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WHAT'S NEW 2000?

Please note that there may be dead links here, mainly due to later restructuring of this site.

Added Braun SE-280, Eico 740E, Eico FB-10, President AR-14, President AR-144, President McKinley, Palomar SSB-600, Tokai TC-9 and Teaberry Stalker XV, all with pix and some spec's. Added pix for Alinco DJ-G1, Handic 43C, Midland/Alan 560 and Svera 324. Added some minor site graphics

Opened up the Transverters area with four SSB Electronics items, complete with pix/spec's.

Opened up the Professional transceivers area with a whole bunch of Ericsson, Motorola, Icom and other radios, all with pix and some spec's. Added Yaesu's new micro sized hand scanner, the VR-120 with pix/spec's. Also opened up the RME area with the 45B and 4350A, both with pix and some spec's. I'm now getting really close to official release, so I moved the site to it's own domain:

Added Alinco DJ-C1 with pix and some spec's, plus added pix for DJ-V5E. Also added Standard C-628 with pix and some spec's.

Added E.F.Johnson Viking 1 and Viking 500, both with color pix and some spec's. Added color pix for FDK Multi-8, Sommerkamp FRDX-500, Yupiteru MVT-7000 and Alinco DR-M06. Corrected some minor spec. errors.

Added two vintage transmitters: Central Electronics 100-V and Globe Electronics SD-75A, both with pix. Also added Eico 760 with pix and some spec's.

Added the Motorola-Mobat Micom-H with pix/spec's and product sheet, Eico #720 and #723 with pix and some spec's, and Heathkit HW-29A with pix and some spec's, plus HW-10, HW-19 and HW-30, all with some spec's only. Added pix for Hallicrafters HT-37. Finally, I opened up the Gonset area with the Communicator IV-220 and the G-76, both with pix and some spec's. Today we passed 1300 radios in the database!

Added Hallicrafters SX-140 and HT-40, both with pix and some spec's. Also added Kenwood TM-261A with pix/spec's and the following radios in the new ADI area: AT-201HP, AT-401HP, AT-600HP, AR-146, AR-147, AR-247, AR-446 and AR-447, six of them with pix and all with some spec's.

Added the Heathkit DX-60 and the HW-20, both with pix and some spec's. Also added some minor site graphics.

Opened up the E.F.Johnson area and added the following radios: the Adventurer, Challenger, Messenger, Navigator, Ranger, Valiant, Invader, Invader 2000, 6N2 and the 500 "Five Hundred", plus the following linears: the Courier, Thunderbolt, Viking Kilowatt and finally, the 6N2 Thunderbolt.

Added the new Alinco DR-135TP with pix/spec's. Did some minor restructuring. It's been a bit slow for a couple of days due to other commitments, but I will hopefully re-gain momentum soon. I have a lot of stuff on my local hard-drive just waiting to be processed.

Opened the Aboard the ISS area with some basic info.

Continued with some more restructuring. This time I moved some brands from the Other ham radios area to their own areas.

Started restructuring the main page to get more space for hyperlinks.

Added Icom IC-910H with pix/spec's.

Added four more license-free radios; Vertex VXF-20, Yaesu VX-10, VX-210 and VX-400, all with pix and some spec's. Added Kenwood TH-27E, TH-47E, TM-642, TM-942 and TS-660, all with pix and some spec's plus KW Vespa Mark I and Vespa Mark II, both with pix and some spec's. Added pix for Kenwood TS-900. Updated coax data in the Other useful info are. Added some minor site graphics.

Added a couple of license-free radios; Alan 456, Albrecht TecTalk, Alinco DJ-SR1, Cobra PMR-250, Goodmans GPMR-114, Kenwood TK-3101, Maycom MH-446, Motorola TA-200 and TA-288, Multicom Pro and Sporty Family, all with pix/spec's.

Added Eddystone EC10A/2, Hammarlund RDF-10, Kenwood TM-741E, Handic 224S, 605DL and 423, Lafayette Micro-12 and President Adams, all with pix and spec's. Also opened up the new LPD, FRS & PMR area with Alinco DJ-S41C, Cobra PMR-100, PMR-300, Icom IC-4008, IC-446S, IC-F4SR and Kenwood TK-361, all with pix/spec's. Finally, I added pix for Target HF-3s.

Minor updates. Also prepared RigPix for the opening of two new areas; "Professional transceivers" and "LPD, FRS & PMR".

