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Last modified 2014-03-29

Helmholt Elektronik - RTTY-CW Interface Mark 5S

A picture of Helmholt Elektronik - Interface Mark 5S
Type:Amateur multi-mode interface/modem
Radio ports:1 (separate jacks for input/output)
Data rate over radio
(with original software):
ASCII: 110/300 baud
RTTY: 45/50/57/75 baud
CW: 5-99 WPM
Voltage:Mains: 220 VAC
Current drain/power consumption:Less than 5 W
Dimensions (W*H*D):178*54*193 mm (7*2.1*7.6")
Weight:810 g (1.8 lbs)
Manufactured:Denmark, 1984-198x (Discontinued)
Other:170 / 425 / 850 Hz shift
Primarily designed for the well known Commodore C64 and VIC20
home computer series, where it is connected via the user port.
New price 1985 in Denmark: 995,- DKR
Related documents:User manual (3.7 MB, in danish)
Differential 4-channel mux/demux: TC4052
Quad op-amp: LM 324
An inside picture of Helmholt Interface Mark 5S A rear picture of Helmholt Interface Mark 5S