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The Hallicrafters Co. was founded in 1933 (Chicago, Illinois - USA) by William J. Halligan


S-11.6-22 MHzAM/CW1934-193x
S-41.3-21 MHzAM/CW1934-193x
S-70.54-48 MHzAM/CW1935-193x
S-90.54-42 MHzAM/CW1936-193x
S-105.6-79.5 MHzAM/CW1936
S-140.54-48 MHzAM/CW1936-193x
S-160.54-62 MHzAM/CW1937-1938

S-170.54-62 MHzAM/CW1938-19xx

S-180.54-38.1 MHzAM/CW1938-19xx

S-190.54-18.5 MHzAM/CW1938-1939
S-19R0.54-44 MHzAM/CW1939-1942
S-200.54-44 MHzAM/CW1938-1939
S-20R0.55-44 MHzAM/CW1939-1945
S-2127-68 MHzAM/CW1938-1939
S-220.14-18.5 MHzAM/CW1938-19xx
S-22R0.11-18.5 MHzAM/CW1941-1945
S-2727.8-47 / 46-82 / 82-143 MHzAM/FM/CW1940-1943

S-27B36-60 / 56-94 / 93-165 MHzAM/FM/CW

S-290.54-30.5 MHzAM/CW1940-1943

S-3627.8-143 MHzAM/FM1942
S-36A27.8-143 MHzAM/FM194x-194x

S-36AO27.8-143 MHzAM/FM1944
S-37130-210 MHzAM/FM1945-1948
S-380.54-32 MHzAM/CW1946
S-38A0.54-32 MHzAM/CW1946-1947
S-38B0.54-32 MHzAM/CW1947-1952
S-38C0.54-32 MHzAM/CW1952-1954
S-38D0.54-32 MHzAM/CW1954-1957
S-38E0.54-32 MHzAM/CW1957-1961
S-390.55-30 MHzAM/CW1942-194x
S-400.54-43 MHzAM/CW1946-1947
S-40A0.54-43 MHzAM/CW1947-1949
S-40B0.54-43 MHzAM/CW1950-1954
S-41W?-? MHzAM/CW1946-1947
S-470.535-108 MHzAM/FM1947-19xx
S-510.14-13 MHzAM/CW1947-1949
S-520.54-43 MHzAM/CW1948-1949
S-530.54-31 / 48-54.5 MHzAM/CW1948-1949
S-53A0.54-31 / 48-54.5 MHzAM/CW1951-1957
S-720.54-31 MHzAM/CW1949-1951
S-72L0.175-0.4 / 0.54-31 MHzAM/CW1950-1952

S-72R0.54-31 MHzAM/CW1950-1955
S-760.538-34 MHzAM/CW1951-1954
S-770.54-44 MHzAM/CW1950-1951
S-77A0.54-44 MHzAM/CW1952-1955

S-800.54-1.62 / 6-18 MHzAM1951-1952
S-81152-173 MHzFM1952-1953
S-8230-50 MHzFM1952-1953
S-850.54-34 MHzAM/CW1954-1959
S-85U0.54-34 MHzAM/CW1954-1959

