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WHAT'S NEW 2016?

Alinco ADUA-38.
Doro WT81.
Exibel FX-250.
Icom IC-GM1600, IC-GM1600E and IC-M1.
Midland G8E BT and M48-S.
Standard SR-C145B and SR-C146.
Topcom Protalker PT-1078, Twintalker 1302, Twintalker 9100 and Twintalker 9500 Airsoft edition.
Uniden Bearcat BCD-536HP.
Yaesu FC-700.

Better pix of Icom IC-7610 (TNX to EA8YG) and IC-201.

AOR DA-3000, DA-3200, DA-5000, DA-6000, DS-3000A, MA-500 and WA-7000.
Cobra MR-HH425 and MR-HH450.
CRT SS-7900.
Diamond A144S5R.
Dressler ARA-1500.
Humminbird DC-5, DC-25, VHF-5S and VHF-55S.
Icom IC-FR3100, IC-FR4100, HM-36, MB-23, MB-62, MB-63, MB-72, MB-116, MB-117, MB-118, MBA-4, MBA-5,
MBF-1, MBF-4, IC-GM1500 and IC-GM1500E.
Radio Ocean RO-4700.
Yaesu FP-707, MH-1B8, YM-34, YM-35, YM-36, YM-37, YM-38, YM-40, YM-49 and YM-50

Better pix of Kenwood R-600 and TR-9000.

A new SDR receiver from SDRPlay, the RSP2.
A new dual band HT from Baofeng, the UV-6R.
A new mobile multinorm CB from CRT: 2000.

Alinco DM-30E.
Apelco Clipper 28, Clipper 54AS, Clipper 82, Clipper 85F, VHF-5200, VXL-5110 and VXL-5120.
Aqua-Marine 5600.
Cobra MR-F45D.
Cybernet CTX-2050.
Dancom RT-403B and SSB-200.
Demek RS-8000, Sealine II, Sealine MC-55 and Sealine MC-5500.
Furuno FM-2510, FM-2610, FM-2710, FM-3000, FM-4721, FM-8500, FM-8800D, FM-8800S, FM-8900S, FS-1500,
FS-1501, FS-1550, FS-1562-15, FS-1562-25, FS-1575, FS-2575 and FS-5075.
General Electric 3-5814A and 3-5814B.
GME GX290 and GX558.
Kenwood AT-940, BO-9, PB-42L, PB-43N, VGS-1 and SP-940.
MFJ 949E "Versa Tuner II".
Midland 13-881B.
Royce 639.
Shore-Line Compact SX-25.
Yaesu FL-2010.

Better pix of Colonel 2000.
Better pix of Hallicrafters S-108 and SX-110.

Two new tribanders for the US market from Baofeng/Btech: UV-5X3 and UV-50X3.

Today I created a separate area for the marine transceivers and moved them from the "Professional transceivers" area.

Apelco VXE-200.
ITT Marine STR-12.
Kelvin Hughes Husun Compact, Husun 55, Husun 60 and Husun 70.
Kraco 7000.
Rystl CB-4082.
Team Classic 4012.
Yaesu FC-902, FRV-7700, FTV-707 and FTV-901R.

Updated the Other useful info area with info about the SINPO code.
Better pix of National NC-303.
Better pix of Yaesu FRG-7700, FT-100, FT-100D, FT-920 and FT-980.

A new miniature/pocket APRS transceiver, DB1NTO PicoAPRS.
A new high-end desk microphone from Yaesu, the M-1.
A new 2 m transverter from Kuhne, the TR-144 Pro.
A new external speaker from Icom, made to match IC-7300, the SP-38.

Albrecht AE8090.
Bearcat 160 and 350.
Elecraft W2.
G1MFG 13 cm and 23 cm corner reflector antennas.
Kikusui PAD 55-20L.
Kydera DM-850.
MFJ 939.
Tokyo Hy-Power HL-45U and HL-80V.
Yaesu FP-80A, FP-107E, FC-107, FV-107, FT-901D, FT-901DE and FT-901SD.

