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Last modified 2010-02-06

Aurora Eurotech SSRx (this may not be the final model number assignment)

Pre-production pictures
Type:SSR Mode-S/ADS-B virtual radar receiver (SSR = Secondary Surveillance Radar)
Frequency range:1090 MHz
Mode:Digital, 1 Mb/s PPM
Receiver system:
Image rejection:
Voltage:Via computer USB-connector
Current drain:Max ? mA
Impedance:50 ohms / SMA
Dimensions (W*H*D):81*30*130 mm (3.19*1.18*5.12")
Weight:? gr
Other:Connect to a PC, start the software and you'll get a virtual radar screen
that will display all properly equipped aircrafts in your covered area, including
ID, location, altitude and much more. 3D view and true real time data output.
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