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WHAT'S NEW 2012?

Icom AM-3D, IC-200 and IC-3700M, K-PO M-8800, Dak Mark X, Lafayette Telsat 805B, General Stonewall Jackson, CRT G.Saturne, Wellbrook ALA100LN, ALA100M, ALA330S, ALA1530AL, ALA1530L, ALA1530PE, ALA1530SP, LA5030, LFL1010, PA2, PA4, PA2-K9AY and PA4-K9AY.

Channel Master CM-9521A, AnyTone AT-588 UHF, Cherokee Nightrider 150. Added Roadkill (Joy ride) to the "Silver screen trivia" area. Today I also opened up the much needed ATV in Stockholm area.

RMS International PA-646 (TNX to SA0BKW), Elad FDM-S1 and FDM-77, DZKit HT-7, RFspace NetSDR, SDR-IP, SDR-IQ and SDR-14, Fujion AD-8000E, F-1000 and F-3000E, Albrecht AE-102, Altai B115H, Stolle 2010/220, Tokyo Hy-Power HL-37V.

Two new chinese dual banders, HYS TC-UV55 and TC-UV66 (TNX to IW0HOF). Sangean ATS-909X, Saiko SC-292 and another new Chinese dual band handie, TYT TH-UVF9.

Yaesu's latest mobile DV-capable rig, FTM-400D (TNX to IW0HOF). A new chinese quad-bander, TYT TH-9800. Today I also decided to open up the Hoax! area that currently holds three fake radios.

Icoms new dual band handie with D-Star, ID-51A / ID-51E (TNX to IW0HOF). Icom's new HF/VHF/UHF multibander with touch-screen and D-Star, IC-7100. Alinco DX-70EH, Melba 903, Icom TV-970 and TV-R7100, President Thomas, Thomas J. and Thomas J. AM/FM, Maas SPS-350II. Today we passed 4100 radios in the database!

Ranger RCI-69FFC2, Nato 2000, Diamond NR-124N, NR-22L and NR-22LH, Solarcon A-99, Icom CR-282, CR-293, CR-338, FL-53A, FL-132, FL-133, FL-223, FL-232, Nordisk Teleproduktion Antilop, pictures of Icom UX-97, UX-98 and UX-R96,

Icom's new 2 m mobile rig, the IC-2300H (TNX to EA5CVK). Sirio 2008, 2012 and 2016, Microset SR200, Uniden Bearcat UBC-360CLT, HP 8901A, A picture of Tono VM-100W, Schematics for RM Italy KL-500 and better pics of Tono 2M-100W.

Yaesu's new DV handie, the FT-1DE / FT-1DR (Europe / USA) and their new HF/6 m rig, the FTdx-3000. Astatic D-104 M6B, Yaesu MH-85A11U.

Kenwood's new high-end HF/6 m rig, the TS-990S.

RM Italy BLA-300, The US version of Cobra 29 LX, Uniden/Bearcat BC-60XLT, BC-250, UBC-278CLT, 880 and 980SSB, Tokyo Hy-Power HL-45B, HL-450B, HL-90U, HL-30V and HL-35V, Royce 631 and 635, Falcon Outback-1899 and Outback-2000, . Updated specs and pix on Icom IC-02E,

Zodiac PA-7202 (TNX to SM0XVG). Cobra's latest CB rig, the slightly different 29 LX EU. TE Systems 0503G, Icom IC-PS20, Icom IC-E80D, ITM CB-20 and CB-50, Startone 341, Hallicrafters S-27, Luxor Ambassadör, Estrad, Final, Parad, Passad, President, Revy and Visir, Panoramic Panadaptor PCA-2 T-200. Updated pix and specs for Alinco DJ-G1E, better pix of Zodiac Hider 40, M-5012, Digi 40 and Searcher 40.

An inside picture of Corona HP-80VDX (TNX to SM0XVG). Kinetic Avionics new ADS-B/AIS/AM/FM receiver, the SBS-3. A brand new multimode CB, the CRE 8900. Sommerkamp FR-101D, Superscope Aircommand CB-640, KPO DX-5000. Sommerkamp FT-250. AnyTone AT-5555. Midland/Alan 8001S and 8001S Euro. Tokyo Hy-Power HL-85V. Swedish Radio Supply SRS-Scan. Heathkit VL-1180. FDK Expander-430. Daiwa LA-2155E.

Araki MG-285, SUS-285B, SUS-285D, YA-1, YA-485, YA-485D, YA2-HL, YA-45 and YS-241H.

Barker & Williamson AC 1.8-30, AC 3.5-30, AS-160 and BWDS.

Beko HLV-250, HLV-350, HLV-400, HLV-550, HLV-750, HLV-800, HLV-1500, HLV-1100, HLV-1600, HLV-1900, HLV-2000, HLV-3000 and HLV-4000.

Comet CBC-70, CBC-120, CBC-430, DS-747Pro, DS-757 and DS-3000.

High Sierra HS-1500MKII, HS-1800/Pro and Sidekick.

PKW Antenna System Delta Loop 144-4, Delta Loop 144-8, Delta Loop 144-12, Delta Loop 432-12 and LP-23.

Tagra A-144-BNA, A-144-BNB, AH-03, AH-15, ANV-40, BT-210, DDK-15, DDK-20, DDK-40, GP-20, GP-40, GP-80, GP-144, GPC-144, GPC-150, GPC-160, GPC-170, GPC-420, GPC-440, GPC-460, HF-80AS and VH-2AS.

Better pictures of NEC CQ-110E and G.E.C m/50. And finally, I've moved all Watkins-Johnson radios to their own new area.

JBM T-2002 (TNX to OH6NT). Kenwood UT-10, Icom IC-12GE and IC-PS35, Yaesu FT-109RH, Sommerkamp SLA-200, Hewlett-Packard 8656A, 8656B, 8657A and 8657B, Nordland 02-225, Midland 8001XT, Phantom Communicator, Ham International Multimode II, Wipe 2000, Colonel CB-523 and CB-523A, Updated specs and better pix of Concorde 2000.