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Last modified 2005-10-10

Vertex Standard VX-1700

Type:Professional land mobile transceiver
Frequency range
depending on version:
TX: 1.6-30 MHz
RX: 0.03-30 MHz
RF Power output:SSB/CW, 1.6-4 MHz: 125 W
SSB/CW, 4-30 MHz: 100 W
AM, 1.6-4 MHz: 31 W
AM, 4-30 MHz: 25 W
Image rejection:N/A
Voltage:13.8 VDC
Current drain:RX: ? mA
TX: Max ? A
Impedance:50 ohms
Dimensions (W*H*D):? mm
Weight:? Kg
Other:200 memory channels. SelCall. One-touch 2.182 MHz emergency channel.
ALE option. Dual watch. PC-programmable.
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