Added the Yaesu FT-76 with pix & some spec's plus the new Alinco DJ-196T and DJ-496T, both with pix and some spec's (with odd features). Added pix for Yaesu FT-26 and FT-790RII, Icom IC-4iE, IC-P2ET, IC-W21E, IC-W21ET, IC-X2E, IC-3220E, IC-2500E, IC-3210E and Kenwood TH-78E. Also, pix for the following CB's were added: Formac 40 and Kraco 2500. Finally, I tweaked and added a lot of various spec's to the database.

Even though I said I was going to take a break, I have to add these ones: The SAAB Pocket with pix/spec's. Also the British Wireless set no.18 with pix in the new Military transceivers area. Also added a related movie in the Silver screen trivia area.

Added Icom IC-448A and IC-448E, with spec's plus pix for the E-model. Also added pix for JRC NRD-535, Sony SW-77, SW-100E, SW-1000T, WinRadio WR-1000i, WR-1500i, WR-3100i, Hammarlund HQ-105TRE, Eico 760E, Drake R-8, Kenwood TR-7400A, TR-9000, TS-690S, Icom IC-P2E and IC-449E. Pheew! I will now take a couple of days off to do something else for a while.

Added pix for Handic 006 and 1600, Kenwood TR-3200, TR-3600 and TR-7800 and Yaesu FTdx-505

Added the Icom IC-901A with pix/spec's. Also added pix for Icom IC-AG1, IC-AG25, IC-AG35, IC-AG1200 and IC-901E.

Added Kenwood TH-405E, TH-415E, IP-100, Icom IC-3220H and IC-2500A, all with pix & spec's. Also added pix for Icom IC-4SET and IC-4KL.

Added Kenwood TM-431E, TM-531E, TM-701E and SM-220, all with pix/spec's. Added pix for Kenwood TM-231E and TH-45E, Also updated some old b/w Kenwood pix with better color ones.

Added pix for Ten-Tec Scout 555.

Added pix for Kenwood TH-45AT. Added Alinco ALD-24T, ALR-22T, ALX-2T, DJ-280, DJ-C4, DR-570 and DR-112, all with pix and some spec's. Added Standard C-178A with pix and some spec's. Also renamed "Radios & hams in the movies" to the more suitable "Silver screen trivia".

Added Icom IC-T7E with pix/spec's plus pix for the IC-2iE. Also added Kenwood TM-541 with pix/spec's and TH-45AT with spec's only. Finally updated a few b/w pictures with better color ones.

Added Icom IC-2SAT, IC-3AT, IC-551D and IC-W32A, all with pix/spec's.

Added Icom IC-03AT, IC-04AT, IC-225, IC-228A, IC-228E, IC-228H, IC-27A and IC-2GAT with pix/spec's. Also added pix for Hammarlund HQ-120X.

Added the K.W. area, with the 77, Vanguard, Viceroy Mark III, 2000, 2000A and 600, all with pix and some spec's except the Vanguard (neither pix nor spec's). Today we achieved 1200 radios in the database!

Added the Radios & hams in the movies area with 4 entries. Also added the Racal RA-117 with pix.

Added the brand new Yaesu FT-817, with pix and spec's

Added Yaesu CPU-2500R, FT-212RH, FT-224, FT-2400, FT-2 Auto, FT-4700RH, FT-5200, FT-6200, FT-7200, FT-8500 and Sigmasizer 200R, all with pix/spec's.

Added pix for Standard C-701 and Yaesu FT-770RH. Added some new graphics to the site layout.

Added pix for Clarion JC-201E, Danita 340, Handic 924 and Robyn TR-210D plus a pix of my search-setup in the Other useful info area. I also updated Sommerkamp TS-788DX, Kraco 2430, Icom IC-45E and Realistic DX-394 with better pix. Finally I added the somewhat unique Volvo MR-62 VS with pix and spec's.

Added pix for Icom IC-2410E (TNX to SM0TSE), IC-471H, IC-04E and IC-32E.

Added Yaesu FT-911 and FT-690R, both with pix/spec's.

Updated the pix for the brand new Icom IC-910D with a better one, plus completed the spec's.

Today I tweaked som spec's I had wrong. I also added pix for Yaesu FT-890, Kenwood TM-732E, TM-733E, Ten-Tec Delta II, Omni-D and Omni-V. Finally, I added the Kraco 2530 with no pix and some spec's.

