals for AOR AR-8200, Handic 1600 MKIII, 0080 and Sony ICF-2001 + Commander Mini-7 with schematics (TNX to Andreas). Updated the picture and e-mail address for PU4RRM and the locator for PY4HM. Handic 24 (TNX to SM6XQY). Delta DBR-550 II and a pix of Icom IC-737A + updated the model number for the upcoming TS-69 to TS-480 (TNX to Corrado). Sommerkamp FT-767DX.

Century 21D (TNX to Jo Janssens). Elektromekano M-84B.

Handic 1976 catalogue (TNX to Gert Clausen). 64 different M2 antennas. Yaesu G-450C, G-650C, G-1000DXC and G-2800DXC. Lafayette 1978 catalogue. Sirio SA-22-N, SA-270-LN, SA-270-MN and SA-270-SN. M2 OR2800P rotator. A picture of Alinco ELH-230E (TNX to Erik Simonsen). Today I also welcome the first Croatian ham ,9A6KGT, to the "Operator gallery".

Opened up the new "Catalogues" area and added Sommerkamp 1978, 1979 & 1980 (TNX to PD0HGZ). Icom HM-70. Yaesu FP-1030A. Pictures of Diamond NR-2000M and Maldol HMC-4. Today I also welcome SM0DME to the "Operator gallery".

Handic 009 (TNX to Gert C.). Daiwa PS-120MIIa, PS-140II and PS-140IIa, Ameritron AL-80, Tokyo Hy-Power HL-400B, Eto/Alpha 77DX and 78. A pix of Tono 2M-100W. Today I also welcome SM0WLN to the "Operator gallery".

Icom IC-900A, IC-737A and IC-77. User manuals for Icom IC-725, IC-726, IC-77, IC-728, IC-729, IC-730, IC-736, IC-737, IC-737A, IC-738, IC-740, IC-745, IC-751A, IC-756, IC-756 Pro, IC-756 Pro II, IC-761, IC-765, IC-781, IC-900A/E, IC-901A/E, IC-970A/E/H, IC-7400 and IC-R7100. And finally, a color pix of Icom IC-490A.

Icom IC-211. User manuals for Icom IC-211, IC-701, IC-703, IC-706, IC-706MKII, IC-707, IC-718, IC-720, IC-720A, IC-2400A/E, IC-2500A/E, IC-2800H, IC-271H,

Commtron VIII and Sears Roadtalker 40 (TNX to DF5KX whom I also welcome to the "Operator gallery"). Handic 189 and 199 (TNX to Gert C). Sommerkamp FLDX-500 (TNX to DG8LAV). User manual for AOR AR-3000 (TNX to Peppe). Two linears from a brand new trademark from Denmark, DanAmps Dual band and Millinium.

Frontier Electric Super 3500 LA (TNX to SM0FDO). A pix of Icom IC-37A (TNX to N0RQ). Changed the description for IFR FM/AM 500A (TNX to LC3WAT). Heathkit HD-1420 and Datong UC-1. A pix of Braun SE-401. User manual and schematic for Icom IC-240.

Diamond GSV3000, GZV2500 and GZV4000. A pix of Realistic Pro-2B and a much better color pix of Daiwa SR-9. Corrected the specs for Icom IC-7400 (TNX to DK9VZ). Corrected a picture error regarding Hammarlund HQ-170AC (TNX to K0GW). Oak Hills Research QRP 20/40 (TNX to KQ6RL). A better color pix of Kenwood TS-69 (TNX to Corry), and finally, pix for Icom IC-T7H, IC-4GXE, IC-4GXET, IC-481H and IC-S21E (TNX to SM4CJK).

