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NB! I am now in the process of migrating all microphones and speaker-mikes to a new area of their own.
Headsets and other audio accessories will still remain in this area though.



AD-14Battery charge adapterFor BP-81, BP-82, BP-83, BP-84 and BP-90

AD-15AAC adapter

AD-15EAC adapter

AD-15DAC adapter

AD-15VAC adapter

AD-22Battery charge adapter

AD-27Battery pack adapter

AD-28Battery charge adapter

AD-28Charge adapter

AD-44ABattery charge adapter

AD-54Battery charge adapter

AD-55AC adapter. 16 VDC, 1.5 A

AD-55AAC adapter. 16 VDC, 1.5 A USA, 117 VAC
cameraAD-55NSAC adapter. 15 VDC, 2 A (input 100-240 VAC)For IC-R8600

AD-55VAC adapter. 16 VDC, 1.5 AEurope, 230 VAC

AD-56Battery pack charger adapterUse with BC-119N

AD-56ABattery pack charger adapter

AD-56BBattery pack charger adapter

AD-87Battery pack adapter

AD-88Terminal PC board for charger

AD-89Battery adapter
cameraAD-92SMASMA-to-BNC adapter

AD-94Battery pack charger adapterUse with BC-119N

AD-100Battery pack charger adapterUse with BC-119N and BC-121N

AD-101Battery pack charger adapterUse with BC-119N

AD-105Battery pack charger adapterUse with BC-119N

AD-124Charger podUse with BC-197
cameraAH-705Automatic antenna tuner. 1.8-54 MHzFor IC-705
cameraAT-100Automatic antenna tuner. 10-160 m + WARC

AT-120Automatic antenna tuner. 2-24 MHzFor the HF marine bands
cameraAT-130EAutomatic antenna tuner. 1.6-30 MHzFor the HF marine bands

AT-140Automatic antenna tuner. 1.6-30 MHz

AT-141Automatic antenna tuner
cameraAT-150Automatic antenna tuner. 10-160 m + WARC

AT-160Automatic antenna tuner. 10-160 m + WARC
cameraAT-180Automatic antenna tuner. 10-160 m + WARC / 6 mFor the IC-706 series
cameraAT-500Automatic antenna tuner. 10-160 m + WARC

BA-10Bottom slide cap

BA-11Bottom cap

BA-12Battery charge adapterFor IC-R1

BC-01Wall charger, UKFor AD-95

BC-06Charger adapter, UK12 VDC, 300 mA

BC-10AMemory backup AC power supply

BC-15AC battery charger and 10 NiCd 900 mAh batteries

BC-16EWall chargerFor BP-7 and BP-8

BC-16UWall chargerFor BP-7 and BP-8

BC-17Wall charger

BC-18Wall charger

BC-20AC battery charger and 10 NiCd 900 mAh batteries

BC-25EWall charger (Europe)For BP-3

BC-25UWall charger (USA)For BP-3
cameraBC-26EWall charger (Europe)For BP-3

BC-27Wall charger (Australia)For BP-3
cameraBC-30Desktop rapid chargerFor BP-2, BP-3, BP-4 and BP-5

BC-30UWall chargerFor BP-2, BP-3 and BP-5
cameraBC-35Desktop rapid chargerFor BP-2, BP-3, BP-5, BP-7, BP-8 and more

BC-36Desktop rapid charger
cameraBC-72ADesktop charger. 120 VAC or 12 VDC (USA)For BP-81, BP-82, BP-83, BP-84 and BP-85

BC-72DDesktop charger. 220 VAC or 12 VDC (Germany)For BP-81, BP-82, BP-83, BP-84 and BP-85

BC-72DCDesktop charger. 12 VDC onlyFor BP-81, BP-82, BP-83, BP-84 and BP-85

BC-72EDesktop charger. 240 VAC or 12 VDC (Europe)For BP-81, BP-82, BP-83, BP-84 and BP-85

BC-72VDesktop charger. 240 VAC or 12 VDC (Australia)For BP-81, BP-82, BP-83, BP-84 and BP-85

BC-73DWall charger. 12 VDC, 50 mA. 220 VACFor BP-81, BP-82, BP-111 and possibly others

BC-73EWall charger. 12 VDC, 50 mA. ? VACFor BP-81, BP-82, BP-111 and possibly others

BC-74AWall charger. ? VDC, ? mA. ? VACFor many various battery packs

BC-74DWall charger. ? VDC, ? mA. ? VACFor many various battery packs

BC-74EWall charger. ? VDC, ? mA. ? VACFor many various battery packs

BC-74JWall charger. ? VDC, ? mA. 100 VACFor many various battery packs

BC-74VWall charger. ? VDC, ? mA. ? VACFor many various battery packs

BC-77AWall charger. ? VDC, ? mA. ? VACFor BP-81, BP-82, BP-83, BP-84 (and BP-90 with NiCd)

BC-77DWall charger. ? VDC, ? mA. ? VACFor BP-81, BP-82, BP-83, BP-84 (and BP-90 with NiCd)

BC-77EWall charger. ? VDC, ? mA. ? VACFor BP-81, BP-82, BP-83, BP-84 (and BP-90 with NiCd)

BC-77VWall charger. ? VDC, ? mA. ? VACFor BP-81, BP-82, BP-83, BP-84 (and BP-90 with NiCd)

BC-78DWall charger. ? VDC, ? mA. ? VACFor BP-81 and BP-82

BC-78EWall charger. ? VDC, ? mA. ? VACFor BP-81 and BP-82

BC-79Desktop rapid charger

BC-80Desktop rapid charger

BC-96Microphone holder/chargerFor HM-90

BC-110AAC adapter/wall charger. 12 V, 100 mAUSA. 120 VAC

BC-110ARAC adapter/wall charger. 12 V, 100 mA

BC-110CAC adapter/wall charger. 12 V, 100 mA
cameraBC-110DAC adapter/wall charger. 12 V, 100 mAEurope. 230 VAC

BC-110DRAC adapter/wall charger. 12 V, 100 mA

BC-110VAC adapter/wall charger. 12 V, 100 mAAustralia. 240 VAC

BC-119Desktop rapid charger

BC-119NDesktop rapid charger

BC-121N6-bay charger

BC-123AC adapter. 100 VAC12 VDC, 1 A

BC-123AAC adapter. 117 VAC12 VDC, 1 A

BC-123EAC adapter. 230 VAC12 VDC, 1 A

BC-123SAAC adapter. US plug

BC-123SEAC adapter. EU plug

BC-123SUKAC adapter. UKFor BC-220

BC-123UKAC adapter. UKFor BC-119N

BC-124AC adapter

BC-127ABattery charger for 2 or 4 R6/AA NiCd batteriesUSA. 120 VAC

BC-127DBattery charger for 2 or 4 R6/AA NiCd batteriesEurope. 230 VAC

BC-131AAC adapter/wall charger. USA. 120 VAC
cameraBC-135Desktop rapid chargerWith AC adapter. For BP-206

BC-136AAC adapter/wall charger. 6 VDC, 500 mAUSA. 120 VAC

BC-136DAC adapter/wall charger. 6 VDC, 500 mA230 VAC
cameraBC-139Desktop rapid chargerWith AC adapter. For BP-217

BC-144NDesktop rapid charger

BC-145EAC adapter16 V, 1 A

BC-145E/UKAC adapter

BC-145LAC adapter16 V, 1 A

BC-145LEAC adapterEurope

BC-145LUKAC adapterUK

BC-146Desktop regular charger

BC-147AAC adapter12 V, 200 mA

BC-147EAC adapter12 V, 200 mA

BC-147SAC adapter

BC-149AAC adapter. 6 VDC, 1 A. USA, 120 VACFor IC-R5, IC-R20, IC-RX7 and possibly other radios

BC-149DAC adapter. 6 VDC, 1 A. Europe, 230 VACFor IC-R5, IC-R20, IC-RX7 and possibly other radios

BC-152Desktop charger

BC-153SCAC adapter/charger

BC-155A/DWall charger

BC-156Desktop rapid charger

BC-157SAC adapter. 230 VACFor BC-197 and BC-121

BC-162Desktop rapid charger

BC-164Rapid charger

BC-166Smart desktop charging cradle

BC-167AWall charger

BC-167DWall charger

BC-167SAWall charger. USA plug

BC-167SDWall charger. European plug

BC-167SVWall charger. Australian plug

BC-173Desktop standard charger

BC-174EAC adapter
cameraBC-177Desktop chargerFor BP-256

BC-179Desktop charger

BC-191Desktop rapid charger

BC-192Desktop charger

BC-193Desktop rapid charger

BC-194Charge stand

BC-196SAAC adapter/charger

BC-196SDAC adapter/charger

BC-202IP3LDesktop rapid charger. Connectable up to six units

BC-204Trickle charger

BC-205Rapid desktop chargerFor BP-275

BC-220Rapid chargerFor BP-285

BC-223Rapid chargerFor BP-287

BC-228AC adapter. For multiple BC-202IP3L units

BCM-71Yellow belt caseFor IC-M71 and IC-M73Euro

BCM-87Yellow nylon canvas caseFor IC-F61M and IC-M87

BCUSB.001USB power supply. UK. 5 V/1 A with micro-USB leadFor IC-M25?
cameraBM-113EAC adapter/wall charger. 22 V, 300 mAEurope. 230 VAC
cameraBM-113UAC adapter/wall charger. 22 V, 300 mAUSA. 120 VAC

BP-2NiCd battery pack. 7.2 V, 400/450 mAh
cameraBP-3NiCd battery pack. 8.4 V, 270 mAh
cameraBP-4Battery case. six R6/AA batteries
cameraBP-5NiCd battery pack. 10.8 V, 450 mAh

BP-5ANiCd battery pack. 10.8 V, 450 mAh
cameraBP-7NiCd battery pack. 13.2 V, 450 mAh

BP-8NiCd battery pack. 8.4 V, 800 mAh

BP-10 (IC-BP10)NiCd battery pack

BP-20Battery case. Six LR6/AA cells

BP-21NiCd battery pack. 7.2 V, 120 mAh

BP-22NiCd battery pack. 8.4 V, 270 mAh

BP-23NiCd battery pack. 8.4 V, 600 mAh

BP-24NiCd battery pack. 10.8 V, 600 mAh
cameraBP-70NiCd battery pack. 13.2 V, 270 mAh

BP-81NiCd battery pack. 7.2 V, 110 mAh

BP-82NiCd battery pack. 7.2 V, 300 mAh

BP-83NiCd battery pack. 7.2 V, 600 mAh

BP-84NiCd battery pack. 7.2 V, 1000 mAh

BP-85NiCd battery pack. 12 V, 340 mAh

BP-86Battery case. Six LR6/AA cells

BP-90Battery case. Six LR6/AA cells

BP-100Battery case. Six R6/AA alkaline or NiCd cells

BP-101NiCd battery pack. 7.2 V, 700 mAh

BP-102NiCd battery pack. 7.2 V, 1200 mAh

BP-103NiCd battery pack. 12 V, 600 mAh

BP-110Battery case. Six R6/AA alkaline or NiCd cells

BP-111NiCd battery pack. 7.2 V, 400 mAh

BP-112NiCd battery pack. 7.2 V, 700 mAh

BP-113NiCd battery pack. 7.2 V, 1200 mAh

BP-114NiCd battery pack. 12 V, 400 mAh
cameraBP-130ABattery case. Six R6/AA cells

BP-131ANiCd battery pack. 7.2 V, 900 mAh

BP-132ANiCd battery pack. 12 V, 600 mAh

BP-151NiCd battery pack. 6 V, 800 mAh

BP-152NiCd battery pack. 6 V, 1100 mAh

BP-153NiCd battery pack. 12 V, 600 mAh

BP-159Battery case. Four R6/AA alkaline or NiCd cells
cameraBP-157ANiCd battery pack. 7.2 V, 900 mAh
cameraBP-160NiCd battery pack. 7.2 V, 700 mAh

BP-170Battery case. Four R6/AA cells

BP-171NiCd battery pack. 4.8 V, 700 mAh

BP-172NiCd battery pack. 4.8 V, 950 mAh

BP-173NiCd battery pack. 9.6 V, 650 mAh
cameraBP-174NiCd battery pack. 12 V, 600 mAh

BP-180NiCd battery pack. 7.2 V, 600 mAh

BP-197Battery case. Three R6/AA cells

BP-198Ni-MH battery pack. 4.8 V, 700 mAh

BP-199Ni-MH battery pack. 6 V, 700 mAh

BP-200Ni-MH battery pack. 9.6 V, 680 mAh

BP-202NiCd battery pack. 3.6 V, 700 mAh

BP-204Battery case. Six R6/AA cells
cameraBP-206Li-Ion battery pack. 3.7 V, 1920 mAhFor IC-R3 and IC-R20

BP-208Battery case. Six R6/AA cells. Works with MB-68/74/87 belt clips

BP-208NBattery case. Six R6/AA cells. Works with MB-103 belt clip

BP-209NiCd battery pack. 7.2 V, 1100 mAh. Works with MB-68/74/87 belt clips

BP-209NNiCd battery pack. 7.2 V, 1100 mAh

BP-210NiMH battery pack. 7.2 V, 1650 mAh. Works with MB-68/74/87 belt clips

BP-210NNiMH battery pack. 7.2 V, 1650 mAh

BP-211NLi-Ion battery pack. 7.4 V, 1800 mAh
cameraBP-216Battery case. Two R6/AA cells
cameraBP-217Li-Ion battery pack. 7.4 V, 1300 mAh

BP-222NiCd battery pack. 7.2 V, 600 mAh. Works with MB-68/74/87 belt clips

BP-222NNiCd battery pack. 7.2 V, 600 mAh

BP-226Dry cell battery case. For IC-M87

BP-227Li-Ion battery pack. 7.2 V, 1700 mAhFor IC-F61M and IC-M87
cameraBP-228NiCd battery pack. 9.6 V, 2800 mAh

BP-243Li-Ion battery pack. 3.7 V, 1800 mAh

BP-244Li-Ion battery pack. 3.7 V, 1100 mAh

BP-245HLi-Ion battery pack. 7.4 V, 2000 mAhFor IC-M73

BP-251Dry cell battery case. Five R03/AAA

BP-252Li-Ion battery pack. 7.4 V, 980 mAh
cameraBP-256Li-Ion battery pack. 7.4 V, 1620 mAh

