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Last modified 2014-10-30

ACC RC-850

A picture of ACC RC-850


Type:Repeater controller
CPU:80C85 or NSC800
Memory:EPROM: 32K, expandable to 64K
EEPROM: 4K, expandable to 8K
RAM: 2K, expandable to 8K
Speech ROM: 20K
Logic inputs:10 kohm, Low = 0-0.8 V, high = 2.4-15 V
Logic outputs:Open drain, 60V, 100 mA
Audio inputs:100 kohm, adjustable levels
Audio outputs:100 kohm, Max 5 Vpp TX audio, Max 0.5 Vpp link audio
Power supply:12.6 VDC 10%
Current drain/power consumption:Max 175 mA
Dimensions (W*H*D):432*64*368 mm (17*2.5*14.5")
Weight:1.81 Kg (4 lbs)

Tone system:CTCSS/PL decoder
ID and message method:Speech synthesizer, morse code and optional DVR
Remote control:Via phone line (optional), DTMF over radio or RS-232C
Radio linking:Yes
Phone patch:Yes
Other features:Talking S-meter, 10 selectable courtesy tones, telemetry functions
RS-232C interface, Clock/calendar and more...

Manufactured:USA, 1982-198x (Discontinued)
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