Added some coax data to the Other useful info area.

Added pix for Icom IC-W2E, Yaesu FT-51R, FT-530, FT-780R, FT-790R, FT-990, FT-2200, FT-2500M and FT-5100.

Added Icom IC-750 with pix and some spec's, plus pix for Icom IC-229E, IC-229H, IC-W32E, IC-2SE and IC-2SET.

Added Icom IC-3210A and IC-24AT with pix/spec's plus pix for IC-245E and IC-T2H.

Added the brand new Icom IC-910D with a lousy pix and some spec's. Also added the following radios with microwave capability: Kenwood TM-2400, TM-833S, TH-59 and TH-89, all with pix and some spec's. Finally, I added pix for Standard C-188, Alinco DR-130, Drake R-4A, T-4, T-4X and T-4XB.

Tweaked some spec's and corrected a few minor errors. Also added pix for Icom IC-2410H and IC-3230H.

Added Collins R-390/URR with pix/spec's, plus pix for the R-388/URR.

Added the Yaesu FT-2500 and FT-51R with spec's only, plus pix for FT-2600M and FT-3000. In the "Other RX & scanners" area, I added the Lowe HF-225 and Realistic Pro-26, both with pix & some spec's, plus pix for Maycom AR-108, JRC NRD-545, AOR AR-8200MKII, Lowe HF-150, Lowe HF-250 and Yupiteru MVT-7200. In the Collins area, I added pix for the 75A4, 32S-3, 32V-3 and 30S-1.

Today I did some minor text updates such as Keywords and stuff, just as a preparation for the official release later this year. No new radios this time.

Added pix and spec's for Yupiteru MVT-3300, MVT-7100, MVT-9000, MVT-9000MKII and VT-225. Added Yupiteru MVT-7200 (spec's only), MVT-7300 and VT-125 both with pix/spec's. Also added the brand new AOR AR-8600 with pix/spec's.

Added pix for Standard AX-400B and C-710. Added the Yaesu FT-215, FT-715 and FT-8000Rwith pix/spec's plus pix for FT-90R, FT-11R, VX-5R and FT-8100R. In the Other useful info area, I added the official CCIR Stockholm table.

So, I finally got hold of the Atlas logo, thanks to SM0HEK.

Added the President Marshall with some spec's. It's been a slow week now due a lot of other things to do. I will probably re-gain some momentum within a week or so HI.

Added some minor site graphics. Added scanning tips to the Other useful info page. I also renamed the two "Misc...."-areas to "Other....".

Today I added the brand new Yaesu VR-5000 and a poor pix of it. It seems like a true competitor to existing models from the other manufacturers. Also added Alinco's new microsized hand scanner, the DJ-X2 with pix/spec's.

In the CB & "freeband"-area, I added pix for Hy-Gain 2795DX, Kraco 2455, Kraco 2555, Com-Talk GEE-898 and Danita 301. Also added the Texas Ranger 696 Base with pix plus Com-Talk GEE-604 and Com-Talk GEE-988

Added Standard C-101, C-108, C-112, C-115, C-116, C-156, C-168, C-170, C-188, C-412, C-415, C-470, C-508, C-560, C-568 and C-1208, all with pix and some spec's except for the C-188. In the Misc.RX & scanners area, I added the Realistic Pro-2039 and Albrecht AE-80H, both with pix/spec's.

In the Misc.Ham area, I added the Stabo SA-2000 and Albrecht AE-540, both with pix/spec's. In the CB & "freeband"-area, I added the Cobra 2000 GTL, complete with pix/spec's. Finally, I added pix for Standard C-501, C-510, C-601, C-5750, C-5900B and C-5900D.

Added Yaesu VX-110, VX-150, FT-1500M, FT-100D and FT-1000MP MARK V all brand new for 2000 from Yaesu, with pix/spec's.

Added pix/spec's for Yaesu FT-50R, FT-840 and FT-920 AF. Added Yaesu FT-10R, FT-40R, FT-600 and FT-1000D, all with pix/spec's. In the CB & "freeband"-area, I added pix for the Cobra 2010 GTL WX. Finally, I added a short "how-to" take a rig picture to the Other useful info page.

In the Misc.RX & scanner area, I added pix for the DLS 70, DLS 160 and DLS 400 plus tweaked their spec's a little. Also added Kraco Pro-20 MK II with pix/spec's.

