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Last modified 2005-09-18
You may have seen 'em doin' it to cars on MTV's "Pimp my ride". Now, here's a similar concept, but with radio gear. But please remember that the gear you will see in this area DOES NOT EXIST. They are merely products of my imagination and some work in a graphics program. Specifications and pictures are nothing but food for thoughts, or maybe hints to our manufacturers.

This first pimped rig is based on a Yaesu VX-7R. Behold the OEFFVEE OP-1E.


Introducing a groundbreaking pimped transceiver with amazing features thanks to the new revolutionary Hybris-II processor.

Digital voice mode. Explore a new world of digital contacts. Signal quality, PTT and audio input/output jacks are available for those who wish to use this unit as a digital repeater component. This is also why we've ensured a 100% duty cycle at 10 and 300 mW.

262K color TFT for advanced functions. A smaller monochrome LCD for basic use. The TFT can be switched off at any time to save battery power.

Built-in TNC with all APRS functions found in Kenwood TH-D7E plus downloadable maps for live tracking on the TFT. DX-cluster monitoring function. The TNC can also be used for access to your favourite BBS when hooked up to a computer. Built-in 12 channel GPS receiver with a knob-like antenna on top.

SimulPlot, a new protocol with subaudible tones that transmit position data simultaneously with speech to compatible units for easier tracking. Received data is plotted on the same maps used by APRS..

Built-in 3 megapixel camera with auto focus. Store and/or transmit pictures via SSTV protocols. Supported protocols are Robot 36, Martin M1/M2 and Scotty S1/S2 (firmware upgradeable). Receive and display pictures on the TFT. Built-in 128 MB RAM memory storage, expandable with Mini-SD memory card.

Pop-up photo lamp/flashlight for those darker moments (a white 80000mcd LED)

RDS decoder when tuning the 88-108 MHz broadcast band.

A class 1 Bluetooth module for periferal connectivity. Download maps for the APRS-function. Upload your pictures to a PC. Program memory contents and settings from a PC. Connect to headset for hands-free access and more. Long range, up to 100m.

Built-in barometer and lightning detector modules. Ideal for hiking. The barometer can display a 24hr history diagram. An altimeter function is also implemented. The lightning detector displays the relative signal strength of a thunderstorm along with a history diagram. An audible alarm will warn the user of approaching hazardous weather.

CTCSS, DCS, DTMF, 5/7/11-tone CCIR systems (both RX & TX) and 1750 Hz tone burst for european repeater access

Full tone scan/search should please any scanner enthusiast.

InstaTune. When in scanner mode, it locks the receiver to nearby transmissions. Ideal when searching for unknown signals. Other manufacturers call this "Close call", "Reaction tune" or "Signal stalker".

Built-in ferrite-bar for LW/MW reception.

Built-in Iambic keyer. Fully programmable, can also act as a beacon.

AF and RF spectrum scope.

24hr clock.

Extra low power output of 10mW. Ideal for very local QSOs or the more challenging DXs with highly directional antennas.

True dual band receive.

Type:Amateur VHF/UHF transceiver
Frequency range:TX: 144-146 / 430-440 / 1240-1300 MHz (Europe)
RX: 0.1-2600 MHz
(50 Hz-100 KHz steps)
Mode:TX: SSB/CW/FM/NFM/Digital voice (GMSK, 4.8 kbps)
RX: SSB/CW/AM/FM/NFM/WFM/Digital voice(GMSK, 4.8 kbps)
RF Power output:2m: 10 mW / 300 mW / 1 W / 5W
70cm: 10 mW / 300 mW / 1 W / 5W
23cm: 10 mW / 300 mW / 500 mW / 1 W
(100% duty cycle at 10 & 300 mW, overheat protection on higher levels)
Image rejection:Better than 60 dB
Voltage:7.4 VDC (Lithium-Ion battery, 2000 mAh) or 6-16 VDC external
Current drain:RX: 10-350 mA (depending on active functions)
TX: Max 2 A
Impedance:50 ohms, SMA
Dimensions (W*H*D):60*150*38 mm
Weight:350 gr
Other:2000 dynamically allocated memories with alpha
tags (QRG plus 20 characters). 1200/9600bd TNC.
Waterproof/submersible. Twin RX
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OK, that was the basic data, but when will it be available? My best answer
is: Never! But as MLK once said: I have a dream.