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K.W. Electronics was founded in 1956 by Rowley Shears, G8KW and Ken Ellis, G5KW. The company
was sold to Decca in 1974. Decca were not too interested in ham equipment, and the last catalogue of
KW ham gear is from 1977. Decca in turn were bought by the Racal group in 1980.



KW 5510-160 mAM/SSB/CW1958
KW 7610-160 mAM/CW
KW 77 Mark I10-160 mAM/SSB/CW1962-1963
KW 77 Mark II10-160 mAM/SSB/CW1963-1965
KW 20110-160 mAM/SSB/CW
KW 20210-160 mAM/SSB/CW


PixModelBand/QRGModeMax P/OQuicknote
KW Valiant10-160 mAM/CW25 W
KW Vanguard10-80 mAM/CW50 W
KW Vespa Mark I10-160 mSSB/CW50 W
KW Vespa Mark II10-160 mSSB/CW100 W

KW Viceroy Mark I10-80 mSSB/CW100 W

KW Viceroy Mark II10-80 mSSB/CW100 W
KW Viceroy Mark III10-80 mSSB/CW100 W

KW Viceroy Mark IV10-80 mSSB/CW100 W
KW Victor10-80 mAM/CW100 W

KW 20410-160 mAM/SSB/CW100 W


PixModelBand/QRGModeMax P/OQuicknote
KW Atlanta10-80 mAM/SSB/CW250 W
KW 200010-160 mSSB/CW50 W
KW 2000A10-160 mSSB/CW100 W
KW 2000B10-160 mSSB/CW100 W
KW 2000D10-160 mSSB/CW100 WDigital readout
KW 2000E10-160 mSSB/CW100 W