BP-257Dry cell battery case. Two R6/AA

BP-262Dry cell battery case. 3*LR6/AAFor IC-RX7

BP-263Dry cell battery case. Six LR6/AA

BP-264NiMH battery pack. 7.2 V, 1400 mAh

BP-265Li-Ion battery pack. 7.4 V, 2000 mAh

BP-267Li-Ion battery pack. 7.4 V, 1260 mAh

BP-271Li-Ion battery pack. 7.4 V, 1200 mAh
cameraBP-272LiLi-Ion battery pack. 7.4 V, 2000 mAhFor ID-31E, ID-51A, ID-51E, ID-51A Plus2, ID-51E Plus2, ID-52A, ID-52E, and IC-705

BP-273Battery case. Three LR6 / AA batteries

BP-275Li-Ion battery pack. 7.4 V, 1500 mAhFor IC-M91D

BP-282Li-Ion battery pack. 3.7 V, 1500 mAhFor IC-M25

BP-285Li-Ion battery pack. 7.2 V, 1570 mAhFor IC-M93D

BP-287Li-Ion battery pack. 3.6 V, 3200 mAhFor IC-R30

BP-293Dry cell battery case. Three LR6/AAFor IC-R30
cameraBP-307High capacity Li-Ion battery pack. 7.2 V, 3150 mAhFor ID-31E, ID-51A, ID-51E, ID-51A Plus2, ID-51E Plus2, ID-52A, ID-52E, and IC-705

CAB-1258DC power cable. 3 m (9.8 ft)For IC-R8600

CF-11Cooling fan kit

CK-70DC kit. 12-14 VDCFor IC-R70

CM-1Cigarette lighter cable12 V

CM-2NiCd battery pack. 7.2 V, 400 mAh

CM-2GNiCd battery pack

CM-3NiCd battery pack. 8.4 V, 250 mAh

CM-3GNiCd battery pack

CM-4Battery case. 6*R6/AA

CM-4GBattery case. 6*R6/AA

CM-5NiCd battery pack. 10.8 V, 400 mAh

CM-5GNiCd battery pack

CM-5AGNiCd battery pack

CM-7GNiCd battery pack

CM-8GNiCd battery pack



CM-12GBattery case12*R6/AA

CM-25EAC adapter/wall charger240 VAC (Europe)

CM-25UAC adapter/wall charger117 VAC (USA)

CM-35AC battery charger

CM-60AMulti charger for up to six battery packs

CP-1Cigarette lighter cable12 or 24 VDC, 4 A

CP-10Battery separation cable

CP-11Cigarette lighter cable with noise filter

CP-12Cigarette lighter cable with noise filter

CP-12LCigarette lighter cable with noise filter

CP-13Cigarette lighter cable12 VDC

CP-13LCigarette lighter cablewith noise filter

CP-17LCigarette lighter cable
cameraCP-18Cigarette lighter cable with DC-DC converter. Input 12-16 VDC. Output 6 VDC, 1.5 A.

CP-18ACigarette lighter cable with DC-DC converter

CP-18ECigarette lighter cable with DC-DC converter. Input 12-16 VDC. Output 6 VDC, 1.5 A.

CP-19RCigarette lighter cable with DC-DC converter11 VDC output

CP-21LRCigarette lighter cable with noise filter

CP-23LCigarette lighter cable

CP-24Cigarette lighter cable

CP-25HCigarette lighter cable
cameraCR-64High stability crystal unit0.5 ppm, -30C to +60C
cameraCR-263High stability crystal unit
cameraCR-266High stability crystal unitFor IC-2500 series
cameraCR-282High stability crystal unit0.5 ppm
cameraCR-293High stability crystal unit0.5 ppm
cameraCR-335High stability crystal unitFor IC-Delta 100 series
cameraCR-338High stability crystal unit0.5 ppm

CR-502High stability crystal unit0.5 ppm, -30C to +60C

CS-D800Cloning software

CS-P7Cloning software

CS-R2Cloning softwareFor IC-R2

CS-R3Cloning softwareFor IC-R3

CS-R5Cloning softwareFor IC-R5

CS-R6Cloning softwareFor IC-R6

CS-R10Cloning softwareFor IC-R10

CS-R20Programming softwareFor IC-R20

CS-R30Programming softwareFor IC-R30

CS-R8600Programming softwareFor IC-R8600

CS-RX7Cloning softwareFor IC-RX7

CS-T7Cloning softwareFor IC-T7A, IC-T7E and IC-T7H

CS-T8Cloning softwareFor IC-T8A and IC-T8E

CS-T70Cloning software

CS-T81Cloning software

CS-T90ACloning software

CS-V8Cloning software

CS-V82Cloning software

CS-V8000Cloning software

CS-52Cloning softwareID-52 series

CS-207Cloning softwareIC-207H

CS-208Cloning softwareIC-208 series

CS-2100Cloning software

CS-2200HCloning software

CS-2300HCloning software

CS-2710Cloning software

CS-2720Cloning software

CS-2730Cloning software

CS-2800Cloning software

CS-2820Cloning softwareFor IC-E2820 and IC-2820H

CS-9700Cloning softwareFor IC-9700

CT-10Computer interface/terminal unitFor remote control and RTTY

CT-15AQS adapter
cameraCT-16Satellite interface unit
cameraCT-17CI-V level converter

DC-1 (IC-DC1)DC-DC converter, 12 VDC in to 9 VDC out

DC-25DC-DC converter, 13.8 VDC in to 9.4 VDC out

DCHD-551DDC power cable, 6 mFor IC-551D and IC-701

DM-2Cigarette lighter cable with DC-DC converter24 V



EX-20Automatic antenna selector

EX-195Marker unitFor frequency calibration

EX-202LDA unitFor auto band switching

EX-203CW audio filter (150 Hz)

EX-205TRV unitFor transverter switching

EX-241 (IC-EX241)Marker unitFor frequency calibration
cameraEX-242 (IC-EX242)FM unit
cameraEX-243 (IC-EX243)Electronic keyer unit

EX-248 (IC-EX248)FM unit
cameraEX-257 (IC-EX257)FM unitFor IC-R70 and IC-R71 series

EX-293Electronic keyer unit

EX-299DC cable kitFor IC-R70, IC-R71 and IC-R7000
cameraEX-309 (IC-EX309)Interface unit
cameraEX-310 (IC-EX310)Voice synthesizer unit
cameraEX-314 (IC-EX314)RAM board

EX-494Cloning unit

EX-627Automatic HF antenna selector

EX-766Interface unit-A

EX-767Power cable connector box

EX-1513Infrared sub receiverExtends the range of EX-1759

EX-1759Infrared receiverFor use with HM-90
cameraFL-30SSB narrow filter (2.3 KHz)
cameraFL-32CW narrow filter (500 Hz)
cameraFL-32ACW narrow filter (500 Hz)
cameraFL-33AM filter (6 KHz)
cameraFL-34AM filter (5.2 KHz)

FL-44SSB crystal filter (2.4 KHz)
cameraFL-44ASSB crystal filter (2.4 KHz)
cameraFL-45CW narrow filter (500 Hz)
cameraFL-52CW narrow filter (500 Hz)
cameraFL-52ACW narrow filter (500 Hz)
cameraFL-53CW narrow filter (250 Hz)
cameraFL-53ACW narrow filter (250 Hz)
cameraFL-54CW narrow filter (270 Hz)
cameraFL-63CW narrow filter (250 Hz)
cameraFL-63ACW narrow filter (250 Hz)
cameraFL-70SSB narrow filter (2.8 KHz)
cameraFL-80SSB narrow filter (2.4 KHz)
cameraFL-83CW narrow filter (500 Hz)
cameraFL-96SSB wide filter (2.8 KHz)
cameraFL-100CW narrow filter (500 Hz)
cameraFL-101CW narrow filter (250 Hz)
cameraFL-102AM filter (6 KHz)
cameraFL-103SSB wide filter (2.8 KHz)

FL-117AM filter (6 KHz)
cameraFL-132CW narrow filter (500 Hz)For main band
cameraFL-133CW narrow filter (500 Hz)For sub band
cameraFL-222SSB narrow filter (1.8 KHz)
cameraFL-223SSB narrow filter (1.9 KHz)
cameraFL-232CW/RTTY narrow filter (350 Hz)
cameraFL-257SSB wide filter (3.3 KHz)

FL-272SSB narrow filter (2.4 KHz)
cameraFL-4301st IF filter (6 KHz)
cameraFL-4311st IF filter (3 KHz)

HM-166Hands-free headset
cameraHP-1 (IC-HP1)Communications headphones
cameraHP-2Lightweight communications headphones



HS-10SAVOX unit

HS-10SBPTT switch box

HS-15Flexible mobile microphone

HS-15BSwitch box

HS-15SBSwitch box

HS-20SBSwitch box

HS-51Headset with PTT and VOX

HS-60Headset with PTT and VOX

HS-62Flexible mobile microphone

HS-85Hands-free headset with PTT and VOX

HS-94Earhook with boom microphone

HS-95Behind-the-ear headset with boom microphone

HS-97Throat microphone type
cameraIC-AG1Preamp, 70 cm>15dB gain
cameraIC-AG25Preamp, 2 m>15 dB gain

IC-AG30Preamp, 220 MHz>15 dB gain
cameraIC-AG35Preamp, 70 cm>15 dB gain
cameraIC-AG1200Preamp, 23 cm>10 dB gain
cameraIC-AH2Automatic antenna tuner/antenna system
cameraIC-AH3Automatic antenna tuner
cameraIC-AH4Automatic antenna tuner

IC-BU1Memory backup battery unit

IC-CK1Memory backup DC power cord

IC-CK28Separation kit

IC-EX1Extension terminal

IC-EX2Extension terminal with 25 KHz marker

IC-EX106FM unit

IC-EX107VOX unit unit

IC-EX108P.B.Tune unit
cameraIC-RM1Computerized remote controller
cameraIC-RM2Computerized remote controller
cameraIC-RM3Computerized remote controller

LC-2Carrying case

LC-3Carrying case

LC-10Carrying case

LC-11Carrying caseFor use with BP-2, BP-3 and BP-4

LC-12Carrying caseFor use with BP-5

LC-14Carrying caseFor use with BP-7 and BP-8

LC-28Carrying caseFor use with BP-21

LC-29Carrying caseFor use with BP-20

LC-30Carrying caseFor use with BP-22 and BP-23

LC-38Carrying caseFor use with BP-2, BP-3 and BP-4

LC-39Carrying caseFor use with BP-5 and BP-70

LC-40Carrying caseFor use with BP-5A, BP-7 and BP-8

LC-57Carrying caseFor IC-R1

LC-59Carrying caseFor use with BP-82 and BP-83

LC-61Carrying caseFor use with BP-84 and BP-85

LC-71Carrying caseFor use with BA-11 and BP-81

LC-72Carrying caseFor use with BP-82/83/90

LC-73Carrying caseFor use with BP-84 and BP-85

LC-91Carrying caseFor use with BP-111

LC-92Carrying caseFor use with BP-110 and BP-112

LC-109Carrying case

LC-110Carrying case

LC-111Carrying case

LC-125Carrying case

LC-126Carrying case

LC-136Carrying case

LC-137Carrying case

LC-140Carrying caseFor IC-R10

LC-146Carrying case

LC-146ACarrying case

LC-147Carrying case

LC-148Carrying case

LC-151Carrying caseFor IC-R3

LC-152ACarrying case

LC-156Multi-bag with controller case

LC-158Carrying case

LC-161Carrying case

LC-163Carrying case

LC-168Carrying case

LC-170Carrying caseFor IC-RX7

LC-174Carrying case

LC-189Carrying caseFor IC-R30

LC-192Multifunction backpackFor IC-705

LC-193Carrying case
cameraMB-5 (IC-MB5)Mobile mounting bracket

MB-12Mobile mounting bracket

MB-16Mobile bracket

MB-16DWall bracket

MB-17AMobile mounting bracket
cameraMB-19Rack mounting handles

MB-20Alligator clip

MB-21Remote controller bracket

MB-22Alligator clip
cameraMB-23Carrying handle

MB-24Mounting bracket. Hanger type

MB-25Mounting bracket. Wall type

MB-26Mobile mounting bracket. Standard type

MB-27Mobile mounting bracket

MB-30Mobile bracket

MB-31Band unit stacking bracket

MB-32Mounting bracket

MB-34Joint plates for stacking

MB-49Mobile mounting bracket

MB-50Remote controller bracket

MB-58Remote controller bracket

MB-59Basic mounting bracket
cameraMB-62Mobile mounting bracket
cameraMB-63Flat surface controller bracket
cameraMB-65Control head mounting base

MB-69Flush mount kitFor IC-M401, IC-M411 and IC-M421Euro
cameraMB-72Carrying handle

MB-73Controller bracket

MB-75Flush mount kitFor several marine transceivers

MB-83Swivel type belt clip

MB-84Controller bracket

MB-85Combination bracket

MB-86Swivel type belt clip

MB-96NLeather belt hangerIncluding MB-86

MB-96FFixed type leather belt hanger

MB-98Alligator type belt clip

MB-103Alligator type belt clip

MB-103YAlligator type belt clip

MB-105Controller bracket

MB-106Carrying handle

MB-109Belt clip, alligator type

MB-111Belt clip

MB-112GBelt clip
cameraMB-116Rack mounting handles
cameraMB-117Carrying handle
cameraMB-118Mobile mounting bracket
cameraMB-120Control head mounting base (replaces MB-65)

MB-121Carrying handle
cameraMB-123Carrying handle

MB-124Alligator type belt clip

MB-127Belt clip

MB-132Flush mount kitFor IC-M323, IC-M423 and IC-M506

MB-133Belt clip, alligator typeFor IC-R30, IC-M25 and IC-M93D
cameraMBA-4Controller to transceiver mounting bracket
cameraMBA-5Controller mounting bracket
cameraMBA-705Holder/antenna mount/table standFor IC-705
cameraMBF-1Suction cup mounting base
cameraMBF-4Mobile mounting bracket
cameraMBF-705Table standFor IC-705

OPC-001DC power cable-

OPC-008DC power cable-

OPC-010DC power cableFor IC-280 memory

OPC-012DC power cable-

OPC-017ACloning cable-

OPC-020DC power connector converter-

OPC-021ADC power cable, 5 A-

OPC-021BDC power cable, 10 A-

OPC-022DC power cable-

OPC-023ADC power cable, 5 A-

OPC-023BDC power cable, 10 A-

OPC-023CDC power cable, 3 A-

OPC-024DC power cable, 5 A-
cameraOPC-025ADC power cable, 20 AFor IC-718 and IC-7200