In the CB & "freeband"-area, I added pix/spec's for the following: Commander PR-26, Robyn PLL-23 and Zodiac P-3003. In the Misc.RX & scanner area I added pix for Eref EE-800. Also added pix for the National NC-240D.

Added pix/spec's for Icom IC-22A, IC-30A and tweaked some more Icom spec's. Also added the Other useful info page, for frequencies, hints, tips and more. This area will probably also grow slowly as I am still focused on adding pictures to listed radios.

Added pix/spec's for Drake RR-1, RR-3 and SW-2. In the Misc. Ham area, I added the Patcomm PC-9000 and PC-16000A with pix/spec's plus manual for the SGC SG-2020. Added pix for Ten-Tec Triton 540 and Triton 544 and pix/spec's for Yaesu FRG-100, FRG-7700, FRG-8800, VX-1R, FT-411R, FT-470, FT-690RII, FT-712RH and FT-900. In the CB & "freeband"-area, I added some crappy pix for the Com-Talk CT-998 and GEE-888, Handic Micman, Danita 86, Mark 3 and Mark 5, Midland 27E, 58E, 555 and 8001, Nordland 200, Team Euro-3004F, KP-4000, Lucky Star 40, Maxi 9040, Profi-90, TRX-404, TS-404 and TS-Phone, Zodiac M-5006LM and P-8000. Also added pix/spec's for Kenwood RZ-1 and TH-25E plus spec's for TH-45E, pix/spec's for Yaesu FT-736R, FT-747GX and SX, and in the Misc.Ham area, I added the Tokyo Hy-Power HT-180 with pix/spec's.

Added the Eref EE-800 with spec's to the Misc.RX & scanner area. Added pix/spec's for Hallicrafters S-38, S-40, S-76, S-108, S-119, S-120, SX-25, SX-28A, SX-71, SX-88, SX-99, SX-110, SX-115. SX-117, SX-122, SX-130, SX-133 and SX-146. Also added manuals for Drake R8-B, SW-8 and TR-270. Also added pix for the Standard AX-700B. Finally I tweaked the spec's for a couple of Icom radios. Today we passed 1100 radios in the database!

In the CB & "freeband"-area, I added pix/spec's for the following: Cherokee AH-27F, AH-100 and CBS-1000, President AR-7, Billy, George, Grant, Harrison, Harry, Herbert, HR-2510, Jackson, JFK, Jimmy, Johnson, Lincoln, Maddison, Randy, Taylor, Valery and Wilson, and finally the Uniden Grant LT. Now to some serious radios: Added pix/spec's for the Drake R-8B, SW-8, TR-270, SW-1, 1-A, 2-A and 2-C. Also added pix for the Hallicrafter SX-111 plus pix/spec's for the S-20R and S-22R.

In the CB & "freeband"-area, I added pix/spec's for the following: Sharp CBT-55, Twincomm DX and Twincomm 50, Tokai TC-2503, Transvoice FM-27A1, President Johnny, Radio Schack TRC-485, Galaxy DX-949 and DX-959, Hy-Gain 623, Royce 619, Pony CB-74 and finally the Cobra 148 FGTL DX+.

Continued working in the CB & "freeband"-area. This time I added pix/spec's for the following: Maxon HCB-10A and HCB-40WX, Pancom, Panophone, Premier CB-1000, Sparkomatic CB-5000, Pierce-Simpson 23, 23C, Bearcat 23, Guardian 23 and Super Lynx, Sydimport PR-5, Robyn T-240D "The Executive" and finally the Colt 210, 485 Black shadow and Excalibur.

Did some work in the CB & "freeband"-area again. This time I added pix/spec's for the following: Emperor P-1802, Fanon T-800, Franzens FS-5A, Handic 15 and 36, Lafayette HA-73A, HA-303 and HA-711, Colonel PR-24A, Panasonic RJ-3200, Regency CB-501 and Formula 23. And finally, I also added Sparkomatic CB-5100,

Added the Cobra 148 NWST, Hy-Gain VIII and Hy-Gain 9, all with pix/spec's, to the CB & "freeband"-area. In the same area I added pix/spec's to Kernow Beta 1100, 3100 and 4100, Eurosonic PR27/97, Midland M-42, 77-115 and 79-290, Texas Ranger 193WX, Uniden PC-68LTW, PC-78LTW, Pro 510XL, Pro 520XL, Pro 538XL and Washington, Team Transcom 8000 and Euro-8000 plus spec's only for Team KP-4000, Maxi-9040, Profi-90, Lucky Star 40, TRX-404, TS-Phone, TS-404 and Euro-3004F, Midland/Alan 555, 560, 8001, 27E and 58E.

