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HF-1250.03-30 MHzAM / SSB / CW1986FM and synchro-AM option
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HF-1500.03-30 MHzAM / Synchro-AM / SSB1992

HF-150E0.03-30 MHzAM / Synchro-AM / SSB1998Europa version

HF-150M0.03-30 MHzAM / Synchro-AM / SSB199xMarine version
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HF-2250.03-30 MHzAM / SSB / CW1989FM and synchro-AM option

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HF-225E0.03-30 MHzAM / SSB / CW199xEuropa version. FM and synchro-AM option
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HF-2350.03-30 MHzAM / SSB / CW1990
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HF-2500.03-30 MHzAM / SSB / CW1995FM, DSB & Synchro-AM option

HF-250E0.03-30 MHzAM / SSB / CW199xEuropa version. FM, DSB & Synchro-AM option
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HF-3500.1-30 MHzAM / SSB / CW199x
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SRX-300.5-30 MHzAM / SSB1978Analog readout
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SRX-30D0.2-30 MHzAM / SSB / (FM)1981Digital readout