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Last modified 2008-10-25

Roberts R-861

Type:HF/VHF receiver
Frequency range:0.153-30 / 87.5-108 MHz
Mode:AM/WFM/SSB/CW (WFM stereo via headphones)
Receiver system:
Image rejection:
Voltage:6 VDC
Current drain:Max ? mA
Impedance:? ohms / Telescopic whip and ferrite bar
Dimensions (W*H*D):223*135*38 mm (8.78*5.32*1.5")
Weight:770 gr (1.7 lbs)
Manufactured:200x-200x (Discontinued)
Other:307 memories. Digital clock with alarm/timer
RDS. Line out jack.
New price 2003 in the UK: 199.95
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