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Solarcon A-99

A picture of Solarcon A-99


Type:HF vertical base antenna
Band(s):25-31 MHz (By cut-and-tune)
Gain:0 dBd (Read below)
Beamwidth (-3 dB):E-plane: ?
H-plane: 360 (Omni)
Max power:1 KW (RMS)
2 KW (PEP)
Impedance / connector:50 ohm / SO-239 (M-jack)
Wind area:? m (? ft)
Max wind resistance:? m/sec (? mph)
Length:5.3 m (17.39 ft)
Weight:2.27 Kg (5 lb)
Mast mount diameter:?-? mm (?-?")
Manufactured:USA, 198x-20xx
Additional info: Don't believe the inflated 9.9 dB claimed in advertisements. This is an end-fed
half-wave antenna with zero gain. In fact, there are indications that due to
losses in the matching circuit, gain may actually be negative. In worst case
up to -0.3 dBd.

This antenna was previously manufactured and marketed as Antron A-99.
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A-99 schematic