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WHAT'S NEW 2013?

President's latest 10-11 m allmode rig: Lincoln II. Globe Electronics "Globe Sidebander" DSB-100, Yaesu G-600 and G-600RC, RF Concepts RFC 2-23, RFC 2/70, RFC 2/70G, RFC 2/70H, RFC 2-315, RFC 2-317, RFC 2-417, RFC 4-32, RFC 4-110, RFC 4-310, UHF-50 and VHF 1-60, Sommerkamp TS-2000DX, Hama Video Script 550, Updated "Alphabetically",

Dentron DTR-3KA (TNX to N1ASS). Reaction Instruments 685A, Watkins-Johnson WJ-8615, Rohde & Schwarz EB-100, Tonna 220921 and 220922, Realistic TRC-24, TRC-46, TRC-47, TRC-48, TRC-419, TRC-421A, TRC-427, TRC-430, TRC-435, TRC-449, TRC-453, TRC-461, TRC-465 and TRC-480. Royce 1-606, SBE Coronado II. Updated pix and specs for Kenwood TM-D700A. Today we passed 4300 radios in the database!

New compact QRP PSK transceivers from SilentSystem: HandyPSK 20 and HandyPSK 40. YouKits EK-1B, M+E ME1500-V and ME1500-FD, Hy-Gain 2680 and GRE-Phone 500MA. Updated some specs for Kenwood TS-50S and Elecraft KX-3 (TNX to SA6CBG)

A new QRP rig from LNR, the FX-4. A new chinese allmode HF rig, KN-920 and yet another chinese dual band VHF/UHF transceiver: Powerwerx DB-750X. ITB Archimede 1000, Kenwood VS-1, Daiwa PS-120MII, Emperor LA-50, Fanon Fanfare 100, Fanfare 120, Fanfare 125F, Fanfare 182, Fanfare 184D, Fanfare 190DF, Fanfare 330 and Fanfare 350 SSB. Updated pix and specs for Yaesu FT-5100. And last but not least, a range of Icom digital IDAS capable radios; IC-F3101D, IC-F3161DS, IC-F3161DT, IC-F4101D, IC-F4161DS, IC-F4161DT, IC-F5061D, IC-F5121D, IC-F6061D and IC-F6121D.

Rearranged the first page a bit to accomodate the RSS news feed from Southgate ARC. This is experimental and may not be permanent. Good or bad? Please tell me what you think.

The latest super-wideband receiver from AOR: AR-6000. FDK Multi-8 DX and Multi-400S, Yaesu FT-707S, Icom IC-281A, IC-281E and IC-481A. This time I've also updated the "Other useful info" area with some info about Meteor showers.

Yaesu's new HF/6 m rig, the FTdx-1200 (TNX to SM4MI and HA5RXZ). A new SDR transceiver from CommRadio, the CR-1 (TNX to IW0HOF), Maxon CA-1461 and CA-1462, Commander TC-16 and 782, Effect Mini 5, GRE-Phone 10A, Lafayette Dyna-Com 3A, Dyna-Com 23, HA-310 and HA-310A, Pony CB-71, Koyo KTR-1770 Wavemaster, Sigma Euro-Comm Double Discone, Eurostick DX, Excalibur, SE-V1300, SE-900, SE-1300, SE-1500 Scan King and V-1300, Daiwa LA-2180H, LA-2180HDX and LA-2180HK, Microwave Modules MML-144/25, MML-144/50-S, MML-432/20 and MMC 435/600.

Tokyo Hy-Power HL-1.1KFX, HL-1.5KFX, HL-2K, HL-2.5KFX, HL-700B, DL1IE ATV-Logo, Mitsubishi NMT450 FT028 & NMT450-G3 FT041, Eco Antenne AVT3, AVT4, DX11, Ecomet HF-3, Ecomet HF-6, Ecomet HF-8, R5 HF and 7+, Emtron DX-1SP, DX-2SP and DX-3SP, OM Power OM-4000A.

Palstar's first HF transceiver, the TR-30. A new HF SDR transceiver from Elad, the FDM-Duo, New miniature FM mobiles from China; Leixen VV-808U and VV-808V. Better pix of H&H SN-5000 and Yaesu FT-912R. Today I also added a search box under the Callbook services on the front page of RigPix.

New HTs from Yaesu: FT-252 and FT-257 (TNX to VE3ES). A picture of Amp Supply LK450 (TNX to SM5SUH). A picture of ADI AR-147 (TNX to DJ3UE). Midland 79-265 (TNX to Paul in Australia). Soontone ST-5188 (VHF) and ST-5188 (UHF), Hallicrafters S-85 and S-85U, Cushcraft AV-80, Diamond D-777, VHF Teknik AOM118GF0, Lafayette Zeus and Dyna-Com 12A, Stabo SH-6200.

A 6 & 4 meter transceiver from a new manufacturer; Noble Radio NR-6N4. New HF receivers from Stampfl, the Mini-SWRX and the Micro-SWRX , Geloso G-207, Diamond GZV-6000, Sony ICB-770 and ICB-R5, Intek H-520 Plus, Maas SPA-8230, Today I also welcome SM6UQP to the "Operator gallery".

Wouxun KG-UV6D, Panasonic DR-31, President Walker, Maxon MX-1000, MX-2000 and MX-3000, Watson WMD-50, Saga 130, Graetz Burggraf F41, Kalif F23, Kornett F37, Landgraf F29, Maharadscha 4R/F26 and Maharani F48. Added some cordless phone material to the "Other useful info" area. And finally, some better pictures of Yaesu FT-290R II, Sydimport PR-2340, Kraco 2420 and Robyn PLL-23.

Belcom LS-20F, Braun RX-420, SE-285, LT-470, LT-472 and LT-702. Midland/Alan 102, Lafayette HB-850 AM/FM, AFS-640 and AFS-805 MKII, Signal Communication Corp. R-512, R-517, R-528 (version 1), R-528 (version 2), R-532, R-535 (version 1), R-535 (version 2), R-537, R-537S and R-550 in their own brand new area. And last but not least, better pix of Yaesu FL-2100, Belcom LS-102 and LS-202E

Sky King SU-2000 5E and 2303, AOR AR-1000XLT and AR-2700, Bearcat BC-100, BCT-10, BC-244CLT and BC-248CLT, Globephone GS-480DX, Superstar 120 and 120FM, Sommerkamp TS-340, TS-340DX and TS-340DX Spezial. And finally, better pix of Kenwood TR-3200 and Sommerkamp TS-310DX.

Icom IC-911D, Ranger RCI-69FFB4, Yeticom Optima, Optima MkII and Optima MkIII, Albrecht Ultraforce and AE5890EU. A better pix of Standard C-50D. A picture of Nietzsche NB-100R (TNX to DL6KA) and a picture of Yaesu FT-101FE (TNX to KB8PIC). Today I also opened up the brand new "Vintage computers" area.

HYS TC-300. Icom AH-8000, Zodiac M-7000, ADI TM-281A and Commando 236BM. Icom Icom IC-2100FX, Spender TM-581DTV, Motorola Commander 245, Alinco Alinco DR-245PL, Yaesu FT-245, Fujitel FB-150A. And finally, some better pix of Kenwood TM-255E and AnyTone AT-588 (VHF).