Realistic/RadioShack Comp-100, Pro-1, Pro-2, Pro-2A, Pro-2B, Pro-3, Pro-3A, Pro-4, Pro-4A, Pro-5, Pro-5A, Pro-6, Pro-7, Pro-7A, Pro-7B, Pro-8, Pro-9, Pro-10, Pro-11, Pro-12, Pro-13, Pro-14, Pro-16, Pro-16A, Pro-20, Pro-20A, Pro-21, Pro-22, Pro-23 (XTAL), Pro-23, Pro-24 (XTAL), Pro-24, Pro-25 (XTAL), Pro-25, Pro-27 (XTAL), Pro-27, Pro-28, Pro-30, Pro-31, Pro-31A, Pro-32, Pro-32A, Pro-33, Pro-34, Pro-35, Pro-36, Pro-37, Pro-38, Pro-40 (XTAL), Pro-41, Pro-42, Pro-47, Pro-48, Pro-48A, Pro-49, Pro-51, Pro-52, Pro-53, Pro-54, Pro-55 (base), Pro-55 (handie), Pro-56, Pro-57, Pro-58, Pro-59, Pro-60, Pro-62, Pro-64, Pro-66, Pro-67, Pro-71, Pro-77, Pro-77A, Pro-78, Pro-88, Pro-90, Pro-91, Pro-92 (older), Pro-508, Pro-2000, Pro-2001, Pro-2002, Pro-2003, Pro-2004, Pro-2005, Pro-2008, Pro-2009, Pro-2010, Pro-2011, Pro-2014, Pro-2015, Pro-2017, Pro-2020, Pro-2021, Pro-2022, Pro-2023, Pro-2024, Pro-2025, Pro-2026, Pro-2027, Pro-2028, Pro-2030, Pro-2033, Pro-2034, Pro-2035, Pro-2038, Pro-2040, Pro-2041, Pro-2043, Pro-2044, Pro-2045, Pro-2046, Pro-2048, Pro-2049, Pro-2050, Pro-2052, Pro-2053, Pro-2056, Pro-2066 and Pro-2067. Moved all Regency radios to their own area and added ACT-10R, ACT-C4U, ACT-E10, ACT-E106, ACT-R1 High, ACT-R1 Low, ACT-R1 UHF, ACT-R106, ACT-T16K, ACT-T720A, HX-650, C-403, D-100, D-300, D-310, D-810, DX-3000, E-106, H-604, H-604E, HX-200, HX-750, HX-850, HX-1200, HX-1500, HX-2000, HX-2200, Informant, INF-10 Informant and INF-50 Informant. Moved all Yupiteru radios to their own area and added MVT-5000. And finally, I added Vanishing point (1996) to the "Silver screen trivia" area.
Today we passed 2700 radios in the database!!!

User manual for Icom IC-201. Today I welcome PY4HM to the "Operator gallery".

Today I welcome the first polish hams to the "Operator gallery": SQ5GM, SQ5EBM and SQ5RTD. I've also added Ulvin International Tremendus II, Tremendus III and Tremendus IV (TNX to PY5RCB). Mirage A-1015-G, B-24-G, B-34, B-34-G, B-310-G, B-1018-G, B-1030-G, B-2518-G, B-2530-G, B-5018-G, B-5030-G, BD-25, BD-35, BD-38G, D-15-N, D-1010-N and D-3010-N.

Schematic for IC-201. Today I welcome SM6USS to the "Operator gallery". Icom IC-202 (TNX to SM6USS).

A picture of Santec ST-144uP plus the Santec logo (TNX to VE3WEJ). Diamond NR-2000M. Maldol HMC-4. Araki YA-1.2 12GP. Nagoya BA-6300. Watson W-30, W-50, W-300, W-2000 and W-7900. Opened up the new Roberts area and added R-809, R-827, R-861, R-862, R-871, R-876, R-881, R-9914, R-9921 and RC-828. And finally, some new DAB receivers: Roberts, RD-1, RD-2, RD-3 & RD-4, Ministry of Sound DR.011 and Pure Pocket DAB.

Icom's new mobile VHF/UHF transceiver, IC-E208. Diamond F-1230.