Added Icom IC-718 with pix/spec's and pix for IC-R7100. Added the "eye" to the rest of the listings. Added Alinco DJ-C5, DR-605T with pix/spec's and a microscopic pix of the Braun SE-400 extracted from a schack-shot to the Misc. ham section. This is not normally the size I use on RigPix, but as this seem to be a seldom-seen radio, I included it anyway (better picture anyone please??). In the Misc.RX & scanner area, I added pix for Bearcat BC-245XLT, BC-760XLT, BC-890XLT, BC-895XLT, SC-180 and SC-200. Finally, in the CB & "freeband"-area, I added pix/spec's for Cherokee CM-5, CM-10 and CBS-500. Cobra 18 WXST, 19 Ultra II, 21 LTDST, 25 NWST, 25 WXNWST, 29 LTD ST, 29 NWST, 29 WXNWST and 75 WXST. Pheww! Time for a nap!

Added 1 new CB. Added Handic 006 and 007 to the Misc. RX & scanners section. Added pix/spec's for Drake SSR-1. Added pix/spec's for the Sydimport CB-78 and Handic 007. Also added the "eye" to a couple of listings.

Added the Pierce-Simpson Comanche 16 with pix/spec's to Misc. RX & scanners area. Added 4 new CB radios. Added pix/spec's in the CB & "Freeband" area for Handic 235, 305, 605, 21, 65c and Sydimport PR-56.

Added pix/spec's for Yaesu FT-100, FT-847 and FT-1000MP. Added pic/spec's in the CB & "Freeband" area for Colonel M-5040 and 2000, Handic 605DL, Dragon 2024, Tokai PW-5024, Sydimport PR-1B and PR-2340.

Added 3 new CB radios. Added pix/spec's in the CB & "Freeband" area for Danita 608, 240, 440, 640,1240, 1540, 1608, Kraco 2410, 2420, 2430, Zodiac P-2402FM, Digi 40, Hider 40, Roader 40, Searcher 40, Maycom AH-27, EM-27 and Handic 230.

Added 17 new CB's to the database. Added pix for Hy-Gain II & III, Lafayette Com-Phone-21, HB-23, HB-650, HB-750, HB-950, Micro-66, Telsat SSB-75, 525C, 625C, Comstat-25A, HE-15, HE-20C and HE-20T. Also began adding an "eye" in the listing to indicate that a picture is available. This process will take a while to introduce to all listings, so please be patient.

Added 8 new CB:s. Added spec's to all Kraco and SBE CB radios + pix for Kraco KB-2345 and the following SBE radios: Aspen, Brute, Console V, Cortez, Formula D, Key/Com 1000, Malibu 40, Sidebander V and Tahoe 40.

Added 13 more CB radios. Added HTML documents for all listed CB & "Freeband" radios. Also added pix/spec's for Hy-Gain I and Hy-Gain Hy-Range II plus spec's for V (2705), V (2795) and V (2795DX).

Added 53 more CB radios to the database. YES! We now have more than 1000 radios listed.

Added an ugly duckling? The CB & "Freeband" area with 80 radios listed and more to come. No HTML-documents yet though, so all links will be dead for a couple of days. The reason for adding this is simple; they are communication devices, and even though I have no interest in them, many others do.

Added schematic for the 9R-59DS.

Added pix for R-300, 9R-59 and 9R-59DS in the Kenwood area. Added the manual to the National NC-240D. Added Hammarlund SP-110, HC-10, HQ-100C and Pro-310 to the database. Added pix/spec's for Hammarlund HQ-100C, HQ110C, HQ-129X, HQ-140X, HQ-145, HQ-150, HQ-160, HQ-170A, HQ-180A, HQ-180C, HQ-200, PRO-310 and HC-10. Added pix for Collins 651S-1, 32S-1 and 75S-2. Added the JR-500SE and R-599S with pix/spec's to the Kenwood area. Added pix/spec's to Drake 2B and pix to R4, R-4B and R-4C. I also added the Plessey PR-2250 with pix/spec's to the Misc.RX/scanners section, Eddystone 1830/1 with pix/spec's, and pix to Heathkit GR-54, GR-91, MR-1, RX-1, SB-301, SB-310, HW-104, SB-101, SB-102 and SB-104. Pheew! Time to catch some Zzzz!

