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WHAT'S NEW 2014?

Icom's latest mobile VHF/UHF transceiver, the IC-2730D (TNX to EA5CVK). There are also european and american versions: IC-2730E and IC-2730A. A new HF/6 m SDR transceiver from Apache Labs; Anan-200D. A new chinese VHF/UHF tribander, Anytone AT-5888UV III. Hytera MD785, Apache Labs Anan-10, Anan-100 and Anan-100D. Flight (Flite) Electronics MPF-1 Plus and MPF-1B, Midland Sky Band T601.

A new FM/DMR transceiver from Kirisun, the TM840 UHF. Hilberling PT-8000A Version 2, Degen DE1103, Dragon SY-5430 and MX-430, Motorola T-5720, Pan Crusader 8000, Tecsun PL-600 and PL-660, Trio HC-1, Kenwood/Trio HC-2 and Kenwood HC-10, President Grant (Original), Grant Classic and Grant II. Today I also opened up the new "Repeater controllers" area and added ACC ITC-32, RC-85, RC-96, RC-850, Zetron 38A and 39. And finally, a better pix (sort of) of FDK Multi-2700.

A new QRP HF transceiver from Xiegu, the X-108 and a new updated SDR receiver from CommRadio, the CR-1A. RM Italy HQ-130D, LPS-105, LPS-107, LPS-107S, LPS-112, LPS-112S, LPS-120, LPS-120S, LPS-130, LPS-130S, LPS-130-24, SPS-1012, SPS-1030, SPS-1031, SPS-1030S and SPS-1050S, E.H. Scott Special.

A new 4 m transceiver from Noble Radio, the NR-4SC. Yaesu FT-311RM, FT-4800H, FT-4800M, FT-5800H and FT-5800M, Standard C-8800, Icom IC-775DX II, Piexx DRU-2px, EX-243px, EX-310px, FTS-6px, FTS-7Apx, FTS-8px, FTS-12px, FTS-22px, IF-232px, TSU-5px, TSU-5Dpx, TSU-6px, TU-3px, TU-5px, TU-7px, TU-8px, TU-79px, UT-29px, UT-34px, UT-34Dpx, UT-36px, UT-40px, UT-50px, UX-14px, VS-1px, VS-2px, Carant ABY7LB, Kenwood TM-221A. A better pix of Icom IC-775DSP.

A new HF/VHF/UHF "System fusion" rig from Yaesu; FT-991 (TNX to SM0HXO). A new analog and DV scanner/receiver from AOR; AR-DV1. An anniversary, top of the line HF/VHF transceiver from Icom, the IC-7850. Kenwood/Trio TL-911, SCS PTC-II, Daiwa CN-101L, CN-102L, CN-103L, CN-801G, CN-801G II, CN-801GF, CN-801HP, CN-801HP3 and CN-801V. Better pix of Kenwood RZ-1 and Regency MX-5000. Today we reached 4600 radios in the database!

New dual band/dual mode repeaters from Yaesu; DR-1, DR-1X and DR-1XE. New mobile transceivers from China; Leixen VV-898, Vidatone 79D and 2780. Linear Amp UK Challenger (newer), Discovery (2 m), Discovery 2, Discovery 6, Discovery 64, Discovery 70, Explorer 1000, Explorer 1200, Gemini 2, Gemini 4, Gemini 70, Hunter Six, Hunter 750, Pioneer & Ranger 811H, Multiguard 9360, Ericsson C602 and C604, Revex W570, Nordland 01-600-A AM/FM, Hammarlund Comet and Comet Pro, Tokyo Hy-Power HL-66V, Realistic Pro-2023 (Cat No. 20-9128). Better pix of Yaesu FT-757GX.

Icom PS-126, SSB Electronic EME 23150FC, TLA 144-200, TLA 145-200R, TLA 430-100, TLA 435-100R, TLA 1270-50 and TLA 1275-100MC. Marconi 2018, 2018A, 2019 and 2019A, Grundig CBH-3000, Hy-Gain Hy-Range I (670), Hy-Range I (670B), Hy-Range Ia (681-PR), Hy-Range II (671B), Hy-Range III (672), Hy-Range III (672B), Hy-Range IV (673) and Hy-Range IV (673B). Handic 240. A better pix of Sony ICF-SW100E / ICF-SW100S.

A brand new dual band HT from Wouxun, the KG-UV8D (TNX to KT0DD). A manual for Helmholt RTTY-CW Interface Mark 5S (TNX to Helmer Helmholt). RM Italy KL-501, Icom CT-10, Mercury 650.655 (CB-R3), 650.656 (CB-R5), 650.659 (CB-R15), 650.661 (CB-R20), 650.662 (CB-R30) and 650.664 (CB-R40), Mirage B-320-G. Better pix of Icom IC-28A, IC-28E and IC-28H. And finally, a better pix of Daiwa LA-4150.

President John Q (TNX to SM0XVG). New revolutionary dual digital mode (DMR/MotoTRBO + D-Star) HT's from CSI; CS7000 VHF and CS7000 UHF. New chinese CB/export/10 m transceivers, CRT SS-9900 and AnyTone AT-6666. Star SR-550, RM Italy HLA-150 Plus, ULA-100 and VLA-200V, Drake T-4XC, Racal 9081, Helmholt RTTY-CW Interface Mark 5S. A better pix of Icom IC-7200. Added "Getaway" to the "Silver screen trivia" area

A new quadbander from Wouxun, the KG-UV950P and a new DMR HT from Shi Ying, the DG-318. A pix of Kenwood TM-521 (TNX to SA0AYF/SM0O). PKW Antenna System THF3E, RM Italy HLA-300, KL-800 and KLV-200/V, Kirisun DM600, Icom IP-100H, Handic 940, A picture of Ten-Tec Omni-A, Better pix of Kenwood TM-521A, Yaesu VR-5000 and AOR AR-8600 Mk2.

Icom's new mobile VHF/UHF D-Star rig with touch screen, Bluetooth and Android functionality: ID-5100. Patcomm PC-16000 (TNX to VK4JAM), WiMo QRM-Eliminator and Icom IC-208H (TNX to SA0AYF/SM0O), Universe 5500 (TNX to Brian in Denmark), Commander PR-26 (mobile config), Realistic Astronaut-8. Better pix of Realistic DX-160 and Icom IC-2410E.

Tono 2M-190G (TNX to SM0NJM). Walter Beringher WB-2000 and Tokyo Hy-Power HL1-KGX (TNX to PY4MAB). Kenwood's updated APRS dual bander, now with a built-in GPS; the TM-D710GA (America) and TM-D710GE (Europe), A brand new hi-speed digital 70 cm transceiver from NW Digital Radio, the UDRX-440. The latest incarnation of AOR's 8200 series, the AR-8200D. AOR's new multi-mode digital voice decoder, the ARD300. Kenwood TM-221ES, TM-421A, TM-421E and TM-421ES, Mickey MK-4000, Maximal 925, FUNcube Dongle Pro and FUNcube Dongle Pro+, Tono MR-250W, Panther 11 HD-122, Partner P-108A, Sound Air SS-330, Binatone 5 Star, Carmen Gold, Gold Special, Silver, Spot, Super and 69X, President Randy II, Danita 8540.