CDE Ham-IV (TNX to PY5RCB). Icom's new HF/VHF transceiver, IC-7800 (TNX to DG8JZ, Corry & PY5RCB). Yaesu's new VHF/UHF transceiver, FT-8800R with user manual (TNX to DG8JZ). Kenwood's new HF/VHF transceiver, TS-69 (TNX to DG8JZ, Corry & PY5RCB).

Ray Jefferson 630/RDF. Yaesu FT-2700R, FT-3700, FT-3800, FT-3900, FT-655S and FRG-965.

Yaesu FT-2303R. Zodiac FA-161R (TNX to SM6XIX). Updated the info on UR3IRS. User manual for Yaesu FT-857 (TNX to SM0XPJ). Kenwood TR-7850 (TNX to VK4GL). A better pix of Ten-Tec Triton IV Digital (TNX to KB7UXE). Ray Jefferson 670/RDF (TNX to Stephen P.). GemTronics GTX-5000 (TNX to Corry). A pix of JIM T-One (TNX to KU4QD). I also welcome SM0WIZ to the "Operator gallery".

Yaesu's new VHF/UHF HT, the VX-2R (TNX to DG8JZ).

H.J. Griem HG 74 and Götting & Griem 2G 70C (TNX to DF3IQ). Today I also welcome OZ4CAT to the "Operator gallery".

Icom's new mobile VHF/UHF transceiver, the IC-208D.

Maxon RS-446, Stabo XP-300, President Liberty, Micro 430S, Micro 431, Mini 430S, XP-300, Freecom 300 and Freecom 500, and finally, Goodmans GPMR-116,

Today I welcome the first Swiss ham to the "Operator gallery", HB9LEU. A much better color pix of Yaesu FT-One (TNX to HB9LEU). Kenwood UBZ-LH14 "Freetalk" and UBZ-LH20, Sony ICB-U655 "U-Ceiver" and last but not least, a pix of Conair Expedition FRS-250SLV.

Gadelius GCom16 (TNX to SM5UUP). AP 706S and 2000, Motorola HT440, Storno CQM 5000 MRG and CQP 4000 MRG, Yaesu FTC-1903, Xtreme XT-1000, Telcom TE-200 and Kenwood UBZ-LJ8.

Simrad MS50, RD68, RT62, RT64, RS8300, RS8400, Axis 30, Axis 50, Axis 150 and Axis 250, Ericsson P304 and P305, Hallicrafters HT-21, HT-22, HT-23 and HT-24, Harvey Wells ATR-3 and Kenwood TRC-70.

A better pix of Hammarlund HQ-215 (TNX to Al Q). Bosch KFT-160 (TNX to DF3IQ). Corrected some spec's for Icom IC-R75 (TNX to Loksim). A pix of JIM MX-21S and a rear pix of Mizuho P-7DX (TNX to KU4QD). Simrad HD52 and HT50, Microair 760, Icom IC-78, JRC JSB-176 and JSB-186, Kachina KC-102, KC-103, KC-104 "Nomad" and KC-105CTX, Kaar FM System and finally, Motorola GP-380.

Minix MR-2S (TNX to DF3IQ). Bosch MR-11 and PR-11, Autophon SE551 and Ascom SE540 (TNX to HB9LEU). Much better pix of Kenwood TR-851E (TNX to SM0SFV). Updated spec's for FDK Multi 750 (TNX to GI7THH). Kenwood TR-751A, and TR-851A. Lear TR-1B.
Today we passed 2500 radios in the database!!!

Updated the info on SM6VTZ. A pix of Kenwood/Trio TM-411E (TNX to GI4FUE). Telefunken Fu G7b (TNX to HB9LEU). Tono 2M-40G, 2M-50W, 2M-70W, 2M-90G, 2M-100W, 2M-130G, 2M-250W, 4M-50W, 7H-60W, MR-150W, and 4M-70G, Daiwa LA-2035, LA-2060, LA-2065, LA-2155 and LA-4030, Alinco ELH-230 and ELH-730.

