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Last modified 2021-05-16

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AOR SDU-5000

A picture of AOR SDU-5000


Type:Spectrum display unit
IF input:10.7 MHz
Sweep width:0-10 MHz (1 KHz steps)
Frequency accuracy:600 Hz
Resolution bandwidth:5 and 30 KHz
Reference level:-10 and -40 dBm
Maximum input level:-10 dBm
Dynamic range:>50 dB
Marker mode:Direct readout for frequency and level
Peak detect
Averaging (2 to 32 times sampling, adjustable)
Plot mode:Outline or paint
Display mode:Upper or lower
Input impedance:20 Kohms
Composite video output:1 Vpp, NTSC or PAL (75 ohm)
Display type:3.1" HQM simple matrix color LCD. 192*210 pixels, 16 colors
Power supply:12 VDC 5%
Current drain/power consumption:Max 800 mA
Dimensions (W*H*D):190*95*254 mm (7.5*3.75*10")
Weight:567 g (20 oz)
Manufactured:Japan, 199x-199x (Discontinued)
Other: Early version supported primarily the AOR AR-3000A but later version also
included AOR AR-5000 and AR-5000+3. By fitting an Icom compatible ROM
inside, full function is also achieved with IC-R7000, IC-R7100 and IC-R9000
Other receivers with 10.7 MHz IF output may also work but with some limitations.

New price 1998 in the US: $934-00
Related documents:User manual (415 KB)
A rear picture of AOR SDU-5000