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WHAT'S NEW 2015?

Sommerkamp FT-221 and FT-221R, President McKinley Export and Glenn, SBE Cascade (SBE-3CB), CRT SS-6900, Kernow DW-900FM, Maxlog M-8800, Maxon MX-21E, Pegasus II and III, SA-280 XII Super Deluxe. Better pix of Yaesu FRG-100 and FRG-8800.

New versions of System Fusion rigs from Yaesu: FT-1XDE and FTM-400XDE. Target Blu Eye Tetra detector, Uniden BC906W, Yaesu FT-107SM, Sotabeams Fuser-6, Lafayette HB-640, HB-700, HB-740, HB-940 and HB-940 AM/FM. Better pix of Yaesu FT-107M.

SDRplay RSP, the old Icom IC-290 (Asia) and IC-290A (USA), Handic 123, Lafayette AFS-1005 and Evolution, Sirio WY380-3N and WY400-3N, Better pictures of Maruhama RT-618, Icom IC-402, IC-271A, IC-271H, IC-451A, IC-451E, IC-471A, IC-471H, IC-820H and IC-821H.

A new SDR receiver from RFspace: Cloud-IQ. Alinco's new mobile 2 m QRO rig: DR-B185HE / DR-B185HT (EU / USA). Bridgecom BCR-220, Belcom R-707PS, Alsetac 35GR, The 2nd generation of Alinco DJ-500E and DJ-500T. Pictures of Diamond A144S10 and Kenwood MA-700. Better pictures of Icom IC-701, IC-211 and IC-211E.

A new high end HF/VHF SDR transceiver from Expert Electronics, the MB1. A new chinese DMR capable HT, the Yanton DM-980. Motorola R2001D, Kenrad DX-400, Icom IC-MB5 & IC-SP2, Kenwood MC-42S, MC-43S and MC-59. Inac AH-376, AH-521, AH-521-H, AH-521-HL, AH-1430, AH-1430-H, AH-1430-HL and AH-2054, Harris RF-590H, Mirage MX-36HP, MX-86HP, Stealth One and Stealth Pro, the original versions of Ranger RCI-2950 and RCI-2970, Expert Electronics SunSDR2, SunSDR2 Pro and SunSDR2 QRP. And last but not least, a better pix of Heathkit SB-310 and Yaesu FT-757GX II.

Yaesus newest HF rig: FT-410, Alincos new PMR446 HT: DJ-FX446. Scooper MR-3000B, Icom IC-251A, Better pictures of Kenwood TM-211E and Icom IC-2400E.

Well folks, it's been a really slow 2015 so far regarding my work with RigPix. This is due to my free time being eaten up by tonnes of other commitments. It will hopefully lighten up after the summer. Now, here are the latest updates: Icom's new HF/6 m rig with RF direct sampling SDR, the IC-7300 and their new high end HF/6 m transceiver, the IC-7851, Alinco's new mobile VHF/UHF transceiver, DR-735H. Kenwood TS-130SE, Pearce-Simpson Cheetah SSB and Cheetah SSB/2, Tadiran RT-936/PRC-174, Daiwa CN-103 and SW-110A. Better pictures of Ra 105, Kenwood TS-680S and TS-690S.

Yaesu's new system fusion mobile dual bander, the FTM-100DE plus a new HT, the FT-2DR. A new 10/11 meter rig from AnyTone, the AT-5555N. Euro CB DM-466, Nagoya S-76, SSB Electronic TLA 1270-100B, (No brand) Scan Booster Compact, Tektronix RSA306, President Liberty, Ranger VX-1, HP (Agilent) 8657D. Colt 480, Bearcat BC-210, BC-210XL plus Uniden Bearcat BC-210XW and BC-210XLT. The schematic for Kraco 2530. A better pix of Uniden 2020.