Added Swan 500C and 500CX, both with pix/spec's, plus spec's to 500. Also added the 350A, B and D plus 400 with spec's. In the Hammarlund area, I added the SP-200X with pix and extras. The G.E.C BRT-402S was added to the Misc.RX/scanners area. Finally, I added the new "Schematics 'n' stuff" area for quick search of.... you guessed it; Schematics 'n' stuff! This area is under evaluation and may disappear without warning.

Added the following radios to the Swan area: 250, 250C, SW-120, SW-140, SW-160X, SW-240, 350, 700 and 750, all but the 250C with pix and some with spec's. In the Hammarlund area, I renamed the SP-210 to SP-210-X and added the SP-210-SX, SP-210-LX, SP-400-X and SX and the SP-600-VLF plus pix/spec's for the HQ-129X, HQ-140X, HQ-145, HQ-150, HQ-160, HQ-180A, HQ-215, SP-210-X/SX/LX, SP-400-X and SX, SP-600-JX, SP-600-JX-17, HX-50 and HX-500. I also threw in a schematic diagram for the SP-400-X. Hmm, I think I will focus more on Hammarlund for a while as the Super-Pro series actually are my favourite vintage radios.

Added a newsflash about the new Kenwood super multibander, complete with pix/spec's. Added pix/spec's for the following Collins items: 51J, 51J-3, 51J-4, 75S-1, 75S-3, 75S3-B, 75S3-C, R-390A and R-391. New entries for Collins are 75A-1 and 75A-3 with pix/spec's. HF-380, KWM-1, KWM-2, KWM-2A and KWM-38 with pix only, and finally added 32S-1, 32S-3A, 75S-2, 75S-3A, R-381 and R-388 to the database, regretfully with no pix or spec's at this moment.

Added pix/spec's for all National radios from 2000-06-14 except the HRO-50. Today I also added the following items to the National area: NCL-2000, NCX-3, NCX-5, NCX-5 MKII, NCX-1000, NTX-30, RJX-202, RJX-230, RJX-601, RJX-610, RJX-661, RJX-715, RJX-751 and RJX-810, all with pix/spec's, plus manual and schematics for the HRO-500. Finally, I added the G.E.C BRT-400 with pix/spec's to the Misc RX/scanner area.

New radios in the National area: 1-10, AGS, FB-7, HFS, HRO-SR, HRO-5, HRO-7, HRO-50, National-200, NC-33, NC-44, NC-57, NC-66, NC-80X, NC-81X, NC-88, NC-100, NC-100XA, NC-101X, NC-105, NC-121, NC-155, NC-183, NC-303, SRR, SW-3, SW-4, SW-5 and SW-58C. Also added The Pegasus, Titan II and 526 with pix/spec's to Ten-Tec. Today we passed 800 radios in the database.

Added pix for the National HRO-60, NC-46, NC-60, NC-98, NC-109, NC-125, NC-140, NC-173T, NC-188, NC-190, NC-270, NC-300, NC-400 and SW-54. New entries: National HRO-500 and HRO-600 with pix/spec's.

Added about a hundred HTML-documents for the rest of the listed items, so now there should at least be no more broken links, pheew! Today I also moved the site to Katrinet (Thanks Tom!), where I won't hit the ceiling so fast HI. Finally I also added pix for the Fairhaven RD-500VX and Realistic DX-394 receivers and the Realistic Pro-2042 scanner with pix/spec's plus 9 Realistic HF receivers with p/s to Misc. RX/scanners.

Added the Mitzuho MX-series to Misc.Ham with pix/spec's, Lowe HF-125 with p/s to Misc.RX/scanners and IC-AH2 antenna tuner/system with pix/spec's to Icom. Added FT-211RH and FT-757GXII pix/spec's to Yaesu, Paragon p/s to Ten-Tec, IC-12E and IC-1200 pix/spec's to Icom.

Added Yaesu FT-770RH no pix, Kenwood TH-205E + TH-215E with p/s, Icom IC-900E with p/s and Eska RX-33B with p/s to the database. Added FL-7000, FT-727R, FT-980, Ft-23R, FT-73R, FT-767GX and FT-290RII pix/spec's to Yaesu, Corsair II p/s to the Ten-Tec, R-5000, TW-4000E, TM-221E, TR-851E and TR-751E p/s to Kenwood, NRD-525 p/s to Misc.RX/scanners and finally the IC-2E, IC-4E, IC-48E and IC-R7000 pix/spec's to the Icom area.