Two new receivers/scanners with multi-DV capability from Icom, IC-R30, and IC-R8600.
A new HF/6 m SDR transceiver from Icom, the IC-7610.
An updated D-Star HT with "Access point mode" from Icom, the ID-51A Plus2 / ID-51E Plus2 (USA / Europe).
An new updated FT-991 from Yaesu with realtime bandscope and multi-colored waterfall, the FT-991A.

Two OEM 5.8 GHz video transmitters; FT-951 and TS-582000.
FlexRadio Systems Flex-6300, Flex-6500, Flex-6700 and Flex-6700R.
Icom IC-22S, IC-970, IC-970D and IC-970M .
Kenwood TS-770E.
Kraco CCB-4007A.
Lemm AT-92 Superlemm, AT-94 Ringolemm and AT-107 Super 16.
RX-LCD5802 (OEM) LCD screen with built-in 5.8 GHz diversity receiver.
Sirio Gain-Master and Gain-Master HW.
Stealth Telecom ST-940B, ST-9400A, ST-9400B and ST-9400C.
Yaesu LL-2 (TNX to EB8RO).

Today we passed 4800 radios in the database!

A new QRP transceiver from Ukraine, the Mini SW2016.
A new SSB/CW filter module from Sotabeams for Yaesu FT-817, the Laserbeam-817.

Fair Mate SPM-57680.
Kencraft QR-666 (kit).
Kenwood/Trio QR-6FM and QR-6MK.
Koyo KTR-1661 and KTR-1662.
McKay Dymek DR22, DR22C and DR33C.

Better pix of Kenwood QR-666.

A new ground breaking FM/DV mobile tribander from Wireless Holdings, the DV4mobile a.k.a. "NewRadio".
A new HF/6 m rig from Yaesu, the FT-891.
New mobile dual banders with DV option from Alinco: DR-735E (Europe) and DR-735T (USA).
A new super compact HF rig from Elecraft, the KX-2.
New scanners from Whistler with DMR capability: TRX-1 and TRX-2.
Yaesu MMB-60 and FP-800.
Whistler WS1010, WS1025, WS1040, WS1065, WS1080, WS1088, WS1095 and WS1098.

Better pix of Yaesu FT-2900R and FT-8500.

Baojie BJ-218.
Optoelectronics OptoCom.
Sirio CX-4-68.
Yaesu SP-2000, TCXO-1, TCXO-2, TCXO-3, TCXO-4, TCXO-6, TCXO-7, TCXO-8, TCXO-9, XF-115C, XF-115CN, XF-119SN, XF-117C, XF-118S.

Better pix of Drake SSR-1, Bia Scanner 735, Heathkit SW-7800, Handic 007, Handic 0012, Icom IC-730, SR Masterscanner 1414B,
Uniden Bearcat UBC-278CLT, and Kenwood TS-850S.

New digital audio filter modules from Sotabeams: CW, SSB & General Purpose

Kenwood TR-7625, PS-20 and PS-30.
Scooper MKY-550E.
Spoken 15E.
SuperStar 800 and 2800.
The FR632 (OEM) 5.8 GHz A/V receiver.
Yaesu FT-501, FT-620, MD-100, DCC-2900, MMB-83, YF-122C, YF-122CN and YF-122S.

Better pix of SuperStar 2200, Heath SS-9000, Kenwood TR-7600, TS-120S, TS-130S, TS-130SE, Yaesu FT-620B, FT-767GX and FT-900.

A new SSR/ADS-B receiver, the Airnav Radarbox ComStation (TNX to SM0MMO).

Kenwood YF-107C, YF-107CN, YF-107SN, YG-455C-1, YG-455CN-1, YG-455S-1, YK-88A, YG-88C, YK-88A-1,
YK-88C, YK-88CN, YK-88C-1, YK-88SN, YK-455C-1, YG-88S, YK-88S, YK-88S1, YG-455C, YG-455CN,
YK-88CN-1, YK-88S2, YK-88SN-1, YK-107C, YG-3395C, YF-3395C-1 and YG-3395S.
Kenwood TS-530SP, SP-820 and CC-29A.
Melba Junior.
Mickey MK-10.
Trio TS-180V, JR-599 Custom Special (Type X) and JR-599 Custom Deluxe.
Yaesu MMB-98.

