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WHAT'S NEW 2005?

Please note that there may be dead links here, mainly due to later restructuring of this site.

A better pix of Ten-Tec Corsair (TNX to KP3S). Updated the specs for Autophon SE-20, Ascom SE-540 and PYE MX-290 (TNX to HB9DTX). The new Kinetic Avionic SBS-1 SSR Mode-S/ADS-B virtual radar receiver. The new AOR SR-2000 receiver with built-in SDU. Service manual for Alinco DR-635E/T and schematics for VR-5000.

Zodiac P-2202 and a better pix of P-2012CH (TNX to HB9LEU). RM Italy KL-500 (TNX to SM7YIC). A pix of Swan 350D (TNX to AE8U). Schematics for Yaesu FT-847 (TNX to HA5RXZ). Azden PCS-2000, Ham-Master HM-2010 and Cuna Model-216 (TNX to ON7BV). Rexon RL-102 and RL-402. Super Star 2000 and finally a Hallicrafters S-95.

Sommerkamp FTdx-150, RF Concepts RFC 2-117 and a better pix of Yaesu FT-227R (TNX to ON7BV). Sommerkamp HLD-304 and Yaesu FTdx-100. Today we also welcome KP3S and the first Turkish ham, TA2UL to the "Operator gallery".

Semcoset Semco-Moto and Semco-SSB plus better pix of Kenwood TR-3200, FDK Multi-2000, KDK FM-2033 and Semcoset Terzo Digital (TNX to ON7BV). Icom AT-100, AT-120, AT-130E, AT-140, AT-150, AT-160 and AT-500. User manuals for Icom IC-PCR100, IC-PCR1000, IC-R20, IC-R71A/E/D, IC-R8500 and IC-R9000L.

Lowe PR-150 and SP-150 with manuals plus schematics for Lowe HF-150 and service manual for Lowe HF-225 (TNX to PE1DHI). Geloso G-208 (TNX to IK4CIE). Tecnostudi Oscar 7 and Echo 2 (TNX to IW6BFE). Better pix of Drake TR-7, Kenwood TS-50S, Yaesu FT-655, FT-707, FT-847 and FT-890, (TNX to HA5RXZ). Uniden UBC-D396T (TNX to SM0SMC). Zodiac SSB-15072 (TNX to HB9LEU). Today we also welcome IW6BFE to the "Operator gallery".

JRC NRD-505, JST-100D, JST-100S and JST-110D (TNX to IK4CIE). Yaesu FT-711RH (TNX to DL3ESM). User manual for Naigai NAG-144XL (TNX to SM3TOM). Cobra MT-25, MT-900, Alan 421, 443 and Motorola T-5522 (TNX to OH6GSD). Yaesu FL-110, FL-1000, FLDX-2000, FL-2000B, FL-2050, FL-2100 with manual, FL-2100F, FL-2500 with manual, Sommerkamp PA-250DX, Sirio CX-4-79, Create CLP-3100, CLP-5130-1X and Icom AH-7000. Today we passed 3200 radios in the database!!!

Götting & Griem HG-74A (TNX to DL1FMB). Updated the specs for Hilberling PT-8000A (TNX to PE9PE). Icom SM-5 (TNX to SM7YIC). Radio Shack HTX-204 (TNX to KI4LIV & N1NIC). Icom's new receivers, IC-R1500 and IC-PCR1500 (TNX to IW0HOF).

Zodiac M-2202 (TNX to HB9LEU). Icom's new HT's: IC-E7 (TNX to IW2CXJ) and IC-P7A (TNX to IW0HOF). Updated the specs for Icom IC-2000H (TNX to VE2MBS). Kenwood AT-120, AT-130, AT-200, AT-230, FDK Multi 700E and a better pix of FDK Multi 700EX (TNX to ON7BV).

The brand new Uniden Bearcat BCD-996T and BR-330T (TNX to SM0SMC). The new Vertex Standard VX-1700 (TNX to "CQ DX"). A picture of Icom IC-77 (TNX to YV5GRB). User manual for Kenwood TR-9000 (TNX to KE4VCS). Hilberling RX14, RX16 and Heide.