Updated spec's on Regency Touch M100 and Touch M400 (TNX to SM6USS). Storno CQL-600, CQF-600, CQM-600, CQP-500 and CQP-560 + a pix of Stabo PRS-933/934 (TNX to HB9LEU).

In the "Operator gallery", I updated the changed callsign of KG4EAW to WB4YZ. I also welcome the first danish ham in the gallery, OZ4SRI.

Today is Sony day! Moved all existing Sony radios to their new area. Added Sony CRF-1, CRF-320, CRF-V21, ICF-2001D, ICF-7600, ICF-7600W, ICF-7600A, ICF-7600AW, ICF-7600D, ICF-7600DA, ICF-7600DS, ICF-7601, ICF-SW7600, ICF-SW7600G, ICF-SW7600GR, ICF-6500W and ICF-6700W (TNX to Frits W.).

Opened up the new DAB & DRM area and added Grundig DigiBoy, Personal Telcom DR-101 and DR-201, PURE Digital Evoke-1 Elgar, Sangean DAB1 and Classic 2000, Roke Manor Research Pocket DAB and Zoopad Anima. I also added Autophon SE18, SE72, SE120, SE129, SE155, SE156 and SE560 (TNX to HB9LEU).

Mizuho QP-10, QP-50, CW-2S, VX-15, SX-59 and MS-1 plus opened up the new JIM area and added MX-3.5S, MX-6S, MX-7S, MX-14S, MX-18S, MX-21S, MX-28S and T-One plus updated the spec's for NCG 7/21/50 and the pix of NCG 15M (TNX to KU4QD). JRC JST-135 (TNX to Corry). BBC Veriphon RT21, Autophon SE19, SE20, SE27, SE55 and Ascom SE550 (TNX to HB9LEU). A pix of FDK Multi 725X (TNX to G6FOP/M3BNC). Schematic for Yaesu FRG-100 (TNX to Mike S.). And last but not least, the user manual for Icom IC-251A/E.

Mizuho DX-555D and MX-1D (TNX to KU4QD). Sperry RDF, Yaesu FV-101 and FRT-7700, Icom IC-3PA, Taiyo Newmar RDF, Newmar NAV-221, Raytheon Ray-DF and Ray Jefferson 640/RDF. I even added a lightning detector, the Stormwise LSU-101, and the reason is of course that it is basically a receiver (sort of).

Telcom TE-150 PMR. A pix of Cherokee FR-460. Updated the spec's for National RJX-610 (TNX to KH7L). A pix of Icom IC-P4ET (TNX to SM5NUZ). Uniden PC-404 and P-1000, Swiss-CB MK I and MK II plus a pix of Uniden JTI PC-1010 (TNX to HB9LEU). Lowe HF-350 (TNX to Frits W.). Updated the spec's and added the manual for Hallicrafters SX-100 (TNX to W9SWL). Hallicrafters SX-85 (TNX to KJ4MR). Updated various Mizuho spec's plus added a pix of Mizuho KX-S9, a better pix of MX-28S, MX-2 and internal pix of MX-21S (TNX to KU4QD). Handic 006 UHF (TNX to Anneli M.).

APRS station search form on main page. Opened up the Broadcasting area and added Ramsey AM-1, AM-25, FM-10A, FM-25, FM-25B, FM-100, FM-100EX, FM-100B, FM-100B Export and PX-1. Added 2G 51, HG 70D and Heathkit SB-1000 (TNX to DL8ZAJ).

A better color picture of Yaesu FT-757GX (TNX to VA6MJT). Belcom Liner 2 (TNX to G6FOP). Updated spec's for Sommerkamp TS-660S (TNX to SM2XLL). Added 2G 70A (TNX to DL8ZAJ).