Better pix of Kenwood R-820, TR-9130, TS-180S, TS-520S, TS-520SE, TS-530S and Nietzsche NB-50R.

Icom FL-30, FL-32, FL-32A, FL-33, FL-34, FL-44, FL-44A, FL-45, FL-52, FL-52A, FL-53, FL-54,
FL-63, FL-63A, FL-70, FL-80, FL-83, FL-96, FL-100, FL-101, FL-102, FL-103, FL-222 and FL-257.
Icom BP-2, BP-3, BP-4, BP-5, BP-5A, BP-7, BP-8, BP-70 and BP-228.
Icom HM-103, CR-64 and CR-263,
Icom IC-02A and IC-02AT.
Kenwood TS-511S and TS-520 (original version).
Montgomery Ward 680, 696, 702, 716, 730 and 774.
SBE Sidebander V (SBE-39CB) and Sidebander VI .
Standard C-311.
Uniden Bearcat UBC-125XLT.

Better pix of Icom IC-703, IC-756 and Standard C-401.

A new System Fusion VHF mobile from Yaesu: FTM-3200DE / FTM-3200DR (Europe / USA).

HP 6002A.
Icom SP-8, SP-12, SP-24, SP-30 and SP-35.

Better pix of Yupiteru MVT-7100 and Braun SE-402 dig.

Alinco EJ-43U and EJ-47U.
Allied A-2508, A-2509, A-2515, A-2589, AX-190, SX-190 and A-2516.
Icom IC-721S and IC-732.
Kenwood PS-5, TR-7200 and VFO-30G.
SBE Sidebander III (SBE-18CB), Sidebander IV (SBE-27CB),
Ten-Tec SP-325.
Uniden Bearcat BC-400XLT.

Better pix of Trio JR-599 Custom Special, TX-599 Custom Special, VFO-30, Kenwood TR-7200G, Icom IC-730 and IC-745.

AOR DA-735G, MF-2.5, MF-6.0, MF-500, SDU-5000, SDU-5500 and SDU-5600.
Anytone AT-588 (Lo VHF).
Icom IC-91A, CT-17, FL-430, FL-431, SM-14, MB-123, SM-30, SM-50 and UX-9100.
Weologic WLMD-1.
Yaesu FT-7900E.

Better pix of SSB Electronic PA-2310.
I also added "Cliffhanger" to the Silver screen trivia area.

Europe's first mobile PMR446: Midland GB1.

I0JXX 250JXX1296, 500JXX432 and 1000JXX144.
Raytheon Ray-50 and Raymarine Ray-50.
Kenwood TU-8.
Radio Shack Pro-197.
Standard SR-C146A and SR-C828M.
Apelco AE-45M, AE-55M, AE-101W, AE-276M, AF-37M, AF-38M and AF-40M.
Tagra BT-104.
Wimo Big Wheel 2m, Big Wheel 6m and Big Wheel 70cm.
Colonel Silver Star.
Cobra 148 GTL (Older 5-pin) and 148 GTL (Newer 4-pin), 29 GTL Classic and 29 GTL Army Edition
König Electronic Vid-Trans12KN (RX) and Vid-Trans12KN (TX).
Daiwa LA-2190HK.
Sirio Vector 4000 and New Vector 4000.
Vibratrol RFL-200, RFL-300, RFL-400, RFL-600, RFL-700 and RFL-1800.

Better pix of Yaesu FRG-7000, Realistic Pro-2039, Standard C-5750, Icom IC-Delta 100H, Cobra 2000 GTL and Icom/Inoue FDAM-1.
Updated the ATV in Stockholm area with some info concerning interference.
I also added "Nightcrawler" and "Transformers - Age of extinction" to the Silver screen trivia area.