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PRS 903/904 is for use in Japan. Opened in december 1982. Max 5 W. Channel 1 is the control/data channel with
initially 79 automatic traffic channels, later expanded to 157. No new licenses issued after november 2015. Current
users may use the band until license expires, after which the band will be completely withdrawn and reallocated for
cellphone use.
933/934 MHz was for use in Switzerland. Opened in 1982. Withdrawn 2003-12-31.
CB 934/81 was for use in the UK. Opened in november 1981. Max 8 W. Withdrawn 1998-12-31.

Japan - PRS 903/904 MHz

PixDocModModelBand/QRGModeMax O/PChannelsYearQuicknote

Alinco DP-500903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W15819xx

Alpine 910A903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Clarion JB-9903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xxBase station

Clarion JC-9903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Clarion JC-10903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Clarion JC-20903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Clarion JC-310903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W158199x

Everex EP-100903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Fujitsu FTC90-512B903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Fujitsu FTC90-520A903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Fujitsu FTM90-520BC903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

General Skyace GX-1903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Hitachi CM-500903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Hitachi CM-900903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Icom GT-1903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Icom GT-2903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Icom GT-3903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Icom GT-5903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W15819xx

JRC Connectus903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

JRC JHM-83903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Kenwood PRC-1903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W80198x

Kenwood PRC-5903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Kenwood PRC-7903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Kenwood PRC-11903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Kenwood PRC-21903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W1581986

Kenwood PRC-21G903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W1581986

Kokusai XF-7216903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Kyocera CM-1903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Kyocera CM-2903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Kyocera CM-3903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Mitsubishi FM-87F903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Mitsubishi Orphes MR-1903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Mitsubishi Orphes MR-2903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Mitsubishi Orphes MR-4903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Mitsubishi Orphes MR-5903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W15819xx

National CR-PC10D903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W80 19xx

National CR-PC10DS903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

National CR-PC11903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W80 19xx

National RJ-P10903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

National PQ-10903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

National PQ-11903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

NEC TR-3501903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

NEC TR-5501903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W15819xx

NEC TR-7501903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

NEC TR-9502903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Panasonic PQ-12903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W15819xx

Panasonic PQ-13903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W15819xx

Pioneer JX-E2903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Pioneer JX-1903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Pioneer JX-3903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Rex 9000903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Sansui TX-5D903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Sansui TX-99903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Sanyo PM-J1903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Sanyo PM-J2903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Sharp TC-1903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Shinwa GB-2903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Shinwa PR-6903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM1 W15819xx

Shinwa PR-900903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Shinwa SC-905G903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Shinwa SC-905GB903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Shinwa SC-905G2903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Shinwa SC-905G3903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W15819xx

Shinwa SC-905G5903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W15819xx

Shinwa SC-905G7903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W15819xx

Shinwa SM-26903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Standard GX-9000903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Standard GX-9100903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Superstar SS-5501903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W801985

Tono PR-900903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM? W8019xx

Toshiba TS-2903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Toshiba TS-3903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Toshiba 9M5903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Uniden PC-1010903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Uniden PC-2020903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Victor FC-5903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Yaesu FYA-905903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Yaesu FYA-905A903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Yaesu FYA-915903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Yaesu FYA-915A903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W8019xx

Yaesu FYA-925903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W15819xx

Yaesu FYA-925A903.0125-904.9875 MHzFM5 W15819xx

Switzerland - 933/934 MHz

PixDocModModelBand/QRGModeMax O/PChannelsYearQuicknote

BBC Veriphon 900-40 Comet934.0125-934.9875 MHzFM5 W40199x

BBC Veriphon 900/1-40 Comet934.0125-934.9875 MHzFM5 W40199x

BBC Veriphon 900/1-80 Comet933.0125-933.9875 MHz
934.0125-934.9875 MHz
FM5 W40 + 40199x

Clarion JC-10933.0125-933.9875 MHz
934.0125-934.9875 MHz
FM5 W40 + 40198x

JTI NPR-900934.0125-934.9875 MHzFM5 W40199x

JTI NPR-900 CH934.0125-934.9875 MHzFM5 W40199x

Stabo PRS-933/934933.0125-933.9875 MHz
934.0125-934.9875 MHz
FM5 W40 + 40198x

Uniden PC-1010934.0125-934.9875 MHzFM5 W401984

United Kingdom - CB 934/81

PixDocModModelBand/QRGModeMax O/PChannelsYearQuicknote

Commtel NPR-934934.0125-934.9625 MHzFM5 W20198x

Cybernet Delta 1934.0125-934.9625 MHzFM5 W20 (40)1984

Gem 934934.4625 MHzFM500 mW1198x

Reftec BS-934934.0125-934.9625 MHzFM5 W201984

Reftec MTR 934-1934.0125-934.9625 MHzFM5 W20198x

Reftec MTR 934-2934.0125-934.9625 MHzFM5 W20198x

Tactica 934934.0125-934.9625 MHzFM5 W20198x

Uniace Minster 934/2727.60125-27.99125 MHz
934.0125-934.9625 MHz
8 W
1984Dual band

Uniace 400934.0125-934.9625 MHzFM8 W201985