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This is a slow-grow area. I'm not too familiar with tube technology, so if you miss some relevant specifications, please let me know and I'll try to sort things out. Please note that I intend to add RF tubes only. This will reduce the number of tubes significantly and not make this area a full time job.

I know this area needs a lot of work, so please be patient as research is cumbersome and pictures are hard to find

PixModelfClassMax P/OQuicknote

2C39A2.5 GHz?125 W (input)Power triode

3-400Z? MHz?? W

3-500Z? MHz?? WPower triode

4CX250B175 MHzAB1300 W
4CX250B/7203500 MHzAB300 WRadial beam power tetrode
4CX350A110 MHzAB1385 WTetrode
4X150A175 MHzAB1150 WTetrode
4-65A150 MHzAB1120 WTetrode

572B? MHz?? WTriode

6LQ6? MHz?? W
6146? MHz?? WBeam power tetrode

745760 MHzAB140 W

807230 MHzAB180 W

812130 MHzAB1170 W

812230 MHzAB1/AB2380/570 WTetrode

846230 MHzAB180 W
8873500 MHzAB2500 WTriode

AX9903? MHz??

EL 301030 MHzAB170 W
GL-4D21/4-125A120 MHzC500 W (input)Power tetrode
GL-805? MHzB300 W (input)Triode
GL-80760 MHzAB175 W (input)
GL-811? MHzB175 W (input)Triode
GL-815125 MHzB75 W (input)Twin beam
ITL 12-1120 MHzC12 KWTriode
PE1/10060 MHzC132 W

QB3/20030 MHzAB2115 W

QB3/300120 MHzB1228 W

QB3,5/75030 MHzB1510 W

QB4/110060 MHzAB1400 W

QB5/175075 MHzAB21 KW

QB5/200030 MHzAB11.4 KW

QE08/20030 MHzAB1220 W
QQB06/40? MHz?90 W

TT2130 MHzAB1122 W

YL 115060 MHzAB1110 W

YL 131030 MHzAB147 W

YL 137030 MHzAB161 W