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Mainly packet

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This is a low priority area. Items will be added at a slow pace.

Multi-mode (More than one mode)

PixDocModModelData rateModesYearQuicknote

AEA AMT-145-300 bdRTTY / ASCII / AMTOR198x
Camera iconNotepad icon
AEA CP-1 Computer Patch45-300 bdRTTY / CW / AMTOR198x

AEA CP-100 Computer Patch?-? bdRTTY / CW19xx
Camera iconNotepad icon
AEA DSP-232?-9600 bdMany1996

AEA DSP-123245-9600 bdMany1992
Camera iconNotepad icon
AEA DSP-223245-9600 bdMany1990

AEA MBA-RC45-300 bdRTTY / CW / ASCII19xx

AEA MBA-Reader45-300 bdRTTY / CW / ASCII19xx

AEA PK-6445-1200 bdMany1985
Camera iconNotepad icon
AEA PK-232 "Pakratt"45-1200 bdMany1986
Camera iconNotepad icon
AEA PK-232MBX "Pakratt"45-1200 bdMany198x

AEA PK-900?-? bdMany1991

DGM SRT-300045-300 bdRTTY / CW / ASCII19xx

Drake Theta 7000E110-300 bdRTTY / CW / ASCII19xx

HAL CRI-20045-75 bdRTTY / CW19xx
Camera icon

HAL DS-2000 KSR?-? bdRTTY / CW / ASCII1979
Camera icon

HAL DS-3000 KSR v2?-? bdRTTY/ASCII19xx
Camera icon

HAL DS-3000 KSR v3?-? bdRTTY / CW / ASCII19xx
Camera icon

HAL DS-3100 ASR?-? bdRTTY / CW / ASCII1979

Heathkit HK-23245-1200 bdMany19xx
Camera iconNotepad icon
Helmholt RTTY-CW Interface Mark 5S45-300 bdRTTY / CW / ASCII1984

Info-Tech M-10745-300 bdRTTY / CW / ASCII19xx
Camera iconNotepad icon
Icom CT-1045-50 bdRTTY / ASCII198xAlso remote control
Camera icon

ICS AMT-245-110 bdAMTOR / RTTY / CW / ASCII198x
Camera icon

INAC Deco-1000?-? bdRTTY / CW197x
Camera iconNotepad icon
Kantronics KAM45-1200 bdMany1986The original "KAM"
Camera iconNotepad icon
Kantronics KAM Plus45-1200 bdMany1993GPS/APRS compatible
Camera iconNotepad icon
Kantronics KAM-XL45-9600 bdMany2001GPS/APRS compatible
Camera iconNotepad icon
Kantronics KAM 9845-1200 bdMany1998GPS/APRS compatible

Kantronics Mini-reader45-300 bdRTTY / CW / ASCII19xx

Kantronics Mini-terminal45-75 bdRTTY / CW19xx

Kantronics "The interface"45-300 bdRTTY / CW / ASCII198xRX only. For "Hamtext" or "Hamsoft"

Kantronics "The interface II"45-300 bdRTTY / CW / ASCII1984RX only. For "Hamtext" or "Hamsoft"

Kantronics UTU45-? bdRTTY / CW / ASCII/AMTOR1984

Kantronics UTU-XT45-300 bdRTTY / CW / ASCII/AMTOR1986

Macrotronics TerminAll45-300 bdRTTY / CW / ASCII19xx
Camera iconNotepad icon
MFJ 462B45-110 bdAMTOR / RTTY / CW / ASCII20xxStandalone reader with LCD
Camera iconNotepad icon
MFJ 122445-300 bdRTTY / CW / ASCII198x
Camera icon

MFJ 1276100-1200 bdPacket / Pactor199x
Camera iconNotepad icon
MFJ 127845-1200 bdMany1988
Camera iconNotepad icon
MFJ 1278B45-1200 bdMany199x

Notepad icon
MFJ 1278BT45-2400 bdMany199x

MFJ 1278B/DSP45-1200 bdManyxxxx
Camera iconNotepad icon
MFJ 1278T45-2400 bdMany1990

Microlog Air-145-300 bdRTTY / CW / ASCII19xxFor Commodore C64

Microlog ART-145-300 bdRTTY / CW / ASCII / AMTOR1986Packet option. For Commodore C64 and 128

Microlog ATR-680045-300 bdRTTY / CW / ASCII19xx
Camera iconNotepad icon
SCS DR-7400 (P4dragon)?-? bdMany2012
Camera iconNotepad icon
SCS DR-7800 (P4dragon)?-? bdMany2011OLED display

SCS PTC (Z80)?-? bdAMTOR / PACTOR / RTTY / CW1991Elbug feature

SCS PTC Plus?-? bdAMTOR / PACTOR / RTTY / CW1993
Camera iconNotepad icon
SCS PTC-II20-19200 bdMany1994