Added the SuperStar 2200 with pix/spec's and the Oscar 2 with pix/spec's to Misc.Ham. Added the Yaesu 270R & RH with pix/spec's and the Icom IC-27H with p/s. Also added 1 pix to Yaesu and 1 pix to the Misc.RX & scanner area.

Added 2 radios with pix/spec's and 1 radio with spec's only to Misc.Ham, 2 radios with p/s to Yaesu and 1 radio with p/s to the Misc.RX/scanners area. Added 1 accessory with p/s to Heathkit and 1 accessory with p/s to the Ten-Tec area. Also added 2 pix/spec's to Icom, 1 pix/spec's to Heathkit, 1 p/s to Ten-Tec, 1 p/s to Misc.RX/scanners, 1 pix/spec's to Yaesu and 6 pix/spec's to the Kenwood area.

Added 2 radios with p/s to Misc.Ham, 2 radios with p/s to Ten-Tec, 3 radios with p/s to Yaesu/Sommerkamp and 1 radio with p/s to the Icom area. Added 1 p/s to Ten-Tec, 2 p/s to Kenwood, 2 p/s to Icom and 2 pix/spec's to the Yaesu/Sommerkamp area.

Added 10 radios and 1 accessory with p/s + 11 p/s to Kenwood, 1 radio with p/s to Misc.Ham and 1 p/s to the Ten-Tec area.

Added 3 radios with p/s + 10 p/s to Misc.RX/scanner area. Added 1 repeater with p/s + 1 new radio with p/s to the Kenwood area.

Added 1 radio with spec's to the Misc.Ham area and the Shinwa SR-001 receiver with pix/spec's plus 2 Racal radios with pix to the Misc.RX/scanner area. Today I'm exhausted, so no more updates than these, sorry!

Added the TR-50 with pix/spec's + plus 8 pix/spec's to Kenwood, 1 radio with p/s + 1 pix/spec's to Icom, 1 pix/spec's to Drake, 1 pix/spec's to Ten-Tec, 1 pix/spec's to Standard and 1 new radio with p/s + 3 pix/spec's to Yaesu. Added 2 radios with pix/spec's to the Misc.RX/scanners section and 3 radios with p/s + 1 p/s to the Misc.Ham area. Finally added Swan and Eddystone logos.

Added 2 radios with pix/spec's to Misc.Ham, 1 new radio with p/s + 1 p/s to Kenwood, 2 pix/spec's + one new radio with p/s to Yaesu, 4 new radios with pix/spec's to Ten-Tec and 2 new radio with p/s to the Misc.RX/scanners area. Also added 1 new radio with p/s + 3 p/s to the Icom area. Finally I created HTML-documents for the rest of the radios in the Misc. RX/scanners area, so no more broken links there.

Added 1 radio with pix/spec's + 3 pix to Icom, 2 radios with pix/spec's + 2 pix and one new radio to Yaesu, 3 radios with p/s + 1 pix to Misc. RX/scanners, 4 radios with p/s and one new radio to Misc. Ham and finally one radio with p/s to the Heathkit area. We have now passed 700 radios in the database (702 radios, 4 repeaters and 22 accessories).

Added 2 radios with pix/spec's to Drake, 3 radios with p&s to Heathkit, 1 radio with p&s to Kenwood, 3 radios with p&s to Misc. Ham and 9 radios plus 1 accessory, all with p&s to the Yaesu/Sommerkamp area. Also added 2 p&s to Kenwood and 1 p&s to the Atlas area. Some of todays updates are a bit rare, especially the Drake UV-3E.

Updated some site graphics (logos and stuff). Added HTML documents to Alinco, meaning no more broken links there. Added HTML documents for all listed Misc. Ham items (no more broken links) + some spec's. Added 1 radio with pix/spec's to the misc. RX area, 2 radios with pix/spec's to the misc. ham area, 1 radio with pix/spec's + 1 pix to Kenwood and 2 radios with pix/spec's to the Yaesu/Sommerkamp area. Also added 9 more radios with pix/spec's to the Alinco area. Finally added 3 new Eddystone radio with pix/spec's. Time for a nap!

