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WHAT'S NEW 2019?

Commander 127.
Daiwa CN-630 and CN-650.
Eachine TX-526.
Hewlett-Packard (Agilent) 8662A.
Icom SM-26, SM-27 and SM-29.
Kenpro KP-12, KP-60, KP-121, KP-601, KP-760 and KP-760A.
RC-832S (OEM).
SBE Formula D Touch/Com (SBE-32CB).
Tonna 220089 (20089).
Uniden Bearcat BP-180, BP-200, BP-205, BCi-25D, UBC-69XLT, UBC-69XLT2 and UBC-93XLT.
Yaesu XF-32A.

A better picture of Uniden Bearcat UBC-3000XLT.

This time I also moved all Svera/Svensk Radio scanners to their own new area.

A brand spanking new portable HF/VHF/UHF multibander with D-Star from Icom, the IC-705. And finally, after over two decades, Icom
also has a new HF/6 m linear amplifier in the pipeline, the IC-PW2

Realistic TRC-456 "CB-Fone 40".
Uniden AC-144U, Bearcat BC-142XL, BC-145XL, BC-147XLT, BC-147XLT1, BC-260, BC-340CRS, BC-345CRS, BC-365CRS,
BC-370CRS, BCD-436HP, UBC-355CLT and UBC-370CLT.

Better pictures of Ham International Jumbo.

Summer holiday and a crashed computer resulted in a longer than usual break from my work with
RigPix. However, everything is now fine and dandy, so here we go again!

An improved Oscar 100 (Es'hail 2) upconverter, the DXPatrol QO-100 Up-converter Mk2

Pictures of Kikusui PAD 110-10L (Thanks to Andrew).

Araki YA-285L.
Atlas RX-110, TX-110H, TX-110L and 210X Limited edition.
Cobra 23 Plus and 25 LTD Classic (Older 5-pin side mike).
Fanon T-061 "Vagabond".
Grundig Satellit 1400 Professional.
Icom IC-R71D and RC-11.
ImmersionRC RF Power meter v1 (PM001) and RF Power meter v2 (RFPWR2).
Impo Electronic ES 11.17 and ES 11.18.
Maas KDC-1.
MC Power NVT-620.
MFJ-1104, 1116, 1124, 1126, 1128 and 1129.
Regency ACT-C4H, ACT-C4 H/L/U, INF-1 "Informant", INF-2 "Informant", INF-3 "Informant" and INF-7 "Informant".
Uniden Bearcat BC-355C and BC-355N.
Yaesu PA-42C and SAD-18B.

Added "Twister" to the Movies and TV-series area.

This time we passed 6000 radios in the database, woohoo!

From now on, if the resolution is sufficient, I will provide supersized pictures of some of the new and/or updated items.
Just click on the normal picture to open a new window with the larger one. Horizontal objects will be 1900 pixels wide.

New SDR HF/6 m transceivers from Elecraft: K4, K4D & K4HD (TNX to SM5LBR).
A new SDR receiver from Airspy, the HF+ Discovery.

Atlas 210.
Comet CYA-1216E and GP-9M.
Comet Prestige GPX-2010.
Icom IC-4088SR and IC-F29SR2.
Lafayette Telsat 50 (99-3217WX), Telsat 150 (99-3215WX) and Telsat 1000 (99-33508W).
MFJ 4230MVP.
Navico AMR-1000.
Powerwerx SPS-30DM and SS-30DV.
President Bill ASC and Bill FCC.
Robyn SB-540D and WV-23.

New FM/DV HT's from Yaesu: FT-3DE / FT-3DR (Thanks to DD8GR).
A new Oscar 100 upconverter, the DXPatrol QO-100 Up-converter.

Ameco VFO-621.
Bilal ISO-6, ISO-10, ISO-11, ISO-12, ISO-15, ISO-17, ISO-20, ISO-30, ISO-40, ISO-60, ISO-80 and ISO-160.
Galaxy R-530.
Ham International Select.
Hy-Gain 12AVQ, 14AVQ and 18AVT/WB.
Icom UX-910.
K.W. Electronics KW 77 Mark II and KW 201.
Microwave Modules MML-28/100-S and MML-432/100 (Older version).
Nova-tech Action.
Smart Radio SR161, SR162 and SR162G.
Tono 2M-100S.
Yaesu FL-2025, SBR-14LI, SP-102, SP-102P, YH-1, YH-55 and YH-77STA.

Better picture of Motorola XTN446.
Better pictures of National HFS (TNX to SA0BDK).