OPC-025BDC power cable, 10 A

OPC-025CDC power cable, 15 A
cameraOPC-025DDC power cable, 30 A

OPC-027DC power cable, 10 A

OPC-027ADC power cable, 10 A

OPC-034AC power cable

OPC-044ADC power cable, 10 A

OPC-044BDC power cable, 15 A

OPC-045DC power cableFor PS-30

OPC-046AC power cable

OPC-047Accessory cableFor IC-271H and IC-271H

OPC-052DC power cableFor PS-30

OPC-053DC power cable, 10 AFor PS-30

OPC-054DC power cable, 10 AFor PS-30

OPC-069Wire antennaFor IC-R71 and IC-R100

OPC-077DC power cable, 30 A

OPC-087Antenna connector
cameraOPC-088Line cableFor SM-8

OPC-089DC power cable

OPC-089ARemote cableFor IC-M800

OPC-095DC power cable, 5 A

OPC-102DC power cable, 10 AFor PS-45, IC-229A and IC-38A

OPC-103Antenna cable and connector pigtailFor IC-M55

OPC-104Control cableTo AT-150 and AT-160

OPC-104BACC2 cable

OPC-115PigtailFor IC-M55 and IC-M56

OPC-116Replacement pigtailFor IC-M55 and IC-M56

OPC-117ACable for mic hanger, whiteFor IC-M57 and IC-M125

OPC-117BCable for mic hanger, blackFor IC-M57 and IC-M125

OPC-118Adapter cable, 24-pin to 8-pin

OPC-125Coax patch cable

OPC-125BCoax cableFor PW-1

OPC-125CCoax cable

OPC-126Adapter cableIC-751A to AT-150

OPC-129Cloning cable
cameraOPC-131DC power cable, 2 AFor IC-R72 and IC-R100

OPC-133Cloning cableFor IC-V100, IC-V200, IC-U200 and IC-U400

OPC-136Control cable

OPC-137Interface cable

OPC-138Interface cable

OPC-158ACC pigtailFor IC-M100

OPC-162Video cableFor TV-R7100

OPC-168Cloning cable

OPC-170DC power cable, 15 AFor IC-900 and IC-901 series

OPC-172Fiberoptic cable, 5 mFor IC-900 and IC-901 series

OPC-172AFiberoptic cable, 5 mFor IC-M800

OPC-177Cable A for field programming with EX-1321

OPC-178Cloning cable

OPC-179Ribbon cable, 15 pinFor IC-900 and IC-901 series band units

OPC-184DC power cable, 15 AFor IC-900 and IC-901 series

OPC-189Fiberoptic cable, 20 mFor IC-900 and IC-901 series

OPC-191DC power cable with mic hanger, 10 AFor IC-M500

OPC-192Remote control cable, 4 mFor IC-900 series

OPC-198Intercom cable for UA1 to switch and speakersFor marine radios

OPC-202DC power cable, 10 AFor IC-M500D

OPC-207DC power cable, 13.8 VDC

OPC-213CableFor IC-900 series

OPC-216Remote control cableFor IC-4KL

OPC-218DC power cable, 10 AFor IC-M120

OPC-221DC power cableFor IC-M120 and UX-95

OPC-235Mini DC power cableFor IC-2S and IC-2SAT

OPC-238DC power cableFor IC-M56

OPC-239BMic hanger cableFor IC-M56

OPC-243DC power cable, 20 AFor IC-901 series

OPC-245LDC power cable

OPC-248Fiberoptic cable, 20 mFor IC-M800

OPC-254DC power cable

OPC-254LDC power cable

OPC-271Cloning cableFor IC-M56 and IC-M57

OPC-272Cloning cableFor IC-M120 and IC-M125

OPC-275DC power cable, 4-pin

OPC-285NMEA0182 and NMEA0183 to FF88m MR40

OPC-286Scanner unit system cableFor MR40, MR61 and MR610

OPC-288DC power cable, for operating and charging

OPC-288LDC power cable, for operating and charging

OPC-291DC power cable, blackFor IC-M125, IC-M126B and IC-M127B

OPC-291ADC power cable, whiteFor IC-M125, IC-M126W and IC-M127W

OPC-293Cloning cableFor IC-V210T and IC-U210T

OPC-296Unit-to-unit cloning

OPC-298Cloning cableFor IC-V220 and IC-U220

OPC-302ACC2 cable, 7-pinFor IC-M600

OPC-303ACC1 cable, 8-pinFor IC-M600

OPC-319ACC cable, 4-pin

OPC-326Mic cable with hanger unitFor IC-U810T

OPC-332Separation kit, 3.5 m (11.5 ft)For IC-Delta 100 series

OPC-333Separation kit, 7 m (23 ft)For IC-Delta 100 series

OPC-335Speaker cable, 5 m (16.4 ft)

OPC-343DC power cable, 5 AFor IC-Delta 100

OPC-344DC power cable, 10 A

OPC-345DC power cable, 15 A, 3 mFor IC-2340H

OPC-346DC power cable, 20 A, 3 m

OPC-347DC power cable, 20 A, 7 m (23 ft)

OPC-355DC power cableFor IC-M57 and IC-M58

OPC-356DC power pigtailFor IC-M59

OPC-381Ignition cableFor IC-U810T

OPC-420Control cable, radio to tuner, 10 m

OPC-427Cloning cable

OPC-434NMEA cableFor GP22

OPC-438Separation cable, 3.5 m (11.5 ft)For IC-2700H

OPC-439Separation cable, 7 m (23 ft)For IC-2700H
cameraOPC-440Mic extension cable, 5 m (16.4 ft)

OPC-441Speaker extension cable, 5 m (16.4 ft)

OPC-444Cloning cable

OPC-456Hailer/intercom pigtailFor IC-M126

OPC-457DSC pigtailFor IC-M59, IC-M126 and IC-M127

OPC-460DC power pigtailFor IC-M126
cameraOPC-474Cloning cableRadio-to-radio

OPC-476Cloning cableFor IC-V68 and IC-U68
cameraOPC-478Cloning cable, RS-232CPC-to-transceiver

OPC-478UCloning cable, USBPC-to-transceiver
cameraOPC-478UCCloning cable kit, USBPC-to-transceiver

OPC-486Cloning cableFor IC-M126DSC

OPC-498Microphone adapter cable, 4-pin modular to 8-pin standard connetorFor IC-Delta 100 series
cameraOPC-499Headset adapter cableFor IC-A3, IC-A22 and more...

OPC-500Separation cableFor IC-Z1 series

OPC-515Cloning cable adapterFor OPC478 to GM1500

OPC-515LDC power cableFor IC-A3, IC-A22, IC-M1 and more

OPC-531DSC terminal cableFor IC-M710DSC

OPC-534DC power cable

OPC-552Cloning cable

OPC-562Mic hanger cableFor IC-M58 and IC-M59

OPC-566Control cable, radio to tuner

OPC-567Tuner cable pigtailFor IC-M710

OPC-568DC power cableFor IC-M700Pro, IC-M710 and IC-M710RT

OPC-569DC power pigtailFor IC-M710

OPC-580Antenna connector with cableFor IC-M58
cameraOPC-581Separation cable, 3.5 m (11.5 ft)
cameraOPC-587Separation cable, 5 m (16.4 ft)
cameraOPC-589Microphone adapter cable

OPC-591Unit-to-unit cloning cable

OPC-592Adapter cable, 8-pin modular to OPC-478

OPC-596ACC plug cableFor IC-706 series

OPC-598ACC cable, 13-pin, 7 m (22 ft)

OPC-599Adapter cable, 13-pin ACC to 7-pin + 8-pin ACC

OPC-600Separation cable, 3.5 m (11.5 ft)

OPC-600RSeparation cable with ferrite core, 3.5 m (11.5 ft)

OPC-601Separation cable, 7 m (23 ft)

OPC-601RSeparation cable with ferrite core, 7 m (23 ft)

OPC-607Front panel detachable cable, 3 mF1000 series

OPC-608Front panel detachable cable, 8 mF1000 series

OPC-609Front panel detachable cable, 1.9 mF1000 series

OPC-617ACC cable

OPC-626Cloning adapter cable, OPC-478 to M1

OPC-632DC power cableFor IC-M45 and IC-M59

OPC-633Mic cable, blackFor IC-M59

OPC-634Mic cable, whiteFor IC-M59

OPC-639DC power cable with noise filter, 20 A

OPC-646Cloning cableFor IC-207H and IC-2710H

OPC-647Mic extension cable, 2.5 m (8.2 ft)

OPC-656DC power cableFor IC-M73Euro, IC-M87, IC-M91D, IC-F61M

OPC-657DC power cable, 1 mFor IC-821H

OPC-662RS232C cableFor IC-746

OPC-664Cloning cable (OPC-478 required)For IC-M127

OPC-671DC power pigtailFor IC-M127

OPC-718Remote control CI-V cableFor IC-PW1

OPC-729JumperFor IC-729

OPC-730Separation cableFor IC-PW1

OPC-742ACC cable, 13-pin

OPC-743RS232C cableFor IC-PCR100 and IC-PCR1000

OPC-750APower cable without mic hangerFor IC-M127

OPC-752Headset adapterFor IC-A4

OPC-754DC power pigtailFor IC-M45

OPC-770RS232C cableFor IC-R8500

OPC-771Separation cable, 5 mFor IC-M710RT

OPC-772Separation cable, 20 mFor IC-M710RT

OPC-775DC power cableFor IC-M710RT

OPC-782Plug adapter cable

OPC-821AVL cable

OPC-822AVL cable

OPC-826Interface cableFor AV-100 system

OPC-837Remote controller cableFor IC-2800H

OPC-869DC power cableFor IC-R75

OPC-871Headset adapter cableFor IC-A110

OPC-872Controller extension cable

OPC-946DC power cableFor IC-M502

OPC-967Headset adapter cableFor IC-A5 and IC-A23

OPC-999Extension cable, 6 mFor HM-127

OPC-1000HM-127 remote cableFor IC-M502

OPC-1107DC power cable, 2 m (6.7 ft)For IC-M802

OPC-1132DC power cable, 3 m (9.8 ft)

OPC-1154Separation cable. 3.5 m (11.5 ft)

OPC-1154ASeparation cable. 3.4 m (11.2 ft)

OPC-1155Separation cable with ferrite core. 3.5 m (11.5 ft)
cameraOPC-1156Separation cable, 3.5 m (11.5 ft)

OPC-1229DC power cable, 4 A

OPC-12483-pin DC cable to 6-pin connector

OPC-1384Data cablePC and GPS connection

OPC-1382Cloning cable, USB (Radio-to-computer)

OPC-1392Headset adapter cableFor IC-M71, IC-M73 and IC-GM1600

OPC-1443Separation cable, 3.5 m (11.5 ft)

OPC-1444Separation cable, 5 m (16.4 ft)

OPC-1457DC power cable, 30 A
cameraOPC-1457RDC power cable with EMC filter, 30 A

OPC-1529Data communications cable, RS-232C
cameraOPC-1529RData communications cable, RS-232C

OPC-15416 m extension cable kitFor HM-162E and HM-195 command mikes
cameraOPC-1655Cloning programming adapter cableFor IC-M33, IC-M34, IC-M35 & IC-M36

OPC-1663Separation cable. 3.4 m (11.2 ft)

OPC-1712Controller cable for single body installation. 10 cm (3.94")

OPC-1797Plug adapter cable
cameraOPC-1799RS-232C data cableFor IC-92 series

OPC-2006Plug adapter cable

OPC-2006LSPlug adapter cable for headsets

OPC-2144Plug adapter cable for speaker-microphones

OPC-2321Control cable, for AH-740

OPC-2350LUPC and Android data cable

OPC-2417USB cable (Micro B-to-Micro B)

OPC-2418USB cable (Type C-to-Micro B)

RC-10Frequency controller
cameraRC-11Remote control unit, with IR remote controllerFor IC-R71, IC-R71A, IC-R71D, IC-R71E

RC-12Wireless remote controller
cameraRC-24Remote controller unitFor ID-1

RC-28Remote encoder

RS-BA1IP remote control software

RS-ID1Control softwareFor ID-1

RS-MS1AIP remote control software

RS-R8600Remot control softwareFor IC-R8600

RS-91Remote control and memory management software

RS-92Remote control and memory management software
cameraSP-2 (IC-SP2)External speakerPhone patch option
cameraSP-3 (IC-SP3)External speaker
cameraSP-4 (IC-SP4)Mobile speaker
cameraSP-5 (IC-SP5)External speaker
cameraSP-7External speaker
cameraSP-8External speaker
cameraSP-10External speaker
cameraSP-12External speaker, slim dimensions2 m cable
cameraSP-20External speaker with filter
cameraSP-21External speaker
cameraSP-22External speaker
cameraSP-23External speaker with filter
cameraSP-24External speaker, slim dimensions

SP-27Tube earphone
cameraSP-30External speaker, slim dimensions
cameraSP-33External speaker

SP-34External speaker with high/low filter. 3 W, 8 ohms
cameraSP-35External speaker, slim dimensions
cameraSP-38External speaker

SP-39ADExternal speaker with built-in power supplyFor IC-R8600


SP-41External speaker with two input lines

TS-32Encoder/decoder unitMounts on UT-15
cameraTV-970Amateur TeleVision adapterMode A5 & A9 - AM video
cameraTV-1200Amateur TeleVision adapterMode A5 & A9 - AM video
cameraTV-1275Amateur TeleVision adapterMode A5 & A9 - AM video
cameraTV-R7000TeleVision adapterAM video
cameraTV-R7100TeleVision & FM stereo adapterAM video
cameraUI-7AM/FM unit

UI-8FM unit
cameraUI-9FM unit

UI-100DSP unit

UR-1Receiver protector unit

UT-15Tone squelch interface unitRequires also TS-32

UT-16Voice synthesizer unitFor IC-27 and IC-47 series
cameraUT-23Voice synthesizer unit. For IC-2300, IC-3200A and IC-3200E

UT-28DCS unit

UT-29Tone squelch unit

UT-30Programmable tone encoder unit88.5 Hz preset
cameraUT-34Tone squelch unit
cameraUT-36Voice synthesizer unit. English or japanese voice
cameraUT-40Tone squelch unit

UT-48DTMF encoder/decoder unit

UT-49DTMF decoder unit
cameraUT-50Tone squelch unit (Encoder/decoder)