After a few days of other chores, I'm now back in the saddle again. Now I've added HTML-documents for all listed Yaesu/Sommerkamp items plus a bunch of spec's, so no more broken links there. Added pix/spec's to the HW-9. Added 1 Icom radio + pix/spec's and 2 Kenwood radio with pix/spec's (TNX to SM0PNL) and 1 Yaesu radio to the database. Also corrected some tnypig errosr. :-))

Added 5 more scanners with pix/spec's + 4 pix/spec's to existing scanners. Added 1 pix/spec's to Yaesu and Standard respectively. Added 21 pix/spec's + 2 more radios to Kenwood. Created the rest of the HTML documents in the Kenwood area, so no more broken links there. Some pix & spec's are still missing though, but I'm working on it.

Added 19 pictures to the Misc. RX/scanners section. Added 1 radio with spec's and 2 pix to Heathkit, 3 radios with pix/spec's to Yaesu, 2 radios to Misc. Ham, 1 radio with pix/spec's to Misc.RX/scanners and 1 pix/spec's to the Icom section. Finally added 3 Swan radios with pix/spec's and 1 more Kenwood with pix/spec's. Pheeew!!

Added 27 scanners with spec's, 1 Kenwood and 2 Yaesu radios to the database. Added 7 radio pix/spec's and 1 accessory pix/spec's to the Kenwood section, 1 pix/spec's to the Collins section, 2 pix/spec's to Heathkit, 3 pix/spec's to Ten-Tec , 3 pix/spec's to Yaesu, 2 pix/spec's to Icom and 3 pix/spec's to the Drake section. Added the Miscellaneous Ham section with 1 HT and pix/spec's + 2 radios and 1 accessory (with pix/spec's). Also added 1 Icom HT/portable with pix/spec's. Corrected some layout errors. Today we passed 600 radios and are now counting to 627.

Added 10 scanners and 1 Icom radio to the database. Added 6 pix/spec's to the Misc.receiver/scanner section and 4 pix/spec's to the Icom section.

Added 4 Icom, 5 Yaesu/Sommerkamp, 1 Hammarlund, 1 Ten-Tec and 3 Kenwood radios to the database. Added pix/spec's for 5 Yaesu/Sommerkamp, 1 Ten-Tec and 3 Kenwood radios. Also added 1 Alinco and 4 miscellaneous receivers. Corrected some table errors. Finally added pix and spec's to 3 miscellaneous receivers and 1 Alinco receiver

Added 3 Icom radios to the database. Added pictures for the following in the Icom area: 8 HT's, 2 mobile, 5 base V/U/SHF and 15 HF radios + 2 accessories. I'm proud to say that I have now created all documents under the Icom selection, which means all links are working. But OK, there are still SOME pix & spec's missing. There are now 566 radio's in the database.

Added pictures for the following in the Icom area: 6 HT's, 12 mobile, 9 base V/U/SHF and 7 HF radios.

Added 8 Icom HF radio pictures and spec's. Added 4 Icom repeaters pix and spec's. Also added 1 National and 2 Icom base radios with pix and spec's.

Added 10 Icom radios, 9 of them are HT's. Added pictures and spec's to 13 Icom HT's, 3 mobile and 7 base V/U/SHF radios. All Icom RX, HT's, mobiles and base V/U/SHF radios now at least have working links.

Added 4 Kenwood, 1 Icom and 6 Eddystone radios with pictures. Added 1 Atlas picture & 5 Icom mobiles pictures + spec's. From now on I will focus more on actually adding a bunch of pictures to the database. Today I also added a somewhat "quick & dirty" RigPix logo and some site-specific graphics.

Added 16 Hammarlund, 11 Kenwood, 1 Hallicrafter, 10 Heathkit, 2 Swan, 1 Standard, 10 Ten-Tec, 10 Yaesu and 17 National radios. I actually added some pictures of Icom receivers and Delta-100. Also added 5 Icom pre-amps with specifications (no pic's yet though).

Added 2 Drake, 6 Hammarlund, 14 Kenwood, 6 Ten-Tec and 6 Yaesu radios. Added 4 scanners and brief info abt Lowe HF-250. Also added 1 Yaesu, 1 Kenwood and 2 Drake accessories.

Added this info file. Added Eddystone and Swan to the main selection (no listing though). Added 9 Alinco, 6 Kenwood and 13 Yaesu radios. Added 1 Kenwood, 1 Yaesu and 1 Icom accessory. Added 1 Realistic scanner.