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Last modified 2018-04-15

V-Tech Laser 128

A picture of V-Tech Laser 128
Type:8-bit home computer
CPU:65C02 @ 1 MHz
Operating system:Microsoft Basic (Applesoft BASIC compatible) and Copy Plus II v6.0
Memory:ROM: 32 KB
RAM: 128 KB (Expandable up to 1 MB)
Graphics:? with ? KB VRAM
Text: 40 and 80 characters
40*48 pixels, 16 colors
80*48 pixels, 16 colors
280*192 pixels, 6 colors
560*192 pixels, 16 colors
Storage:Built-in 5" single sided floppy, 140 KB formatted capacity
Input:Integrated keyboard
Connectivity: Composite video out (NTSC or PAL)
RGB video out
Second floppy I/O
Centronics printer port
Mouse/joystick port
Modem port (RS-232C: 110-19200 bd)
Serial printer port (RS-232C: 110-19200 bd)
Apple II+/IIe compatible 50-pin accessory slot
Power supply:17 VDC (External AC adapter)
Current drain/power consumption:
Dimensions (W*H*D):368*83*311 mm (14.5*3.25*12.25")
Weight:5.44 Kg (12 lbs)
Manufactured:Hong Kong, 1985-198x (Discontinued)
Other:New price 1986 in the US: $395.00
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A picture of V-Tech Laser 128 from the right side
A rear picture of V-Tech Laser 128