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Last modified 2010-01-13

Microtelecom Perseus

Type:HF receiver
Frequency range:0.01-30 MHz
Mode:AM/AM-Sync/FM/SSB/CW (100% SDR, new modes may be added by software)
Receiver system:N/A
Sensitivity:SSB: 0.49 uV (10 dB S+N/N), Preamp ON, Dither OFF
Selectivity:Software defined
Image rejection:90 dB
Voltage:5 VDC +/-5%
Current drain:Max 700 mA
Impedance:? ohms / ?
Dimensions (W*H*D):110*36*185 mm (4.33*1.42*7.28")
Weight:380 gr (13.4 oz)
Manufactured:Italy, 2007-20xx
Other:USB 2.0. 10/20/30 dB attenuator
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