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Last modified 2023-05-27

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Hallicrafters S-20R "Sky Champion"

A picture of Hallicrafters S-20R ''Sky Champion''


Type:HF/VHF receiver
Frequency range: 0.55-44 MHz in four bands
1: 0.55-1.78 MHz
2: 1.74-5.4 MHz
3: 5.3-15.8 MHz
4: 15.5-44 MHz
Tuning steps:Analog / continuous
Frequency stability:? ppm
Mode:AM / CW
Channels / memory management: None
Power supply:Mains: 110-120 VAC (110-250 VAC with universal transformer)
Current drain / power consumption:Max 65 W
Antenna impedance / connector:400 ohm / Screw terminals
Dimensions (W*H*D):470*216*238 mm (18.5*8.5*9.37")
Weight:14.5 Kg (31.97 lb)
Other features:

Receiver system: Single conversion superheterodyne
IF: 455 KHz
Image rejection:
AF output power / speaker:? W at ?% distortion / ? ohm
External speaker connector:

Manufactured:USA, 1939-1945 (Discontinued)
Additional info: 9 tubes

These photos were taken at the swedish army museum in Stockholm. The note
on top of the radio claims that this is the radio the swedish spy Stig Wennerström
used to receive orders from the Soviet Union. This is not so. He actually had a later
Hallicrafters, the SX-110.
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A rear picture of Hallicrafters S-20R ''Sky Champion''