SCS PTC-IIe?-? bdMany1999

SCS PTC-IIex?-? bdMany2003

SCS PTC-IInet?-? bdMany2005

SCS PTC-IIpro?-? bdMany2000

SCS PTC-IIusb?-? bdMany2005

SCS PTC-IIIusb?-? bdMany2012

Somerset Microdec?-? bdRTTY / CW / ASCII1990
Camera icon

Telereader CD-670 (By Comax)45-300 bdRTTY / CW / ASCII / AMTOR / SITOR1988

Telereader CWR-670 (By Tasco)?-? bdRTTY / CW19xx
Camera icon

Telereader CWR-680 (By Tasco)?-? bdRTTY / CW198x

Telereader CWR-685E (By Tasco)?-? bd-19xx

Telereader CWR-6850 (By HAL)45-300 bdRTTY / CW / ASCII19xxPortable system

Timewave PK-232/PSK?-? bdMany19xx

Timewave PK-232SC?-? bdMany19xx

Tono Theta 5000E45-300 bdAMTOR / RTTY / CW19xx

Tono Theta 700045-300 bdRTTY / CW / ASCII1979
Camera icon

Yaesu YR-901?-? bdRTTY / CW19xx

Mainly packet

PixDocModModelData rateModes / functionsYearQuicknote

AEA PCB-881200 bd-19xxPlug-in card for PC

AEA PK-881200 bd-19xx

AEA PM-1300 bd-19xxA modem, not a TNC

DRSI DPK-21200 bd-19xx

Heathkit HD-40401200 bd-19xxTAPR TNC-2 clone

Heathkit HK-211200 bd-1988

Kantronics Packet Communicator (KPC-1)1200 bd-1985
Camera iconNotepad icon
Kantronics KPC-21200 bd-1986

Kantronics KPC-31200 bd-1992
Camera iconNotepad icon
Kantronics KPC-3 Plus300-1200 bdPacket / WeFax / KISS /, XKISS / Host / GPS1997GPS/APRS compatible

Kantronics KPC-41200 bd-1987Dual port

Kantronics KPC-2400300-2400 bd-1986
Camera iconNotepad icon
Kantronics KPC-9612 Plus1200-38400 bdPacket / WeFax / KISS / XKISS / Host / GPS / Paging1997GPS/APRS compatible

MFJ 12701200 bd-19xxTAPR TNC-2 clone

MFJ 1270B1200 bd-19xxTAPR TNC-2 compatible

MFJ 1270C1200 bd-19xxTAPR TNC-2 compatible

MFJ 1270CT1200 bd-19xxTAPR TNC-2 compatible

MFJ 1270CTX1200 bd-19xxTAPR TNC-2 compatible

MFJ 1270CX1200 bd-19xxTAPR TNC-2 compatible

MFJ 1270D1200 bd-19xxTAPR TNC-2 compatible

MFJ 1270X1200 bd-19xxTAPR TNC-2 compatible

MFJ 1274300-1200 bd-19xxTAPR TNC-2 clone

PacComm HandiPacket1200 bd-1989Highly portable

PacComm Micropower-21200 bd-1987TAPR TNC-2 clone

PacComm PicoPacket1200 bd-19xx

PacComm Spirit-29600 bd-19xx
Camera iconNotepad icon
PacComm Tiny-21200 bd-1987TAPR TNC-2 clone

PacComm Tiny-2 Mk-II1200 bd-19xxTAPR TNC-2 clone

PacComm TNC-2001200 bd-1986TAPR TNC-2 clone

SCS Tracker / DSP TNC300-19200 bd-2006

Symek TNC-2H1200/9600 bd-19xxTAPR TNC-2 clone

Symek TNC-2M1200 bd-19xxTAPR TNC-2 clone. 9600 bd option

Symek TNC-2S1200 bd-19xxTAPR TNC-2 clone. 9600 bd option

Telereader TNC-2201200 bd-19xxTAPR TNC-2 clone

Timewave PK-121200 bd-19xx

Timewave PK-961200/9600 bd-19xx


PixDocModModelData rateYearQuicknote
Camera icon

HAL ST-5000?-? bd197x
Camera icon

HAL ST-6000?-? bd197x


Camera icon

A&A Engineering Viewport VGAMany199xModem/Interface. Computer required

AOR AR-200N/A19xxStandalone unit. A.k.a. Tasco TSC-200

DFM-1200 USA4 x B/W and 4 x Color19xxRobot 1200C clone with improvements
Camera iconNotepad icon
Kenwood VC-H1Many1998Portable standalone unit
Camera icon

Microcraft Videoscan-1000Robot 8. Hi-res 17 & 34 (256 lines)19xxStandalone unit
Camera icon

Robot 70 and 80Robot 8 (B/W)19xxCamera and monitor. Standalone units
Camera icon

Robot 400Robot 8 (B/W)19xxStandalone unit
Camera icon

Robot 400CRobot 8, 12, 24, 36, 72 (B/W + Color)198xStandalone unit
Camera icon

Robot 450CRobot 8, 12, 24, 36, 72 (B/W + Color)19xxStandalone unit
Camera icon

Robot 1200CRobot 8, 12, 24, 36, 72 (B/W + Color)198xStandalone unit
Camera icon

Superscan 2001Many1992Robot 1200C clone with improvements
Camera icon

Telereader TSC-70 (By Tasco)Many199xStandalone unit

Telereader TSC-77 (By Tasco)N/A19xxStandalone unit

Telereader TSC-100 (By Tasco)Robot 36 & 72 (B/W + Color), AVT 90 & 9419xxStandalone unit

Telereader TSC-200 (By Tasco)N/A19xxStandalone unit
Camera icon

Wraase SC-1SC-1: 8, 16, 32, color and fax19xxStandalone unit. Not Robot compatible
Camera icon

Wraase SC-2Many19xxStandalone unit. Not Robot compatible


Camera icon

Kenwood IP-100 "Illustphone"1200 bps19xx