Opened up the new Hilberling area and added PT-8000A, MT80/20 and MT80-10 (TNX to IW0HOF). Sailor R501 (Thanks to OH6GSD). Rockwell NTR-100 (TNX to IW2CXJ). Commander CB-30, Superstar 360FM, Kraco 200, Saga Mk200.

A pix of Yaesu FT-301SD (TNX to AA3M). Teaberry Titan T. Today I opened up the new "Pimp my rig"area.

Yaesu's new prototype HF/VHF transceiver, FT-2000 (TNX to IW0HOF and HA5RXZ). Teaberry Stalker XII (TNX to Lorca Rodriguez). Zodiac P-502CH (TNX to HB9LEU). A better pix of Kenwood TS-430S (TNX to HA5RXZ). Midland WR-10, WR-100, WR-300, 74-200 and 74-250C. Today I also welcome DU1MS and SP5EPD to the "Operator gallery".

Microwave Modules MML-432/100 (TNX to James Lewis). Standard C-5400 (TNX to ON7BV). Uniden Bearcat BC-70XLT, BC-150, BC-170, BC-180, BC-300, BC-350A, BC-550A, BC-560XLT, BC-700A, BCT-7, BCT-12, SC-230, BC-898T and Bearcat 12. AOR AR-8200 Mk3. Boltek LD-250, Outdoor Technologies StrikeAlert and Stormwise DSU-3..

Alinco DJ-562SX and DR-592HX. Fritzel GPA-40 and GPA-50. Bearcat, Bearcat III, IV, 5, 6, 8 and BC-E. Uniden MR-8100. Today I finally dropped the "Tubes" area due to my lack of time and interest (sorry!).

Zodiac P-2012 (CH) (TNX to HB9LEU). Two digital voice modems from AOR: ARD-9000 and ARD-9800. Kenwood R-599A.

Yaesu's brand new VHF HT's: VX-120 and VX-170 (TNX to DG8JZ). Binatone MR-200. Kenwood CD-10 with brochure.

Cobra Transceiver MK V (TNX to G7ERX). Commander 119.137, Alpha SSB-23, JIL 606 CBS and a better pix of SBE Sentinel I (TNX to Gert C). The brand new Uniden BCD-396T (TNX to SM0SMC). Barker & Williamson VS300A and Vibroplex Original (TNX to SM7YIC). Colonel FR-360 (TNX to G7VOT). A cropped pix of GEC MT-600 (TNX to Christer E). A better pix of Yaesu VX-6R (TNX to SM4MI). User manuals for Kenwood R-599D, AR-2001, AR-2002, AR-One, Alinco DJ-X2000, Yaesu FT DX-9000D and FT-7B (TNX to Frits W).

Today I opened up the Emergency beacons area and added GME MT250C, MT300, MT310 and MT400. Other various GME gear added are RP-3800, TX-3600, TX-3800, TX-7000, TX-7200, GX294, GX600, TX-610, TX-630, TX-3200, TX-3400, TX-4400, TX-6000, TX-6200, TX-4000R, TX-4200, TX-822 and TX-835. Garmin VHF-725E.

User manual for Yaesu FRG-7700 (TNX to Frits W.). Alinco DJ-X7 (TNX to UR3IRS). Updated the specs for Icom IC-7000 (TNX to DD8GR). Updated the specs for Icom IC-725 (TNX to Tommie K). Updated the specs for Alinco DX-801 (TNX to DG9BDI). Uniden UBC-92XLT (TNX to Andreas). Magnum 257 and OmegaForce S45. Uniden UBC-57XLT, UBC-61XLT, UBC-68XLT, UBC-72XLT, UBC-80XLT, UBC-105XLT, UBC-120XLT, UBC-180XLT, UBC-280XLT, UBCT-8, the brand new Alinco DJ-C6E and DR-635E / DR-635T plus a better pix of Yaesu FT-736R.
Today we reached 3100 radios in the database!!