UT-51Programmable Tone encoder unit

UT-55DTMF encoder/decoder unit

UT-63Tone squelch unit

UT-66Voice synthesizer unit

UT-67Tone squelch unit

UT-70Tone squelch (Triband) and tone encoder unit

UT-71Programmable tone encoder unit

UT-75DTMF decoder unit

UT-76Tone squelch unit

UT-81Tone squelch unit (CTCSS/PL encoder/decoder)
cameraUT-84Tone squelch unit

UT-85Tone squelch unit (CTCSS/PL encoder/decoder + tone scan)

UT-86Tone squelch unit
cameraUT-89Tone squelch unit
cameraUT-94Tone squelch unit (CTCSS/PL encoder/decoder)

UT-962/5-tone encoder/decoder unit

UT-98Voice scrambler unit

UT-101DTMF encoder/decoder unit
cameraUT-102Voice synthesizer unitEnglish or japanese voice

UT-104Tone squelch unit

UT-105SmarTrunk II logic board
cameraUT-106Internal DSP unitANF & NR

UT-108DTMF decoder unit

UT-109Scrambler unit. Non-rolling type. 32 codes

UT-110Scrambler unit. Rolling type. 1020 codes

UT-111Johnson LTR trunking unit

UT-114Digital voice/scrambler unit
cameraUT-115D-Star/DV unit. Early version
cameraUT-118D-Star/DV unit. Later version, replaces UT-115
cameraUT-121D-Star/DV unit
cameraUT-122APCO P25/DV unit

UT-123D-Star/DV and GPS unit

UX-14CI-IV to CI-V converter unit (parallel-to-serial)

UX-19A10 m band unit. 10 W

UX-19E10 m band unit. 10 W

UX-29A2 m band unit. 25 W

UX-29E2 m band unit. 25 W

UX-29H2 m band unit. 45 W

UX-39A220 MHz band unit. 25 W

UX-49A70 cm band unit. 25 W

UX-49E70 cm band unit. 25 W

UX-59A6 m band unit. 10 W
cameraUX-9723 cm band unit. 10 W
cameraUX-9813 cm band unit. 1 W

UX-129A23 cm band unit. 10 W

UX-129E23 cm band unit. 10 W
cameraUX-91023 cm band unit. 10 WFor IC-910D and IC-910H
cameraUX-91123 cm band unit. 10 WFor IC-911D
cameraUX-910023 cm band unit. 10 WFor IC-9100

UX-R91AMW/76-950 MHz receiver unitFor IC-901A

UX-R91EMW/76-950 MHz receiver unitFor IC-901E
cameraUX-R9650-905 MHz receiver unit

UX-S92A2 m SSB/CW unitFor IC-901A

UX-S92E2 m SSB/CW unitFor IC-901E

VS-1VOX/PTT case


VS-3Bluetooth headset



AC-10AC adapterFor CD-10

ARCP-480Radio control program

ARCP-2000Radio control program

AT-50Automatic antenna tunerFor TS-50S
cameraAT-120Antenna tuner
cameraAT-130Antenna tuner
cameraAT-200Antenna tuner
cameraAT-230Antenna tuner
cameraAT-250Automatic antenna tuner

AT-300Automatic antenna tuner

AT-440Internal automatic antenna tuner. 10-80 mFor TS-440S

AT-450Internal automatic antenna tunerFor TS-450S and TS-690S

AT-850Internal automatic antenna tunerFor TS-850S
cameraAT-940Internal automatic antenna tuner, 10-160 mFor TS-940S

BC-1Memory backup power supply (Europe)

BC-2Battery charger for PB-10

BC-9Battery charger for PB-6 and PB-7

BC-10Rapid charger

BC-11Compact charger

BC-12Battery charger

BC-17Wall charger

BC-19Rapid charger

BC-21Wall charger

BH-6Swivel mount

BM-1Bottom cover
cameraBO-9System base with memory backup power
cameraBO-9ASystem base with memory backup power


BT-3Dry cell battery pack (Six LR6/AA batteries)

BT-9Battery case (Four LR6/AA batteries)

BT-11Battery case (Four LR6/AA batteries)

BT-13Battery case (Four LR6/AA batteries)

BT-14Battery case (Six LR6/AA batteries)

BT-16Battery case (Six LR03/AAA batteries)

BU-1External memory backup Battery case
cameraCD-10DCS callsign display

DC-4Mobile charger for PB-10

DC-5Mobile charger for PB-6, PB-7 and PB-9

DC-26DC-DC converter

DCK-1DC operation kit

DCK-2DC operation kit

DF-180Memory unit

DFC-230Digital frequency controller

DFK-3Detachable front panel mounting kit

DFK-3CDetachable front panel mounting kit

DFK-3DDetachable front panel mounting kit

DFK-4Detachable front panel mounting kit

DFK-4CDetachable front panel mounting kit

DFK-5Detachable front panel mounting kit

DFK-7ADetachable front panel kit7 m cable

DFK-7CDetachable front panel kit7 m cable

DG-1AInternal digital frequency counter

DRU-2Digital recording unit

DRU-3ADigital recording unit

DS-1ADC-DC converter

DSP-100External Digital Signal Processor

DTP-2DTMF keypad

DTU-2DTMF unit

EB-3External battery case

EPG-3GDC line noise filter

FA-4Cooling fan unit

FM-430FM unitFor TS-430S

HB-2Hand strap
cameraHC-1World clock
cameraHC-2World clock
cameraHC-10Digital world clock

HMC-1Headset with microphone

HMC-2Headset with VOX & PTT

HMC-3Headset with VOX & PTT

HS-4Communications headphones8 ohms

HS-5Light-weight open air-type headphones8 ohms

HS-6Deluxe, very light-weight headphones12 ohms

HS-7Micro headphones



IC-10Interface IC kitEnables computer control

IF-10DInterface unit

IF-232CRS-232C interface/level converter

KB-1Deluxe flywheel VFO tuning knob



KCT-24SPC connection kit with software


KES-3SMobile speaker

KES-5Mobile speaker4 ohms, 40 W!


KHS-22Headset with boom microphone PTT

KHS-26Clip microphone with earphone

KHS-28FClip microphone with earhanger

KHS-35FDry cell battery case (Six LR03/AAA batteries)

KLF-2Line noise filter

KMC-30Hand microphone

KMC-32Hand microphone with keypad

KNB-63LLi-Ion battery pack1130 mAh

KNB-74LLi-Ion battery pack, slim type. 7.4 V, 1100 mAh

KNB-75LLi-Ion battery pack, standard. 7.4 V, 1800 mAh

KPG-46Programming cable

KSC-8ACompact charger

KSC-14Rapid charger

KSC-24Rapid charger

KSC-25LSRapid charger

LF-30ALow pass filter

MB-9Quick release mobile bracket

MB-10Mobile mount bracket

MB-11Mobile mount bracket

MB-12Mobile mount bracket

MB-13Mounting bracket

MB-14Mobile mounting bracket

MB-100Mobile mount

MB-201Mobile mount

MB-430Mobile mount

MB-430BMobile mount
cameraMC-30SDynamic noise cancelling hand microphone500 ohms
cameraMC-35SDynamic noise cancelling hand microphone50 Kohm
cameraMC-42SDynamic hand microphone with up/down buttons500 ohms
cameraMC-43SDynamic hand microphone with up/down buttons600 ohms

MC-45Multi-function microphone

MC-45DMMulti-function microphone with DTMF pad

MC-45DMEMulti-function microphone with DTMF pad

MC-45EMulti-function microphone

MC-46Hand microphone with up/down buttons and DTMF pad

MC-47Multi-function microphone, 8-pin

MC-48BHand microphone with DTMF pad. 8-pin
cameraMC-50Desktop microphone

MC-53DMMulti-function microphone with DTMF

MC-55Mobile microphone
cameraMC-57Hand microphone

MC-57DMHand microphone
cameraMC-58Hand microphone

MC-58DMHand microphone
cameraMC-59Hand microphone with DTMF pad
cameraMC-60Desktop microphoneWith Preamplifier

MC-60ADesktop microphoneWith Preamplifier
cameraMC-80Omnidirectional electret desk microphone with preamplifier
cameraMC-85High-class unidirectional electret desk microphone with preamplifier and filter
cameraMC-90Desktop microphoneInterchangeable heads

MCP-1AMemory control program

MCP-2AMemory control program

MJ-868-to-6 pin microphone adapter

MJ-88Modular to 8-pin microphone adapter

MJ-89Modular plug microphone switch

MU-1DCL modem unit

MS-1Drop-in mobile stand with power feed and trickle charge

PB-57.2 V, 200 mAh NiCd battery pack

PB-67.2 V, 600 mAh NiCd battery pack

PB-77.2 V, 1100 mAh NiCd battery pack

PB-812 V, 600 mAh NiCd battery pack

PB-107.2 V, 600 mAh NiCd battery packNot for rapid charger

PB-268.4 V, 450 mAh NiCd battery pack

PB-304.8 V, 600 mAh standard battery pack

PB-326 V, 600 mAh standard battery pack

PB-336 V, 1200 mAh long-life battery pack

PB-349.6 V, 600 mAh high power battery pack
cameraPB-386 V, 650 mAh standard battery pack

PB-399.6 V, 600 mAh high power battery pack
cameraPB-42L7.4 V, 2000 mAh Li-Ion battery pack
cameraPB-43N7.2 V, 1100 mAh NiMH battery pack
cameraPC-1Phone patch controllerWith VU-meter

PC-1APhone patch controllerWith VU-meters

PG-2NDC power cable

PG-2SDC power cable

PG-2WDC power cable

PG-2YDC cable, 4 m

PG-2ZDC cable, 2 m

PG-3BNoise filter power cable

PG-3FFiltered cigarette lighter power cable

PG-3GNoise filter power cable

PG-3JFiltered cigarrette lighter cable

PG-4KDetachable front panel kit

PG-4LDetachable front panel kit

PG-4MControl cable, 6 mFor AT-50

PG-4RSky command cable kit

PG-4TVC-H1 connection cable

PG-4VVC-H1 connection cableFor TH-D7E

PG-4WPC connection cable and software

PG-4XExtension cable kit

PG-4YPC serial programming cable

PG-4ZPanel extension cable kit

PG-5AData cable

PG-5FExtension cable kit

PG-5GProgramming interface cable

PG-5HPC interface cable kit

PG-5JInterface kit for RC-D710

PG-20DC power cable

QR-6FM87.5-108 MHz WFM tuner unitFor QR-666
cameraQR-6MK500 KHz marker unitFor QR-666

RC-D710Multi-function front panel

RC-V7Control panelFor TM-V7E
cameraRC-2000Mobile control panel

RM-76Remote control unit with 6 memories and scanning

SC-9Softcase with belt hook

SC-28SoftcaseFor PB-5/6

SC-29SoftcaseFor PB-7/8/9






SC-46PSoftcaseFor VC-H1

SC-54Softcase with swivel belt clip

SO-1High stability crystal unit (TCXO)

SO-2High stability crystal unit (TCXO), 0.5 ppm

SO-3High stability crystal unit (TCXO)
cameraSP-10External speaker. 2 W, 8 ohmsFor Trio JR-310
cameraSP-23External speaker8 ohms
cameraSP-31External speaker with filter8 ohms

SP-40Mobile speaker4 ohms

SP-41Mobile speaker4 ohms

SP-50Mobile speaker8 ohms

SP-50BMobile speaker8 ohms

SP-70External speaker

SP-100External speaker. 1.5 W, 8 ohms

SP-120External speaker

SP-230External speakerWith audio filters

SP-430External speaker
cameraSP-820External speaker
cameraSP-940Speaker with filters

ST-2Drop-in base stand/quick charger

SWT-1Antenna tuning unit, 2 m band

SWT-2Antenna tuning unit, 70 cm band

SW-100ASWR/Power meter, 1.8-150 MHz

SW-100BSWR/Power meter, 140-450 MHz

SW-200ASWR/Power peak/RMS meter, 1.8-150 MHz

SW-200BSWR/Power peak/RMS meter, 140-450 MHz

TK-1Memory backup power supply (USA)

TSU-5Programmable tone decoder unit

TSU-7CTCSS/PL tone unit

TSU-6CTCSS/PL tone unit

TSU-8CTCSS/PL tone unit

TU-7CTCSS/PL tone unit
cameraTU-8CTCSS/PL tone unit

TU-35BCTCSS/PL tone encoder unit

UBC-2Twin unit charger

UBC-4Single unit charger

UPB-1NiCd battery pack

USC-3Carrying case
cameraUT-1023 cm band unit10 W
cameraUT-2023 cm band unit10 W

UT-28S10 m band unit50 W

UT-50S6 m band unit50 W

UT-220S1.25 m band unit25 W

UT-120023 cm band unit10 W

VC-10Internal VHF converter unit118-174 MHz

VC-20Internal VHF converter unit108-174 MHz
cameraVFO-30External VFO For TR-7200G & TR-2200GX
cameraVFO-30GExternal VFO For TR-7200G & TR-2200GX

VFO-120External VFOFor TS-120S and TS-120V

VFO-180External VFOFor TS-180S

VFO-230External digital VFO20 Hz step and 5 memories

VFO-240External VFO

VFO-700SExternal VFOFor TS-700S
cameraVFO-820External VFO For TS-820 and TS-820S

VFO-900External VFOFor TS-900
cameraVGS-1Voice guide and storage unit. 3*30 seconds

VOX-3VOX unit

VP-1Bumper mountFor MA-5 mobile HF antenna
cameraVS-1Voice synthesizer unitEnglish or japanese voice

VS-2Voice synthesizer unit

VS-3Voice synthesizer unit

WR-1Water resistant bag

WR-2Water resistant bag
cameraYF-107CCW filter (500 Hz)For TS-480
cameraYF-107CNCW filter (270 Hz)For TS-480
cameraYF-107SNSSB filter (1.8 KHz)For TS-480

