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Last modified 2021-02-23

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Superstar T747

A picture of Superstar T747 Another picture of Superstar T747


Type:Microphone test station
Power supply:12-14 VDC (3-pin connector)
Current drain/power consumption:? mA
Dimensions (W*H*D):? mm (?")
Weight:? g (? lb)
Other: Built-in 4 W amplifier and speaker. Echo test function.
Checks RX/TX and modulation.

Compatible with the following (and others):
4-pin Midland
4-pin Cobra/President
5-pin Cobra/President/Midland
5-pin DIN Cobra/President
5-pin DIN Realistic/Cybernet
6-pin Magnum
6-pin RCI/Ranger

New price 2021 in the US: $54.95
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