Comet CA-2x4CX.
Cybernet CTX-3010.
Euron MT-9500E.
Fisher F-810X.
Fiveniner SD-220.
Galaxy GT-550.
Ham International Hamscan 40-FM, Mariner FM, Viking 2 and Viking 3.
Helper Instruments Sinadder 3.
Huicheng HC-12.
Icom/Inoue HP-2, IC-2F, IC-6F, IC-3P and TRA-60.
Lafayette Com-Phone Mark II, Telsat SSB-25, Telsat SSB-25A, Telsat SSB-50, Telsat SSB-80 and Telsat SSB-100.
LDG AT-100 Pro II.
Nova-tech Pilot II.
Realistic Pro-28 (20-9508).
SBE Shasta I (SBE-31CB / SBE-31XCB).
Stabo XF-4012.
Yaesu FT-75B, DC-75B and FP-75B.

Better pictures of Ham International Concorde II, Concorde 3, Multimode II and Multimode 3, Sommerkamp TS-788DX and Grundig Satellit 3000.

New analog/digital scanners from Uniden; SDS-200 and SDS-200E (USA / Europe)
A new mobile FM/DMR rig from AnyTone, the AT-D578UV

AnyTone AT-778UV.
Aptron AM-1A and AX-10.
Atlas 210X Limited Edition.
Diamond GSV3000 CE.
Icom CR-266, CR-335, IC-2SRA, IC-4SRA, IC-4SRE and IC-245.
Lafayette Telsat SSB-120 and Telsat SSB-140
PC Electronics TC-1, TC70-1, TC70-1D, TC70-10, TC70-20S and TX70-5S.
Pony CB-75 and CB-78.
Sommerkamp TS-680EDX.
SSB Electronic DX-2320.
Yaesu FP-12, FP-1023, FT-127, FT-127RA, FT-227RA, FT-227RB and VU-9600.

Better pictures of AOR AR-DV1, Yaesu FT-207R and FT-208R.

Added "Tremors 6: A cold day in hell" and "Gotham" to the Movies and TV-series area.

Yaesu's latest HT's: FT-4VE / FT-4VR and FT-4XE / FT-4XR.
New FM/DMR HT's from Baofeng; DM-9HX and RD-5R.
A new FM/DMR HT from AnyTone, the AT-D878UV.

AnyTone AT-D868UV.
Asahi TR-306.
Atlas 350-PS.
Baofeng/Pofung BF-9500, BL-5, DM-8HX and BL-9.
Cobra 20, 28 and 38 WX ST.
Colt 290 and MKY-200E (By Mickey Industry Ltd).
Courier Classic I, Classic II, Classic III and Classic PLL.
Diamond SD-330, SG-M507, X-30N, X-200A, X-300N, X-510MH, X-520M, X-700HA and X-700HNA.
Dynascan P-72.
Galaxy DX-29HP, DX-33HML, DX-33HP, DX-33HP2, DX-44HP, DX-45MP, DX-47HP, DX-48T, DX-55HP, DX-55V, DX-66V, DX-73V, DX-77HML,
DX-88HL, DX-94HP, DX-95T, DX-95T2, DX-98VHP, DX-99V, DX-99V2, DX-919, DX-929, DX-939, DX-979 and Melaka.
GW GPR-3060.
Hallicrafters HT-32A.
Hustler G6-440, G7-144 and G7-220.
Icom IC-339, BC-72A, BC-72D, BC-72DC, BC-72E, BC-72V, EX-314, HM-12, HM-15, HM-148G and UT-50.
Intek M-795 Power.
Interphone I-77.
Jaybeam D15/1296.
K.W. Electronics KW 202.
Kraco 2410-A and 2410-D.
MFJ 931.
Midland 76-900 UK and 78-999.
Motorola CM-340, CM-360 and HMN3413.
muTek RPCB 144UB.
National Panasonic RJ-27 and RJ-28.
Palomar Magnum 6000.
Panasonic DR-B600 (RF-B600LBS).
Poynting WLAN-A0042 and WLAN-A0044.
QYT KT-8900, KT-8900D and KT-8900R.
RadioShack Pro-2037 (20-461).
RD Power 1KW-12 and 2KW-12.
Sainsonic AD-10 and INF-641.
Standard C-150E.
Tono 4M-30G and 4M-120G.
Yaesu CD-41, FT-411, PA-44C, PA-46C, PA-48C, SBR-28LI, SHB-18, SSM-16B and YSK-8900.

Better pictures of Collins KWM-2 & KWM-2A, Galaxy DX-2547, Lafayette LM-200 AM/FM, National NC-173, Yaesu FT-811 and FT-8000R.

Added "Bird box", "Heat", "Death wish", "Jaws 2", "Smokey and the Bandit" and "The island of Dr. Moreau" plus episodes of "Fear the walking dead"
and "The last ship" to the Movies and TV-series area.

This time I've also created their own areas for AnyTone and Baofeng/Pofung/Btech and moved the related ham radios there.

We have now passed 5800 radios in the database. Woohoo!