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WHAT'S NEW 2017?

A new AirSpy, the HF+.

Dentron Clipperton-V (2 m) and Clipperton-V (6 m).
Goldsource DF1790-1320.
Hammarlund HQ-170.
Icom IC-2300D, IC-2300-T, AD-55NS and UT-23.
JBM T-2001.
Juliette MPR-3005, MPR-3016, MPR-3065, MPR-3073, NA-5018 and NA-5018A.
Juma PA1000.
Matsutec MS-105.
Panasonic RF-2200, DR-22 (RF-2200BS), RF-1405 and GX-5II (RF-1405L).
Pony CB-26.
RadioShack Pro-2042 (20-464).
Realistic TRC-214 (21-1637).
Sailor RT-2048.
Scott Marine SLR-M.
SSTRAN AMT-3000, AMT-3000-9K, AMT-5000 and AMT-5000-9K.
Tait TM8110 and TM8115.
Telereader CD-670 (By Comax) and CWR-680 (By Tasco).

A picture of RF Concepts RFC 2-417.

This time I've also created an area for APRS equipment. Please note that this area is for equipment made for APRS specifically.
General packet equipment that may also have APRS functionality will still be found in the "Text and imaging gear" area.

Added "Spectral" to the Movies and TV-series area.

A new chinese HF/6 m transceiver from Xiegu, the X5105.

Cobra 25 Plus and 25 WX ST.
Daiwa DR-7500R, DR-7500X, DR-7600R and DR-7600X.
Drake 4-NB, C-4, CC-1, FL-250, FL-500, FL-1500, FL-4000, FL-6000, FS-4, MN-4, MN-2000, MS-4, SC-2, SC-6 and SCC-1.
Fanon Fanfare 185DF and Spokesman 1.
Fieldmaster TC-2015.
Hallicrafters S-77A, SX-11, CB-1, CB-2, CB-3, CB-3A and CB-5.
Icom IC-M324 and IC-M324G.
INRAD M-605, M-628, M-629, M-650, M-665, M-686 and M-FS.
MFJ 462B, 1224, 1276, 1278, 1278B and 1278T.
Sigma Euro-Comm 10 MTR, 12 MTR, 15 MTR, 17 MTR, 20 MTR, 30 MTR, 40 MTR, 80 MTR, Delta-10 HP, Delta-15 HP,
Delta-20 HP, Delta-40 HP, Delta-80 HP, G5RV 1/2, G5RV Full, LW-10, LW-20, LW-40 and Magitenna 40-6M.
Sirio ZN-22C.
Tecsun S-8800 and S-8800e "Wellenjagd edition".
Tokyo Hy-Power HL-33U.
Xiegu X1M, X1M Pro (Platinum) and X108G.

A brand new hoax, the AnyTone AD-7777.

Better pix of Hallicrafters SX-122.

Added "Baywatch 2017", "Death race" and "Independence day: Resurgence" to the Movies and TV-series area.

A new triband, DV-capable allmode transceiver from Icom, the IC-9700
New digital capable receivers/scanners from AOR: AR-Alpha II, AR-DV10 and AR-5700D.

Icom IC-1271A, IC-HP1, TV-1200 and IC-EX309.
LH RC832S.
Wimo HB9CV 2m, HB9CV 70cm and HB9CV 23cm.

A new dual band, FM/DMR mobile transceiver from TYT, the MD-9600 Dual Band.
New transceivers from Flexradio: Flex-6400, Flex-6400M, Flex-6600 and Flex-6600M.
A scanner and CB hybrid from Uniden, the BearTracker 885.

Astatic AST878DM.
Comet CA-ABC61.
Daiwa CN-495M.
Diamond CP-62, F-61, WD-330 and WD-330S.
Drake T-4B.
Emco PRC-1.
Hytera SM09D1, SM10A1, SM16A1 and SM19A1.
Iwatsu SC-7201 and SC-7207H.
Kenwood TS-590SG, MC-80 and MC-85.
Racal 1991, 1992, 1998, 1999, 9008 and 9914.
RC-305 (OEM) and RC-5808 (OEM).
Shure 444D.
Standard Horizon GX-1000S.
TenTec Paragon II (586).
Wimo PA-13R, PA-13R-18, PA-13R-20, PA-23R, PA-23R-16.
Yaesu YM-33.

Pictures of Policalarm PR-8 (TNX to KU4A).
Better pictures of Icom IC-821H and Drake R-4C.

This time I've also updated the ATV in Stockholm area.

New rugged HT's from Yaesu: FT-25E and FT-65E (Europe) / FT-25R and FT-65R (USA)

Barret 4050.
Bendix Navigator 420.
Cobra 18 WX ST II.
ELV PPS-7330 and PS-7330.
National Panasonic Cougar No7, GX-400 and GX-400M.
Uniden 2030.
Yaesu ADMS-65, SAD-20B, SAD-20C, SAD-20U, SBH-22, SBR-25Li, SBR-26Li, SCU-35, SCU-36 and SSM-512B.

Added Highwaymen to the Movies and TV-series area.

A new chinese VHF/UHF dual bander, TYT TH-8600.

