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RX converters

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This area contains both purpose-built ATV gear as well as video transmission equipment suitable
for our hobby, with or without minor modifications. Some equipment for DXTV/TV-DXing can
also be found here.

As the 13 cm amateur band in many countries cover 2.3-2.45 or 2.4-2.45 GHz, various cheap
wireless video equipment can be used as building blocks for ATV use. Today, this also applies
to the 5.7 GHz band for which drone equipment is widely available.

Check that the audio sub-carrier and other standard parameters suits your particular application.



AOR AR-STV900-2800 MHzFMPortable scanner

Aptron AM-1A70 cmAM

Comtech FM1200RTIM1240-1375 MHzFMDemo board

Comtech FM1394RTIM1240-1367.5 MHzFM"Platinum" demo board

Comtech FM2400RTIM82200-2710 MHzFMDemo board

Eachine LCD5802D5.7 GHzFMDiversity and scanning with LCD screen and recording

Fongyao PVRW-24C2.4 GHzFMPortable receiver with MPEG4 recorder

FR632 (OEM)5.7 GHzFMDiversity and scanning

Hawksweep HS-5000A1.2 / 2.4 / 5.7 GHzFMScanning

Iftrontech Yellow Jacket Pro5.7 GHzFMDiversity receiver. 7 channels
Invent-Tech BC-0012.4 GHzFMPortable "Baby monitor"

König Electronic Vid-Trans12KN2.4 GHzFM4 channels

Lawmate SC-0825900-2520 MHzFMPortable scanner

LH RC832S5.7 GHzFM32 channels

Luda GP-7072.4 GHzFM4 channels

Luda GP-7082.4 GHzFM4 channels with scanning

MiniTiouner (v1)650-2600 MHzDVBKit. PC and MiniTioune software required

MiniTiouner (v2)144-2420 MHzDVBKit. PC and MiniTioune software required

MiniTiouner Express144-2420 MHzDVBPC and MiniTioune software required

Misumi WCS-99X900-2520 MHzFMPortable scanner

Misumi WCS-99XII-M900-2700 MHzFMPortable scanner

Misumi WCS-99XII-S900-2700 MHzFMPortable scanner

Optoelectronics Video Sweeper900-2520 MHzFMPortable scanner

Parabolic ATV-RX 23 cmFMRF out version

Parabolic ATV-RX 23 cmFMVideo/LF out version

PC Electronics ATVR-470 cmAMXTAL

RC-305 (OEM)5.7 GHzFM8 channels

RC832S (OEM)5.7 GHzFM48 channels

RC-5808 (OEM)5.7 GHzFM8 channels

RX-LCD5802 (OEM)5.7 GHzFMDiversity and scanning with LCD screen

SpyTec Inc VS-1251.2 / 2.4 / 5.7 GHzFMPortable scanner

Videoscanner2.3-2.5 GHzFM



HS Publications D-100?-? MHzUHFFor TV-DXing

HS Publications D-100 De-Luxe44-105 / 140-300 / 470-820 MHzUHFFor TV-DXing

HS Publications D-500?-? MHzUHFFor TV-DXing

Microwave Modules MMC 435/600430-440 MHz~600 MHz (Ch. 35)

PC Electronics TVC-4G70 cmVHF Lo


PixModModelBand/QRGModeMax P/OQuicknote

Ajoka AJ-801T2.4 GHzFM1 W

Ajoka AJ-803T2.4 GHzFM3 W

Aptron AX-1070 cmAM? W

Boscam TS-3515.7 GHzFM200 mW8 channels

Comtech FM1200TSIMG1240-1367.5 GHzFM50 mWDemo board

Comtech FM1394TSIM1240-1367.5 GHzFM50 mWDemo board

Comtech FM2350TSIMP2300-2555 MHzFM200 mWDemo board

Comtech FM2400TSIM2300-2555 MHzFM8 mWDemo board

Comtech FM2400TSIMG2300-2555 MHzFM>9 mWDemo board

Eachine TX-065.7 GHzFM25 mW48 channels

Eachine TX-5265.7 GHzFM600 mW40 channels

Fortop TVT-43270 cmAM15 W3 channels, XTAL

Fortop TVT-43570 cmAM15 W2 channels, XTAL

FT-951 (OEM)5.7 GHzFM25 mW22 channels

ID Elektronik 6 cm TX5650-5850 MHzFM0.2 W

ID Elektronik 9 cm TX3400-3475 MHzFM0.2 W

ID Elektronik 13 cm TX2320-2450 MHzFM1.5 W

ID Elektronik 23 cm TX1240-1300 MHzFM2 W

Iftrontech Nano Stinger Pro5.7 GHzFM25 mW7 channels

König Electronic Vid-Trans12KN2.4 GHzFM10 mW4 channels

MFJ-8704433.97 MHzAM50 mW

MFJ-870870 cmAM50 mW4 channels

MFJ-870970 cmAM4.5 W4 channels

Microwave Modules MTV 435435 MHzAM20 W2 channels

Misumi MST-AB003M2.4 GHzFM30 mW4 channels

Misumi MST-AB010M2.4 GHzFM100 mW4 channels

Misumi MST-AB020M2.4 GHzFM200 mW4 channels

Misumi MST-AB050M2.4 GHzFM500 mW4 channels

Misumi MST-AB100M2.4 GHzFM1 W4 channels

Misumi MST-AB200M2.4 GHzFM2 W4 channels

Misumi MST-AB400M2.4 GHzFM4 W4 channels

Parabolic ATV-TX1240-1279 MHzFM200 mW

PC Electronics TX70-5S70 cmAM4 W5 channels

Portsdown 201871-2400 MHzDVB10 mWRaspberry Pi and Portsdown software required

Portsdown 201930-3500 MHzDVB5 mWRaspberry Pi and Portsdown software required

TS-5828S (OEM)5.7 GHzFM600 mW40 channels

TS-582000 (OEM)5.7 GHzFM2 W8 channels

Videolynx Z23B23 cmFM2 W4 channels

Videolynx Z70A70 cmAM50 mW4 channels

Wood & Douglas ATV-170 cmAM3 WOne single channel


PixModModelBand/QRGModeMax P/OQuicknote

AEA FSTV-43070 cmAM? W1989

AEA FSTV-430A70 cmAM1 W1990

AEA VSB-7070 cmAM1 W

PC Electronics TC-170 cmAM10 W

PC Electronics TC70-170 cmAM1 W

PC Electronics TC70-1D70 cmAM1 W

PC Electronics TC70-1070 cmAM10 W

PC Electronics TC70-2070 cmAM20 W

PC Electronics TC70-20S70 cmAM20 W