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Last modified 2016-10-04

Elecraft W2

A picture of Elecraft W2
Frequency range
depending on sensor:
1-54 / 144-450 MHz
Power handling:1-200 W (144-450 MHz sensor)
0.1-200 or 1-2000 W (1-54 MHz sensors)
Voltage:9-16 VDC
Current drain:50-650 mA
Dimensions (W*H*D):155*46*114 mm (6.1*1.8*4.5")
Weight:330 gr (11.7 oz)
Other:LED bargraphs with peak/hold
High SWR alarm
RS-232C remote control
Related documents: User manual Rev. D2 (3 MB)
Serial commands Rev. D (373 KB)