Alinco DP-500.
Belcom 23 Synthesizer and GT-22.
Carmen VT-101.
Chaser MC-3000.
Clarion JB-9, JC-9, JC-20 and JC-310.
Elbex CB-34AF.
GEM 934.
Icom GT-1, GT-2, GT-5 and IC-M55.
JRC Connectus.
Kuhne TR-1296 H-28.
Maxon CGX-0520.
MFJ 4275MV.
National RJ-P10.
Nissei RS-101, RS-102, RS-402, RS-502, RX-503 and TM-3000.
Reftec MTR 934-1.
Standard GX-9100.
Tactica 934.
Toyo T-435.
Uniace Minster 934/27 and 400.
Uniden PC-1010.

I moved all applicable transceivers to the new 900 MHz bands area.
I also added the sci-fi comedy movie "Paul" to the Movies and TV-series area.

A new chinese HF SDR transceiver: Risen RS-918SSB.

Butternut HF6V and HF6V-X.
Corona GS-903DX Mark III.
Daiwa CN-410M, CN-412M, CN-460M, CN-465M, CN-490M, CN-720B and NS-448U.
Datong DC144/28.
Dressler EWPA-5200 LL.
Hawksweep HS-5000A.
Kencraft QS-500.
Kenwood PB-38 and PC-1.
Lafayette Boston, California, Explorer, Hawaii, Kentucky and Texas.
Netset Pro-2032.
Polmar Tennessee.
Tokyo Hy-Power HL-166V.
Tono UC-70.
Voice 1202.
Whistar WS-50A.
Wild 460.

Pictures of BBC Veriphon 900 Comet.
Better pictures of AEA VSB-70 and Yaesu FT-707.

A new compact dual band, C4FM/Fusion capable HT from Yaesu: FT-70DE (Europe) / FT-70DR (USA)
A new SDR receiver from Expert Electronics, the ColibriNano.

Alinco EL-2HC and EL-2HS.
Comcraft CTR-144.
Daiwa CN-620A.
Icom IC-M88.
Jopix Delos (40 m version) and Delos (CB/Freeband version).
Kenwood TK-752, TS-830M, SM-230.
Manson SPS-9620.
Rycom R1307A/GR.
SBE SB-36.

Pictures of Vibratrol RFL-700 (TNX to Mr. Andrea Baldoni).
A better picture of SBE 34.

A new DV capable hand scanner from Uniden: UBC-D3600XLT.
A new dual band HT from smartphone maker Xiaomi, the MiJia.
A new range of SWR/PWR meters from Daiwa: CN-501H, CN-501H2, CN-501V, CN-901HP, CN-901HP3 and CN-901V.

Alinco ADUA-83, DX-R8E, DX-R8T, DX-SR9E and DX-SR9T.
Daiwa CN-801S II.
Icom IC-M605 and IC-M605 Euro.
Lafayette Com-Phone 23A.

Pictures of Nietzsche NDB-30 (TNX to DO8FY).
A picture of Microwave Modules MMT 144/28R (TNX to G4AQY)

A new mobile D-Star rig from Icom, ID-4100A (USA) / ID-4100E (Europe)
Sotabeams has released an HF Lowpass filter kit.

Comet SBB-25, SBB-123 and SF-245.
Icom HM-90, MB-65 and MB-120.
Kenwood SP-23.

AOR VI8200.
B&G V50 and V90.
Cobra MR-F57 (B/W) and MR-F77 (B/W).
Conrad ComCraft.
Humminbird VHF-255S.
Hy-Gain 661, Hy-Seas 12 and Hy-Seas 55.
Icom BM-113E, BM-113U, BP-130A, BP-157A, BP-160, BP-174, EX-257, IC-M1V, IC-M3A, IC-M3 Euro, IC-M10A, IC-M10E, IC-M11.
President JFK Classic.
SG Lab TR-900, TR-1300 and TR-2300.
Super Star 3900 (Mk1) and 3900 EU.
Topcom RC-6415.
Yaesu FP-700.

Better pix of Icom IC-R70 and Yaesu FT-790R.

Electrotone M-100.
Globe Electronics Mobiline Six.
Heathkit GC-1A and GC-1U "Mohican".
Icom IC-HM5, IC-M1 Euro and IC-M1 Euro V.
Lafayette HA-39, HA-45, HA-146, HA-460, HE-45, HE-45A, HE-50 and KT-390 Starflite.
Mini-Products B-24 and M-4.
Mosley TA-36.
P & H Electronics LA-400C.
QYT KT-7900D.
Revco RS-2000 and RS-3000.
Solar Electronics System VI.
Surecom KT-8900D.

A better pix of Trio 9R-59.

Alinco DM-330FX(E/T).
Colonel 324 and CB-512S.
Hy-Gain 11 (1291) and 12 (1292).

Icom IC-M33, IC-M34, IC-M35, IC-M36, BC-139, BC-177, BP-216, BP-217, BP-256, EX-310, OPC-025A, OPC-025D, OPC-088,
OPC-131, OPC-440, OPC-478, OPC-478UC, OPC-499, OPC-581,OPC-587, OPC-589, OPC-1156, OPC-1457R, OPC-1529R, OPC-1655,
TV-R7000 and TV-1275.

Norlin SR-2070, SR-2090 and SR-2093.
President SX8020M.
Realistic Pro-2045 (20-9418).
Yaesu FT-902D.

Pictures of Dressler D-200S and Realistic Pro-21.
Better picture of JIL SX-400.