YF-3395C-1CW narrow filter (500 Hz)IF: 3.395 MHz

YF-3395FFM filterIF: 3.395 MHz

YG-88AAM filter (8 KHz)IF 8.83 MHz
cameraYG-88CCW filter (500 Hz)IF 8.83 MHz

YG-88CNCW filter (270 Hz)IF 8.83 MHz
cameraYG-88SSSB filter (2.4 KHz)IF 8.83 MHz
cameraYG-455CCW narrow filter (500 Hz)IF 455 KHz
cameraYG-455C-1CW narrow filter (500 Hz)IF 455 KHz
cameraYG-455CNCW narrow filter (270 Hz)IF 455 KHz
cameraYG-455CN-1CW narrow filter (250 Hz)IF 455 KHz
cameraYG-455S-1SSB filter (2.4 KHz)IF 455 KHz
cameraYG-3395CCW filter (500 Hz)IF: 3.395 MHz
cameraYG-3395SSSB filter (2.4 KHz)IF: 3.395 MHz
cameraYK-88AAM filter (6 KHz)IF 8.83 MHz
cameraYK-88A-1AM filter (6 KHz)IF 8.83 MHz
cameraYK-88CCW narrow filter (500 Hz)IF 8.83 MHz
cameraYK-88C-1CW narrow filter (500 Hz)IF 8.83 MHz
cameraYK-88CNCW narrow filter (270 Hz)IF 8.83 MHz
cameraYK-88CN-1CW narrow filter (270 Hz)IF 8.83 MHz
cameraYK-88SSSB filter (2.4 KHz)IF 8.83 MHz
cameraYK-88S1SSB filter (2.4 KHz)IF 8.83 MHz
cameraYK-88S2SSB filter (3 KHz)IF 8.83 MHz
cameraYK-88SNSSB filter (1.8 KHz)IF 8.83 MHz
cameraYK-88SN-1SSB filter (1.8 KHz)IF 8.83 MHz
cameraYK-107CCW narrow filter (500 Hz)IF 10.695 MHz
cameraYK-455C-1CW narrow filter (500 Hz)IF 455 KHz



AD-2VHF/UHF duplexer

AD-3VHF/UHF duplexer

ADMS-VX3Windows programming softwareFor VX-3

ADMS-VX6Windows programming softwareFor VX-6

ADMS-VX8Windows programming softwareFor VX-8D

ADMS-VX-8GWindows programming softwareFor VX-8G

ADMS-1EWindows programming software

ADMS-1FWindows programming softwareFor VX-110 & VX-150

ADMS-1GWindows programming softwareFor VX-7

ADMS-1HWindows programming softwareFor VX-2

ADMS-1JWindows programming softwareFor FT-60

ADMS-2CWindows programming softwareFor FT-8000R

ADMS-2DWindows programming softwareFor FT-3000

ADMS-2EWindows programming softwareFor FT-90

ADMS-2FWindows programming softwareFor FT-1500

ADMS-2GWindows programming softwareFor FT-7100

ADMS-2HWindows programming softwareFor FT-8900

ADMS-2IWindows programming softwareFor FT-8800

ADMS-3Windows programming softwareFor VR-500

ADMS-4AWindows programming softwareFor FT-817 and FT-817ND

ADMS-5Windows programming softwareFor VR-160
cameraADMS-65Windows programming softwareFor FT-65E and FT-65R

ADMS-250Windows programming softwareFor FT-250

ADMS-270/277Windows programming softwareFor FT-270/FT-277

ADMS-350Windows programming softwareFor For FTM-350

ADMS-400Windows programming softwareFor FTM-400DE and FTM-400XDE

ADMS-1900Windows programming softwareFor FT-1900 / FT-1907

ADMS-2900Windows programming softwareFor FT-2900

ADMS-7900Windows programming softwareFor FT-7900

AMK-1Antenna mounting bracket for license plate

ATBK-100VHF/UHF antenna base kitFor ATAS-100 and ATAS-120

ATU-2Internal automatic antenna tuner

BC-1Bottom cover, for use without battery packFor FT-26

BH-2ABluetooth headsetRequires BU-2 and CD-40

BPF-1Dual BPF for crossband service

BU-2Bluetooth adaptor unit

CA-14Charger adapter, for use with NC-50

CA-15Charger adapter, for use with NC-60B/C

CA-24Charger sleeve

CA-34Charger sleeve with NC-82

CAB-1Charger sleeve for BH-1A, BH-2A and FPR-1

CD-15Rapid charger, 2.5 hrs

CD-15ARapid charger, 2.5 hrs

CD-16Desktop rapid chargerRequires CA-24 and PA-23

CD-26Charger cradle

CD-29ARapid charger

CD-29BRapid charger, 120 VAC

CD-29CRapid charger, 220-240 VAC

CD-29URapid charger, 220-240 VAC with UK plug

CD-40Charger cradle for BH-2A
cameraCD-41Desktop rapid chargerFor FNB-101Li and FNB-102Li

CD-47Desktop rapid chargerRequires PA-43B/C/U

CLIP-1Belt clip

CLIP-3Belt clip

CMP-460AWaterproof speaker-microphone

CN-2BNC-to-SMA adapter

CN-3BNC adapter

CNB-401NiCd battery packFor VR-120 and VR-500

CNS-3SMA-to-BNC adapter

COX-2MMAntenna cable

CS-17SoftcaseFT-727R with FNB-3A or FNB-5A

CS-18SoftcaseFT-727R with FNB-4A

CSA-401AC adapterFor VR-120

CSC-1AVinyl carrying caseFor FT-290R

CSC-19SoftcaseFor FT-290RII






CSC-27AShoulder holster


















CSC-71SoftcaseFor VX-1R

CSC-72SoftcaseFor VR-500


CSC-76SoftcaseFor VR-120 and VR-120D

CSC-83SoftcaseFor FT-817 and FT-817ND

CSC-88SoftcaseFor VX-7

CSC-90SoftcaseFor VX-2

CSC-91SoftcaseFor VX-6

CSC-92SoftcaseFor VR-160 & VX-3

CSC-93SoftcaseFor VX-8D

CSC-95SoftcaseFor VX-8G

CT-M10Separation cable, 6 m (20 ft)For FTM-10

CT-M11External handset connection cableFor FTM-10

CT-27Cloning cable

CT-30Microphone adapter (2-pin to 1-pin)

CT-35Cloning cable

CT-39Packet interface cable

CT-39APacket interface cable

CT-44Mic/ear adapter/splitter

CT-58Band data cable

CT-61STBY cable

CT-62CAT interface cable

CT-91Microphone adapter

CT-118Linear amplifier connection cableFor VL-1000

CT-131Microphone adapter

CT-132Separation cable, 6 m (20 ft)

CT-133GPS extension cable (for FGPS-2)

CT-134Cloning cable

CT-135Clone cable

CT-136GPS antenna adapter for FGPS-2

CT-140Packet cable

CT-141Packet cable

CT-142Packet cable

CT-143Data cable, 2.5 mm-DSUB9

CT-144Cloning cable

CT-162Separation cable6 m (19.6 ft)

CT-163Data cable. DIN 10-pin <> DIN 6-pin + DSUB9

CT-164Data cable. DIN 10-pin <> DIN 6-pin

CT-165Data cable. DIN 10-pin <> DSUB9

CT-166Cloning cable

CT-167Data cable. DIN 10-pin <> Split end

CT-168Cloning cable

CT-169PC connection cable

CT-170Data cable

CT-176Data cable
cameraCT-178Quadra amplifier control cable

DC-90113.5 V DC-DC converter

DC-770012 VDC optionFor FRG-7700

DCC-04PDC cable
cameraDCC-2900Heavy duty DC cable20 A

DMU-2000Data Management Unit

DSP-1Internal DSP unit. Notch, bandpass, CW peaking and noise reductionFor VR-5000

DSP-2Internal DSP unit
cameraDVS-1Digital voice memory unit
cameraDVS-2Digital voice recording unit
cameraDVS-3Digital voice recording unit
cameraDVS-4Digital voice recording unit. Up to 16 seconds of audioFor VR-5000
cameraDVS-5Digital voice recording unit
cameraDVS-6Digital voice recording unit

E-DC-5DC cable with cigarrette lighter plug and noise filter

E-DC-5BDC cable with cigarrette lighter plug and noise filter
cameraE-DC-6DC cable, plug and wire with open end

E-DC-15DC cable with cigarrette lighter plug

E-DC-21Cigarrette lighter DC power cable with voltage regulator

E-736DC power cable

E-767Band data + T/R-switching cable for FL-7000

FAS-1-4RRemote antenna selectorFor use with FC-757AT or FL-7000

FBA-2Battery sleeve. Requires NC-7 or NC-8

FBA-5ABattery case for six R6/AA type cells

FBA-8Battery case for six R14/C type cellsFor FT-290RII

FBA-9Battery case for six R03/AAA type cells

FBA-10Battery case for six R6/AA type cells

FBA-12Battery case for six R6/AA type cells

FBA-15Battery case for four R6/AA type cells

FBA-17Compact battery case for six R6/AA type cells

FBA-20Battery case for R6/AA type cellVX-1R

FBA-23Battery case for two R6/AA type cells

FBA-25Battery case for six R6/AA type cells

FBA-25ABattery case for six R6/AA type cells

FBA-28Battery case for eight R6/AA type cell

FBA-37Battery tray for three R6/AA type cell
cameraFBA-39Battery tray for three R6/AA type cellFor FT-2 and VX-8 series

FC-10Compact automatic antenna tuner

FC-20Automatic antenna tuner

FC-30Automatic antenna tuner
cameraFC-40Automatic antenna tuner. 6-160 m

FC-102Antenna tuner. 10-160 m, 1.2 KW PEP
cameraFC-107Antenna tuner. 10-160 m
cameraFC-301Antenna tuner. 10-160 m
cameraFC-700Antenna tuner. 10-80 m + WARC
cameraFC-707Antenna tuner. 10-80 m + WARC

FC-757ATAutomatic antenna tuner

FC-800Antenna tuner. 10-160 m, 500 W

FC-901Remote automatic antenna tuner
cameraFC-902Antenna tuner. 10-160 m + WARC, 500 W

FC-1000Automatic antenna tuner

FEX-736-1.2A23 cm band module. North America10 W

FEX-736-1.2B23 cm band module. Outside North America10 W

FEX-736-506 m band module10 W

FEX-736-220220 MHz band module25 W

FEX-767-22 m band module10 W

FEX-767-66 m band module10 W

FEX-767-7A70 cm band module (440-450 MHz)10 W

FEX-767-7B70 cm band module (430-440 MHz)10 W

FF-5Switchable low pass filterFor FRG-7700

FF-501DXLow pass filter

FFT-1FFT unit

FGPS-1Internal GPS receiver and antenna unit

FGPS-2GPS antenna unit

FH-1Remote control keypad
cameraFH-2Remote control keypad

FIF-MXCAT-interfaceFor MSX computers

FIF-65ACAT-interfaceFor Apple II computers

FIF-80ACAT-interfaceFor NEC PC8001 computers


FM-1FM unitFor FT-920

FM-100FM unitFor FRG-100
cameraFM-747FM unit

FMP-1AQS message processor & digital message display

FNB-V57NiCd battery pack7.2 V, 1100 mAh
cameraFNB-V94NiMH battery pack7.2 V, 1800 mAh

FNB-2NiCd battery pack10.8 V, 450 mAh

FNB-3NiCd battery pack10.8 V, 425 mAh

FNB-3ANiCd battery pack10.8 V, 425 mAh

FNB-4ANiCd battery pack12 V, 500 mAh

FNB-5ADry cell battery case6*R6/AA

FNB-9NiCd battery pack7.2 V, 200 mAh

FNB-10NiCd battery pack7.2 V, 600 mAh

FNB-11NiCd battery pack12 V, 600 mAh

FNB-12NiCd battery pack12 V, 500 mAh

FNB-14NiCd battery pack7.2 V, 1000 mAh

FNB-17Compact NiCd battery pack7.2 V, 600 mAh

FNB-20NiCd battery pack7.2 V, 600 mAh

FNB-25Compact NiCd battery pack7.2 V, 600 mAh

FNB-26Compact NiCd battery pack7.2 V, 1000 mAh

FNB-27Compact NiCd battery pack12 V, 600 mAh

FNB-28Compact NiCd battery pack7.2 V, 700 mAh

FNB-40NiCd battery pack6 V, 650 mAh

FNB-41NiCd battery pack9.6 V, 600 mAh

FNB-42NiCd battery pack9.6 V, 1100 mAh

FNB-49NiCd battery pack6 V, 600 mAh

FNB-52LILi-Ion battery packVX-1R

FNB-64NiCd battery pack7.2 V, 700 mAh

FNB-72NiCd battery pack9.6 V, 1000 mAh

FNB-78NiMH battery pack13.2 V, 4500 mAh

FNB-79NiCd battery pack. ? V, ? mAhFor VR-120D

FNB-79MHNiMH battery pack2.4 V, 1200 mAh

FNB-80LiLi-Ion battery pack7.4 V, 1300 mAh

FNB-82LiLi-Ion battery pack3.7 V, 1000 mAh
cameraFNB-83NiMH battery pack7.2 V, 1400 mAh

FNB-85NiMH battery pack9.6 V, 1400 mAh

FNB-101LiLi-Ion battery pack7.4 V, 1000 mAh

FNB-102LiLi-Ion battery pack7.4 V, 1800 mAh

FPR-1Monitor unit

FRB-2Connection box

FRB-757Relay box
cameraFRT-7700Antenna tuner/preselector0.15-30 MHz

FRV-8800Internal VHF converter unit118-174 MHz

FTD-7DTMF paging unit

FTE-21750 Hz tone burst generator

FTE-36CTCSS/PL encoder unit
cameraFTS-6CTCSS/PL unit

FTS-7CTCSS/PL encoder/decoder unit

FTS-8CTCSS/PL encoder/decoder unitFor FT-736, FT-767GX and more

FTS-12CTCSS/PL encoder/decoder unit
cameraFTS-16CTCSS/PL encoder/decoder unitFor FTS-2006 and FTS-7006


cameraFTS-19CTCSS/PL unitFor FT-2008, FT-2010, FT-7008 adn FT-7010

FTS-22Dual CTCSS/PL decoder unit

FTS-27CTCSS/PL decoder unit

FTS-32ECTCSS/PL and tone burst encoder unit

FTS-36Tone squelch unit unit

FTS-64EDual CTCSS/PL encoder unit

FTT-4DTMF keyboard encoder

FTT-10/A1616 button DTMF keypad. 30 memories.For FT-10R and FT-40R

FTT-10/A16D16 button DTMF paging keypad. 99 memories.For FT-10R and FT-40R

FTT-10/A16S16 button Digital voice recording keypad. 99 memories.For FT-10R and FT-40R

FTT-10/A066 button keypad. 30 memories.For FT-10R and FT-40R

FTT-12DTMF pad, CTCSS/PL unit with 99 memories and DVRS

FV-50External VFOFor FT-75B
cameraFV-101External VFO
cameraFV-101ZExternal VFO

FV-102DMExternal synthesized VFO with 12 memories
cameraFV-107External VFO
cameraFV-301External VFO

