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Last modified 2015-09-28

Motorola R-2001D

A picture of Motorola R-2001D
Type:Communications analyzer
Frequency range:1-1000 MHz (Monitor)
0.01-1000 MHz (Generator)
Mode:AM / FM / SSB / CW (Monitor)
AM / FM / DSBSC / CW (Generator)
RF Power Output:AM: 0.1 uV to 0.4 VRMS
FM: 0.1 uV to 1 VRMS
Voltage:Mains: 100-130 VAC or 200-260 VAC
or 11-16 VDC
Power consumption:
Dimensions (W*H*D):394*21*51 mm (15.5*8.25*20")
Weight:16.1 Kg (35.5 lb) without battery
Manufactured:1984-198x (Discontinued)
Other: Digital voltmeter (1 / 10 / 100 / 300 V full scale)
Duplex generator
Frequency counter (0.01-35 MHz)
IF display
Oscilloscope (DC-500 KHz)
Signal strength meter
Signalling simulator
SINA/Distortion meter
Spectrum analyzer
Sweep generator
Wattmeter (0.1-125 W)
Related documents: User manual (5.4 MB)
Service manual (43.4 MB)
Telescoping antenna
Protective canvas cover
Transit case
RF detector probe
Battery pack