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Last modified 2010-07-18

HS Publications D100 De-Luxe

Type:VHF/UHF DXTV tuner/converter
Frequency range:Normal
Band I/II: 47-70 MHz (E2-A4)
Band III: 174-225 MHz (E5-E12)
UHF: 470-630 MHz (E21-E40)
Higher extended
Band I/II: 65-105 MHz (R3-J3)
Band III: 220-300 MHz (E12-SA13)
UHF: 620-820 MHz (E40-E64)
Lower extended
Band I/II: 44-50 MHz (NZ1-R1)
Band III: 140-175 MHz (M4-E5)
UHF: 460-480 MHz
IF output:Video: UHF channel 65 (Adjustable)
Audio: 95-108 MHz (Typical)
Voltage:12-23 VDC
Current drain:Max 300 mA
Impedance:75 ohms / ?
Dimensions (W*H*D):? mm
Weight:? Kg
Manufactured:UK, 200x-200x (Discontinued)
Other:IF bandwidth auto or adjustable from 2 MHz up to limit of TV-set
Band scanning. Optional DX-alert.
New price 2001 in the UK: 159.95
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