FV-707DMExternal synthesized VFO with memories

FV-901DMExternal synthesized VFO with 40 memories

FVS-1Voice synthesizer unit

FVS-1AVoice synthesizer unitFor VR-5000

FVS-2Voice guide unit

F5D-8Five-tone encoder/decoder unit unit

HRI-200WIRES-X internet linking interface and software

Keyer unit BInternal iambic keyer unit
cameraLandliner 301Phone-patch
cameraLL-2Universal phone patch unit
cameraLL-5Internal phone patch unitMounts inside of SP-5 or SP-6

LL-7Phone patch unitMounts inside SP-8
cameraM-1Desktop microphoneElectret & dynamic dual element

MD-1B8Desktop microphone

MD-1C8Desktop microphone
cameraMD-100A8XDesktop microphoneDynamic
cameraMD-200A8XUltra high fidelity Desktop microphoneDynamic

MEK-M10Microphone jackFor FTM-10

MEK-2Microphone extension kit

MF-1A3BBoom microphone with flexible arm
cameraMH-1B8Hand microphone

MH-10F8Hand microphone


MH-14A8Hand speaker-microphone with burst button

MH-14B8Hand speaker-microphone

MH-14D8Standard hand microphone

MH-15C8Hand speaker-microphone with DTMF keypad

MH-15D8Hand microphone with DTMF autodialler memory

MH-18A2BCompact speaker-microphone


MH-27Hand microphone with DTMF

MH-31A8JHand microphoneUp/down buttons

MH-31B1SHand microphoneDynamic

MH-31B8Hand microphone


MH-35B6JHand microphoneWith DTMF-pad

MH-36A6JHand microphoneWith DTMF-pad

MH-36B6JHand microphoneWith DTMF-pad

MH-36B6J5Hand microphoneWith DTMF-pad

MH-36D8Hand microphoneWith DTMF-pad

MH-36E8JHand microphoneWith DTMF-pad


MH-42A6JHand microphone
cameraMH-42B6JHand microphone with 1750 Hz tone burst

MH-42B6JSHand microphone with 1750 Hz tone burst

MH-42C6JHand microphone

MH-46C6JMultifunction DTMF hand microphone
cameraMH-48A6JHand microphoneDTMF pad

MH-48A6JHand microphoneWith DTMF pad

MH-48B6JHand microphoneWith DTMF pad

MH-57A4BCompact speaker-microphone

MH-59A8JHand microphoneWith DTMF-pad and encoder wheel

MH-68A6JWaterproof hand microphone with DTMF pad

MH-68B6JWaterproof hand microphone

MH-73A4BWaterproof speaker-microphone

MH-74A7AWaterproof speaker-microphone
cameraMH-85A11USpeaker-microphoneBuilt-in camera

MLS-100High-power external speaker

MLS-200-M10Weatherproof high-power external speaker

MMB-10Mobile bracket

MMB-M10Mobile panel bracket

MMB-M11Handlebar panel bracket

MMB-2Mobile mounting bracket

MMB-11Mobile mounting bracket

MMB-20Mobile mounting bracket

MMB-21Mobile hanger bracket

MMB-28Mobile mounting bracket

MMB-31Mobile mounting bracket

MMB-32Mobile hanger bracket

MMB-32AMobile hanger bracket

MMB-33Mobile mounting bracket

MMB-36Mobile mounting bracket

MMB-37Mobile mounting bracket

MMB-38Mobile mounting bracket

MMB-42AMetal case

MMB-46Mobile hanger bracket

MMB-49Mobile hanger bracket
cameraMMB-60Quick release mobile mounting bracket

MMB-62Mobile controller bracket

MMB-66Mobile mounting bracket

MMB-67Quick release mobile mounting bracket

MMB-80Mounting bracket
cameraMMB-83Mobile bracket

MMB-90Mobile mounting bracket
cameraMMB-98Vacuum bracket for the control head

MU-7700Memory unit. 12 regular memoriesFor FRG-7700

NC-7Base station battery charger

NC-8Quick charger/DC adapter

NC-9BWall charger. 117 VACFor FNB-2 and FNB-3A

NC-9CWll charger. 220-234 VACFor FNB-2 and For FNB-3A

NC-11BBattery charger, 117 VAC

NC-11CBattery charger, 220-234 VAC

NC-15Quick charger/DC supply

NC-18B117 VAC compact chargerFor FNB-4A/-11/-12/-27

NC-18C220-234 VAC compact chargerFor FNB-4A/-11/-12/-27

NC-26B117 VAC compact chargerFor FNB-8

NC-26C220-234 VAC compact chargerFor FNB-8

NC-27B117 VAC compact chargerFor FNB-4A/-9

NC-27C220-234 VAC compact chargerFor FNB-4A/-9

NC-28B117 VAC compact chargerFor FNB-4A/-10/-17/-25/-28

NC-28C220-234 VAC compact chargerFor FNB-4A/-10/-17/-25/-28

NC-29Desktop rapid chargerFor many FNB packs

NC-336 multiple charger

NC-34B117 VAC compact chargerFor FNB-4A/-14/-26

NC-34C220-234 VAC compact chargerFor FNB-4A/-14/-26

NC-421-hour desktop rapid charger

NC-50Dual-slot rapid charger

NC-60ABattery charger, 114/234 VACFor VR-500

NC-60BBattery charger, 120 VAC

NC-60CBattery charger, 230-240 VAC

NC-60UBattery charger, 220-240 VAC, UK plug

NC-66B/C/UAC power supply/chargerVX-1R

NC-72BBattery charger, 120 VAC

NC-72CBattery charger, 230-240 VACReplaced by PA-48C

NC-72UBattery charger, 220-240 VAC, UK plug

NC-73Desktop rapid charger

NC-82Charger stand with CA-34

NC-85BBattery charger, 120 VAC

NC-85CBattery charger, 230-240 VACReplaced by PA-46C

NC-85UBattery charger, 220-240 VAC, UK plug

NC-86BBattery charger, 120 VAC

NC-86CBattery charger, 230-240 VAC

NC-86UBattery charger, 220-240 VAC, UK plug

NC-88BBattery charger, 100-120 VAC

NC-88CBattery charger, 230-240 VAC

NC-88UBattery charger, 230 VAC

NC-GOB117 VAC compact charger

NC-GOC234 VAC compact charger

PA-3DC car adapter/trickle charger

PA-4BAC adapter. 110-120 VAC

PA-4CAC adapter. 220-240 VAC

PA-6Mobile DC adapter/chargerFor many 7.2 V FNB packs

PA-7Battery pack extension cable

PA-11BAC adapter, 117 VAC

PA-11CAC adapter, 220 VAC

PA-17Battery cable extender

PA-23AC adapter

PA-26BBattery chargerFor FNB-78

PA-26CBattery chargerFor FNB-78

PA-26UBattery chargerFor FNB-78

PA-28BAC adapter, 120 VAC. 13 VDC, 1 A (USA)For VR-5000

PA-28CAC adapter, 230 VAC. 13 VDC, 1 A (Europe)For VR-5000

PA-28UAC adapter, 230 VAC. 13 VDC, 1 A (UK)For VR-5000

PA-30BAC adapter, 120 VAC

PA-30CAC adapter, 240 VAC

PA-30UAC adapter, 230 VAC
cameraPA-42CAC adapter, 220-240 VAC. 10.5 VDC, 1 AFor SMB-201 and others

PA-43BAC adapter for CD-47, 120 VAC

PA-43CAC adapter for CD-47, 230-240 VAC

PA-43UAC adapter for CD-47, 220-240 VAC, UK plug

PA-44BAC adapter, 120 VAC. 12 VDC, 2 AFor CD-41 Li-Ion rapid charger
cameraPA-44CAC adapter, 100-240 VAC. 12 VDC, 2 AFor CD-41 Li-Ion rapid charger

PA-44UAC adapter, 220-240 VAC, UK plug. 12 VDC, 2 AFor CD-41 Li-Ion rapid charger

PA-46BAC adapter, 120 VAC. 6 VDC, 1 AFor VR-160, VX-1R, VX-2R, VX-3R and others
cameraPA-46CAC adapter, 100-240 VAC. 6 VDC, 1 AFor VR-160, VX-1R, VX-2R, VX-3R and others

PA-46UAC adapter, 220-240 VAC, UK plug. 6 VDC, 1 AFor VR-160, VX-1R, VX-2R, VX-3R and others

PA-48BAC adapter, 120 VAC. 12 VDC, 500 mAFor FT-2DR, FT-817ND, VX-6R, VX-7R, VX-170, VX-177
cameraPA-48CAC adapter, 100-240 VAC. 12 VDC, 500 mAFor FT-2DE, FT-817ND, VX-6E, VX-7R, VX-170, VX-177

PA-48UAC adapter, 220-240 VAC, UK plug. 12 VDC, 500 mAFor FT-2DE, FT-817ND, VX-6E, VX-7R, VX-170, VX-177

PB-1707BFM unit

PB-1728Curtis 8043 keyer unit

PB-1728ACurtis 8044 keyer unit

PB-1787CMemory unit

PB-2040AM unit
cameraPB-2218FM unit

PB-2219FM unit

PB-2347AM/FM unitAM TX & FM RX/TX

RH-1Grip RTM rubber case protector (Black)

RH-1RGrip RTM rubber case protector (Orange)
cameraSAD-18BAC adapter, 100-240 VAC (USA). 10.5 VDC, 1 AFor SMB-201 and others
cameraSAD-20BAC adapter, 120 VAC (USA)For SBH-22

SAD-20CAC adapter, 220-240 VAC (Europe except UK)For SBH-22

SAD-20UAC adapter, 220-240 VAC (UK)For SBH-22

SB-10PTT switch unit
cameraSBH-22Rapid charger. Requires SAD-20For SBR-25LI, SBR-26LI and SBR-28LI
cameraSBR-14LILi-Ion battery pack. 7.2 V, 2200 mAh

SBR-24LILi-Ion battery pack. 7.4 V, 1800 mAh
cameraSBR-25LILi-Ion battery pack. 7.4 V, 1950 mAh
cameraSBR-26LILi-Ion battery pack. 7.4 V, 2500 mAh
cameraSBR-28LILi-Ion battery pack. 7.4 V, 1750 mAh

SBR-32NiMH battery pack. 9.6 V, 1900 mAh

SCU-19PC connection cable

SCU-20PC connection cable
cameraSCU-35USB programming cable
cameraSCU-36Cloning cable. Radio-to-radio
cameraSCU-LAN10Network remote control system

SDD-13DC cable with noise filter

SHB-13Belt clip
cameraSHB-18Belt clip. Spring loaded

SHC-24Soft case
cameraSMB-201Cooling fan base

SP-3External speaker

SP-4External speaker
cameraSP-5External speakerWith filters and optional phone patch
cameraSP-6External speakerWith filters and optional phone patch
cameraSP-7External speaker

SP-8External speaker with filters
cameraSP-30External speaker

SP-55External speaker
cameraSP-101External speaker
cameraSP-102External speaker with filters
cameraSP-102PExternal speaker with phone patch

SP-107External speaker

SP-107PExternal speaker with phone patch

SP-767External speakerWith filters

SP-767PExternal speakerWith filters and phone patch

SP-901External speaker

SP-901PExternal speakerWith phone patch
cameraSP-2000External speakerWith filters

SSM-57AEarpiee microphone

SSM-63AVOX headset
cameraSSM-512BMic/earpiece with PTT and VOX
cameraSU-1Barometric pressure sensor unit
cameraTCXO-1High stability crystal unit? ppm
cameraTCXO-2High stability crystal unit? ppm

TCXO-3High stability crystal unit? ppm
cameraTCXO-4High stability crystal unit2 ppm

TCXO-6High stability crystal unit0.5 ppm
cameraTCXO-7High stability crystal unit2 ppm
cameraTCXO-8High stability crystal unit? ppm
cameraTCXO-9High stability crystal unit0.5 ppm

TCXO-747High stability crystal unit (TCXO)

TV-736Amateur TeleVision adapterFor FT-736. AM-video

USB-62CAT-interface, USB

VAC-370Desktop rapid charger

VC-23VOX headset

VC-24Lightweight VOX headset

VC-25Lightweight VOX headset

VC-27Earpiece-microphone with VOX
cameraVCT-101VC-Tune unit
cameraVU-9600Plug-in video unit (NTSC, 525 lines)For FRG-9600

XF-8.2GAAM filter (6 KHz)IF: 8.2 MHz

XF-8.2HCCW narrow filter (600 Hz)IF: 8.2 MHz

XF-8.2HCNCW narrow filter (300 Hz)IF: 8.2 MHz

XF-8.2HSNSSB narrow filter (1.8 KHz)IF: 8.2 MHz

XF-8.2M-251-01CW narrow filter (250 Hz)IF: 8.2 MHz

XF-8.9HCCW narrow filter (600 Hz)IF: 8988.3 KHz

XF-8.9KAAM filter (6 KHz)IF: 8987.5 KHz

XF-8.9KCCW narrow filter (600 Hz)IF: 8988.2 KHz

XF-8.9KCNCW narrow filter (300 Hz)IF: 8988.2 KHz

XF-10.7KCCW filter

XF-30CCW narrow filter (600 Hz)IF: 3.1793 MHz
cameraXF-32ASSB filter (2.4 KHz)IF: 3.18 MHz

XF-90BAM filter (6 KHz)IF: 9 MHz

XF-90CCW narrow filter (600 Hz)IF: 8999.3 KHz

XF-110CCW narrow filter (500 Hz)IF: 455 KHz

XF-110CNCW narrow filter (250 Hz)IF: 455 KHz

XF-110SSSB filter (2.6 KHz)IF: 455 KHz

XF-112CCW narrow filter (? Hz)IF: 8.2 MHz
cameraXF-115CCollins mechanical CW narrow filter (500 Hz)IF: 455 KHz
cameraXF-115CNCollins mechanical CW narrow filter (300 Hz)IF: 455 KHz
cameraXF-117CCW narrow filter (500 Hz)IF: 11.7 MHz
cameraXF-118SSSB filter (2.4 KHz)IF: 11.7 MHz
cameraXF-119SNCollins mechanical SSB filter (2.3 KHz)IF: 455 KHz

XF-127CCW narrow filter (600 Hz)IF: 9 MHz

XF-127CNCW narrow filter (300 Hz)IF: 9 MHz

XF-128CNMain CW narrow filter (300 Hz)IF: 9.005 MHz

XF-128SNMain SSB narrow filter (1.2 KHz)IF: 9.005 MHz

XF-129CNSub CW narrow filter (300 Hz)IF: 8.9 MHz

XF-129SNSub SSB narrow filter (1.2 KHz)IF: 8.9 MHz
cameraXF-455CCW narrow filter (500 Hz)IF: 455 KHz

XF-455CNCW narrow filter (270 Hz)IF: 455 KHz

XF-455MCCW narrow filter (600 Hz)IF: 455 KHz
cameraYD-148Desktop microphone, dynamic600 ohms/50 kohms switchable

YD-844ADesk microphone600 ohms/50 kohms switchable

YE-7AStandard hand microphone

YE-17Hand microphone with up/down buttons. Dynamic, 600 ohm

YF-110CCW narrow filter (500 Hz)IF: 455 KHz

YF-110CNCW narrow filter (250 Hz)IF: 455 KHz

YF-110SNSSB narrow filter (2.0 KHz)IF: 455 KHz

YF-112AAM filter (6 KHz)IF: 455 KHz

YF-112CCW narrow filter (500 Hz)IF: 455 KHz

YF-114CNCW narrow filter (250 Hz)IF: 8.2 MHz

YF-114SNSSB narrow filter (2.0 KHz)IF: 8.2 MHz

YF-115CCollins mechanical CW/RTTY filter (500 Hz)IF: 455 KHz

YF-115SSSB filter (? KHz)IF: 455 KHz

YF-115S-02Collins mechanical SSB filter (? KHz)

YF-116AAM filter (6 KHz)IF: ?

