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Last modified 2012-04-12

BC-348 (US Airforce, WWII)

This picure shows the BC-348-Q version made by Wells-Gardner

Type:Military HF receiver
Frequency range: 0.2-0.5 / 1.5-18 MHz in six bands
0.2-0.5 MHz (excluded on the B and C versions)
1.5-3.5 MHz
3.5-6.0 MHz
6.0-9.5 MHz
9.5-13.5 MHz
13.5-18.0 MHz
Receiver system:
Sensitivity: Single conversion superheterodyne
IF: 915 KHz
Image rejection:
Voltage:28 VDC (dynamotor supply)
Current drain:Max 3 A
Impedance:? ohms
Dimensions (W*H*D):457*241*267 mm (18*9.5*10.5")
Weight:20 Kg (44 lbs)
Manufactured:USA, 193x-194x (Discontinued)
Other:Airborne receiver, made in several versions by manufacturers including:
Belmont Radio - H, K, L, R & S
RCA - B, C & O
Stromberg-Carlson - E, M & P
Wells-Gardner - J, N & Q
Surplus price 1947 in the US: $49.50
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