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Last modified 2011-05-16

Iftrontech Nano Stinger Pro

Type:SHF video transmitter
Frequency range: 5.7 GHz (7 channels)
Ch1: 5.740 GHz
Ch2: 5.760 GHz
Ch3: 5.780 GHz
Ch4: 5.800 GHz
Ch5: 5.820 GHz
Ch6: 5.840 GHz
Ch7: 5.860 GHz
Mode:FM-video, Stereo audio sub-carriers
RF Power output:25 mW
Voltage:6-17 VDC
Current drain:? mA
Impedance:50 ohms / SMA
Dimensions (W*H*D):28*10*22 mm (1.1*0.39*0.87")
Weight:9 gr (0.32 oz), without antenna
Manufactured:USA, 200x-20xx
Other:New price 2011 in Germany, 109.95 Euro
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