YF-116CCW narrow filter (500 Hz)IF: ?

YF-117AAM filter (6 KHz)IF: 11.705 MHz

YF-117CNCW narrow filter (300 Hz)IF: 11.705 MHz
cameraYF-122CCollins mechanical CW narrow filter (500 Hz)IF: 455 KHz
cameraYF-122CNCollins mechanical CW narrow filter (300 Hz)IF: 455 KHz
cameraYF-122SCollins mechanical SSB filter (2.3 KHz)IF: 455 KHz

YH-2VOX headset
cameraYH-55Headphones. 8 ohms

YH-77STStereo headphones. 35 ohm
cameraYH-77STAStereo headphones. 35 ohm

YM-23Speaker-microphone with DTMF pad600 ohm

YM-24ASpeaker-Microphone8 ohm + 2 kohm
cameraYM-33Desk microphone, 600 ohm
cameraYM-34Desk microphone
cameraYM-35Hand microphone with up/down buttons
cameraYM-36Hand microphone
cameraYM-37Hand microphone
cameraYM-38Desk microphone
cameraYM-40Hand microphone with 1750 Hz button

YM-47Hand microphone
cameraYM-50Hand microphone with DTMF pad

YM-86Dynamic hand microphone. 50 Kohm

YSK-90Separation kit

YSK-100Remote mounting kit

YSK-857Separation cable

YSK-900Separation kitFor FT-900

YSK-4700Trunk mounting kit

YSK-7100Separation kit

YSK-7800Separation kit

YSK-8500Separation kitFor FT-8500
cameraYSK-8900Separation kit. Front panel bracket and 6 m remote cableFor FT-8800R and FT-8900R

YVM-1Video monitorFor YR-901


cameraADUA-38DC power cableMax 15 A
cameraADUA-83DC power cableMax 25 A

EA-HFM1Mobile whip for EDX-2

EBC-8Front control panel bracket

EBC-9Mobile underdash bracket

EDC-36Cigarette lighter cable with noise filter

EDC-37DC power cable

EDC-76KWall charger (120 VAC)

EDC-76KWall charger (220 VAC)

EDH-26Charger tray. Part of EDC-76K/77K

EDS-4Front panel remote cable, 1.5 meter

EDS-5Microphone extension cord

EDS-6Front panel remote cable, 4.5 meter

EDS-7Conversion cable

EDS-17Front panel remote kit

EDX-1Manual antenna tuner

EDX-2Automatic antenna tuner

EJ-26UCTCSS/PL encoder unit
cameraEJ-43U20F3 GMSK DV unit
cameraEJ-47U10F3 GMSK DV unit


ERW-7USB programming cable

ML11-1657Li-Ion battery pack. 3.8 V, 600 mAh


cameraVFO-621External VFO



ABF-125VHF civil airband filter
cameraARD-300Digital voice decoderMulti-protocol
cameraARD-9000Digital voice modem
cameraARD-9800Digital voice modem

AS-5000Antenna switch module

CR-5000Tape recorder cable

CT-5000CTCSS/PL tone decoder unit

CT-8200CTCSS/PL slot card

DC-3000DC power cord

DC-8000Cigarette lighter cable with fuse

DS-8000Voice inversion descrambler unit

EM-8200External memory slot card
cameraFL-124Crystal filter daughter boardFor AR-7030 Plus

IF-8200Data interface cable

IF-8200AData interface cable

MF-2.5Collins SSB filter (2.5 KHz)

MF-3Collins SSB filter (3 KHz)

MF-4Collins mechanical filter (4 KHz)
cameraMF-6.0Collins AM filter (6 KHz)

MF-300Collins CW filter (300 Hz)
cameraMF-500Collins narrow CW filter (500 Hz)

MI-8200Multi interface. Recording and PC control
cameraNB-7030Notch filter and noise blanker boardFor AR-7030 Plus

RU-8200Recorder slot card. 20 seconds recording and playback

SC-8200Vinyl carrying case
cameraSDU-5000Spectrum display unit10.7 MHz IF input
cameraSDU-5500Spectrum display unit10.7 MHz IF input
cameraSDU-5600Spectrum display unit10.7 MHz IF input

TE-8200Tone eliminator slot card
cameraTV-5000External NTSC TeleVision adapter
cameraTV-5000AInternal NTSC TeleVision adapter
cameraTVA-1External NTSC TeleVision adapter
cameraVI-8200Voice inversion slot card. Analog 157 steps


cameraAST878DMDesktop microphoneCeramic
cameraCardinalHand microphone
cameraD-104 Golden EagleDesktop microphone
cameraD-104 M6BHand microphone

D-104 Night EagleDesktop microphone
cameraD-104 Silver EagleDesktop microphone
cameraDN-HZ-SDesktop microphone
cameraDR-10S SynabarDesktop microphone
cameraDR-11S DynabarDesktop microphone
cameraRoad DevilHand microphoneElectret
cameraSuper SidebanderDesktop microphone
camera600-S ConneautDesktop microphone
camera636LHand microphone
camera636L-C (DX-1 Chrome Edition)Hand microphoneDynamic. Noise cancelling

Baofeng / Btech / Pofung

cameraBL-5Standard Li-Ion battery pack. 7.4 V, 1800 mAh / 13.3 WhFor the GT-3TP series
cameraBL-9Standard Li-Ion battery pack. 7.4 V, 1800 mAh / 13.3 WhFor GT-3WP

Barker & Williamson

cameraVS300AAntenna tuner10-160 m



CA-110EAC charger for NP-9

CA-910EAC charger for NP-6

CS-112DC charger for NP-9

CS-912DC charger for NP-6

NP-6NiCd battery pack. 7.2 V

NP-9NiCd battery pack. 10.8 V

SFT-207Soft carrying case


SH-2Headset with VOX



SWF 5-40Preselector & preamp


cameraBA-106Desktop microphone
cameraBA-109Desktop microphone
cameraBA-116Hand/Desktop microphone


cameraCA-61 "Dynamike Plus"Desk microphone



126A-1Noise blanker

312B-3External speaker

312B-4Station console

F455Q-5Narrow CW filter, 500 Hz


cameraRDS ManagerExternal RDS decoder


cameraGS-903DX Mark IIIGaAs FET preamplifier, 903 MHz


cameraAF-406KActive filter

RX-110DXPreamp, 2 m>15 dB
cameraRX-430DXPreamp, 70 cm>13 dB


cameraDFDoppler direction finder
cameraDF2Doppler direction finder


cameraEC-2019Desktop microphone


cameraDTR-3KAAntenna tuner
cameraJr. MonitorAntenna tuner


cameraATV-LOGOVideo text overlay unit


camera4-NBNoise blanker

1544RV-75 to R-7/R7A interface adapter

AUX-7Auxilary band board
cameraC-4Station console
cameraCC-1Converter console
cameraFL-250Narrow CW filter, 250 Hz
cameraFL-500Narrow CW filter, 500 Hz
cameraFL-1500Narrow SSB filter, 1500 Hz
cameraFL-4000Narrow AM filter, 4 KHz
cameraFL-6000Narrow AM filter, 6 KHz
cameraFS-4Frequency synthesizer

LF-2AC line filter

LF-6AC line filter
cameraMN-4Matching network (antenna tuner). 10-80 m, 200 W continuousMatches a VSWR of at least 5:1
cameraMN-2000Matching network (antenna tuner). 10-80 m, 2 KW PEPMatches a VSWR of at least 5:1
cameraMS-4External speaker

MS-7External speaker

NB-7ANoise blanker

RP-700Receiver protector

RV-75External syntesized VFO
cameraSCC-150 KHz crystal calibrator

SL-300Narrow CW filter, 300 Hz

SL-500Narrow CW filter, 500 Hz

SL-1800Narrow SSB filter, 1800 Hz

SL-4000Narrow AM filter, 4 KHz

SL-6000Narrow AM filter, 6 KHz



EVV700 FBPreamp, 70 cm

EVV700 HDXPreamp, 70 cm

EVV1296 CPreamp, 23 cm

EVV2000 FBPreamp, 2 m

EVV2000 HDXPreamp, 2 m
cameraEWPA-5200 LLPreamp, 50-2000 MHzRX only!
cameraVV200 VOX-GaAsPreamp, 2 m

Dynamic Electronics Inc.

cameraDE-103ASSB & CW filter
cameraDE-120Speech compressor


cameraARS RCIUniversal rotor interface, azimuth1st generation
cameraARS RCI-ELUniversal rotor interface, elevation1st generation
cameraARS RCI-SEUniversal rotor interface, azimuth & elevation2nd generation

ARS-USB (Az)Universal rotor interface, azimuth3rd generation (formerly named RCI-USB)
cameraARS-USB (Az/El)Universal rotor interface, azimuth & elevation3rd generation (formerly named RCI-USB)





CS40Compact padded carrying case. Room for accessories

CS60Padded carrying case. Room for accessories & MH3 microphone

KXAT2Internal wide range auto-ATU

KXAT100Wide range 100 W auto-ATU that mounts inside KXPA100

KXBC2External charger for KXBT2

KXBT2Li-Ion battery pack. 11 V, 2.6 Ah. Internal or external use

KXIO2Real-time clock and general purpose outputs

KXPD2Attached precision keyer paddle

MH3Hand microphone with up/down buttons
cameraP3Panoramic adapter


cameraCardax 950Desktop microphone
cameraMercuryDesktop microphone
camera600-DHand microphone
camera630Desktop microphone


cameraM-100AM modulator

Euro CB

cameraDM-466Hand microphone



CAL-2525 KHz calibrator

F-3CW filter, 300 Hz

GTMDashboard mounting bracket

RF-550RF console with 400/4000 W wattmeter and antenna selector

PR-550Phone patch unit

RV-550Remote VFO

SC-550Speaker console. 8 ohm.

VOX-35CVOX unit

X-0550XTAL controlled adaptor

ZZMFloor-board adapter for GTM



HA-3Noise suppression kitFor CB-3A

HA-9Illuminated S-meter kitFor CB-3A

HA-11Noise eliminatorFor CB-3A

HA-12Selcall encoder/decoderFor CB-3A

HA-12ASelcall encoder onlyFor CB-3A


cameraVideo-Script 550Video titler


cameraHC-10SSB receiving converter



M90Hand microphone

camera56Hand microphone

camera80Desktop microphone


cameraQF-1Q multiplier

SA-2060-AAntenna tuner

Heil Sound





Pro 7Headset

Pro MicroHeadset

Pro SetHeadset

Pro Set 3Headset

Pro Set EliteHeadset

Pro Set Media ProHeadset


camera437Base console

657Remote handset
camera661Remote control head/speaker


cameraSM09D1External speaker
cameraSM10A1Desk microphone
cameraSM16A1Standard hand microphone
cameraSM19A1Hand microphoneWith dialing pad

INRAD (By Vibroplex)

cameraM-605Desk stand

Janel Laboratories

camera144PBPreamp, 2 m


cameraKDC-1DC distribution panelFor banana plugs

K.W. Electronics

cameraQ-MultiplierQ Multiplier

Kenpro / Ken Product

cameraKP-12Speech processor
cameraKP-60Speech processor
cameraKP-121Speech processor
cameraKP-601Speech processor
cameraKP-760Speech processor
cameraKP-760ASpeech processor

Kuhne Electronic


LDG Electronics

cameraAT-100 ProAutomatic antenna tuner125 W
cameraAT-100 Pro IIAutomatic antenna tuner125 W
cameraAT-1000Automatic antenna tuner
cameraZ-100Automatic antenna tuner


cameraSP-150Speaker/S-meter unit


cameraKDC-1DC distribution panelFor banana plugs

MC Power

cameraNVT-620DC distribution panelFor banana plugs


cameraMFJ 434BVoice keyer
cameraMFJ 931Artificial ground1.8-30 MHz
cameraMFJ 939Automatic antenna tuner1.8-30 MHz, 200 W
cameraMFJ 941E "Versa Tuner II"Antenna tuner1.8-30 MHz, 300 W
cameraMFJ 949E "Deluxe Versa Tuner II"Antenna tuner1.8-30 MHz, 300 W
cameraMFJ 1104DC distribution panelFor Anderson PowerPole
cameraMFJ 1116DC distribution panelFor banana plugs
cameraMFJ 1118DC distribution panelFor banana plugs
cameraMFJ 1124DC distribution panelMixed connectors
cameraMFJ 1126DC distribution panelFor Anderson PowerPole
cameraMFJ 1128DC distribution panelFor Anderson PowerPole
cameraMFJ 1129DC distribution panelMixed connectors


cameraPR-2BPreamp, 2 m/70 cm16-20 dB
cameraPR-145APreamp, 2 m18 dB
cameraPR-430APreamp, 70 cm16 dB
cameraPRH-145APreamp, 2 m20 dB
cameraPRH-430APreamp, 70 cm20 dB