S-860.54-34 MHzAM/CW1954-1957

S-930.54-18 MHz?1955-1959

S-9430-50 MHzFM1955-1962
S-95152-173 MHzFM1955-1962

S-102143-149 MHzAM1956-1957

S-1030.535-1.62 / 5.8-18.3 MHz?1956-1957

S-10650-54 MHzAM1956-1957

S-1070.54-34 MHz?1959-1961
S-1080.54-34 MHzAM/CW1959-1963

S-1180.19-30 MHzAM/CW1962
S-1190.535-1.640 / 2-5.5 / 6-16.4 MHzAM/CW1959-1964
S-1200.55-30 MHzAM/CW1961-1965

S-120A0.55-30 MHzAM/CW1967-1969

S-1250.55-30 MHzAM/CW1970-1972

S-1290.535-31.5 MHzAM/SSB/CW1965-1967

S-2000.54-1.6 / 5.9-6.25 / 9.45-9.8 / 11.65-12.05 / 15.05-15.55 MHzAM1965-1966

S-210C0.54-1.6 / 5.9-6.25 / 9.45-9.8 / 11.65-12.05 / 15.05-15.55 / 88-108 MHzAM/WFM1969

S-2140.54-1.6 / 5.9-6.25 / 9.45-9.8 / 11.65-12.05 / 15.05-15.55 / 88-108 MHzAM/WFM1967-1971
SX-110.54-38.1 MHzAM/CW1936-1937
SX-170.54-62 MHzAM/CW1938-194x
SX-240.54-43 MHzAM/CW1939-1943
SX-250.54-42 MHzAM/CW1940-1946
SX-280.55-43 MHzAM/CW1941-1944
SX-28A0.55-43 MHzAM/CW1944-1945
SX-420.54-110 MHzAM/CW/WFM1946-1948
SX-430.54-55 / 86-109 MHzAM/CW/FM1947-19xx
SX-620.54-110 MHzAM/CW1949-19xx
SX-710.538-35 / 46-56 MHzAM/CW/NFM1949-1954
SX-730.54-54 MHzAM/CW1952-195x
SX-850.538-34 MHzAM/CW19xx-19xx
SX-880.535-33 MHzAM/SSB/CW1954-1955
SX-960.55-30 MHzAM/SSB/CW
SX-990.538-34 MHzAM/CW1955-1958
SX-1000.538-1.58 / 1.72-34 MHzAM/SSB/CW1955-1961
SX-10110-160 mAM/CW1956-1958
SX-101 Mk II10-160 mAM/CW

SX-101 Mk III10-160 mAM/CW1958

SX-101 Mk IIIA10-80 mAM/CW2 m/6 m options. 1959
SX-101A10-80 mAM/SSB/CW2 m/6 m options. 1959-1962

SX-10430-50 MHzAM1957-1958
SX-1100.538-34 MHzAM/CW1960-1963
SX-11110-80 mAM/SSB/CW
SX-1120.5-30 MHzAM/SSB/CWNever in production
SX-11510-80 m + 9.6-10 MHzAM/SSB/CW1961-1964
SX-11710-80 mAM/SSB/CW1962-1965
SX-1220.538-34 MHzAM/SSB/CW1964-1971
SX-122A0.538-34 MHzAM/SSB/CW
SX-1300.535-31.5 MHzAM/SSB/CW1965-1969
SX-1330.535-31.5 MHzAM/SSB/CW1968-1972
SX-14010-80 m/6 mAM/SSB/CW
SX-14610-80 mAM/SSB/CW1965-1968
WR-40000.18-0.4 / 0.535-1.65 / 2-4 / 5.85-10.3 / 11.4-18.2 / 87.5-108 MHzAM/WFM


PixModelBand/QRGModeMax P/OQuicknote

HT-110/20/40 mAM/CW100 W1938-1939

HT-210-160 mAM/CW100 W1938-1939
HT-4G2-30 MHzAM/CW450 W

HT-610-160 m / 6 mAM/CW25 W1939-1945
HT-910-80 mAM/CW100 W194x-194x
HT-1710-80 mCW15 WXTAL

HT-17A10-80 mCW25 W
HT-1810-80 mAM/FM/CW? W
HT-1910-80 mFM/CW125 WVFO or XTAL
HT-2010-160 mAM/CW115 W1950-1953

HT-3010-80 mAM/SSB/CW35 W1954-1956

HT-3210-80 mAM/SSB/CW100 W1957-1958
HT-32A10-80 mAM/SSB/CW100 W1958-1959

HT-32B10-80 mAM/SSB/CW150 W1960-1964
HT-3710-80 mAM/SSB/CW100 W1959-1962
HT-4010-80 m / 6 mAM/CW75 W1961-1963

HT-40A10-80 m / 6 mCW75 W1961-1963
HT-4410-80 mAM/SSB/CW100 W1962

HT-4610-80 mSSB/CW100 W1965


PixModelBand/QRGModeMax P/OQuicknote
FPM-200HFAM/SSB/CW100 WExtremely rare
FPM-30010-80 mSSB/CW100 W

FPM-300 MKII10-80 mSSB/CW250 W
H2M-10002 mFM/SSB/CW12 W1977
SR-346 & 2 mAM/CW8 WXTAL or external VFO
SR-34AC6 & 2 mAM/CW8 WXTAL or external VFO
SR-7510-80 mAM/CW10 WRX: 0.54-32 MHz
SR-15010-80 mSSB/CW150 W
SR-16020-80 mSSB/CW150 W
SR-400 "Cyclone"10-80 mSSB/CW400 W
SR-400A "Cyclone III"10-80 mSSB/CW550 W
SR-500 "Tornado"20-80 mSSB/CW500 W
SR-54010-80 mSSB/CW? W
SR-2000 "Hurricane"10-80 mSSB/CW2 KW