Mizuho DX-555, SX-1 and a better pix of Icom IC-740 (TNX to KH7L). WinRadio WR-3500i-DSP (TNX to PD0HNI). Kraco Pro-50 with manual (TNX to Andreas). A pix of Ten-Tec Delta (580) (TNX to KK7PW). Ten-Tec 405, Zodiac B-2012P and Autophon LV20 (TNX to HB9LEU). A better pix of AOR AR-3000 plus user manuals for Sony Air-7 and Icom IC-R75 remote control software. (TNX to Frits W.). Hallicrafters SX-17 (TNX to K2WH). Yaesu FT-817ND, FT-857D and FT-897D (TNX to Robin K-K). Azden PCS-7000H (TNX to KG4OHH). Sommerkamp SRG-8600DX.

Yaesu's new VHF/UHF HT: VX-6R. Updated the specs and added a much better pix plus manual and schematics for Gonset G-76 (TNX to DF3IQ). Added "High heels and low lifes" to the Silver screen trivia area (TNX to PU4RRM). Daiwa AF-406K (TNX to N4TL). User manual for Icom IC-290D/H and pictures of IC-290D. Kenwood TM-V708A. Updated pix and specs for Zodiac Slimline 473. Gonset GSB-100.

Icom's hot new mobile HF/VHF/UHF transceiver: IC-7000 (TNX to IW0HOF). Added the solar activity monitor in the lower right corner of the main page.

Kenwood TR-2200A, TR-8300, TV-506, PS-6, PS-8 and DG-5. Slightly better pix of Kenwood TS-600, TS-700S, TR-7400A, TR-7500, TS-520S and TS-820S. Today I also welcome SM0GON to the "Operator gallery".

Aitron Wristradio (TNX to SM0WID). Bearcat BC-800XLT (TNX to SM2YZY). Pace Signal 23 (TNX to SM0TVA). Updated the specs for Icom IC-V200T (TNX to OH2JSP). The ITL 12-1 tube (TNX to SM0VWE). Cobra MT-725 (TNX to SM0YCD). CDE AR22XL, AR40, Big talk, CD45 and Tailtwister. Create RC5-1, RC5-3, RC5A-2, RC5A-3. Tono SL-10W, UL-10W, UL-30W, UM-50W, UM-70W, UM-130W, VL-10W, VL-35W, VM-50W, VM-80W, VM-100W and VM-200W power amplifiers. Daiwa PS-120, PS-120M, PS-120XM, PS-140, PS-300XII, PS-310MD and PS-560MD power supplies. Daiwa LA-2035R, LA-2065R, LA-2080H, LA-2155H, LA-4040R, LA-4090 and LA-4150 power amplifiers. Daiwa RX-110DX and RX-430DX pre-amplifiers.

Sommerkamp TS-280FM US version (TNX to HB9LEU). Braun T-1000 CD (TNX to Roland Obst). Better pix of Yaesu FT-767GX (TNX to M3KDK). Better pix of Fairhaven RD-500VX+ (TNX to Frits W.). Ondico VC-914 and Telcom TE-10. Icom IC-HM10 and IC-HM14. A better pix of Icom IC-R10.

Microwave Modules MML 144/100-S (TNX to SM6PWQ). User and service manuals plus better pix for JIL SX-200 (TNX to SM2YZY). Today I also added a range of linear amplifiers, pre-amplifiers and transverters from Microwave Modules plus the user manual for MML 144/100-S.

National HRO-50T1 (TNX to SM0AOM). Eddystone EC10 and EC10 MkII, KDK FM-144 10XS RII, Icom IC-32ET, IC-25A, IC-R71A and user manuals for Icom IC-25A/E, IC-25H and IC-45A/E. A better pix of Icom IC-726 and IC-P2ET. A rear pix of Icom IC-R8500.

A picture of Hammarlund SP-600-VLF-31 (TNX to SM0AOM). A much better pix of Hy-Gain III (TNX to Terje Isberg). Replaced the pix of SM0WQT. Kenwood TH-41AT. User manuals for Kenwood TR-7730 and Icom IC-3220A/E/H. I also added Tomb raider - The cradle of life, to the Silver screen trivia area.