Microwave Modules


MMG 50-GFPPreamp, 6 m

MMG 70-GFPPreamp, 4 m

MMG 1440-GFPPreamp, 2 m

MMG 144VPreamp, 2 m

MMG 1296GaAsFET Preamp, 23 cm

MMG 1691GaAsFET Preamp, 1691 MHz


cameraPK 87ECO C296Echo board boardFor Alan 87 & Midland/Alan 8001
cameraPK 120/28 C299120 ch boardFor Midland/Alan 18 and 28
cameraPK 120/48 C275120 ch boardFor Midland/Alan 44 and 48
cameraPK 120/98 C352120 ch boardFor Midland/Alan 98
cameraPK 200/48 C337200 ch boardFor Midland/Alan 44 and 48
cameraPK 240/88 C297240 ch boardFor Alan 88S


cameraKX-1Antenna tunerQRP
cameraKX-2Antenna tunerQRP

KX-3Antenna tunerQRP
cameraKX-S9Antenna tunerQRP
cameraKX-QRPAntenna tunerQRP
cameraMS-1Speaker-microphoneFor the "Pico" series transceivers
cameraMX-1DMarker unit
cameraVX-15External VXOFor MX-15



FTN6083In-dash mounting kit (DIN)

GLN4779Keylock mount

GLN7282Alarm buzzer kit

GLN7317Mounting bracket. High profile

GLN7324Mounting bracket. Low profile

GMMN4065Visor microphone

HLN9328External alarm relay and cable

HMN1035Heavy duty microphone

HMN3000Desk microphone
cameraHMN3413Compact microphone

HSN8145External speaker. 7.5 W

MDREX4617Telephone style handset with hang-up cup

MDRMN5018Mag-One microphone

MDRMN5019Mag-One keypad microphone

MDRMN5029Keypad microphone

RLN4836Emergency foot switch

RLN4856Footswitch PTT

RLN4857Pushbutton PTT

RLN4858Gooseneck PTT

RLN5390Base tray with built-in speaker

RLN5391Base tray without speaker

RSN4001External speaker. 13 W

Mutek / muTek

cameraRPCB 144UBReplacement front-end boardFor Yaesu FT-221, FT-221R, FT-221RD, FT-225R and FT-225RD

RPCB 251UBReplacement front-end boardFor Icom IC-211, IC-211E, IC-251A and IC-251E

RPCB 271UBReplacement front-end boardFor Icom IC-271A, IC-271E and IC-271H

RPCB 700SReplacement front-end boardFor Kenwood TS-700 series

RPCB 736UBReplacement board kitFor Yaesu FT-736R

SLNA70SPreamp, 70 MHz? dB

SLNA144SPreamp, 2 m12 dB

SLNA 290SOptimized preamplifier boardFor Yaesu FT-290R

SLNA 290S2Optimized preamplifier boardFor Yaesu FT-290RII

TLNA432SPreamp, 70 cm12 dB



RA-2Preamp, 2 m12 dB

National Company


NC-2RSExternal matching speaker. Rack mountFor NC-240D(R)

NC-2TSGExternal matching speaker. Table topFor NC-240D(T)

NC-173TSExternal matching speaker, 8 ohmsFor NC-173

NC-300C1VHF converter, 1.25 m220-225 MHz

NC-300C2VHF converter, 2 m143.5-148.5 MHz

NC-300C6AVHF converter, 6 m49.5-54.5 MHz

NFM-73Narrow FM unitFor NC-173

NTS-2TSExternal speaker, 3.2 ohms

XCU-300Crystal calibrator, 100 KHz

XCU-303Crystal calibrator, 100 KHz. With WWV 10 MHz RX

601Tunable VFO module with NIXIE-tube displayFor HRO-600

602Thumbwheel-operated fequency selectorFor HRO-600

603Crystal oscillatorFor HRO-600

620Noise blankerFor HRO-600

640ISB adapterFor HRO-600

650FSK converterFor HRO-600

660Diversity unitFor HRO-600

Panoramic Radio Products Inc.

PixModelTypeSweep widthQuicknote
cameraPCA-2 T-200Panoramic spectrum display200 KHz1946

SA-1Panoramic spectrum display-1942

SA-2A T-100Panoramic spectrum display100 KHz1942

SA-2Panoramic spectrum display-1942

SA-3 T-50Panoramic spectrum display50 KHz

SA-3 T-100Panoramic spectrum display100 KHz

SA-3 T-200Panoramic spectrum display200 KHz

SA-3 T-1000Panoramic spectrum display1 MHz

SA-3 T-2000Panoramic spectrum display2 MHz

SA-3 T-3000Panoramic spectrum display3 MHz

SA-3 T-6000Panoramic spectrum display6 MHz

SB-1 T-200Panoramic spectrum display200 KHz1942

SB-3Panoramic spectrum display-


cameraDRU-2pxDigital voice recorderFor TS-850 & TS-950SDX
cameraEX-243pxIambic keyer boardFor IC-735, IC-740, IC-745 & IC-970
cameraEX-310pxVoice synthesizerFor IC-751, IC-751A & IC-R71 and more
cameraFTS-6pxCTCSS/PL encoder/decoderFor FT-209, FT-709 & FT-727
cameraFTS-7ApxCTCSS/PL encoder/decoderFor FT-290RII, FT-690RII & FT-790RII
cameraFTS-8pxCTCSS/PL encoder/decoderFor FT-650, FT-736, FT-767, FT-770, FT-2700RH and more
cameraFTS-12pxCTCSS/PL encoder/decoderFor FT-23R, FT-33R, FT-212RH, FT-912RH and more
cameraFTS-22pxDual CTCSS/PL encoder/decoderFor FT-4600, FT-5100, FT-5800, FT-8500 and more
cameraIF-232pxRS-232 level converterFor various Kenwood radios

TSU-5pxCTCSS/PL decoderFor TS-790A & TM-221A
cameraTSU-5DpxDual CTCSS/PL decoderFor TS-790A & TM-221A

TSU-6pxCTCSS/PL encoder/decoderFor TH-25AT, TH-45AT, TH-55AT, TM-231A, TM-541A and more
cameraTU-3pxCTCSS/PL encoderFor TM-201 and TM-401
cameraTU-5pxCTCSS/PL encoderFor TS-711A & TS-811A
cameraTU-7pxCTCSS/PL encoderFor TR-751A
cameraTU-8pxCTCSS/PL encoderFor TS-140S & TS-680S
cameraTU-79pxCTCSS/PL encoderFor TR-7930 & TR-7950
cameraUT-29pxCTCSS/PL encoder/decoderFor IC-28A & IC-28H
cameraUT-34pxCTCSS/PL encoder/decoderFor IC-970
cameraUT-34DpxDual CTCSS/PL encoder/decoderFor IC-970
cameraUT-36pxVoice synthesizerFor IC-275, IC-475, IC765, IC-970, IC-R7100 and more
cameraUT-40pxCTCSS/PL encoder/decoderFor IC-2GAT, IC-32A, IC-228, IC-2400, IC-901 and more
cameraUT-50pxCTCSS/PL encoderFor IC-2SAT, IC-24, IC-229, IC-820 and more
cameraUX-14pxSerial interface/band memory moduleFor IC-751, IC-751A & IC-R71A
cameraVS-1pxVoice synthesizerFor TS-440, TS-711, TS-811, TS-940 and more
cameraVS-2pxVoice synthesizerFor TS-450, TS-790, TS-850, TS-950 and more



ACDC200Mini microphone

ACFD093Remote speaker-microphone

ACFD193RJ45 extension cord, 2 meter

ACPB093Quick release bracket
cameraLibertyWireless speaker-microphone


cameraAD-10Car charger with cigarette lighter plug


cameraMP-520 P1Hand microphone4-pin Cybernet type CB radios
cameraMP-520 P2Hand microphone4-pin Uniden type CB radios
cameraMP-520 P3Hand microphone5-pin Midland type CB radios


camera444DDesk microphone


cameraFC-102Antenna tuner


cameraDAFM CWDigital audio filter moduleBW: 300 / 1000 Hz
cameraDAFM General PurposeDigital audio filter moduleBW: 300 / 2400 Hz
cameraDAFM SSBDigital audio filter moduleBW: 2100 / 2400 Hz
cameraPowerPole Fuser-6Power panel
cameraLaserbeam-817SSB/CW filter module for Yaesu FT-817BW: 500 / 2400 Hz
cameraLowpass filter kit160/80/40 mMax 20 W

SSB Electronic / SSB Electronics

cameraDBA-270Preamp, 2 m/70 cm20 dB

DCW-15ASequencerFor MV series preamps
cameraDCW-2004BSequencer with bias-tee

DCW-2004B-SHFSequencer with bias-tee

DX-144Preamp, 2 m? dB, 0.4 dB NF

DX-220Preamp, 222 MHz? dB, 0.5 dB NF

DX-432Preamp, 70 cm? dB, 0.5 dB NF

DX-903SPreamp, 903 MHz22 dB, 0.6 dB NF

DX-1296SPreamp, 23 cm22 dB, 0.6 dB NF
cameraDX-2320Preamp, 2304 MHz? dB, 0.8 dB NF

DX-2320SPreamp, 2304 MHz22 dB, 1 dB NF

DX-2400Preamp, 2400 MHz22 dB, 1 dB NF

LNA-145Preamp, 2 m20 dB, 0.4 dB NF

LNA-222Preamp, 222 MHz20 dB, 0.5 dB NF

LNA-435Preamp, 432-435 MHz20 dB, 0.5 dB NF

LNA-435RPreamp, 440-450 MHz20 dB, 0.5 dB NF

LNA-1701Preamp, 1691 MHz34 dB, 0.8 dB NF
cameraLNA-3000Preamp, 50-3000 MHz13 dB
cameraLNA-5000Preamp, 50-5000 MHz20 dB
cameraMHP-145Preamp, 2 m18 dB. QRO version

MV-144SPreamp, 2 m15-25 dB (Adjustable)
cameraMV-432SPreamp, 70 cm15-25 dB (Adjustable)

MV-1296SPreamp, 23 cm16 dB

SP-6Preamp, 6 m20 dB
cameraSP-13Preamp, 13 cm25 dB
cameraSP-23Preamp, 23 m20 dB
cameraSP-2000Preamp, 2 m20 dB
cameraSP-7000Preamp, 70 cm20 dB



CAW150Car power cable

CAW151Base station power cable

CAX02Bottom cap

CBS55Band scope unitFor C-5400 and C-5500

CBT150Dry cell battery case

CBT151Dry cell battery case (6*LR6/AA)

CHP111Headset with PTT

CLC151Standard soft case. For CNB-151 or CBT-151

CLC152Long soft case. For CNB-152 or CNB-153

CLC520Standard soft case. For CNB-151 or CBT-151

CLC521Long soft case. For CNB-152 or CNB-153

CMB111Mobile bracket

CMC150Mobile charger. For CNB-150, CNB-151 and CNB-153


CMP112Compact speaker-microphone

CMP113Tiepin microphone

CMP838Multi-function microphone

CNB150NiCd battery pack. 7.2 V, 400 mAh

CNB151NiCd battery pack. 7.2 V, 700 mAh

CNB152NiCd battery pack. 12 V, 600 mAh

CNB153NiCd battery pack. 7.2 V, 1000 mAh
cameraCNB181NiCd battery pack. 4.8 V, 700 mAhFor C-188S and C-488S
cameraCNB182NiCd battery pack. 9.6 V, 600 mAhFor C-188S and C-488S
cameraCNB183NiCd battery pack. 6 V, 1100 mAhFor C-188S and C-488S
cameraCNB184NiCd battery pack. 6 V, 700 mAhFor C-188S and C-488S

CRF08110 m / 10 W unitFor C-50 and C-50D

CRF30123 cm / 10 W unitFor C-50 and C-50D

CSA150Desktop quick charger

CTD150DTMF unitFor C-150E

CTD5200DTMF unitFor C-5200 and C-5200ED

CTN150Tone squelch unitFor C-150E
cameraCTN181Tone squelch unitFor C-188S and C-488S

CTN520Tone squelch unit

CTN5200Tone squelch unitFor C-5200 and C-5200ED

CWC150AC charger. For CNB-150, CNB-151 and CNB-153

CWC151AC charger. For CNB-152
cameraMP-716Hand microphone




cameraCB-73 "Double header"Hand microphoneThree versions

CB-1200HeadsetFor high noise environments
cameraRoadking 56Hand microphone


cameraExpander 500Desktop microphone
cameraM+2/UHand microphone
cameraPlus 2Desktop microphone
cameraPlus 3Desktop microphone
cameraSuper SidekickDesktop microphone
camera22XDesktop microphone
camera454X Desktop microphone

Uniden / Bearcat


AAD-2500UAC adapter/charger.
cameraAC-144UAC adapter. 10 VAC, 300 mA230 VAC (Europe). 115 VAC (USA)

AD-0008AC adapter.

AD-70UAC adapter.

AD-100UAC adapter.

AD-1017AC adapter. 6 VDC, 600 mAh
cameraBC-906WWireless DECT speaker-microphone
cameraBCi-25DAPCO P25 unit

BCK-150Belt clip

BP-50NiCd battery pack

BP-70NiCd battery pack

BP-120NiCd battery pack- 4.8 V
cameraBP-180NiCd battery pack. 4.8 V, 800 mAh
cameraBP-200NiCd battery pack. 7.2 V, 600 mAh
cameraBP-205NiCd battery pack. 7.2 V, 600 mAh

BP-250NiMH battery pack

BP-2500NiCd battery pack. 6 V, 600 mAh


LC-150BBlack leather carrying case

LC-150YYellow leather carrying case

MPK-150Pack of direct channel memo pads

PS-001Cigarette lighter power cord

UA-502Straight cigarette lighter power cord

UA-502ACoiled cigarette lighter power cord

VC-001Carrying case

WZ-1407Remote cable


cameraV650Separate TX-VFOFor Utica 650

V650-ASeparate TX-VFOFor Utica 650-A


cameraWLMD-1Tone decoder systemCCIR/DTMF/EEA/ZVEI


cameraQRM-EliminatorNoise canceller

West Mountain Radio

cameraRigRunner 4005Power panel
cameraRigRunner 4008Power panel
cameraRigRunner 4010SPower panel
cameraRigRunner 4012Power panel
cameraRigRunner 8012Power panel


cameraCE-19ACC breakout unit
cameraG90-H1Cooling stand
cameraGSOCUniversal controller & data terminal