Updated spec's for Casio TM-100 (TNX to Jon). RadioShack Pro-63 (TNX to Shawn R.). Apix of Yaesu FT-33R (TNX to William T.H.). Elektromekano P-78 and SM108 KN2 (TNX to Paulo M.). Yaesu FT-902DM (TNX to PY5RCB). Braun SE-600 analog (TNX to DF3IQ). Updated the spec's for Lowe HF-150 (TNX to SM0SFV). JRC JST-125 (TNX to LA4IFA). Bearcat CompuScan CP-2100 (TNX to VO1XY). Icom IC-12GAT, Kenwood TM-521A, Yaesu FT-104, FT-2311R and FT-2312R (TNX to N2AYM).

Opened up the new Dragon area and added SY-130E, SY-550, SY-501 , SS-797 and SY-495V. Added Teaberry Stalker V (TNX to Juan). Yaesu FT-75 (TNX to DL5GBE). Updated spec's on Yaesu FL-101 (TNX to W7ITC). Updated spec's on Tokai TC-2503 (TNX to Jan-Tore). Midland/Alan 78 Plus and Albrecht AE-4190 (TNX to Andreas). Rohde & Schwarz XU-250A and IFR FM/AM 500A (TNX to SQ5EBM). Updated the spec's for Icom IC-2KL (TNX to KG0FC). Trio TS-510 (TNX to 9A6KGT). A better pix of Delta 500 (TNX to PY2XRF). Lafa SX-2000 (TNX to Andreas P.). Pix of Ten-Tec 1253 (TNX to John O.).
Today we passed 2400 radios in the database!!!

Ten-Tec Pegasus (550) and the new Argonaut V (516). SBE Capri II (TNX to Juan). Updated the spec's for Icom IC-21A (TNX to SM6XUN). Updated spec's for Kenwood TM-732E (TNX to Graziano R.). Moved all Kantronics radios to their own area. Added Kantronics Rockhound and 8040-B, Mizuho KX-3, SB-2M, DC-7, DC-7D, QP-7, QP-21, TRX-100 and FRX-2001 plus a top view pix of Mizuho MX-18S and updated the spec's for DC-7X and MK-610 (TNX to KU4QD). Sommerkamp TS-727GT (TNX to DF3IQ). User/service manual for Hallicrafters SX-99.

Hallicrafters SR-34 and SR-34AC.

Eddystone 909A (TNX to SM5UVE). Stabo XF-9082, XM-7082 and XM-8082, Ham International Concorde 2 and Multimode 3 (TNX to Corrado). Heathkit SB-110 (TNX to J. Gann). KDK FM-144 10LA (TNX to DF3IQ). Updated some spec's for Drake SPR-4 (TNX to KB9ZQU). Updated some spec's for Heathkit HW-101 (TNX to SP2CA). Uniden Bearcat's new BC-250D and BC-785D with trunking and digital modulation option.

Yaesu's new FT-2800M (TNX to DG8JZ). FDK Multi-800D (TNX to DG7OV). Moved President HR-2510 to a more suitable area and corrected the spec's (TNX to N7SNT).

Yaesu FT-7400H (TNX to DL6HBS). User manual for Kenwood TS-520S plus updated the spec's for Atlas 215X and 350XL (TNX to James S.). STE ARAC-102 (TNX to Frits W.). Moved all Lowe receivers to their own area. User manuals for Lowe HF-225/225E and Kenwood TS-50S (TNX to PE1DHI). Minix MTL-50 with schematic plus MTO-20A (TNX to DF3IQ). RadioShack Pro-95 (TNX to Mark C.). A picture of Lafayette HB-870AFS (TNX to SM5UVE). Pictures of Swan 250C (TNX to WD8AAM).

Updated the spec's for Icom IC-2725E (TNX to SM6XQY). Updated the spec's for Yaesu FT-101B (TNX to Myria). Added SM0YCD and SM5XJX to the "Operator gallery".

The new Yaesu FT-857 (TNX to ON1DJU). Corrected the spec's for Kenwood TS-520SE (TNX to M0CFM). Added three Cellflex LCF-type low-loss cables to the Coax data table. Philips D-2999PLL and Magnavox D-2999 (TNX to OH3FP).